Baby sick all the time from daycare

Baby sick all the time from daycare


Sounds typical, unfortunately. My son started daycare at 3.5 months. It was a revolving door of illness those first 6 months, then slowly got better. It really sucks. My sons 3 now and still picks stuff up, but it’s not quite as frequently. He’s also a trooper with the general sniffles/ colds because he’s kind of used to them lol


My son is almost 5 and is also used to being sick from daycare. He has covid right now and swears he's not sick. It's so hard keeping him home for quarantine because he's been coughing and sniffly most of his life =(


Yes. The upshot is after about a year they won’t get sick as much n they’ll have a strong immune system. I know it’s tough when you’re in it.


It really is right about a year and the sicknesses WAY slow down. It’s been a bad year because all the fall/winter/spring Illnesses hit at once since no one was out and about due to covid. We had 8weeks where our whole house was sick and couldn’t shake the flu turned into sinus infection, into ear infections into HFM. I was about to break. But we’ve had a blissful month now with nothing! Hang on and keep sterile nasal spray, cold Meds for the parents and baby vics on hand.


Sounds typical unfortunately. My doctor said that daycare kids miss less school and get sick less when starting elementary, at least


I experienced this with my son. Sniffly, sick at daycare as a baby and toddler all the time and since kindergarten to now (11th grade) maybe 6-7 sick days total in 10 years. It’s crazy how strong his immune system got!


My son is almost 3 and has been at daycare since 4 months (except when they were shut down for 3 months) and legit gets a cold every 2-4 weeks. We’re all constantly mildly sick. Around his first birthday, we had a few months where he got croup, Hand foot mouth, pink eye, a random 104-105f virus, and countless colds. It was relentless. I’m still waiting for it to get better…


Yes I feel this. My kid has had a runny nose going on 4 weeks. We've done humidifer, saline and OTC but finally I broke down and got him so antibiotic, I got real nasty last week.


Seems like it’s normal, apparently! Mine has been going to daycare for four weeks and is already on his second cold. The first one led to an ear infection and pink eye. Today he woke up from a nap with goop coming out of his eye, same as last time, so looks like he’s got conjunctivitis yet again. 😫


My daughter's was sick 75% of of her life up till age 1 and then sick 50% of the time until age 2. At age 3 shes only had 2 fevers and occasional ear infection.


I noticed this with my two year old when he started going a few months ago. Basically nonstop sniffles. OVER IT


My sons been going for a year now and we had a few weeks with nothing then mask mandates lifted and we’ve been hit nonstop. He got RSV and hand foot mouth in the same month. I was still getting over RSV myself when he got HFM. As others mentioned, they allegedly will get less sick when they’re older. For what it’s worth, I didn’t go to daycare but my husband did and he never gets any of the crap that my son gets. I get almost every one.


Interesting, this is exactly like me and my husband too. He went to daycare or after school programs as a kid and I did not. He works at a school and since we dated, I'd get more colds. It's even worse since our baby's been in daycare. I'll get what the baby gets, husband is fine


Yes. Going through the same with my 2 year old and she’s been in for 4 months. Pediatrician said her immunity should get stronger after a year of it, and she’ll not get sick near as often after that. I’m counting down the months, and praying he’s right.


My baby has been going to daycare for 7 weeks, I’m pretty sure he’s on his 5th virus. Hebcame home with noro virus after spending 3 hours at daycare on his first day. Fortunately the infections don’t seem to bother him too much. Some occasional Tylenol and nose spray do the trick. Now my husband however seems to catch every virus and is way more affected than our baby is.


Yep. My son started daycare at 3 months and was basically sick for the next 9 months. But he’s six now and literally never gets sick. Like, I think he’s had one cold that lasted two days since he was 1. Our doc said that’s pretty typical of daycare kids. My daughter is 16 months, started daycare 2 weeks ago and missed week 2 with a cold. Me and the husband got it, son was fine. So….awful while you’re going through it but silver linings!


This thread is making me so nervous. My little guy is going to start daycare soon :(. My first son was sick every two weeks for I'd say the first year?


Yep. It's terrible but it's normal. My son had at minimum a cold pretty much his entire first year of daycare; we just started year two and I'm hoping it gets better!


I asked my daughter’s pediatrician about this. I’m a STM but my first was never sick as often as my second; however, my first didn’t start daycare until she was two and my second started at 6 months. Their pediatrician said to expect, at minimum, 1 cold a month, possibly more if in a group care setting (so 12-15 a year), over the first year of life. My kiddo was sick every other week and has been COVID tested the most out of any of us in the family, poor thing. She is now starting to finally build some immunity at 18 months.


yes, very normal. For the first 2.5yrs of daycare, my kids were sick weekly/every 2wks. However, when they started kindy, their immune system was rock solid and only got sniffles, if that. It's normal because they're building up their immunity as they get exposed to things/people outside their home


Yep... For about a year. It sucks.


Solidarity mom! I have a 9 month old and am in this exact. same. boat. This week’s fun is a double ear infection.


Seems pretty normal. We have a 7mo who’s been in daycare since 3mo. She’s sick for two weeks, healthy for four weeks, sick for two weeks, and on and on.


Thanks all for your responses! Ok so sounds like this is typical ☹️ What do you do for short notice backup care then? We don’t have family close by and I am taking so many days off work because his daycare isn’t currently allowing kids with any cold symptoms!


Ours just doesn’t let her in if she has a fever and that means my husband and I save our PTO for sick days or “work from home” with her and then get caught up on work when she goes back. If they didn’t let kids in with runny noses they’d never have any kids!


My son had the same thing his first 4-5 months of daycare but then after that he didn’t get sick again for like a year.


I don’t want to be rude and piggy back on this thread but does anyone have some good advice on how to deal with being away from work so much with your kids illnesses? I go back Tuesday. Son is 16m and went to daycare for 2 days last week to get adjusted and already has a cold 😬


I have the same question!!


Yep. We started our son in daycare around 9.5mo and he was consistently sick until about 15mo. Touch wood (he’s now 17mo) and he seems to be getting hardier.


I think it’s normal. My kid (2 yrs) has been in daycare 4 days and has a cold.


First kid had eight colds in the first year of daycare. Second kid didn't get sick as often but when he did it was horrible with extended hour trips to the pediatrician, breathing treatments, and super high fevers. After that first year though, maybe a cold or two, the occasional norovirus. We all had the flu right before COVID but we all got flu shots so it wasn't awful. We only knew because my daughter ended up with a double ear infection and they did a rapid test at the urgent care.


To anyone reading, I’m planning on sending my daughter to daycare..does it make a difference whether babies go part-time or full-time in the frequency of illness?


Theoretically, you would think it would be less, but I wouldn’t count on it. I’ve talked to other moms with kids in care part time who also got hit with the preschool care plague.


I’m not a scientist but I’d assume it wouldn’t matter whether they’re around a sick person four hours versus eight. That said, they’re going to get sick. It’s part of building their immune system. It’s either now or when they start school. The first cold is the worst and after that you’re just like yeah they have a runny nose again, here’s some Tylenol.


We only do three days a week and my baby got sick after her 3rd day there.


Doesn't make a difference. Do what's best for you and accept this ride. It gets better with time and it is good for their immun system. Living "sheltered" is not good for them, neither psychologically nor for their development


Yep, very common. I got so fed up with it, I changed to a family daycare and my son has barely been sick since.


Is that like an in-home daycare?


Sorry for the late reply, yes it is.


Same here, my son is 2.5 and he’s been catching every cold that goes around. Both his pediatrician and the daycare staff have assured me that this is 100% normal for every kid when they first start daycare, and that it’s accentuated by the fact that he’s been quarantined for half his life(!) due to Covid so he’s got little to no antibodies to anything.




yep, same here. 12mo has been in daycare since mid-May and constantly brings colds home. In July he was in daycare for literally ONE DAY after we came back from a holiday and picked something up. It's insane.


We haven’t been in daycare as I wfh with my husband. My daughter has been sick once and she’s three. Eventually when we hit kindergarten, our family is going to feel the pain of all the sicknesses lol


I think it depends on the daycare. My little’s first daycare was small. He was the only baby. There were three 1-year-olds and the kids older than that were segregated. He went there from three months old to one year old. He only got sick twice. This summer he’s been at a daycare that has eight kids amongst the two teachers and he’s been sick every other week all summer long. I regret my last center closing. Less kids = less germs


My baby started daycare at 6 months at the beginning of August and on the third day had a cold. I was like, really??? Three days?? Then I got it and then she got it again from me 🙄 We'll see how the second month goes.


Yes my baby was exactly this way. I also always got sick with her. We were lucky to make it a week without being sick. I’m sorry. It’s a rough time.


Yes Completely normal. A family daycare with fewer kids exposes them to fewer things.