Best way to theme shell/task bar?

Best way to theme shell/task bar?


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Windowblinds hasn't ever broken my Windows install. I recommend SecureUXTheme if you don't want Aero glass effects, and if you do want a theme with Aero glass efects, then Windowblinds is your best bet for getting glass in Windows 10 20H1+ versions.


I use [Open Shell](https://open-shell.github.io/Open-Shell-Menu/): It primarily focuses on the start menu but has a couple options for the taskbar and gives you a modified explorer toolbar (which personally I turned off). *During installation, you may encounter some errors about shortcuts, just ignore them, the same happened for me and it works perfectly anyhow.* To answer your question about WindowBlinds: It's pretty unlikely that it'll break something, but make a backup of important data anyway.