I dont know who needs to hear this, but your game pace is just fine.

I dont know who needs to hear this, but your game pace is just fine.


If you are not racing to world first or your are not a mythic raider / m+ competitor then there is absolutely no reason for you to rush content. This is a good exp so far and you should enjoy all the work that has been put into side stories, lore and activities .


I'm personally in the Mythic Raider camp. I had to get 2 characters leveled up with the full M0 tour, renown and soul ash the first week. Week 2 was significantly easier, and I foresee future maintenance weeks to be even easier than this, especially once we reach layer 8 for Torghast farm and don't need to push up levels anymore. After the BfA grinds (8.2 Essences in particular) this is a crazy good breath of fresh air. With that - I still see a ton of optional side objectives, systems, quests that I can delve into later in the patch/expansion.


I'm not trying to shit on you when I ask this, or be mean in any way, I just genuinely wonder if it feels more like work than fun when you have deadlines on stuff like this?


For some people, competition like this is fun


Thanks for the answer, I can see that.


I’m a mythic raider on tich (tank open for a guild) ands it’s all about the thrill of the push. It’s some of the most challenging content, you have to coordinate everything and when all members of a raid push a boss the feeling of unity is unlike anything I have ever experienced elsewhere. For me, it’s all about pushing myself and doing something I really enjoy with equally minded individuals


Also raid Mythic. It can be frustrating depending on the systems introduced. Like getting your neck to a certain amount in BFA felt like such a chore each tier. Then 8.3 was a mess of getting your neck up, your cloak up, the right essences maxed out, praying to RNGsus you get the corruption you need on the gear you need it on. Thankfully, this tier seems much better paced and forgiving in that aspect. Even for the beginning of an expansion. The only things you really need are a M0 dungeon tour (or a M10 starting this week), Torghast to get your legendary and upgrade it, and Covenant Renown for soulbinds. All of which have fun little mechanics to string you along. None of that "being forced to do ranked Arenas because I need an essence that's BiS for Raiding". Having said all of that though, downing Mythic N'zoth with my guildies is one of the most euphoric experiences I've ever had in this game and is the reason I commit to this cycle each tier.


Blood of the Enemy grind was the worst. PvErs forced into PvP to get their BiS essence. I really like that SL has very little mandatory grinds to minmax character power.


We do it because we want to not because we have to.


That's fine I was just curious.


Sunk cost fallacy is a thing. And so is fear of missing out. And I don't say you fall under that category, but I think there are some people who do.


sunk cost in what way


I have it too, its kind of like “im so ahead of the curve that i have to stay ahead of the curve” thing. Even if im not even really that ahead of the curve in the first place. Idk if its directly sunken cost but its a very similar feeling


“Well I already have 2000 hours on this character, might as well keep going?”


That’s only 83.3 days /played. Part time tbh. ;)


Hey no judgements here. Lol.


I agree with this. There’s definitely an anxiety with regards to keeping up to date, ensuring you are best prepared for mythic raiding.


Not the original commenter but it really depends. So far in shadowlands its been pretty chill/fun only real grind is maw for rep so you get the socket item. Torghast and dungeons have been great fun. But compared to something like AP or azerite grind in BFA/legion alot of the stuff was more I need to do this not I enjoy doing this.


I have the same requirements like that guy. Sitting on two maxed out characters. 4 professions, fully enchanted gear (cost ~30k per char), and max rep/stygia on 2 chars. If I didnt want to do that, I wouldnt be raiding this high. going from progression raiding to casual raiding is really easy. And I have done that step twice (from Cutting Edge to somewhat 7/9 mythic BOD). But when I got time and energy to raid cutting edge, I am all in for that. I am not too warm with shadowlands becuase conduit system pretty much forces me into playing only one spec when I want to play all 3, and grinding maw is shit, torghast is boring, but playing wow is fun. playing with friends is fun. staying competitive and aiming for world ranks and server ranks is fun. min maxing and aiming for logs is fun. overcoming the challenge is fun.


People should also remember that gearing chars in mythic guilds is a lot quicker too. People in those guilds aren't getting denied m0 spots in LFG all day they've got dedicated groups set up to maximise gearing speed.


Even I as a non raider, only pugging because I'm working as a chef, have 2 characters with everything done, just because it is fun to complete and compete. Looking forward to pugging Castle Nathria and pushing M+.


I sign this answer, but when u are a "solo player " u need thr gear for future invites to pub raids or pub m+, so it can be a bit stressfull to get invited


Being a random faceless name in the pug world sucks. Group rejection sucks. From the M+ side, I cannot highly enough recommend listing your own keystone. Most players might filter out applicants, but how many filter out the group leader? They just see a place they want to go. Solo DPS it is a bit harder, but once you get a healer or tank, filling a group is fast.


> then there is absolutely no reason for you to rush content If you don't have a guild or a group of friends and want to participate in raids or M+ dungeons, there is a reason to take part in them in the first weeks when they come out, after that it becomes increasingly difficult to find groups of randoms.


It's already difficult. Some people were asking for ilvl 180 for m0 last night! As a 170 DPS, I spent an hour applying to various groups and was rejected or ignored from all of them. I understand there are a lot of DPS applying, and of course they are going to take the highest ones. But you absolutely can fall behind if you don't gear up fast enough in the first few weeks. And it's damn near impossible to recover from as well. It won't be long before (like in previous expansions) the required ilvl for these random groups is higher than the gear that drops there. I also tried applying to all of the mythic dungeon communities that said they were friendly or chill and either they are full, or they rejected me too. 🤷‍♀️ And with no more warforging, there aren't any more opportunities to independently gear up. Going to try to find a normal PUG for Nathria, but I really am not optimistic.


I just geared my dh alt from 159 to 172 ilvl today by making my own groups and simply putting "chill run bring tactics not gear" or similar in the description. Try that :)


Make your own group.


This is a lesson I learned four expansions ago. If they won’t let you in the group because your Ilvl is too low - make your own group. Raid leader > well geared dps.


Yeah for real. I'm behind because of work but I figured running with my buddy who heals and was ~170 when we were group finding for a m0 world tour would be easy and we still got rejected. After 5 minutes we made our own group and it was full 5 minutes later. Ran with the same tank and MM hunter for 4/8 dungeons so we just had to find a 3rd dps each extra run.


Doing that will also make you realise why you're getting declined, DPS spots fill so fast. When I make PuG's I make a point of picking people who'll actually need most of the drops but there's still a lot of people who miss out on a spot.


I have rushed content all of one time. Realm First: Zen Master Angler back in 2012. There were actually a half dozen of us in the SW Canals all going for it together. Everyone was polite about it, keeping their casts where it wouldn't screw anyone up. When I hit 600 there were two people at 598 in the group and another at 597.


Realm first announcements were kind of crazy, I had made a Death Knight that started at level 55, destroyed all the Burning Crusade content then made it to Borean Tundra at 68 only to be greeted with "So-and-so has hit level 80!"


Sounds like you weren't even close!


There IS a realm first for that? Tried to get in in BFA but no popup. Since my realm at the time was fairly empty and no announcement I figured there wouldnt be an achievement


My main goal is aotc and some of mythic. For any guild I want to be in, the expectation is that the team is ready by the time any raid comes out


For what it's worth, SL is not BFA. There is no more 'daily' content that you need to do at 60. Instead, SL asks you to have a few things done by the end of the week. Your Renown quests, your weekly quests in the Maw, your weekly dungeon runs, your Torghast runs. You have a week to do these things and then you can do whatever you want. I know people that have 3-4 60s already and it's a thrill to be able to stop and say...I'm actually done for the week.


It does seem like a smart system from blizz this time. Casual players aren't left in the dust for not doing dailies, but people who want to grind will get rewarded with sockets faster.


Exactly. The hardcore get their rewards sooner, but not obscenely soon, and everyone can stay caught up as long as they do their weekly quests. It's a good approach that'll pay dividends in people staying engaged over the long term.


I know it's kind of a systems thing, but I wish Blizzard kinda said that to the player. I know its kinda breaking the 4th wall, the characters admitting they are in a game. Reading what you wrote made me understand the systems a bit better, and how they are gated. I read nothing coming into SL, and I feel a bit in the dark about what systems are important, what weekly caps there are, which is a weekly etc. There are a shit-ton of systems in this game, and for someone that hasn't done a ton of reading or research outside of the game, it feels like the game could do a bit better itself. Maybe that's just me though :D


WoW loading screens between zones used to have tool tips for random things or lore quotes. One of the tips was “take all things in moderation, even world of Warcraft”


The Maw is daily...


yes, there are dailies, but there's also a weekly that gives a huge chunk of rep. The dailies are there for people who want to do them, but they're not required.


Being able to put sockets in your gear is weeks/ months away anyway. Its a much lower priority.


No point in rushing sockets when we dont even have any gear worth socketing.


> There is no more 'daily' content that you need to do at 60. World Quests for reputation to get crafting stuff unlocked? Maw Dailies to get that also unlocked and have an easier time in Thorgast when new wings come out?


Both of those are going to wait for you for like 2 years.


If I play an alt now will I be able to get my renown all the way up to 9 or is it only 3 per week forever?


Thank you. I rarely ever have time to play and I spent all night trying to grind to 60 because some friends told me I was “falling behind”. I love this game but damnit, does it feel like a second job sometimes.


Don’t fall into that trap. It’s a game so any sense of ‘progress’ is an illusion. Just spend time on what you enjoy at your own pace.


> It’s a game so any sense of ‘progress’ is an illusion. sometimes you grind all day and get some sweet loot and upgrade X system and make some good headway gathering X resource then you turn off the game and realize you spent 8 hours sitting in the same spot in your house just staring at a screen. in reality you did nothing all day. you had fun of course, which is the point, but it's important to remember that none of this actually matters. just do the parts that appeal to you.


You may have sat in one place in your home for 8 hours, but my understanding is that you [moved more than 300,000 kilometers (around 187,000 miles) through space](https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2016/04/01/how-fast-does-earth-move-through-the-universe/?sh=8a8600b4d5ca) during that same time. So don’t worry about progress in the game. You having fun is the progress. :)


> 8 hours yep, 8 hours, i totally dont spend more than that....


\> remember that none of this actually matters That's life in general. It all ends in death and you're going to be forgotten within a few generations, at which point you may as well have never existed in the first place. So if sitting in front of a screen for 8 hours collecting bear asses makes you happy, go for it because it'll make just as much of a difference as anything else you might do


>then you turn off the game and realize you spent 8 hours sitting in the same spot in your house just staring at a screen. in reality you did nothing all day. Basically nothing really matters.


Get you some [optimistic nihilism](https://youtu.be/MBRqu0YOH14)🌈✨


> but it's important to remember that none of this actually matters Define "matters" though. Nothing "matters" in the grand scheme of things. The most compelling thing you could argue is that life matters, but that's not something that changes based on where you are or what you're doing. I think what you really mean is "none of this impacts your real life" and yet I'd counter that WoW is just as much a part of real life as a DnD campaign or going out to eat. It's an experience you are having, which is all things you do. Nothing matters more or less than anything else, the only weighting system is where you put your preference.,


This, this is me, spent a few hours yesterday and got some good gear, made a big difference because I stopped struggling to kill mobs ( I skipped BFA and was using argent crusade armor) and it made the game more fun and less of a chore.


I'm sure your friends were only being half serious. But still, we have enough chores in our lives, play how you want, you're fine!


Thank you, your words are much appreciated. There’s a lot of toxicity and elitism out there rn, having to get geared for mythics in 2 weeks after launch... it feels ridiculous


I know a lot of people who like mythics, but frankly for me it was one of the worst additions to wow. Like you said there is a lot of toxicity and elitism that comes with it and it ruined designs for dungeons as they now all have to be made for m+ You're never or very rarely going to see another Dire Maul or BRD where you can get lost in for hours. And I hate that. It's killed all sense of adventure of dungeons and turned them into moba's


I poke at my friends and GF just to tease em. My one friend isn't doing new stuff since his GF doesn't wanna be left behind and she doesn't wanna do new stuff because she wants to finish up some BfA things first. Second friend just came back to the game at the end of BfA (like prepatch end of BfA) and wanted to get through Legion and now he is working on BfA stuff himself. My own GF has other commitments at the moment. So in my group of 5, it's only me at level 60 with my covenant, capping my ash and keeping up on things. And I send group messages when I find out that may be of use when everyone in the group actually is pushing to 60 eventually. Until then I'll be doing raid finder today when servers are up. Of course my group also feels I am pushing too fast and that I will be done with the game by the time they finally hit 60.


unforch raid finder doesnt come out till next week. just normal and heroic in.. oh damn.. in 1 minute!! o.0


Wait. Your friend can't play the game because his girlfriend wants to stay in BFA? Lol thank God I'm single.


don't rush. Once you hit 60 the grind becomes one for Anima and Soul Ash instead of XP


Anima isn't really a grind imo, the game throws so much at you that you would be hard pressed to not get the 1000 needed for the renown cap and have some to spare.


Plus even if you don't get a ton of Anima, the real roadblock is the redeemed souls, in which you can only get 5 per week. So if you were grinding hard, by the end of the second week (before this very reset) you should've had enough souls literally for level 1 of each of your 4 covenant building upgrades. And the 5 we get for week 3 I don't think will allow us to unlock anymore upgrades (I believe we need 8 for the next cheapest one, so we will have I BELIEVE 6 this week). I stressed on the Anima stuff initially until I actually noticed it was the redeemed souls that will stop us no matter if we cap our Anima to 30k (which I am nowhere near yet).


I have undue anxiety about spending it, but that is likely my own issue


You're capped by the weekly spirits anyways, so you have plenty of time to get anima. And apparently at renown 10 the WQ rewards increase, so anima will probably get easier.




I hope you're right.


We definitely will, if you're not busting ass to be top end in something, just take your time. Hell i still have to find a guild so I can stop playing solo haha. Worst thing you can do is fret, ruins the fun.


I just got to 60 a few days ago and just got to renown 5. I feel like I'm not getting Anima from many things. What sort of stuff should I be doing to get it? I've only got like 200 of it so far or something. Edit: thanks everyone for the replies!


There are dungeon quests that give a metric fuck ton of it. Like 750 for one quest, and then two other quests that give ~175 each I believe


Soul ash is also only two torghast runs a week which is like an hour.


>which is like an hour. \*crys in rogue*


You dont need to grind anima, and soul ash you can cap in less than 2hrs....


You can cap soul ash in 2 hours? I thought you could only get up to a certain amount a week, how'd you cap it that fast?


You can only get soul ash (right now) from your first completion of the two weekly torghast wings. If you've already unlocked the highest layer, it's one run in each wing to get all possible soul ash in one shot. Each layer 3 run takes an average of 45-55 minutes, so that's how.


There is also a mission table reward of 100 ash each week, but the mission is a lvl 20 elite mission (for me right now, my companions average lvl 17), so I don't believe a lot of people will actually have the companions leveled enough to complete it.


"A certain amount each week" is the cap theyre referring to, not the cap on total soul ash you can carry


My buddy Shames the fuck out of me for not hitting max. I just have been enjoying some fishing in bastion lol


Third job here, with the "second" being competitive marathon training 3-4 hours per day. My WoW routine consists of briefly contemplating turning the computer on. In BfA I had the excuse of avoiding my guild due to terrible systems and stale content. Now I see it's on me and I'm probably better off just sparing myself the stress of trying to keep up.


Yea dont stress it, it took me 3 days after work playing to hit 60, my co worker took launch week off and im already passed him gear wise, if you play a little every day or wvery couple days its very possible to keep up without getting to sweaty about it am 182 from casual playing and im excited to get into normal raid tonight to see how that goes 😀


Don’t burnout, enjoy it.


Hit 57 with my priest and decided I wanted to play a different class. Switched over to my pally and just hit 57 last night. I'm having an absolute blast and enjoying the story and scenery.


That is cool! Just hit 60 with my Shaman and I am thinking of getting on to my hunter for leveling it and sending the herbs for mats.


*laughs in BG Leveling*


How is that for 50-60? I haven't tried it :)


Currently level 36


Sounds catastrophic then.


Wholesome, im finding the maw so disgusting and im avoiding it by all costs


I hate it so much that I have to go there and farm Stygia and Ve'nari reputation. But someone said Ve'nari reputation is account wide, so you don't need to go to the Maw on alts - I didn't confirm this from any sources though..hoping it's true!


Torghast upgrades are account wide. Maw upgrades are not No idea about sockets


They are not


Ok, so not all of the things. Thank you for clarifying!




Sounds good! Thank you!


this isn't quite accurate. though I still encourage people not to worry about it. 1) it's 6 sockets rather than 5(there are 2 rings sockets) 2) 96 secondaries are worth a lot more than 70 dps. sockets are usually worth about 1% increase in dps per socket, give or take a bit depending on class. so all 6 is probably worth 6% of your total dps or so. There is a 5% variance on all spells now anyway, so you really will not be much behind unless you are really pushing serious difficulties(20+ or M raid)


While I agree with the sentiment of this post, if you're pugging stuff, especially m+, it's often easier to get in the game as soon as possible. Just take the common requirements for m+ postings these two weeks; at the start people were taking anyone with 155 ilvl, that number has been going up and up steadily over time, because expectations change and more people can get away with it. I'm not saying it's gonna be impossible, sensible groups are still around, chill groups are around, you can make your own groups, etc., but just overall it's easier if you start early.


100%. If you have a guild or an otherwise dependable community of people to play with, then sure, do whatever. But the quality of the pugging experience is vastly improved if you get on the bus early and pays dividends from there on out. Yeah, it was a little unpleasant to rush 60 in the first couple days, but I was rewarded with the opportunity to play M0 while people still have patience for a learning tank.


I just checked my realm group's lfg (tho it's kinda late so might not be representative) and most groups are asking for 170+, which requires almost full heroic gear which one might think it's "fair" but in the first week 150-155 groups were doing it with no issues whatsoever, and I mean no wipes, sometimes even no deaths, no problematic mechanics, nothing. Almost as easy as heroic.


Usually pugs ask for the same ilvl as the dungeon drops. I.e. if you wanted to pug a +15 as a dps in 8.3 then be prepared for being asked for 470 ilvl. Heroic Nyalotha? 460.


>while people still have patience for a learning tank This is where I’m at and the thought is so daunting I almost don’t even want to bother, but I want to play the game it seems to pretty much revolve around mythics. The idea of them though, having to go fast and know the exact perfect route seems so stressful. Idk I’m just rambling here, I want to tank and play the game I’m just scared of mythics.


You are right on that. Spent 40 min last night applying to mythic 0 groups as a ilvl 166 UH dk. Not one invite.


Try starting a group if you can’t get an invite.


And then you wait a similar amount of time for a tank or healer to show up, because they have 20 other groups to choose from and will pick the ones that are nearly full and ready to go. Or they can make their own group and have it filled nearly instantly.


You are better off creating your own group and calling it "learning chill run" - will take some time as a dps, but I guarantee it'll be less than 40 mins You also guarantee that people will be nice and it will improve your experience incredibly.


I'm with you. I exclusively PuG raids from WoW, Destiny, FFXIV, etc, for several years. If im not Ahead of the curve, I won't get accepted into any groups cause my item level isn't 300 at week one. That being said, I still very much enjoy what I do and have absolutely no problems finding other things to do once I've "burned through" the content


If you aren’t 1000+ IO score tonight you won’t get invited you to my +2 Sanguine Depths key /s


Lol thanks, I was watching one of Bellular's latest videos last week and he opened the video with "So most of you are probably at ilvl 184" and I just sort of flinched and was thinking oh fuck... I'm only 150.


Idk if you're looking for advice, but you can buy crafted 151 ilvl gear for cheap and then a white item for a legendary at 225, that alone unlocks heroic queues.


I've been taking my time in this expansion. Much slower than previously exp. So I decided to focus on gold making. As an enchanter, everything I get, I disenchant and sell on the AH. The enchanting mats made me a fortune. Because sometimes you get BoP gear that is purple and it sells for 10k gold on my server. Twice now I came across some epic BoE gear and sold it on the AH. In total I made about 280k gold in two weeks. I'm in no rush to level my enchanting.


I've made a similar amount of gold just mining and gathering herbs while out questing. And the occasional bit of fishing when work doesn't require much attention. And I've been playing extremely casually. It's kind of refreshing actually


Herb + enchanting us the way to go, at least on my server cluster. Marrowroot sells for 120g+ and eternal crystals are at 8-10k. Ore is going for 10g a piece so it's just not worth the time.


Ore is still going for 70+ gold on my server so it's still quite profitable. And when you're playing casually, imo, enchanting is not as good. Because when you're not doing as much dungeon and raid content, the amount of boes dropped is significantly lower.


Tryhard opinion, but if you haven't found the time to get to 60 yet, you probably don't have the time available for the game for you being behind to matter. I work in food service, 50+ hours a week. Thanksgiving week when the game launched was even worse. And yet even with that, SL demands so little of your time that I did my M0 tour both weeks, cleared Torgast both weeks, and am going into this week sitting at 186 ilvl, with time left over to knock out loremaster, farm out my legendary (often with lfg tool as a dps), and still flat did not log in on Sunday because there was nothing to rush about, I could chill. Which is all to say - if you're not able to find the time now, before m+ is out, before there are raids, etc... you legitimately do not have enough time to commit to being "caught up". Don't fret about that and play at the pace that makes you happy.


How many hours a day do you play?


Someone downvoted you for speaking the truth.... Can’t wait til these posts are all gone and replaced by the posts complaining that people are too undergeared to get into pugs. You’re totally right btw, if a player hasn’t cared enough to hit 60 yet, it seems a little redundant telling them that’s okay. Obviously it’s okay. It’s okay to be level 15 right now. Just don’t be upset when the players who HAVE put in the work get preferential treatment in performance based environments...yknow?


Downvotes will happen, what can ya do? I've just been so genuinely impressed with how time-friendly this expansion has been. I took a week off at BFA launch and still felt "behind" for a few weeks once I had to get back to work. I've been working full speed during SL launch and I don't feel at all behind right now lol. Do I have 3 fully geared alts right now? No, had to commit to my one character with the time I had but like... its all good. They did a very good job making this one accessible!


Preach brother. It was so nice for me to be able to log off last night without feeling like I was missing something. I have everything I’m going to need for tonight (except I have to rush into torghast when I get home from work) and I’ve spent ample time smelling the roses. It’s been a very nice start to the xpac for me as well. I too am only on one character, but I’m more confident on that character than I have been going into any first tier in the past few expansions. It’s funny, my friends who don’t play and I were expecting me to be afk from everything but wow for a few months. I’ve had plenty of time to do what I have to do, do what I want to do, AND play other games.


As someone who plays alone and is a class that doesn’t have crazy DPS, it’s always frustrating to see everybody all geared up. Like, I *want* to be that good but I’m just not.


I know that my guild is going to hit cutting edge before the next patch. We always do. And because the nature of the guild is so chill, we don't really race to finish as fast as possible, and that is great for a lot of us who can't spend much time online doing the optimal amount of endgame content. Still, though, I do have a little bit of FOMO when logging on after a long day offline. I can't help but think "Ugh.. Chance... you could probably have cleared 6 Mythic +'s and done this and that and that other thing..." Its dumb, because obviously real life is the top priority. Its just... i guess I am a little tryhard, and I kind of like it that way? Its like i'm a workaholic obsessed with productivity except this kind of productiveness doesn't benefit me other than being a form of entertainment.


The title of this post applies to your playstyle as well! If you wanna be a try hard and it makes you happy then you try your hardenest! We're all rooting for you. Just make sure you're hydrated and get in a 10 min break every few hours!


I think I "know" this, but it's nice to hear others confirm it. It's only the beginning of week three and I want to just level alts to see all the covenant storylines. I barely have a main (still kinda choosing I guess?) and not really liking anyone yet, and been feeling all kinds of self-inflicted guilt over not having a high ilvl.


"I want to just level alts to see all the covenant storylines." There's your path. Forget the guilt. We have enough chores IRL, this game shouldn't be one of them.


Thank you, I did need to hear that


Not if you like to play pvp.


I remember when I first started WoW Classic I was so stressed about making it to 60 and losing my patience when I came across a 10 year veteran who gave me the cliche advice, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” I never thought a cliche life advice would fit an MMORPG so well. Enjoy the questing and adventure, level 60 will always be there waiting and once you get there it will feel that much more rewarding. By taking my time I got to learn so much more about the game and gained a whole new appreciation for it. Besides once you get to level 60 it’s mostly raiding, pvp, collecting, and gold farming. In case you weren’t sure, those features aren’t going any damn where. This is still quite relevant even with retail.


That advice is double serious for Classic, where the leveling is fun and enjoyable, but the game stalls into a never-ending grind at 60. That veteran knew what they were talking about.


>Classic, where the leveling is fun and enjoyable Good one


It was though. Partying for tough quests, making friends along the road, helping guildies, fighting Horde with random people doing quests beside you. Then people started grinding other people for HKs. And then everyone retreated to buying dungeon boosts.


Good lord, I was harassed on this very forum after I mentioned in a comment that I hit 60 before I left Ardenweald. I was called a liar. I was told that I leveled "wrong" because I was supposed to hit 60 in Revendreth. People are just out of control crazypants here. There are WAY too many toxic people in this community.


Well my main hit 60 in Ardenweald too so I can confirm that you're good there. Ditch the haters, hang out with us in positivity


Many people did. Even some others in this subreddit mentioned it in other post comments. It's just some people truly believe that if they experience something a certain way it is literally impossible for others to have a different experience.


I think these people forgot side quests exist lol.


I play like 2 hours a day at most, half of which is spent mining and trying, and failing, to level jewelcrafting. By the time I hit endgame, the next expansion will be out.




Yeah, this is why I'm not stressing out over Torghast and soul ash. I don't do progression mythic raiding, so it's not a big deal for me to be a little behind.


Honestly I'm just loving Torghast for what it is, not for its rewards. Rogue-like dungeon in my WoW? Yes please!


Yeah, everyone rushes for a few weeks get max gear, do all the content get bored and come to Reddit saying they got nowt to do. Well yeah you got nothing to do cos you just done 3 months worth of content in 1 month lmao


Complaining about how someone else plays the game is so dumb. We get it, you are not in rush but if someone else like to push them self why not let them.


See here’s the thing, and this thread is a great representation of it. OP said hey don’t worry about rushing, because it takes away from the fun of the game for a lot of people who are more casual. And then you get a ton of people misinterpreting the post and trying to reason why to rush or why they rushed. Like guys we don’t care why you rushed or how you’re already maxed and that it was easiest the first week. Casual players don’t give a fuck lmao this post is legit saying don’t let these very same people get to you because shit doesn’t matter it’s a game. I’ve spent half of my time at 60 doing old content on my new warlock just trying to look cool, I finally unlocked torghast yesterday lmao


Thank you, stranger! I only started SL yesterday and so far I’m really enjoying it (Bastion is mesmerizing). I’m hyped for the raids/mythic+ start, but being still a long way from it, it’s good to be reminded now and then that I can enjoy my own pace as I’m not a competitive player. Still, have fun you all, casual, competitive and inbetween players alike!


I liked bastion a lot too, all the zones are aesthetically pleasing i think!


Thank you for this post! Friends are lazerfocused and at current max ilvl and myself are still having a hard time deciding on a main :)


My guild is starting to be annoyed with me for only having done 5 m0's in SL. Turns out we're starting Normal anyways, womp womp


It's also alright if you don't have all 47 alts at level 60 with unlocked stuff.


I disagree. 46 alts is too few. 48 alts is far too many. 47 alts is where people need to be.


Work, finals, and an internship are eating up my playtime. Thank you. I’ll get my shit together in a couple of weeks.


No rush, good luck on your internship!


I have been feeling like I need to do *all* the dailies and farm *all* of the content but today it dawned on me that I really, really don't! I don't really enjoy The Maw, nor Torghast, I'll do them occasionally but I'm not going to stress about it.


I learned this lesson recently (wish I had sooner). I realized this after every casual player I came across had a much more enjoyable time than me. Every time I raced to the finish line or tried to burn through the content to "keep up" I found myself not enjoying the game as much and it also didn't allow me to take the time to appreciate a lot of the content. I also became more cynical and took things too seriously whenever I did this with a game. Just go at your own pace and you are guaranteed to have a better time. If you ever noticed, the majority of people that bitch the most about a particular game are the ones that have been min/maxing it. Edit: Should also mention that nothing against people who like to challenge themselves. Your pace just happens to be faster than most. I'm mostly referring to the people that feel like they are pressured to do this when it isn't necessary.


I preordered the expansion and I’m currently at lvl 57 just started ardenweald and I’m Honestly enjoying the pace!


Yeah well the thing is that it's a videogame and the xpac came out just 2 weeks ago. I haven't even bought SL yet lol


Thank you kind sir. I work in construction full time and rarely have the energy to play during the week so weekends is the only time i can grind. i did manage to hit 60 tho!


I see you, weekend warrior. Keep up the good fight!


Might want to tell Blizzard time gating their game is shitty for people who are late to it.


From a Ce raider I love this expansion, o just had to level 2 characters and bring em to 180 ilvl for the heroic week. A little bit of questing here and there and I was done. No ap farm, wq bullshit or anything like that. I could literally have fun, do pvp, farm cosmetics ( Wich I never did during the last 6 years cause of ap ), level other alta because I wanted to etc. I love that player power isn't tied to a grind. And sockets aren't really worth a ton, so I can skip the maw , the only bad zone tbh, if I don't feel like doing it. Thorghast is also cool, even tho I would like an Infinite mode added. Gj Blizzard, 8/10.


Dude. Yes. I had to abandon my main after swapping covenants and getting stuck at Renown 4. Went back to my Alliance character and having a great time. Problem was it felt like everyone around me is bum rushing to get to Mythics. It’s been out like a week and a half. No need to lose your shit, people. Or if you do on yourself, don’t freak out when people around you don’t have BiS everything by now.


It’s going to be so hard to get stuff done because I loathe The Maw.


I hate the maw too. What is helping me are two things. One, have a plan get in and get out. The second is I keep telling myself I have 2 years to max this place out.


Hope the people from yesterday's thread regarding the guy who wanted to play the way he wanted to play instead of abiding by everyone else's rotation rules see this post. Let people play at their own pace, in a way that's fun for them. Don't dictate the way other people play. Otherwise, join a competitive guild and keep to yourselves.


im trying so hard to not get wrapped up in the rush. i am trying to play the game, not work the game. i specifically haven't joined a guild for this reason. i am trying to play as casual as i can.


It’s so good to see stuff like this. I’m so stressed dude. I’m so far behind my friends and I feel so left out. Every week they talk about what needs to be done. What they’ve already done. It’s just a reminder of what I haven’t done. It’s relieving to see I won’t (hopefully) Be playing catch up forever


16-year veteran here with way too many Warcraft collectibles, a WoW sleeve tattoo, even my wedding ring is WoW inspired. I love the hell out of this franchise, and the idea I need to 'prove' that by racing through content and grinding is just asinine. I'm taking my time and haven't even finished leveling through Ardenweald yet. Just enjoying the sights and story (I loved Maldraxxus' main campaign so much I'm basically lifting it wholesale for a D&D campaign I'm running!) It really is appreciated to see this sentiment and see so many people agreeing and upvoting, so thank you!


Thank youuuu, weird how much pressure there is to go go go and if you aren't someone who go go go's you get screamed at by assholes for not knowing certain things, for not being fast enough, and you get called lazy, and people assume you've nothing to contribute to the community. Reminds me a lot of another system...


I've been known to fall victim to that but I didn't buy SL until almost 2 weeks in. I'm 54 and having a GREAT time. The OP is right. Playing at your own pace is very satisfying and enjoyable.


I'm finally having fun again! My main is 60 but hasn't finished Revendreth. There was some lag one day where that was the hot zone so I went to level and alt, and am now working on my 3rd! Chromie time is amazing!


Someone talk me off my ledge. I'm taking my Hunter main I've played in since 2006 through Shadowlands right now, I started the expansion last night. I'm thinking of doing survival necrolord. Someone tell me not to.


I got to 60 pretty fast, mainly because I can't stop once I've started. However, only one other person in my guild is 60 as we all have different responsibilities IRL. Now I'm just chilling, doing dailies and WQs while making money on herbalism and fishing. With the extra cash, I'm buying my guildies starter blues for when they hit 60 based on their class/spec. I don't bug them to hit 60 faster or hassle them about it because we are all super chill grownups that just enjoy talking to each other and geeking out over the game. In return, they don't ask me to do stuff I don't wanna do either :)




This helps a lot Thank you!


The same people blowing through the game will be here in a month complaining about lack of content. They’ll never please everyone, people do this every single expansion. If you unfollow all the WoW stuff on social media you won’t feel as pressured by others who are posting their progress. You paid for the game, take your time and enjoy it.


If you're pugging then no. you HAVE to complete the raid on day one.


hey not to be a downer, but if your stressed out because you haven't hit 60 in wow shadowlands yet you're going to have a really hard time navigating life. Happiness lies within yourself and the minute you let your brain be controlled by external shit, especially a fucking video game, you're in for a bad time.


Literally exactly what I was thinking reading this post and some of the “omg thank you!!” comments....


Oh I don't think being momentarily stressed in a game is any sort of indicator of a person's life. People can just get too into things sometimes for different reasons and a gentle reminder is all they need to snap out of it hopefully


Im lv 60 since 15 Days and srill didnt enter the new Raid once 😱


lol, I can't tell if you are joking or not. But if you're serious, don't worry about it. The raid hasn't been live at all until today. You haven't missed anything. /soothe


I was definitly Joking. I know the Raid opens Tomorrow in Eu :)


Unless you're aiming to go to hc raid in week 1 and get ready for mythic raid, there is no point on having it all maxed by now. Chill and enjoy your game, you're paying for it.


Expecting to be downvoted here, but it’d be nice to get some of that love on the other end of the spectrum. Any time I’ve seen some sort of resource, like the week 1 checklist or or other efficient ways to progress, I would always think out loud “Oh! How convenient, I was looking for something like this!” Only to go into the comments and have 60+ people telling me I’m a fucking idiot who ruins the game for everyone for trying to succeed. Sorry to rant, it’s just I’ve seen about 10 posts sharing your exact sentiment about how everyone plays at their own pace and has their own goals, and each one has told me my pace and goals are wrong. I just want to play the game how I want as well. :(


Hey friend, I know I geared the post text towards people who take the game slower. BUT the title is for you too! If your fun is getting all that max gear so you can be part of the end game progression then I support that. I wish you a swift pace and efficiency!


Dude... I haven't even started playing this expansion yet. Going to let my buddies get all geared and then run me through! Booyah!


I think YouTube creators might be partial responsible for this false sense of urgency, with the titles they're using lately, like: "Here's what you need to do in week 3!!" Personally, because I'm a recent player, there's a bunch of content I missed in BFA and in other expansions, so when I'm tired of following the quest chains in shadowlands, I go back and try to do other things like, unlocking the allied races, trying to get cool mounts or armor sets.


I can’t agree more. Those influencers have actually a bad influence on the players, pushing them toward the burn out just to create a fake sense of urgency to fuel their videos. I don’t watch streamers anymore and I play at my own pace for 2 expansions already and I found back the fun...


If those YouTubers would at least add stuff like "Stuff you need to do for Pre-Raid maximazing in week 3" or stuff like that i wouldn't mind. But this ultra clickbait titles are stupid AF


Wish people would stop paying attention to those clowns.


I've never been behind in WoW. Always exactly where I should be.


I'm not 60 yet either. Taking my time exploring reading quests enjoying the sights. Don't rush man. I've been playing since BC and if it's one thing I learnt, unless you are playing for a world first guild there's no need to ruin yourself. Enjoy it.


I do like the experience of pugging the normal raid the first week because everybody's as clueless as me and we're all learning, but I'm not even able to queue for heroic dungeons yet.


Not only everything that you said, this is the first expansion where IF your goal is to run mythics/raid, participate in high level end game, then getting to an acceptable level GEAR wise, is nowhere near the challenge it was in say, BfA. Like.. let’s say you’re a returning player so you know how to play, and you start fresh... a week or more from now. It shouldn’t rally take you more than... 30-70hrs from exiles reach to the point you’re caught up as far as gear is concerned; and even if it was 100hrs, while not everybody has that time or patience it’s still *nothing* considering the genera.


The only thing that can't be caught up is Soul Ash, and it's not a big deal since the legendary ranks have catch-up mechanisms. People that have been clearing Torghast since week 1 should be able to make their second legendary either this week or the next, I don't know the total math, but since they're all rank 1s, the four ranks are timegated, and you can only wear one at a time anyways, no one is really that far ahead. By the time the really slow people catch up, they could craft a rank 3 or even 4 directly, assuming they could bust out all the open Torghast layers available. The only advantage of having a rank 1 now is that... you have one now lol. You'll still need to buy the higher base items to upgrade, so not a big deal to wait for higher ranks.


I'm pregnant and have a toddler, I hardly ever can play! My husband made it to 60 but I'm only at 54. I'll get there when I get there but it's a bummer to not he at the same spot as him.


I hear if your kids' first words are "Lok'tar ogar" then Chris Metzen will buy you an ice cream cone. I cant confirm that but why not try anyway?


I'm definitely not the slow type, but we got a few of them in my guild and man I am starting to stress out that they won't be ready for raid. I work the weekends, but last time I seen them online Friday they still weren't 60. That's not a lot of time. They are old friends so I'm ok with carrying a small amount of them, but damn they are moving slow this expansion.