Really long fingernails such as "claws" are not sexy at all, but look extremely trashy.

Really long fingernails such as "claws" are not sexy at all, but look extremely trashy.


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I just see germs.


Yes. Put the underside of that nail under a microscope. It's teemining with microorganisms...


As a nail biter, this terrifies me. This notion has been the one that has most pushed me to stop in my most recent cold turkey endeavor.


More bacteria under your fingernails than the average rim of a toilet. That’s what i think of every time i try to quit. Hang in there.




They say it makes your immune system really strong


Farmers typicaly have better immune system. Because they eat dirt and are exposed to germs.


Fun fact, our gut flora came from soil micro organisms.


Poop scoops


>More bacteria under your fingernails than the average rim of a toilet. Is that true? Because as a nailbiter, I accidentally swallowed the tip of one of my nails the other day.


Last time i checked it was accurate. Can’t exactly be true as its an average, all toilet rims differ in cleanliness but, as a general rule, yeah.


If you bite your nails regularly and put your fingers in/on the same things repeatedly, you’ve probably built up quite a bit of immunity by now. If you don’t get ill often, I wouldn’t worry about it at all.


Heh. "Hang" in there. Get it? ...I'm sorry, I'll go to bed now


Nailed it.


I laughed and considered it to be quite entertaining


Get a manicure tool that will clean under your nails a nail brush and keep them neatly clipped. You dont need long nails not to bite them. Besides you REALLY dont want to put that junk in your MOUTH! ISNT THAT A MILLION TIMES WORSE?


Its a journey to flava town


I'm a nail tech. The underside of the nail is just as dirty as you think it is. Sometimes when I clean the underside. I can smell tobacco and weed and various types of food and slime like things of unknown origin.


Sounds good. So I should just keep biting my nails all the way down so there is no 'underside'.


As opposed to all of the other parts of your body that are microorganism-free?


Okay now I’m interested to see that


They’re so distracting in The Sopranos. Especially when Junior’s side piece is feeding him red peppers in bed


So much germs. I teach cooking and talk about this with my students. Also, it's like a form of self-handicapping. How do you wipe your ass??


>Also, it's like a form of self-handicapping. How do you wipe your ass?? *Very* carefully.


Permanent scraper so you don't have to carry three shells around.


You obviously don't know how to use the 3 seashells; you don't carry them around *^laughs ^in ^Rob ^Schneider*


I'll knit you a sweater and you can wipe with that.




Dammit. I knew I was gonna see this once I read the title


I understood that reference


I would assume a sponge or if you fart hard enough the air will blow-dry clean


To do list for the weekend 1. Fart so hard it blow drys my butthole clean That is all


I'm imagining the advertising billboard for that service. Come on in and experience the exhileratingly fresh feeling of a fart-dried poop-outlet...


Whenever I see my kids chewing their fingernails I always tell them “you know under your fingernails is dirtier than around your asshole!” that usually stops it pretty quickly!


That may be true but the experience just isn't the same when you have to bend so far


Butt germs


I think it’s the other way around, if you have long nails you take care of them, most people I see with short nails have straight up dirt under them


Most people you encounter on a daily basis have dirt under their nails? Do you live in a coal mine?


Maybe “most” was the wrong word, but every person I see with dirty nails has short nails sooo....


I call them clickity-clacks


I'm stealing this for when I next have my nails done omg


The crazy long ones or the curved ones are completely useless. I used to work with a woman who spent hundreds a month on her nails and couldn't even type properly.


One time I was at a gas station in [Houston](https://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-000122410299-z25law-t500x500.jpg), and a lady at a pump flagged me down and asked for help. I walked over and she explained that her card was in the slot and she couldn’t get it out because her nails were too long. I removed the card and gave it to her, she was very nice and kind of embarrassed. I can’t imagine living with that kind of inconvenience.


I had that happen in a bodega in NYC!


Can you not just turn your hand sideways and grab it between the insides of your thumb and forefinger? The fuck?


Her nails were so long that her fingertips couldn’t make contact with the card. Like [this](https://i.pinimg.com/videos/thumbnails/originals/c1/85/5e/c1855e83936bad7d5f3677af39257e25-00001.jpg)


Bend fingers. Grasp between knuckles.


Together apes strong


I know .I was pointing out that she could have done it herself and it's funny that she couldn't figure it out by just turning her hand sideways.


I don't think lateral thinking and gluing claws to the end of your hands have much of a Venn overlap


I can't imagine spending money on something that is ugly/trashy and stops you from doing mundane things like pumping gas. Though...I did have a Xanax addiction when I was younger so I can kind of relate I guess




Latest research shows economic reasons for footbinding. Kept women at home and working, started to phase out when machines were made that did the same labor. You seem like a curious person, thought I'd share.


people in Houston dont have knuckles?


Why wouldn't she just bend her fingers and use her knuckles?


I didn’t ask Maybe her fingers were too fat to get in there with bent knuckles


One of the bartenders at my job needs help opening cans because of her nails. She literally cant do it. Its ridiculous, especially when shes the only bartender working.


That's just lazy, they make openers for bottles and cans.


I would hope by now shes adopted the use of some tool in order to do it, but having nails that handicap you from using your fingers and then grabbing a tool to it it for you seems a bit....stupid to me, tbh. But to each their own.


I hope so! And 100 percent agree with how illogical it would be to have them.


Shoot, you can just use a coin to open cans, its how I drank beer with a handful of broken fingers lol


Where there's a will, there's a way!


Nobody has shown her how to open a can using one of those flat bottle openers?


Hopefully eventually they did lol tbf the location had just opened so we barely had any little tools or things laying around yet, but still, there are so many ways to open a can. Even using a folded coaster wouldve worked.


She's just lazy, when I was doing my nails I could open cans, you just have to use the side of the finger.


I think it is kind of like Chinese noble women binding their feet. It signified they were too wealthy and important to actually have to walk. People with plastic nails and do have to work and clean and feed themselves, self hobble voluntarily.


That’s funny... I keep my nails super short so I have a hard time opening cans for that reason. I just have a little piece of plastic that I keep around to get under the tab for me.


I think long nails are dope but it's absolutely disgusting to have long ones and handle food and drink. Idk how people get away with that 'cause every place I've worked will barely let you paint your nails. It's basic hygiene when you're putting your hands all over stuff that goes into people's mouths. I remember in trade school a girl lost one of her cheap nail tips and one of the students we fed found it in his zucchini casserole.


She can literally just use a churchkey. I don’t even have long nails and it’s my preferred method during a shift. It really saves your skin from getting sore and it looks cool.


The women that live and die for these monstrosities, have evolved into using them as a second appendage and your bartender needs to remove hers if she can't even function at her job.


After not having long nails for like 3 years I said why not let’s switch it up and got (medium length) acrylics. Sat down to work on Monday and could not type a single word without a typo (I’m in data entry). I had to sand down the nails myself because I was going crazy.


Is sanding better than clipping?


Clipping can cause them to crack or break. Acrylics are much thicker than real nails and, well, it’s like trying to clip plastic.


If they're acrylics, it'd be hard to get the right shape with clipping I'd imagine


I can barely type on my phone and make more mistakes when I type on a keyboard when my natural nails get a little too long. I never understood how a person could function with unnaturally long fake nails.


With nails that long and curved, it is a lock that she couldn't wipe her ass properly either.


I've had really long nails in the past and managed to keep my ass clean. That's just a rumor


Did you get poop under your nails?


[oh hey laronda!](https://youtu.be/UGjjMZQH09Q)


I knew a girl who used to have them. She did dance/ballet. Tripped. Nail came off her finger. Her entire nail. She no longer wears long nails.


Basically every time I get nails I end up jamming them to where my actual nail gets pulled up with the acrylic and it bleeds. And since the acrylic stays on I end up jamming it several other times. I hate it but I’m such a nail biter


When I see nails like that this is where my mind immediately goes. This person must not play any kind of sport or exercise. I then wonder how they type on a computer or pick things up. Seems like a hassle.


Piano teacher had a similar story. She had long nails as a teen and got one of them stuck in between the keys while she was playing. Ended up ripping off half her nail, iirc.


This is definitely not an unpopular opinion




nothing in this sub is actually unpopular, otherwise it wouldn't get upvoted. the concept of the sub makes no sense. people always vote based on their opinion, not the quality of the post.


It's really a "popular opinions that are negative in nature" sub, but that's not catchy.


And opinions that are underrated or people say 'oh I understand that'.


Yep. This sub should just be called Opinion. When I first came across this sub a few years ago I immediately subscribed thinking it was a cool concept. I quickly found out how bad this sub sucks.


sort by controversial. problem solved.


I saw one unpopular opinion about a guy that liked wearing diapers posted here, besides that 100% agreed


Not always. There was that one guy not long ago saying he loves sitting directly on pre-warmed public toilets. Got lots of upvotes


It’s for opinions that feel unpopular. This opinion feels unpopular until someone says it and then most people agree. Other opinions feel unpopular and then someone says it and nobody agrees. You don’t know which is which until you post.


Search by controversial


I came here to say this!!!


It became popular in some east Asian countries a loooooooong time ago but I don't know too much about that. In Europe however I know that from the late middle ages on long fingernails were used as a status symbol because you could only keep your nails long if you didn't have to work on a field or in a forge or something. This trend was also completely gender neutral and at times even more employed by males of the aristocracy. The height of this trend I think was around the late 17th century (think Louis XIV). Coloured nails also have a long tradition also happening mainly outside Europe for the most part (think middle eastern women colouring their nails with henna) but the first conventional modern nail polish was invented in the 30ies. So that trend has allways been around in some form or other :)




Thanks :)


I remember learning about how at the Palace of Versailles there were scratch marks on many of the doors from human fingernails. This was because knocking was considered very uncivilized so a noble would basically scratch at the door (mostly with their pinky nail) and wait for a servant to open the door


These people were wild in the worst way possible


In imperial China, noblewomen and concubines would do this for the last two fingers, also as a status symbol. They would wear elaborate, bejeweled nail guards made with gold / silver / etc.


I think this is a popular opinion.


Welcome to this sub


This is a popular opinion


My wife has her real nails slightly shaped to a rounded edge point and oh my god her back scratches are amazing


My gf does this too. They're between like maybe a 1/2" or 1/4" long. Hard to really judge on tiny hands lol


and that is why I keep mine short...haahh so i have an excuse not to scratch my bf's back lmao but seriously its for the hygiene. No offense to anyone, i feel oddly disgusted when my nails gets long, even just a little. I like to keep mine clean cut all the time. back to back starching, i also give my bf different kinds of back scratchers lol so he has a whole collection of them ha


I'm of the mindset that people should be able to modify their bodies however they want but I have no obligation to think it's cool or attractive.


You are free to do and say whatever you want but you are not free from judgement.


I only see this on social media and almost never IRL.


It's almost without fail you'll find them on like almost half of the admin staff in all the doctor offices out in the southwest.


Don't go to a family meeting with me. A few got it, it's nastyyyy


In my school...Those girls look like fashion tiger with long claws ready to stab you


I am surrounded by those with long-ass nails. Freaking claws. Reminds me of the Therizinosaurus from Ark.


See it all the time in my neighborhood. I stopped going to the McDonald’s by my work because the girl giving me my food had her nails poking outta her gloves 🤢


Go to any lower income neighborhood like Harlem in NYC and every lady has these nails.


Why are lower-income neighbourhoods more likely to have people with long nails? I thought longer nails were more expensive compared to shorter ones.


People with low income are more concerned with showing status supposedly. So they spend more money on superficial things (more money proportionate to their income than an average income earner) to show that they have it.


They like to flex more? Poor screams, money talks, wealth whisper


It's popular among 8th to high-school girls, and low income areas. I live in a low income area and I'm currently in high-school so that is my source


Its popular in higher income areas too come to Connecticut


In my 39 years on this planet, this marks the first time I've seen or heard someone suggest visiting Connecticut


Lmao. Fucking Connecticut. Been there once, never again.


Hey man we got the insurance capital of the world. That’s pretty cool, right? Right???


Same and I've lived there.


I "know" one girl who has them... Hell no, but congrats on looking very horrible today


I work in pharmacies. You’d be surprised the amount of women who have them. How do you count or type???


They’re found either on those with low income trying to flex, or those with so much money that they can afford to have completely useless hands.


Lol @ so rich they don’t need hands 😂


I currently work in a drive through and I see tons of killer claws


I live in the Deep South and see them everywhere.


If I had a dollar for every time this opinion was posted, I'd probably be a man with a reasonable amount of dollars.


seriously how did this get past the moderators


If you're asking that question, you're unfamiliar with how modding works. Mods see exactly what everyone else on the subreddit sees, only they also see reported and removed content. So if nobody reports this...then a mod's only chance of seeing it is if they were just browsing the subreddit and stumbled across it. And something you'll find if you ever become a moderator is that you're so inundated with the content on the subreddit you moderate that you never feel the inclination to just browse the sub anymore. So unless you reported it, it didn't get *past* the moderators, it's likely never been before the moderators to get past them. EDIT: Also, the moderators of this subreddit are chickenshit.


bout tree fiddy


I see back scratchers


Exactly. See Kramer in that episode of Seinfeld. He dated a woman specifically for the nails and back scratching capability.




The tips are dull and the scratch isn't very satisfying tho.


Depends on the shape. Stilettos are sharp and scratchy. Almonds, not sharp, but kinda scratchy. Pretty much every other shape is as you described, though.


I like the pointy claw like ones because I feel like those would tear up an attacker pretty easily


You may be right. I would be worried about them ripping out or splitting your nails when that much force/resistance is applied.


It seems like there are more practical steps which can be taken here


Stiletto nails. I love the look of those but I’ve hurt myself too many times with those. And I mean scratched my neck or chest. When I go to scratch my face for an itch, I accidentally scratch another area and it hurts like hell. That’s because I’m used to coffin or almond shaped nails which don’t have sharp ends.


if they get some good punches in or something or even if you get a good scratch then those nails might go bye bye, maybe along with the real ones too




More like sabretooth


This is a very popular opinion


How many more popular opinions do I have to see before I finally stop following this sub


Zero? Eighty-nine? Six and a half! I give up!


I see this opinion every month


Ghetto and trashy is clearly a message you wanted to pass lmao


I wouldn't call them trashy but they're definitely inconvenient and not worth it. This is coming from someone that used to get super long nails. On top of this, I see women (mostly younger ones though) romanticize not being able to do certain things because of their nails and it seems so bizzare to me.


This isn't an unpopular opinion.


This is the one that finally made me give up on this subreddit.


I have small hands, the only way they look good is with long nails, and I can work with them so I enjoy having them


Saaame I got short, stubby af fingers and stiletto or almond nails are one of the few lengthening and slimming affects available


I have big hands and long fingers and I don’t wear fake nails cuz I don’t want to draw attention to them. It’s so interesting how the grass always seems greener on the other side


Ahh I get that, and 100% I remember my friend and I confessing that we were jealous of each others figures, because I've always wanted to be skinny and shes always wanted to be curvy. It was eye opening and weirdly nice to know that the person with which you percieve as the "ideal" figure probably feels the same way


Same! I love almond-shaped but I've been too afraid to go for the full stiletto. I worry it will look too extreme. But I admire them on other people so maybe I should just bite the bullet some time.


Try coffin if you don't want the full stiletto!! I think it's the perfect in-between


Most popular opinion ever


the back rubs


Enough of this subject already


This sub sucks. Any minor opinion on anything is an unpopular opinion. I don’t get it. r/offmychest is where most of these should be. I could be wrong I don’t know.


I personally love having long ass nails, like pointy as fuck and all. but I recently got rid of them because they are pretty unreasonable if i’m doing anything other than being lazy


Why did you enjoy having them, if you don't mind my asking? Apologies if that's impolite


I'm not a fan of the like 3 inch long nails. But I have to respectfully disagree with you. I am a huge supporter of the pointed stilletto/"claws" look on women ever since I dated a girl who was into that emo scene in high school back in like 08.The short like half inch ones though. Anything else is a bit much for my liking and too fragile for hard scratching. She Scratched the living hell out of my chest/stomach/back and I've been like a Crack fiend ever since asking my GFs ever since If they wouldn't mind getting that style at the salon.


What about nine inch nails?


Looks like someone is jealous of Lady Dimitrescu. 😏


I like them cause they're good back scratchers


This opinion is posted so often ,it’s annoying


I can’t maintain long nails and tbh I hate getting my nails done, I just lack the patience and it’s really expensive, that being said I love how longer nails look and it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to get them redone all the time and keep them clean and maintained so I respect those who can deal with it. I had long nails for a while my first year of college and tbh they never got in the way of normal things I did, hell I did chemistry labs with some pretty dangerous chemicals with them and had no issue, I did however jam one one time lifting in the gym and ripped off my real nail underneath and ended up being scolded by my nail tech for ruining my nails (they took pictures of my hands a lot for advertising, which looking back was kinda weird without my permission but w/e), after that I gave up on keeping them all the time, I got them done once since when I was showing some of my art at a gallery but decided to never get them done again even for special events after. Also I agree with those saying your use of the word “ghetto” is unwarranted and kinda gross, I’m not a poc so I can’t confirm nor deny whether it’s a racist statement, though it definitely seems in poor taste at the very least, so maybe refrain from using that word in this kind of context in the future.


I think the first part of this is fine. You don't like it, it's not sexy to you, OK. But the 2nd part is just shitty. A thing doesn't have to be bad or wrong or trashy just because you're not into it. Like, just have the opinion without the value judgement. You're not going to namecall long nails out of existence.


I believe most of the people who get these don’t do it for you


Nor do the people wearing socks in sandals but I never see this strange response when someone says they don't like that particular fashion


well the good thing is that the women wearing them don't do it for you <3


Yeah a lot of women who wear these nails don’t do it for anyone but themselves...and also because they look really nice. I do wonder how some women are able to do things without breaking their nails though


It’s terrible. Anything that slightly dings your nails you’re like “oh shit did I break one? Do I need to sacrifice all these nails for one? Or can I glue it back together and try to get it fixed later? If one of these breaks THATS IT I’m biting them all down to the nubs…”


Speaking as someone who has moderately long nails - gel nail polish! The nail polish doesn’t come off unless it is purposefully taken off. If it does somehow come off, it’s because the application was incorrect. Other women also prefer acrylics, but I’ve been a fan of gel nail polish for around 10 years now. They’re sturdy enough to poke through, say, plastic covers and such. Only downside is if something does happen it’ll be a bit more gruesome then just breaking a nail. My nail got caught in a contraption once and rather than my nail breaking, it twisted my finger. And I’m surprised by everyone commenting about hygiene and germs. Nails need to be taken care of, if anything I’m more vigilant when it comes to keeping my nails and hands clean. I assume the people commenting don’t wash their hands properly so they assume their own hands wouldn’t be clean if they had long nails.


I’m also really surprised by the hygiene comments (your comment about gel nail polish was also really helpful). I’ve seen people with very short nails have black dirt beneath them so the hygiene comments are a bit weird


My nails aren’t crazy long, but they are longer than a lot of people’s, and I CAN NOT STAND the feeling of anything being underneath them! Kosher salt is the WORST culprit. So every time I wash my hands, I make sure there is nothing under any of them.


My boyfriend and most men share this opinion. Whe in I used to do my nails that way they would make me feel sexy and my fingers more feminine. Also no they were not dirty, I washed my hands and cleaned them properly.


I would consider this a popular opinion.


What exactly does “ghetto” mean?


They also seem incredubly inconvenient.


I dunno about trashy, but those girls always seem really high maintenance to me. Like REALLY high maintenance. Burj Khalifa observation deck high. In other words, not worth it high. Easy for me to say because I'm not exactly in their target demographic. I just think of all the things they can't do with those nails. Then I think about the fact I'd have to do all those things for them. I'm tired of fingering my own ass. That's why I date in the first place.


It’s not for you.


I think that on Some girls it suits them and if she scratches yo head gently its 👌


How is it “ghetto”? Please explain.


that's that bougie look guy


I grow my nails out naturally, and they’re kinda long. I really love having a long nail, a large enough canvas to paint on. It makes me happy. Happiness is totally attractive. And my back-scratches are unparalleled.


Ironically one post down from this one is an article about a mom who put claw nails on their baby.


Idk why everyone is so confused as too how one wipes their butts with nails. You guys must be wiping with a lot of force.