Conservatives dump Beaches-East York candidate over Islamophobic tweets

Conservatives dump Beaches-East York candidate over Islamophobic tweets


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Oh yay my neighborhood is in the news! Oh dear 😐


I think that’s two stories in a week! - NIMBY opposition to affordable housing. - Islamaphobic COC candidate. I hope next week is better. :)


It isn't even affordable housing, they're just against housing. Source: an opinion piece in Beach Metro crying about an 18 storey condo going up on queen and comparing councillor Bradford to Trump. I shit you not.


Yea, I read it. The letter to the editor about not wanting riff-raff at ashbridge’s was pretty bad too.


She has come and said this is fake and someone did this in her name. She apparently went to the police about this in 2018. Crazy if that's true. But looks like there is more to this story


While that is true the CPC are saying she said that then kept changing her story, which is what led to her being dumped (it's at the end of the article).


I guess Life Liberty Lisa isn’t Live Love Laughing too much today. Someone on the Twitter feed said she wasn’t even a Toronto resident, just a candidate parachuted in from Pickering or Whitby. No wonder the party cut their losses quickly. It’s not like Beaches-East York elects many Conservative candidates anyway.


I don’t think we’ve ever elected a conservative.


"islamophobic" is sugar coating the issue just a tad -- that's blatant racism -- she retreated Paul fucking Fromm for fuck sakes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Fromm_(white_supremacist)


[It wouldn't be the first time a CPC member got booted from the party after getting caught endorsing or getting endorsed by Paul Fromm.](https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/white-nationalist-donation-derek-sloan-1.5878070)


Keep in mind she has come out and said she didn't tweet this. And she filed a police report from 2018 about this already. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ousted-conservative-candidate-lisa-robinson-denies-writing-racist/


As if she had any chance of winning anyway.


They barely try in this riding, this is a great example that even the most basic vetting should have caught.


Probably didn’t bother to vet since they have zero chance of ever winning Beaches-East York.


IMO they should still vet paper candidates. Yes, the Conservaties don't have a chance in this riding. But having a candidate like this interrupts the news cycle. Now the Cons have to spend time on cleanup. In a short campaign like ours, any party can't afford to waste time like that.




I get that it's a tough seat for them, so they aren't going to parachute in their best and brightest but I cannot believe there is not a single conservative leaning person who lives in the riding who is better qualified.


Jesus and that pearl necklace. Woman needs to find a gay best friend.


She would try to have him born again at a "special camp".


or use the argument that she isn't homophobic because she has a gay friend


> Earlier Friday, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, the Liberal candidate in the riding who is also the incumbent, published a tweet with a number of screen shots from Robinson's feed, including one of an Islamophobic tweet. > "Our community has faced down hate too many times already, and it's unacceptable that the Conservative Party is giving a platform to someone with these views," Erskine-Smith wrote in the tweet. > A spokesperson for the Conservatives told CBC News that Robinson initially denied the tweets were hers, and that her story kept changing. The party disavowed her as a candidate as a result. Link to tweets : https://twitter.com/beynate/status/1436341271866527768


Funny how she actually threatened to sue NE-S for uncovering this. Her reaction’s pretty much an admission of guilt


I wish he would have just said "CPC, COME GET YOUR GIRL SMH". Jk tho, this was my old neighbourhood. Say what you will about LPC or him, but NE-S sent everybody masks if you mailed him a form, and it's the only one that properly fits my face to this day. It's child sized...


Bye Felicia


No, *you* go home and stay there, you MTG wannabe.




Conservative candidates are supposed to keep their Islamophobia in check until *after* the election.


Wonder what happens to the votes she got today at the advance polls (*ahem* may, or could have gotten)


She still gets them. She won't win though, the Conservatives barely even try in this seat. Last time around they had a candidate who did not want to attend any of the local candidate debates and said if anyone wanted to debate her they could come do it in her campaign office. Lisa also previously ran for council in Pickering so I doubt she even lives in the riding.


Oh the schadenfraude is going to be big every time I see my idiot neighbours with their giant Lisa sign beside their no more lockdown signs.


Yeah, I remember that. She was another candidate parachuted in from the 905.


She's still on the ballot, and that isn't changing. If some miracle happened and she won, she would sit as an independent.


I'm sure that the People's Party of Canada would be happy to adopt her if she won. The political experience of their current candidate includes working over 20 years in customer service at Air Canada.


Those tweets pretty much ace the PPC entrance exam.


That's what I was going to say. Sounds like she's qualified for a membership in that party.


If the riding is won, the individual sits as an independent. However, if the seat is the only one standing between a minority and a majority, all is forgiven.


My friend told me he was voting conservative even after I reminded him they're basically the old Reform party hiding behind a conservative moniker. Remember everyone this the same party that supports gay conversion therapy.


Conservative party is running a lesbian candidate in Thornhill, so I doubt they are anti-gay.


Yah I bet they also used that " My best friend is black " line as well.


And Nate is re-tweeting every re-tweet of this. That's some fine campaigning there!


Well, to be fair, the Conservative candidate is rarely a contender in B-EY. The news coverage is a bigger issue for the CPC overall than her candidacy was for Nate’s re-election campaign.


This has always been a pretty left leaning riding. Dropping a candidate that has little chance of winning maybe isn’t that principled of a move.


It's also the same situation as the Liberal guy getting pulled in Kitchener, they're already on the ballot anyway.


What does Elections Canada do in these situations, where ballots have already been printed (and cast in early polling)?


They still count for that candidate, technically they can win.


So if they formally withdraw their candidacy, and win, I guess that would trigger a by-election? But if they have been dropped by the party and continue to run, does Elections Canada consider them an “independent” even though the ballots still say they are affiliated with a party?


The deadline to withdraw their candidacy has passed. If they win, they would sit as an independent unless they decide to resign or find another party to sit with.


I suspect Elections Canada doesn't make that decision; but CPC said that if she wins, they won't let her in the caucus.


>"Racism and Islamophobia has no place in the Conservative Party of Canada," said Cory Hann, communications director for the Conservatives. Citation needed. I also thought it’s too late for the slate to change. They say they’re “dumping” her, but she will still appear on the ballot as their candidate, correct?


It is too late to take her off the ballot but the CPC said she wouldn't be a part of caucus if she did win (no hope of that anyway, Nate Erskine Smith has the riding locked up)


The drama continues with this candidate. It's been truly fascinating to watch it unfold (and implode). [https://beachmetro.com/2021/09/10/federal-election-2021-conservative-party-says-lisa-robinson-no-longer-a-candidate-for-them-in-beaches-east-york/](https://beachmetro.com/2021/09/10/federal-election-2021-conservative-party-says-lisa-robinson-no-longer-a-candidate-for-them-in-beaches-east-york/) Her juvenile response on September 12 started with, *"Nathaniel, I would like to say thank you for ruining my career and my life."* What kind of adult running for office starts their rebuttal with a statement like that? She also responded to a commenter on her Facebook page with, *"maybe you should be more concerned as to why Nathaniel Erskin-Smith is going through my old tweets."* This contradicts her earlier position that the tweets revealed on Friday were from a fraudulent Twitter account from 2018, and does appear to be an admission that these tweets were actually hers. Her [website](https://lifelibertyandlisa.ca) was taken offline on Friday night and re-appeared on Sunday, re-branding her as an independent. Then on Monday, she put an Erin O'Toole banner back on her [Facebook page](https://www.facebook.com/lisarobinsonforbey) and posted the following: >TO THE RESIDENTS OF BEACHES-EAST YORK I AM STILL YOUR CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE VOTE FOR ME SEPTEMBER 20 AND THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT LISA ROBINSON She claims to have been "cancelled" from a community all-candidates meeting, however the organizers stated that her campaign never responded to repeated invitations to participate. She insists that she is *"stilled confirmed as the Conservative candidate for Beaches-East York"* \[sic\] despite the fact that the CPC has removed her from their list of candidates. She does not seem to recognize that appearing on the ballot as the CPC candidate means nothing at this point. She was dropped from the party after the deadline, and ballots had already been printed. So the "anti-corruption" candidate is lying to voters and mis-representing herself as the candidate for a party that has disavowed her. Not to mention she keeps bringing up Dominion Voting Systems conspiracy theories on her page. Quite a shit show for a candidate from outside the riding who stands no real chance of winning.


Admitting the tweets were here is a wild play, especially after the whole I reported it to the police in 2018 line. Better get an extra large popcorn at the Fox Monday night!


Yeah, it’s been quite amazing to watch her come completely unglued. She’s a parachute candidate who somehow thinks she can tip a riding that hasn’t elected a conservative in a generation… maybe longer. I did a little digging into her past political aspirations, and she’s run four times for Pickering city council. 2014, 2016 (by-election), 2018, and now 2021. Each time, she raised a few hundred dollars in donations against about $10k in expenses. So she’s in for about 40 grand of her own money. That buys a lot of botox. [https://corporate.pickering.ca/weblink/Browse.aspx?startid=144398&cr=1](https://corporate.pickering.ca/weblink/Browse.aspx?startid=144398&cr=1)


Looks like she’s taken down the “I AM STILL YOUR CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE” post/ad. I’m pretty sure people reported her to the party HQ. And a friend of mine who’s a lawyer called it “willfully misleading.”


From [https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ousted-conservative-candidate-lisa-robinson-denies-writing-racist/](https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ousted-conservative-candidate-lisa-robinson-denies-writing-racist/) >"All I know is this is basically ruining my life. People need to know the truth of what happened," she told The Globe and Mail in an interview. "It's still continuing." She said the party has told her to stop calling them. "They're completely throwing me under the bus," she said. You know it's bad when the party *tells a candidate* to stop calling them.


Check out the conservative’s slogan and tell me that’s not an accident that it sounds like the 14 Words and then tell me how shocked anyone is and a candidate in their party would hold these views.


This connection between 14 words (a white supremacy phrase) and the CPC slogan is idiotic. You really think a national political party would make a wink towards white supremacy in an effort to court a powerless and fringe group of crazies? Most conservative voters are moderates, centre-right, and abhor racism. These arguments indicates how pretzeled those who dislike the CPC get themselves to sustain their hate.


It’s not like the party has no connection to white supremacy. Barbaric hotline for one. That Derek Sloan and Maxine Bernier (who nearly won the leadership) are former members of the party tells me yeah, that ideology is simmering in the bowels of the party. Also what’s up with a 10 year old account with like 6 posts in its entire history suddenly posting about canadian politics?


The posts were from her campaigning to be a local councillor.


Derek Sloan was tossed from the party. Bernier was less crazy when running for leadership of the CPC. There is a reason your examples get disavowed and not celebrated. This is one of a few accounts I have. It’s login information was stored on an old device I happened to be using today. I am a not infrequent poster, but would prefer to not have all my submissions assembled in case someone figured out my identity.


Sloan was tossed because the party couldn’t excuse any further his links to white supremacy via a donation made by a prominent white supremacist. That’s a fact. If bernier, who came what second place after o toole, didn’t harbour those views before it’s weird to dull suddenly fully embrace white supremacy as a fucking platform. So again yeah I do 100 believe that their “secure the future” and talk of “taking Canada back” reeks of dog whistling racist white supremacy. Maybe my tinfoil hats on too tight lately I dunno but I don’t believe in coincidence in politics and we’re always 5-10 years away and a little watered down from what happens south of us and with that said I have no faith in the Conservative party/movement not following along with their xenophobic jingoistic bullshit being brought up here.


The attempt to connect conservatives (as a whole) with white supremacists has been occurring since at least 2000 in the Chrétien days. I'm sure it was before that as well but that was when I started my involvement in politics. That's 21 years now and the white supremacists remain a fringe part of Canada (thank God). The paranoia is as unfounded as believing the Libs or NDP are "literally communists" who are seeking to turn Canada in a one party dictatorial state. Accusations of the other being white nationalists or communists are the go to paranoid of the left and right respectively. Belief that either represents more than a tiny fringe of each is silly.


>Most conservative voters are moderates, centre-right, and abhor racism. Lol k.


Given O’Toole’s platform, and the large amount of support he has, the proof is in the pudding.


I know, right!?


Not islamaphobic. Just a racist asshole, plain and simple.


And homophobic too, based on some other retweets.


Looks like a racist, talks like a racist, runs for the party that winks and nods to racists... I'M SHOCKED!


Most of the Con candidates won't retweet that stuff until after they win their seat, she thought she was ahead of the game.


Shame on her for saying the quiet part out loud.


Wow. A douche bag said a douche bag thing. Color me shocked!


So let’s say you lived in that riding and wanted to vote conservative. What can you do now? I read that it’s too late to put in another candidate due to ballots already been printed and early voting having started? The liberals had the Sam issue with a candidate. Seems like there should be some way to vote for your favourite party even if the person drops out.


You can still vote for this candidate it would still count as a CPC vote. It would only be an issue if she won, which she has zero chance of doing.


A vote for this candidate is a vote for the candidate only. Although she still appears on the ballot as the CPC candidate, she has been dropped from the party’s candidate list. If she wins the seat, it will not be a CPC seat, as she will not be sitting as a member of the CPC caucus.


You're supposed to vote for a person to represent YOU. Not "your favourite party" whatever the hell that means.


Yet another conservative Barbie goes down the drain. Is it just me or are Conservatives putting a lot of young blonde women in the running? It’s like airline stewardesses and pharma girls all over again.


Although this candidate appears youthful in appearance, she is almost certainly not young. Her 2021 campaign photo is the same one she used in 2018 when [running for Pickering city council](https://www.votelisarobinson.com). If you compare it to her earlier campaign post cards on that site, there's a noticeable difference around her eyes from the 2016 photos.


This kind of seems to be stretching the meaning of Islamophobia. Keep in mind this was about a month after the Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande) bombing and London Bridge attacks which killed over 30 and injured over 1,000 people. (Downvotes to the left)


Of course you're being downvoted. Why the fuck would the Manchester attack be an excuse for hating millions of people? You're allowed to hate the people in the second largest religion after one of them does something wrong? Let's turn the tables here: imagine a white family was denied entry to a business because the other week a white person shot up a school. "Well, I understand why they didn't let the white family eat there, cause it was right after that school was shot up". Stupid, brainwashed people doing stupid, brainwashed shit (like attacking a stadium, or shooting up a school) does not mean that an entire group of people deserve to be painted with the same brush. I'm white and I am not a school/mass shooter. My neighbor is Muslim and he is not a terrorist.


She can join the liberals now. Oh no, wait that's open to sexual harassers