Toronto gym True North Climbing sticking with vaccination policy after attacks by critics

Toronto gym True North Climbing sticking with vaccination policy after attacks by critics


This is my home gym. I can't support them financially more than I already do, I will however bring all my new-to-climbing friends here. I trust John and his staff more than any other gym. For people who are thinking about going to a vaccine-only gym but have not climbed before, it's amazingly fun and it's a great workout for every body part, there are routes for every skill level. I have been to all the climbing gyms in southern Ontario and True North is by far my favorite. And they have definitely been the safest throughout this entire pandemic, even before the vaccine mandate.


John is fantastic! I met him a few years ago through some mutual interests we shared unrelated to climbing and I'm so glad he's standing firm on this.


I go to this climbing gym, awesome place and its run by great people. As far as I can tell John is 100% correct that the most vocal people on their Instagram complaining about this before they turned the comments off do not even climb here.


Haven’t been to this one yet but I’ll go there just to show my support for them!


It's a great place, lots of bouldering routes with varying difficulty! I haven't done top-down belaying here with a partner yet but they have a few auto-belay systems if you're into those.


Sounds perfect for me! When I go solo I love an auto belay, I find it’s good for my climbing endurance.


> Some would think that a gym wanting its patrons to be healthy would be common sense, but apparently not everyone has the same thoughts. > Gross states that while the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive from the staff, and mostly positive from the community, there are some very vocal, harsh criticism, especially over Instagram where he has been called a communist, racist and worse. > "We received a comical 'Cease and Desist Order' from the self-proclaimed Head of State of the 'Sovereign Republic of Canada,' apparently a QAnon follower," Gross explained. > "Our web site was briefly taken down by a DDOS attack. I believe most of the attacks are coming from people who are not part of our climbing community, or even local to the GTA." lol at the cease and desist from these thin-skinned babies. I'll check this gym out the next time I want to do some climbing.


It’s an awesome place, I used to be there a lot. Highly recommended.


"Sovereign Citizens" are on one hell of a drug that's for sure.


Are those the assholes who want all of the benefits of being a regular law abiding, tax paying citizen, without any of the responsibilities?


The very same! And when convenient, they act like they’re their very own state and can make laws that somehow affect you! But not them! Lol


lol imagine being a “sovereign citizen” and declaring yourself not subject to Canadian laws, but concurrently trying to impose your “law” on Canadian citizens. The cognitive dissonance mind boggling.


It's been a few years since I've been there, but John (the owner) is a great guy, and it's a great climbing gym.


Same, it's got some of the highest top rope climbs around since it's built into an aircraft hanger. Definitely a great gym.


And climbing is now an Olympic sport!


The cease and desist letters look like this. Look how delusional these people are. https://twitter.com/marcellofossell/status/1401729182619648004?s=21


Bruh. The queen of Canada sent it. Looks very official. 🤣🤣🤣


And apparently, Biden is NOT president, the us armed forced are "in control" since January 14th, and sent a message to Canadian armed forces confirming this person's authority. ..... Wat?


**Govern yourselves accordingly.** 😂


It's like free publicity for people that don't want to deal with assholes when they go work out.


I wonder if this place gets more anti-vaxx attention because the name "True North" has often been used for a bunch of edge case right wing projects. Derek Sloan's new party for one, and there's a Rebel wannabe media group that goes by the name as well.


“Critics” in this case, is a euphemism for “insane, ignorant, aggressive dickheads”


As a climbing gym, I would not want clients who do not understand the value of safety, precaution, and prevention.




Vaccinated substantially less likely to spready virus?


Thank you very much for the cyber attack! This is free advertising on business that has a vaccination polucy and that some people are jealous! Time to go support such business!!




I think it’s just a rock climbing gym though. Which is great if that’s what you’re looking for, but it would be great to have a decent sized regular gym with a vaccine policy. I’m sick and tired of seeing all these mask exempt rocket appliances walking around my gym.


Rocket appliances sound like some real future type stuff


The best time to get active was yesterday, the second best time is today. Stop using vaccine passports as an excuse for procrastinating and change your life for the better now.


John runs a really good gym. I went here alot in University and trust his team with safety as the utmost priority.


Was thinking about getting back into climbing this winter... will check this place out!


>The policy was initially announced last week after hearing of two other climbing gyms having outbreaks among their staff and clientele. Anyone know which gyms they're referring to?


Been looking for new things to do in the city after moving back in with mom and dad. Looks like a visit to true north climbing is in order.


"The policy was initially announced last week after hearing of two other climbing gyms having outbreaks among their staff and clientele. " Anyone have any info on which gyms these are?


Screw the critics. I hate militant behaviour in this city, go fly a kite with your free time … bunch of yahoo’s


This is the way


I dont think a person who’s unvaccinated is also a person who would goto a gym. Sounds to oxy-mor…. Ohhh wait nevermind.


Man, I so wish this was the case. These dumbbells have no problem learning to control their breathing while lifting 225lbs or more, but freak out and need a mask exemption because they can’t walk around the gym with a mask on while getting to their next station.


Or wipe their machines after use.


No way man there is so much pseudo science in bro health culture, like the amount of dumb shit I used to read when I was *really* into the strength part of fitness was mind boggling. People would rather take a bunch of supplements (usually wrong) than maybe.... Squat farther than a quarter down. Just so much bad info and they're all convinced that it's the scientists who are wrong. Like yes, historically food and nutrition science was tainted by money coming from lobbyist groups but we've moved into a less centralized information space and you can parse through which studies are funded by private interests pretty easily. 🙄 And that is an issue completely separate from vaccines.


But surely people who don't want to put this "new" vaccine into their bodies would never put other untested substances into their bod....nevermind


What untested substance?


Roids bro. There's a huge overlap between anti-vaxxers and roid-freaks.


You mean like Chris Sky, the anti masker who was caught drug Trafficking?


Please don’t associate him with us gym folks—bro skips leg day and that is not welcome in the gym circles I roll with.


Lol he looks so jacked up


He looks like a clown


Steroids are pretty well documented.


Now if only GoodLife would do the same, but I’m not holding my breath.


Here’s the only part that matters and why this policy is absolutely pointless: > As there is not yet a secure and reliable way to prove vaccination status, **this policy will initially be on the honour system.** All staff and customers will be required to attest to being fully vaccinated before entry. As soon as the vaccine passport system being developed by the federal government is available, we will use that to verify vaccination status. Any and all similar vaccine policies are nothing more than toothless virtue signalling until the government introduces vaccine passports.


Disagree. A lot of the more flagrant anti-vaxxers are vowing to never take their business there, which will reduce the un-vaccinated gym population.


Most climbers are regulars and we know each other, we also know each other's vaccination statuses. Our unvaccinated friends knows that if they go, we would see them, and some of us will report them. They could lie, but there is going to be a social cost to simply choosing to go.