Why are boys such assholes on social media?

Why are boys such assholes on social media?


boys with low self esteem do it bc it's easier to put people down than raise them up. its those boys projection of themselves bc they can't or won't do the inner work to become better men. that's also why "simping" is a thing and it's harmful bc it's encourages women to accept toxic behaviour from men. the underlying aim is to lower young girls' self esteem so that when those girls get older, they will settle for mediocre/bad relationships due to lack of self confidence. women who then lack self esteem typically lack boundaries and men are able to take advantage of them that way by getting free sex/labor in return. that's how you get women who are in relationships that offer them little or no benefits, it's women doing all the work.


This makes a lot of sense because these guys insulting girls usually have no profile picture and if they do they usually aren't very attractive themselves. Or its some mediocre 30+ year old man trolling on younger girls posts. You will never see an attractive guy pulling this shit, because he has no need to.


Yeah, it's the guys that get rejected by women trying to prop up their ego.


Oh no no no. Plenty of very attractive men have a shit-ton of random damage.


Came to here to say pretty much all of this. Bullying with a hefty dose of misogyny.


Perfectly said. All true.


There's nothing to add to this. And I'm so proud of u/Hi_Panda for your clearheaded and thoughtful explanation.


It's infuriating! And the whole "fatherless behavior" or when they say a young woman has "daddy issues" is literally trying to blame the young woman for having a shitty father. I mean, if a young woman has an absentee or shitty father it's that man's own fault for being shitty. It's not the young woman's fault.


They’re trying to say that women must have men in their lives. Women raising women isn’t acceptable.


Because they feel threatened by women. They think you having autonomy and a voice prevents them from being powerful.




It’s not only on social media! It’s everywhere


Bc boys are assholes


Think what type of men goes all day looking girl tiktoks to post insults. The resulting picture is clear, an insecure loser who can't talk to women irl, someone who has failed miserably in relationships or the son of a shitty father who mistreats his mother and thus is just becoming like him. Maybe some misguided teen who is trying to play it cool in the only stupid way he knows. Also for some reason these dumpshits think everything a woman does is aimed towards them giving the false sense of entitlement. I actually feel sorry for that people who feels the need to insult to feel as they matter.


That is misogyny. That is boys and men who hate women. They hate women (and girls) because they are intimidated by and scared of them, and they can’t admit that, so they go hard against the girl, tearing her down, insulting her, debasing her, and basically acting like they could ever get a date with her but they wouldn’t go out with her anyway. These guys can’t get a date, and certainly not with a woman that attractive, so they attack. That’s insecurity and inferiority. It’s pathetic, and says nothing about the girl and *everything* about the guy. If I raised a boy like that, I’d hand in my Parent Card. Their parents should be mortified, but those boys learned that behavior somewhere, so my guess is those parents are not upset by their kid’s behavior.


Insecurity, and just a bad culture overall.


They’re just insecure that they could never get a girlfriend. You know the same grown ass men are sat in their mum’s basement covered in Cheeto dust and sweat with a fedora on, a neckbeard and greasy ass unwashed hair


A lack of empathy and good role models partnered with a male-dominated culture?


Because men are stupid.


They’re afraid of your power and badassness. Let them waste their time looking like dinks. Can’t take us down, ladies.




Conditioning. They see how older boys/men treat women and they do the same. If older guys quit doing it, the younger would have no one to emulate.


Edgy teenage boys on social media who “troll” by just outright insulting people so they can help their self esteem. These people 100% don’t talk to girls at school. Don’t respond to them.


Guy here: Many years ago I chose to ditch my online username and use my real name. The logic was that I would use language closer to real life and it works big time! I am much more considerate and thoughtful when I am commenting from my real name. I recommend that all the boys do it too then those immature and childish parts will not be able to use the internet as their public anonymous journal. I do see a lot of comments from boys/men that are just absolutely disgusting btw. It is horrendous how some of them talk on the internet. TLDR: They should change their usernames to their real names, and it will help them become better people. (I realize some cannot do this for safety reasons, but the ones who are privileged enough should do so)


The blanket of animosity that the internet provides makes people say what they are truly thinking. It makes me wonder, if people did use their real names, would they watch what they said because they are scared of the repercussions or are they actually nice people? Even if they don't say those mean things out loud anymore, they could still very well be thinking them and not saying them because they are afraid of the consequences.


I think what you said is very true. I think that we all have some immature, even crazy nasty parts inside of us and I think that is part of human nature. I do think we should have a place to get those parts out (I've learned a lot about this in therapy especially in terms of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Pyschotherapy ([https://www.goodtherapy.org/learn-about-therapy/types/intensive-short-term-dynamic-psychotherapy](https://www.goodtherapy.org/learn-about-therapy/types/intensive-short-term-dynamic-psychotherapy)) which I learned about from the workbook Unlearn Your Pain by Dr. Schubiner as a treatment for chronic pain. So, I do think those parts need to get out and I just don't think it should be at the expense of others on the internet hidden behind a cloak of anonymity. What makes society nicer in today's day and age is that many don't just follow their impulses and do have some level of self-control. For example, many of us get angry at times, like at work, but we don't rage at our boss and get ourselves fired because of well, consequences. I am not trying to say those parts don't exist but our modern civilization is well, civil, because we have learned how to have some level of filter in real life. Yes, these people still think some of these things, no doubt about it, and we don't want to have some perfect level civil participation either. There is a way to say something in different ways, a tasteful way and a nasty way. And of course some things should maybe be journaled about in an ISTDP kinda way, which is what many of these people really need, I think.


I have a lot of respect for what you just said. And I read a few more of your comments, couldn’t resist. Thanks for being one of the good ones. Cheers.


Thank you!


Notice me sempai


Toxic masculinity and thinking it’s what “boys do”. It’s gross but ultimately something to ignore


Girls are just as bad speaking as a girl


You have noticed a pattern of behavior.


The same reason people are Anti-Semitic/Anti-Zionist, or anti-Druze: They are bigoted


Well Zionism is human rights abuse so no it’s absolutely not comparable to just existing as a woman


Usually they are young and have A LOT of maturing to do. Basically, they’re stupid.


Name one thing a girl can do without getting bashed for it? Name it , I'ma start with an example; "you wear makeup?CaKE FACE!"


One manifestation of “toxic masculinity”. I’m glad I grew up before social media was that popular because I see it for what it is. They try to keep women/girls in check by making them insecure. They’re miserable losers


Maybe because they are boys, and don’t know better yet, hopefully they will discover that treating girls better, will bring better results? I’ve know a few boys that learned that truth. Of course others are idiots who truly believe girls and women are less than they are, because we are different, in ways they don’t understand.


they know what they're doing.


Thanks for the down votes, I will remember never to express an opinion again!


Oh c'mon, this is reddit. Take your downvotes and move on. Complaining just makes it worse. Honestly, you can get downvoted for literally any reason so just let it roll off your back. You'll be a lot happier for it.


I wasn’t really complaining, I was being cheeky. Or sarcastic, I love reddit, up one day down the next!


They don’t know better “yet” but quite possibly will never actually know better bc we live in an extremely sexist society and that’s acceptable


Because they are allowed to do it…what videos? Can I get some links to see? I haven’t seen this. Maybe girls should attack those individual guys (just them not other guys) and do the same


You haven't seen this?? I kindly invite you to go to any girl's tiktok and scroll through the comments underneath. Just do like 5-7 and come back to this thread. I don't think its a good solution to fight fire with fire per se. Maybe we need as a society to tackle why so many guys feel threatened by female autonomy


What reaction do u expect when a woman is half naked and dancing?


wow this is dripping with misogyny! why do you care if a woman is half naked and dancing? you don't know her, so why does it concern you? im assuming you watch porn, so apparently you don't approve of women showing their body when its not for your pleasure. otherwise you wouldn't feel the need to have a negative reaction at someone you literally don't know just dancing for fun with or without clothes. would you feel the same seeing a guy half naked and dancing? if so, then i kindly invite you to go leave hate comments on the tiktoks of shirtless guys making thirst traps. but i bet you won't, because you're only bothered when it's a woman exercising bodily autonomy. fuck your double standards.


Boys are conditioned to give and take shite. Guys learn early on in - especially at school - if they don't learn to let attacks roll off them or stand up to them, they'll end up being bullied more. Ever watch a son deal with the trash talk that is *taken for normal* in any kind of media or game or sport, where he is put out there and can be judged by his *friends*? It's shocking to me what guys have to deal with, how they normally interact. Well-balanced guys just ignore or laugh off the comments, or give as good as they get. We ladies need to develop thick skins and ignore those types of obnoxious on-line guys, as they're too immature to even consider change. At least in person, you can call them out for being jerks.


u/onceandbeautiful life Well most of those boys she mentioned in the post are just-Oh nvm you already said it 💀and yeah you're right 🙌💃IGNORE THEM IMMATURE COMMENTS!


Ugh… it’s so horrible…