Reminder: Advanced Polls Are Now Open - Address on Voter's Card/Elections Canada Site

Reminder: Advanced Polls Are Now Open - Address on Voter's Card/Elections Canada Site


As a first-time federal elections voter, I am a proud (new) Canadian who can't wait to vote this weekend!




Hell yeah! Congratulations


My advanced poll is literally closer than my real poll this year. Guess that answers that question. For anyone undecided and too busy to read through the complete platforms of the parties, a couple good resources are: * [https://votecompass.cbc.ca/canada](https://votecompass.cbc.ca/canada) \- answer some questions, prioritize which are most important to you, and get a graphical representation of which parties are closest to your values * [https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/federal-election-2021/federal-election-2021-platform-guide-where-do-the-parties-stand-1.5560982](https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/federal-election-2021/federal-election-2021-platform-guide-where-do-the-parties-stand-1.5560982) or https://www.macleans.ca/rankings/2021-federal-election-platform-guide/ - a somewhat unbiased description of each party's stance on the major topics


Good for you! Mine is opposite, advance poll ridiculously further away than actual polling spot. May not be able to vote this year because of it.


Luckily my advance polling spot is the same as the election day one. It's open today, all weekend and Monday until 9pm. I'll definitely be getting out this weekend to vote. So much more convenient than waiting for election day...and probably much less of a crowd too.


Try to request voting by mail.


I saw where my day of polling station was, knew how bad the parking situation will be, and was like "okay I'm getting a mail in ballot"


My advance poll is also my real poll. It's either a McDonald's or very close to one, odd address. I'll have to check the mobile offers for a voter's combo.


Does everyone already have their voter's card? I'm registered as per the EC website and have been at my address for the last 2 federal elections. The EC website says that cards should arrive by today, so maybe I'll get it later today. Still, kind of weird. EDIT: checked my mail after work and it was there. GJ Elections Canada


I received mine last week - you don't need one to vote though, just have proper ID/proof of address.


I didn’t get mine but voted this morning without it. Just used my license as ID


I only got mine yesterday. I voted today and one person near me in line didn't have hers. She had all of the necessary ID's and proof of residence so she was OK. If your card doesn't come and you want to vote you can try that and you should be OK. It took around 45 minutes for me to vote after getting in line at the polling station. I thought about voting by mail but wasn't confident that I would get the ballot sent to me in time.


Hello, I am a journalist with CBC Toronto and working on a story on long lineups for advance polls. Wondering if you'd like to share your experience. I can be reached at [email protected]


We don’t have ours yet but others in the same address do


I just got mine two days ago.


Would you not be able to vote without it? What are the rules?


I’m working for advanced polling, bring your drivers license/photo ID but if you don’t have one bring a piece of ID + something that has your name and address. If you’re registered to vote we have a list we can find your name in.


Yes you can but you need to bring photo ID, and I would bring a bill of some sort with address just in case.


No I should still be able to vote, but it's just a bit more of a hassle.


I received my yesterday, wouldn’t be too worried.


Thanks for the reminder! Just a heads up, give yourself plenty of time. It was a slower process. Because of covid restrictions, there were half the amount of poll workers than usual at each table so the lines got long and moved very slowly.


Slow is an understatement


I had a weird moment this morning passing by my advanced polling station. It's a church that runs a food bank on Thursdays so when I saw the line of people on my way to work, I was like "I thought it was Friday?" Then I saw the yellow voting signs. Definitely voting early again this year. :)


As is tradition, my partner and I will walk the four blocks after work today and submit our ballot in an empty gymnasium on the first day of advanced voting. Stress free and if you are voting for a closely matched candidate, early voting results could give the a leg up in getting others to vote for them.


Advance voted this morning. Lots of social distancing, felt completely safe.


I'm working at one of them. Turnout is next level.


Awesome to hear! Thanks for working this gig.


First Covidiot voter spotted Toronto Centre. Unmasked wearing a Chris Sky for Prime Minister shirt. Maybe 20.


Fucking edgelords.


Leg day will be a national holiday ... That he'll skip


I did mail-in voting for the first time and sent it in last week. Super easy. I'll probably do it like this for every future election as well.


Going to vote after work today. I hate all of my options but not voting is something I won't do either. Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich. Oh which one will I choose?


Douche always win


Voted! Let's goooooo


Is there a mail in option? I’ve barely left my place since March 13, 2020.


Yes there is. If you go to the Elections Canada website you can request a mail in ballot and they will send it to you with a return envelope. I considered it but I was a bit nervous that I would get one in time so I just went to the advanced polling station.


Yes https://www.elections.ca/content2.aspx?section=vote&dir=app&document=indexapp&lang=e


Voted this morning! Things are moving a little slower than normal at advanced polling due to covid restrictions but the wait time was still manageable. Please be kind to the workers, they can't make it go any faster! :)


Just voted this morning, 99% of the voters in line looks like 70+ yrs old boomers. young people better get out and vote


lol - I am in my 50's and I felt like a "young person" when I voted today.


Yes go vote


I just voted today! But the line was all senior citizens so unless we want the baby boomers deciding yet another election on their own, get out and vote!!


Yes get out and vote, advice from a boomer!


I voted last week in a riding that wasn’t mine but was convenient for me that day. Any elections Canada office is open to special ballot advance voting it took about five maybe ten minutes and now I’m done. Go vote, this election sucks


Quick question - I haven't got my voter registration yet, can I still go in and vote without it? Elections Canada appears to keep losing it. :(


You absolutely can! If you have a driver's license, you can walk right in and do it up. If you have photo ID that doesn't have your address on it, there's a pretty lengthy list of acceptable documents you can use in its place. You can see that list [here!](https://elections.ca/content2.aspx?section=id&document=index&lang=e) I voted yesterday with my health card and my e-statement ON MY PHONE through mobile banking. It was fantastic!


Okay good to hear!


On my way to vote as I am typing this. Then spending the weekend volunteering with my chosen candidate.


In, out took 10 minutes though the line super grew in those 10 minutes. Probably closer to a 20 minute wait depending on Poll #. My poll # was short just me and one other while the other was like 6 people deep


I just voted. Super easy. If you want to be extra covid safe and avoid the crowds at the polling stations you can also vote at your local [elections Canada office](https://www.elections.ca/content2.aspx?section=vote&dir=locate&document=index&lang=e).


Done. Just voted. Took 5 minutes. Easy and convenient. Make your voice heard.




No, you cannot vote online. Go to https://www.elections.ca/ and it will tell you your riding and where you can vote.


Just went out to vote! It was nice to have the polling station within 5 minutes of walk, unlike the last election which took 20 min.


Went out to vote after work today. It was pretty smooth process and saw a few people in line. Bring your patience though as there are less workers.


Voted! Ditto everyone saying please be patient with the line-up and with the election workers. Overall, really good experience. A handful of loud guys needing everyone to hear their opinions about things, but there was no anti-mask nonsense, no trying to skip the line, and no loud complaining about political parties. In and out in 1/2 an hour.


Is there any polling per actual race?




Thank you!


But my advance voting station and normal voting station are ridiculously far away from me. Have never had this situation before. Registered for mail ballot.


Why in the world did they call an election in the middle of a pandemic when he was just TWO years into a FIVE year mandate?


Can’t wait to spoil the vote because the lineup this year is complete garbage