feel like pure shit, just want Donkey Kong back

feel like pure shit, just want Donkey Kong back


Friendship ended with Cranky Kong, now Dixie is new best friend.


I never thought I’d see the day this sub lost sight of its original mission. Won’t anyone think of the starving devs at Nintendo?


this is a new era.


A Tomorrowlution of sorts


Devs starve regardless of the company doing well or not tbh


That's it. I'm doing it. I'm buying a million Celeste copies right now.


omg ☹


I prefer these kinds of nintendo jokes more.


We have become self aware


I refuse to believe my eyes


I sure won’t. Shmucks are still gonna buy the game


Where my Tinfoil users at


I wish there was a less shady title manager that could connect to Tinfoil stores. Tinfoil's developer is a massive cunt and likes to mess with Atmosphère and Hekate installs.


I would never pirate Celeste.


good. _don't._


Indie Games are another thing, there it's honorable to support the creators


so how long do you support a company until it becomes big enough that pirating from it is ok


I don't even pirate, but if it's a big company like Nintendo or EA, they are big enough in my opinion that pirating the games won't hurt them


Once they made more than their expenses.


based cranky kong


botw on pc gang


How dare you play Breath of the Wild at 4K 60 FPS! Pay $360 right now so you can enjoy an objectively inferior product!


DS games emulate amazingly on android as well, and you barely even need a controller cuz DS had the touchscreen gimmick


I played phantom hourglass and spirit tracks on my toilet. 10/10 would recommend


You could do it on the original, just not as simple


it would be really hard. Both the games already have pretty wonky controls, but trying to use a pen and a DS while being on the toilet? Nearly impossible


Who needs a piece of plastic when you have thumbs?


>while being on the toilet? ..What the hell are your hands doing while you're shitting? Hanging on for dear life?




He's busy masturbating to Celeste rule 34


Traditional button control patches: [Phantom Hourglass](https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2248/) [Spirit Tracks](https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2235/)




What's the best emulator for that?


I use DraStic, it's paid on play market but you can get it off the web if you rly want it for free. So far i played Ace Attorney, two Zelda games and Ghost Trick on it and it works great


I’d agree with you if 3DSs weren’t dirt cheap and easy as hell to homebrew


Also, Delta on iOS.


not really, a lot of ds games play like shit on the phone there is no excuse not to buy a ds lite for 20$ and an r4 card off of Craigslist or something, it's not the switch that costs 300


Good point actually, I'll think about it


You can emulate GBA and other stuff on them too, which is pretty epic.


i've been trying to set up my r4 card but the firmware is so old i can't find any that works :(


Look into YSMenu


Get a 3DS / 2DS imo. An even bigger library and surprisingly good for emulating


yeah, but the 3ds is pretty bad for ds games because the dpad is so low


playing ds and 3ds games on a phone/pc is pretty shit tbh better to get a cheap 2ds and hack it


Ace attorney and ds zeldas worked great for me actually


Wii, GameCube and 3DS also run amazing with high graphics on my 200€ phone (Huawei P40 Lite)


3ds emulation is still bad even on advanced computers


3DS emulates in Citra on Android tho


how dolphin + WiiU ROM?


Cemu + WiiU ROM. Emulates amazingly, there's even a control profile for keyboard+mouse and it plays like it was intended that way, and that's how I finished it the first time


Mind telling me where one might find a WiiU and BOTW ROM? Can never seem to find anything online that isn’t proper sketchy or nonfunctional


Well CEMU emulator is free on their website, and botw rom can be downloaded via usbhelper, i think there was a guide actually p.s. here's the complete guide, it's in russian tho; but i think you'll be alright translating the page with google https://www.reddit.com/user/JohnnyPunch/comments/byqlmo/установка_и_настройка_cemu_эмулятора_скачивание/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 there's an optimisation guide on cemu official website too p.p.s. you can also jsut google "botw on pc cemu" and follow whatever is the latest one


Is there any way to dump a rom from an actual disk using a Wii U? (There's Wii homebrew that lets you do this for Wii and GC games, but idk about Wii Us)


This guy right here, FBI.




Ok but tropical freeze is actually poggers good. I want to thank whoever made it and give them a blowie in thanks.


That was me you’re welcome


Thanks bro


You’re welcome


This but unironically


I pirate old games all the time but I don’t get why some need to shove the fact that they do in everyone’s face.


For real I'm waiting for r/dolphincirclejerk Dolphin is amazing and i use it and all but some people can't go 5 seconds without talking about their upscaling and texture packs.


My laptop can't upscale anything on dolphin 😔




If I mention that I own a Switch and buy games for it on Twitter I get 10 replies telling me “why don’t you just get a pc with dolphin and BitTorrent and pirate all those games with 4K and all controller compatibility and mods!!!”. I only pirate games I can no longer find in stores anyway and I don’t feel like spending thousands on a computer just for piracy okay.


Not all Switch games work well through emulation yet. If they did I'd pirate them in a heartbeat


>I only Pirate old pc games that became abadonware like one of my favorite old games the clue and old arcade games


i want an emulator circlejerk sub in general


i never see people doing that instead i see people freaking out that someone would commit such a heinous act


It’s a mixed bag you don’t know which side of Twitter you’re gonna get


A couple of people I know talk about pirating things all the time. I personally either support what I like by actually paying, or not play at all if I don't like something. Won't be supporting Skyward Sword HD.


I haven't done it yet, but eventually I'm gonna pirate Nintendo's old games because I'm tired of waiting for them to sell them to us on switch on a real virtual console. And part of me wants to grab a megaphone and shout in their ears "you could have made money from me but instead I'm just going to take them" so it's not really about you guys


And I don’t play my pirated games on PC either. If I pirate Wii games I’ll play them on my Wii or Wii I that I bought. N64/GameCube I’ll play on Wii through a USB. If Nintendo offered them on Switch I would gladly stop pirating them and play them on Switch.


Wonky Kong


Virgin physical copy vs chad ROM


diddy is donkey kong’s nephew smh my head


and Cranky is the original Donkey Kong


You know what, fuck the starving devs! Pirate Mario Paety 8 today people


so you want us to pirate a Chinese knock off of Mario Party


What the fuck OP?!?! Think of the starving indie devs!!! Why would you ever pirate their games!?!? You're putting them out on the streets, barely able to afford a box of McDonald's fries, while you enjoy caviar and mansions, all because you pirate games. Shame on you, OP. Mods, delete this and ban this scum.


Stole your meme but gave you epic le reddit award so its okay


equivalent exchange, pog.


How easy is it for someone with no modding experience to mod their prepatch Switch? Would be great to play Golden Sun and MMBN again


If your Switch is unpatched, it's super easy. All you need is a $5 RCM jig from eBay (you can do it with a bit of Tinfoil but I wouldn't recommend it). https://nh-server.github.io/switch-guide/


you wont get banned as long as you stay offline and block nintendos servers using emunand


Last time I checked, all Switch models before the battery upgrade are hackable, regardless of software version. That said, it seems like a lot of dangerous work with a lot of possible negative repercussions... just to play GBA games. I'd personally get an emulator going on my phone instead. And if I **really** wanted to use JoyCons that badly, one can simply get them working with your phone, through normal Bluetooth syncing.


I mean don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be against playing some of the newer games or Wii U as that’s the only generation I’ve skipped but I love the Switch’s portability more than anything and specifically the games I mention I believe were released on the Wii U with MMBN specifically fixing or making available extra content. My switch is patched up to date but it is one of pre-battery models.


>and specifically the games I mention I believe were released on the Wii U with MMBN specifically fixing or making available extra content. For the record: Those roms have been dumped and can be found online to be played on any emulator. They are not Wii U locked. >I mean don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be against playing some of the newer games or Wii U as that’s the only generation I’ve skipped but \[...\] If you're suggesting what I think you're suggesting... No, the Switch cannot run Wii U games. And very likely [never will](https://gbatemp.net/threads/is-a-wii-u-emulator-possible-for-the-nintendo-switch.527083/). As somebody that has hacked all their consoles but their Switch, I insist that your best portable option is a phone, or a hacked \[New\] 3DS (those can be hacked very safely). Unless you're completely fine with potentially getting your Switch bricked or banned, I would not risk it. Especially with you being a newbie on the subject. Modding isn't a panacea as some people would claim. And exceptionally not on the Nintendo Switch in particular. It's risky af.


I bought a second switch for that very reason but it ended up getting taken by my sister lol. I may look into a 3DS. I have an older triforce 3DS but I could also get another cell phone primarily for a few rom games. Any suggestions on either route?


Sure, I can help there. For the 3DS route, [https://3ds.guide](https://3ds.guide) is all you should need. Do not skip a single word of the tutorial. Not ONE. After you're done, the safety measures you will want to take are: * Installing some official games requires installing "tickets" so your console "owns" those games. This is normal. But do NOT then go to the eShop and hit Download on a game you haven't bought. **Instant-ban.** * Don't *install* Homebrew apps to the 3DS menu. Only use their "not installable" versions through the Homebrew Channel. (I think you can have the Health and Warning app replaced with the Homebrew Channel, so it doesn't raise any flags.) **Some Pokémon hackers got banned this way.** * Don't play eShop-only games while connected to your WiFi. Reports vary on the severity of this one but IMO the least information you give out that lets Nintendo infer you're hacked, the better. It's been a while but I think DSiMenu++ (aka DSiMenuPlusPlus) is still the best homebrew app for playing DS games. I don't remember the best GBA one, but some DuckDuckGo/Startpage/Googling won't hurt you. I'll make another reply for the phone route.


For the phone route, I don't think you would need a different phone than your everyday one. Your mind may remember otherwise but portable consoles before the Switch were really freaking small. So no matter which phone you have, your current phone-screen **will** be an improvement. That said, it definitely will be easier (and cheaper) to get setup on an Android. So that part's on you. * Citra emulator (paid) is the best for 3DS games in both iOS and Android. But there are free alternatives. * No$GBA is free for iOS and runs both NDS and GBA. Great to get started. * Android is chock-full of free options for all consoles (and a few more "free" options). Can't name just one. Go trial and error here and have fun. So all you have to do to get things going is download an emulator from your storefront, and then get a ROM into your phone (for iOS your only option for this is through the cloud). Aaaand that's it. You're done. Oh yeah, and you can usually just connect your preferred input device through bluetooth and get it going. Or getting one of those "attachable joycons for phones" that some companies sell, if that's more your thing. The sky is the limit here (at least on Android). Good luck!


\*did a sweep of what I wrote now that it's finished, and added some edits.


Switch hacking really isn’t as difficult or dangerous as people claim it to be; it’s just not explained very well because so many hacking scenes love to go all-in with the jargon. Most people who get banned do so because they tried to connect to Nintendo servers with hacked files on their Switch. This includes themes and apps. However, if you set up an emuNAND, block emuNAND from connecting to Nintendo servers via Incognito or 90DNS, and *only* use homebrew/mods/pirated games on emuNAND, you can keep your original Switch sysNAND (the one you play legit games + go online with) completely clean and Nintendo has no way of detecting it. sysNAND is the stock Switch system memory, and emuNAND is carving out a chunk of a microSD card’s memory and making it into a second Switch’s system memory. When you turn the Switch on, you decide which of these two Switches you want to boot up (based on whether you turn it on normally or inject a payload), and neither is aware of the other’s existence. It’s like having two Switches and only hacking the one you stay offline with, only those two Switches share a body.


A word of advice. The fact that it's enjoyable for us, that it's right on our expertise, and that it takes us less effort than others to do so, **does not mean it's easy**. Chances are what you wrote proved my stance for some instead of working against it. That is a lot to digest for a neophyte, and that's just **barely** the beginning of it. Truth is that unless they put in the WORK to become familiar with everything you just said, they will get their Switch bricked or banned. And frankly, I find it a bit naïve (or sadistic) to push strangers down that road when all they wanna do is play an old game that their pocket computer can run a 100 times over. Besides, the modding scene for the Switch will only get better with time. Not only it will be safer but easier. If there's no rush, I'd recommend anybody that doesn't know what they are doing to wait. *Or to get help from somebody they can make responsible of any mistakes.*


Not all V1 are hackable. The lets go pokemon version is not for example.


it’s easier than modding a 3ds.


if you want to play old games like that just get a raspberry pi that way you don't have to worry about bricking a 300 dollar system


Christ I cant believe how based this is-


I'm always based.




I don't understand your question so I just bought 3 more copies of Celeste.


Ryujin x has hit fitgirl launchers now. Im as happy as a kid with a hundred nintendo games.


Hope you have a great day!


I love paying tropical freeze for full price! That’s why the Wii U is bad because they weren’t lazy back then!


Copyright would be so much eaiser to respect if it was a reasonable 14 or 15 years instead of the current ~~lifetime~~ forever.


*cough cough* Dolphin and PJ64 *cough cough*


Support Nintendo and get a classic 10/10 game or have fun in JAIL




ya but as of right now they suck


Some of us don't want to play the games on a pc. I like switches because of their versatility. I'd rather just pirate my switch


Cranky Kong is based af


Yes, let’s break the law and face criminal consequences for *video games*! What a great idea that cannot possibly go wrong! /uj I do not condone the practice of piracy. Do not pirate games.


/uj I’d do it but I don’t want to risk a random ban. I got my switch the first weekend it was out so I can do it but I don’t want to risk doing it.