I don’t understand why I had a hard time finding this. 24 bucks is a good price right?

I don’t understand why I had a hard time finding this. 24 bucks is a good price right?


24 is standard by me (IL)


$24 is a great price, yes. Great bottle for around $25. Now go get yourself some bitters and other goodies and make yourself an old fashioned. BT won’t let you down.


It's hard to find because it somehow established an online cult following despite being a middle of the road whiskey.


Idk I was a fan before I knew about the cult following, I think it’s a pretty great drink and at ~$25 it’s a steal, but lately I haven’t seen it for less than $34 and at that point it ruins the good-product-at-great-price fun of it so I haven’t bought it.


You’re a whiskey hipster!


Lmao I wish, my dad was the one who bought it


I would guess it might have something to do with Joe rogan mentioning a few times it's the one "special request" he asks for at venues is a bottle of BT


There's also a documentary on Netflix that's basically a promo for BT.


Shit, considering it's Joe Rogan and he could literally request ANY bourbon he wanted, I absolutely respect the fact that he chooses to reach for "lowly" BT!!


Also a bit of a dick move as it's not always available.


It's not like he said pappy. BT is definitely easier to find than a lot of other bottles.


It can be out for months in an entire city. I know it's not Pappy or Stagg level rare, but I work in a liquor store... it's tough to get.








It is very easy to find in some parts of the country. Others less so. It has nothing to do with Buffalo Trace but liquor distributors. $I bought a bottle for $23 yesterday. So to OP, price seems right. 10 years ago it was like $17.


Completely middle of the road. That said, it's still a well crafted bourbon. The big guys have their products dialed in. Not to say everyone will like it of course.


I definitely think it’s middle of the road but I think it’s one of the best under $30. I think that’s it’s appeal. It’s something you can drink every night and not break the bank


Agreed. I like it. I usually have a bottle on hand. I just don’t get the hype around it.


Better than Blantons. Half the price


Let's not get carried away.


You don't have to agree. But I find Blantons boring and way overpriced. We wanna talk about over-hyped bourbon? Blantons is probably #1


EHT > Blanton's All Day... But even more so when considering EHT is actually 50% less if you can find it at MSRP


agree 100%


I do agree that Blanton's is overrated, relatively 1 dimensional and has become heavily overpriced, even at current msrp, but can't agree Trace is better, though I'm a big fan of BT, as long as it's about msrp, one of the better medium-cheap bourbons imo. Blanton's is a pretty great bourbon, even if boring and overhyped. BT is just a good bourbon, that's great value at msrp. Just my opinion as well.


I would trade you as much BT for the same amount of Blantons any day and twice in Sunday. Ludicrous statement. Is Blantons overhyped? Sure but this is just a silly statement.


I'd happily engage with this deal my friend. Both are equally hard to find here but only BT is worth me drinking.


99% sure it’s the branding. People want to feel outdoorsy and rugged, and the bottle/branding does that. Same case with Tin Cup whiskey.


I think middle of the road might even be generous. I’m not a huge fan of it. I’d rather spend a little more and get something that I feel is much better quality


You know what they say the middle way is the best way which makes this the best bourbon of all time


That's the price I see in California. Maybe closer to $20 when on sale.


I only recently learned from this sub that Buffalo Trace can be hard to find. All the stores I go to in my area (west TN) seem to always have plenty, all around the 24-26 dollar range. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


hey west TN gang!


Yea I didn’t think anything of it, I’ve always seen it around. Then when I finally start looking for one the decided to play hide n seek lol


Yeah I usually pay $35 (NY). I know most places have an allotment so I think it’s more difficult to find because of how few each store gets


I can get this in Australia for US$37 (AUD$51) with no difficulty.


51 AUD? WTF it's $79 over the ditch, normally. Thanks for saving me, i'd be tempted to buy it & be left wondering what the hype was about.


Jesus😦 I'm in UK and can order a bottle from amazon for £20, have even had it on offer from amazon at £17!


I never thought to order alcohol from Amazon. I just checked and it's cheaper there.


Most things yeah!!


I'm in the UK too, & also buy this regularly from Amazon... great for cocktails. It does bug me that in the UK it's 40%, & 45% in the US. It's like they've intentionally decided to sell us a more watered down product! Still great vs anything else bourbon-wise available here at that price


i imagine bourbon is just more expensive in not-america and that seems a reasonable price for an import


Most imported spirits are fairly cheap. It's the tax that makes them expensive.


Good price. 22- 28 in my area.


Yep. $23.99 normal price here.


$24 is retail.


There's a ton of hype around BT is a distillery so people buy it when they see it / when they do see it they buy a few bottles at a time because they don't know when they'll see it next. Viscous cycle. That being said it's a good bourbon that I pour for people to give them an idea of what a quintessential "bourbon" tastes like. $24 is a good price for it. About the same +/- $2.50 around my area (TX).


Oh That makes. I had a small cold sweat cuz I never tried it before and I was worried this was going the way of eagle rare


Demand > Supply Pure and simple. Having toured Buffalo Trace recently, it is amazing how much money is being put into expanding production and having to operate around it being on Historical registry. Their intention has always been to have your whiskey constantly available. However, it has been a cascading effect. Once, Pappy was unavailable then people turned to E.H.Taylor, and then Blanton's, then Weller, Eagle Rare and when Eagle Rare became unavailable, all that was left was Buffalo Trace. It'll come back around but Buffalo Trace for $24 is standard and is probably best mixed or for shots.


Oh wow, thats really interesting. . . Wait your toured the place!? That sounds fun


You don't understand why availability and price is different in different states? Or do you just assume everything is the same everywhere.


Well I live in Cali so I know this particular bottle should be plentiful and cheap. Or so I’ve been told, so when I had a couple extra bucks and some free time I decided to pick it up but they were all sold out. I was very confused cuz I always saw them just collecting dust.


I think it's great for the price. A lot of people do too, which is probably why it can be difficult to find. Another one I like with a similar profile is Larceny ($24).


Oh ima have to give them a shot


Standard price for a standard bottle.


I think it’s a great $25 bourbon. It’s my summer bourbon of choice. To me it’s light and tasty. It’s part of my regular stock along with WT101 and OF100 bourbon, also around $25. I wouldn’t wanna pay much more than that though. Once Winter comes around I like the heavier things like OGD114.


Great price.


MSRP baby. Nice




I pay 30$ in VA


Nice find, i got a big bottle last week. My favorite in the price range for sure. Now I'm looking for Eagle Rare or Henry Mckenna


Lol!! Me too, I happened to pick up a bottle of eagle rare at 36 bucks in Arizona while I was there for a job. Now that I want an extra bottle for when I’m done I see the prices rose.


Here in ks it used to be really popular I never had it because it was a 27 dollar bottle and I already had a favorite at that price range it disappeared now its back and 50 bucks for a 750 mil before taxes I'll probably never have it its a shame I hear its tremendious


Damn, my condolences bro.


It’s always $35-39 here in NC, but I think it’s one of the easiest drinking bourbons out there, IF you can find it. For some reason they never, ever have it in stock here even though it flys off the shelf. I’ve been told it’s because of how they make you order it, but I can stop into a small liquor store in SC and buy it by the case.


All these nerd boys on the internet rave about it so everybody goes and buys it. 4 years ago they weren’t planning for this type of demand. Now think about the stuff that takes 7+ years to age.


I bought a bottle for $26 today at CVS. Not a big fan. I'll keep it for cocktails.


Yea I haven’t tried it yet, if I don’t then it’ll be the guest whiskey


I don't know why I still haven't tried this yet.


$27 usually where I'm at. I go for the 1.75 liter bottle and just pour into smaller fifths so I end up w/ 2.3 fifths for right around $50


Can walk into 3 local supermarkets here in England and get a bottle of this no problem. Unfortunately you send us the 40% version though. Luckily we have tons of scotch and the lovely Woodford Reserve at similar prices


I got it the other day for MSRP it’s a just fine bourbon. But it’s not much better than knob creek, woodford’s reserve, or wild turkey. If I see it at my liquor store for retail price I’ll grab it but I won’t go out of my way to find it or try it.


>not much better than knob creek, woodford’s reserve, or wild turkey Taste is certainly subjective, but I'd actually rank BT a notch or two below all of those. I know I'm in the minority though.


i fucking hate woodford and think it tastes like cherry cough medicine and can’t get why anyone drinks it, but i know i’m in the extreme minority. whenever i get a call for it in an old fashioned i have a coworker taste it for me because i just can’t comprehend the appeal of the profile all other picks are solid though


That’s a totally valid opinion. I love woodfords for old fashioneds for that reason. I dig the cherry lol tastes are weird and subjective


Same here. Weird how subjective it is. I guess I'll be thankful I appreciate the cheaper bottle. Although it's really hard to find around me.


Why is it so hard for Americans to buy whisky at msrp? Is there some kind of law that makes it hard? In Europe you can just order most stuff at MSRP and get it delivered next day.


States have very different laws regarding the sale of Alcohol. Taxes very from State to State and city to city. The states that don’t allow delivery at all are Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, and Kentucky, while Rhode Island and Delaware have some restrictions. All other states allow for alcohol delivery but may have some exceptions, rules, or regulations that are specific to that state.


Because it’s the flavor of the month and people have convinced themselves that it’s better than it is solely because of shortage. That being said, $24 is a good price to try it.


Over rated


Thankfully not overpriced


I try not to pay over $40 for any bourbon. So I'd say you did well.


Not even for barrel proofs or more interesting bottles?


Bourbon is just corn whiskey aged in new oak barrels. Every single one. There's enough quality and choice at $40 and under to fit my expectations.


Thats a pretty simplistic way to look at it. What $40 Bourbon can match up to Elijah Craig Barrel Proof?


Fair enough. What are your common go to’s?


WT 101, Four Roses Small Batch (or Single Barrel if its on sale), Russell's 10, Makers 46, High West American Prairie, Evan Williams Single Barrel. Right now I got a 1L of Kirkland BiB (its just relabeled 1792 BiB). Its pretty good.


Good picks--those all punch above their price tag and do prove your point that there is a lot to like <$40.


Standard here in WI.


There is no price to great! But yeah that’s a good price… it’s $36 where I’m at.


$24 is a reasonable price. Here in (NV) that’s how much I’ve seen it for, I usually have extra bottles on hand.


$24 is standard in the Detroit area as well.


Seems to depend on where you live. I can buy it at my grocery store, and $24 sounds pretty standard.


Oh look another buffalo trace post. We just had one of these yesterday and it got up-voted a ton! Bottle shelf whiskey porn.


Saw that post, then Saw this bottle In the store. I barely check on the post today and i got blasted with comments. So pretty much, yea.


This has become hard to get in Maryland. Saw a 750 for $45 yesterday and a 1.5 for $99 a couple weeks ago 😡


definitely not worth hunting for… it’s BT, it’s fine.


I happened upon it. For some reason it’s sold out where I live.


It didnt used to be overrated. Everyone knew it was just a great cheap bottle. They knew that it was not worth any more than msrp. And no one cared. It sat on shelves and you could just go pick one up anywhere. There is really no reason that it should have changed. Taters are ruining bourbon for everyone.


I’ve seen this one at a lot of my local stater bros, Albertsons


Joe Rogan


We all need to be on mushrooms