TIL Abraham Lincoln is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as an Outstanding American (not to mention his 300-1 record). He shares a spot in the hall with three other presidents, a Kentucky Derby winning jockey, the guy who started Benihana, and only one UFC champion.

TIL Abraham Lincoln is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as an Outstanding American (not to mention his 300-1 record). He shares a spot in the hall with three other presidents, a Kentucky Derby winning jockey, the guy who started Benihana, and only one UFC champion.


“I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.” -Abraham Lincoln ([possibly](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/lincoln-wrestling-hall-of-fame/))


I'm on the record saying this is possibly the gayest sentence ever uttered, but I can't fully explain why.


Because you're applying a modern day understanding of the words to something said 150+ years ago?


He didn't even say it 😂😂


Whoa had no idea , really wanted to see him do a double leg takedown


Is nobody going to point out that "the guy who started Benihana" is Rocky Aoki, father to Steve Aoki and Devon Aoki?


You know the founder of Benihana, Benihaha, Beni fucking hana https://youtu.be/MAioK8ZJhJE?t=80 NSFW


Came here to comment this!


That one loss? John Wilkes Booth.


Booth from the balcony with his Sic Semper Tyrannus move!


Weird fact the guy that killed Booth castrated himself to end temptations of prostitutes


A drastic solution, but probably effective.


I heard that in a podcast, but don’t remember which? BTB?


Between Two Bibles?


No in the UK we have a TV show called QI i highly recommend it to every Yank, QI stands for quite interesting the whole show is trying to show interesting facts


Imagine Mean Gene and Bobby the Brain calling that match


Watchout watchout watchout !!!!


Like pocket sand, it's an old wrestlers trick to shoot somone in the back of the head to gain the upper hand in a wrestling match.


Too soon


Glad to not be the only one who thought of that. I feel less evil now.


He killed vampires too in a movie


The book is actually really cool. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.


He also traveled to the future in a phone booth


AND Macho Man Randy Savage!


Randy Savage is in the WWE Hall of Game, but not the National Wrestling Hall of Fame: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy\_Savage#:\~:text=He%20was%20inducted%20into%20the,Fame%20induction%20following%20in%202015](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Savage#:~:text=He%20was%20inducted%20into%20the,Fame%20induction%20following%20in%202015).


Then the wrestling hall of Fame is bullshit Didn't think I needed a /s


His in the actual wrestling hall of fame, not pro wrestling hall of fame


He’s not, but Kurt Angle is.


That guy that started Benihana? Ya, that’s Steve Aoki (the DJ’s) dad. TMYK 🌈


In the UFC's defense, it's only been around for 28 years, barely long enough to generate a Hall of Fame career. Major League Baseball was around for 70 years before it even HAD a Hall of Fame, the NFL 43 years.


I don’t know who besides triple C is going to get in. Yoel, Dan Henderson, and DC come to mind, but the first two weren’t UFC champs. DC is a slight maybe. Askren wasnt a UFC champ but he was Bellator’s and One’s. Kamaru never made it big in wrestling. Weidman’s wrestling accolades were actually in submission grappling and weren’t HoF worthy. Dern might become a champ in the future but she has the same problem as Weiidman as she practiced BJJ. I’m sure there are many others that wrestled before I started watching MMA that deserve mention but idk who they would be. I’m not disagreeing with you, though. Just spitballing who else has come close. Besides Chael. Never lost a round.


Ugh, i saw Jim Jordan was also on that list, and i lost the will to continue scrolling.


You mean Republican Representative Jim Jordan who --at best-- sat by while wrestling coaches sexually abused wrestlers?


Thats the one, current sitting ohio representative for the republican party.


jim jordans in the wrestling hall of fame? didnt realize he was so good at it


I thought his only talent was spreading election lies and turning a blind eye to sexual assault, the more you learn i guess.


well that has nothing to do with his wrestling career does it? that would be his coaching career


... and Trump is in WWE Hall of Fame. https://www.wwe.com/superstars/donald-trump


Males sense he would be in the hall of fame for a fake over the top sport that caters to dumb poor people.


You'd be surprised to see how left-leaning WWE fans are based on studies to determine which fanbase has the most liberal fans. They may be fans of something you don't enjoy but they're hardly stupid people for enjoying entertainment that you do not.


As opposed to your smart and rich sports like MMA? Or perhaps Chess?


Yeah WWE “wrestlers” at least make a decent chunk of money, mma fighters are paid terribly. Everyone knows wwe is a soap opera and no one is convinced it’s got real outcomes. But they get paid a ton for some high level acrobatics. Can’t speak for how much chess pros make tbh.


From what I understand the top Chess pros make over a million a year but that’s chump change compared to some NFL contracts.


Chess grandmasters average $3,500/month (there are 1712 or 0.3% of the chess community). Magnus Carlsen's (the #1 player for almost a decade) net worth is around $8 million.


I didn't say the participants are dumb just the people that consume the content and that's absolutely accurate. Sorry you're so triggered by the truth. Also I couldn't give less of a fuck about those sports either so go ahead and try again.


A user naming themselves Intelligent already taints the limit of their ability. You shot yourself in the foot say one and wonder why no one cares about your opinion. Citing yourself as “absolutely accurate” source also denote lack of knowledge.


Would you mind citing your source? Marketing studies done on the industry are not completely in line with your comments. People watch this stuff for entertainment. They also watch other clearly fictional shows such as Game of Thrones. Also, most of the viewers are kids. I'm not triggered by the truth. I'm more-so triggered by your judgmental nature and subsequent presentation of stereotypes as facts.


Lol if you had studied that proved me wrong why not post them dipshit


Let me try to speak to you in a language you’ll understand. Go fuck yourself, you snarky little dumbass. You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re talking out of your ass, and use insults to push off any burden of accountability. Go away and become a better person. Cheers!


Because you're the one on the high horse with the wild claim. It doesn't matter to me in any way. Just thought you may want to appear credible at the very least if you're going to claim that 11 million people are dumb. You're making *yourself* appear "dumb" in the process.


How’s you come to that conclusion?


I didn't realize until reading that link that Trump was in the WWE Hall of Fame before becoming president. I don't follow wrestling, so I had no idea he was so involved in it, and had been for years. I mean, it makes sense, but it's funny to read their blurb about the hijinks.


“The original gorilla,” George McClellan.


new Tekken 8 feature?


Also the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers Joshua Harris


He also was prepared to duel a man with longswords. The challenger dropped out after Lincoln cleaved a tree branch like buttah'.


He should be in the hall of fame as the most corrupt, vile president too. Suspended habeas corpus and imprisoned 38,000 people for criticizing his administration, enlisted criminals from all around the world to rape, burn and plunder the south, invaded his own country (definition of treason), never freed any slaves, open racist, monopolized centralized government, created corporate welfare state and paved the way for the inhalation of 45,000 native Americans.


Smoke em if ya got em