TIFU realizing that I’ve unknowingly been training my dog to attack my sister.

TIFU realizing that I’ve unknowingly been training my dog to attack my sister.


Instructions unclear dog is now wearing pants.


Dog: I am the pants now!


Doga pants.


But is it wearing them like this? Or like this?


Underrated Comment.


I was literally shocked and appalled, for a second, until I remember I am reading reddit a global forum. Pants in Ireland are underpants and your pants are our trousers


Hahahaha so many people have commented on this and I’ve been losing it. It was a poorly worded, but in my headed I assumed if she isn’t wearing pants she’s wearing shorts. That’s how I’ve grown up at least. I’ve gotten a lot of laughs today because of that.


Unfortunately a lot of people think like this. It's similar to confirmation bias but instead of being bias of the truth you are bias of the 'opposite' being true if statement is false or vise versa. Example: "I'm not upstairs" giving no extra context many would assume if not upstairs then you are downstairs. But you can simply not be home either. Or on the roof (lol) ALL THAT SAID. I think after reading this even before the edits it's not entirely hard to understand your sister is wearing something other than pants rather than nothing at all. so shame on people .


You don't naked wrestle with your 14 year old sister?


On this episode of TIL...


... have any of yall ever heard of shorts? Why the FUCK are people assuming that he is wrestling his sister without any clothes on at all and THEN posting about it on reddit as a tifu


In part because pants has different meanings depending on where in the English-speaking world you're from, and in part because of the way OP phrased it.


Definitely partially my fault. But also I grew up using pants as a term that meant like long sleeved shorts. And shorts is short sleeved pants. For me at least. I didn’t realize so many people would think no pants means nudity. But oh well. You live and learn.




How about... Sleeveless pants?


I will forever treasure the phrase “short-sleeved pants” Thankyou for this gift.


At least you didn't use the word fanny...


I'm from the UK so not having pants to me would imply naked, but I think people should have for it from context.


No pants = no underwear, but possibly still wearing shorts or trousers. But yeah, pretty obvious from context.


You're speaking correctly. It's the British people who are wrong. They think their tiny country is correct. They say trousers instead of pants, and pants instead of panties.


because half the world beats their dick to sibling porn on the daily


I knew what he was saying. But I mean would it not be a classic TIFU moment to wrestle your sister naked? Just throwing that out there.


Hey, be fair. Wrestling with your sister without clothes on could definitely be the foundation of a TIFU. Or a porn flick, one of the two.


It could also be the foundation for an arrest warrant.


Or a TIFU porn flick.


Because 99% of redditors are pedofilic virgin predators in moms basement who HOPE that's what OP ment


You seem to be projecting my guy


This is wonderful, but please be careful I don't want Nusta to hurt your sister!


Na she’s not. Of course it would be more ideal if she didn’t. I just think it’s a funny little thing. She doesn’t go for skin. And from other times, as far as I can tell, if she does get her jaw around a forearm or shin, she won’t bite hard at all. That’s just how she’s grown up playing and our family is perfectly fine with that. I appreciate the concern tho!


Oh I know man! My dog when he starts playing with me, and only with me it seems, he will use his mouth to grab me and try to take me down cause I usually will chase him around and pin him to the ground for a second and run off for our game of tag :)


My grandpa had a golden retriever who would sort of, lovingly take your wrist into his mouth. Teeth were there, but he wasn't using them. It was part of a very affectionate greeting.


You hear stories everyday about dogs killing young kids in the family. I don't think your sister should ever be seen as a target in your dog's eyes.


As with most things though it's only the bad stories that makes the news, "dog is good boy" isn't a headline (though it should be)


I second this. The news should seriously have official eyebleach


This works even better in british english.


Y ah, be very careful, this could turn into real aggression against your sister




Or any breed of dog that has been trained to be aggressive towards his sister


...do you know how dogs work lmao


Well. For one she isn’t aggressive. She’s naturally playful. Even if she was, assuming it’s a “dangerous breed” is straight false. There’s no such thing. only dangerous because often times they’re the breed that are mistreated and then people are surprised when they lash out. Pit bulls are some of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever encountered.


So.. what breed is Ñusta? Edit: So many downvotes for a simple question, jeez.




Labradoodles are pretty smart dogs (I think). I had a goldendoodle that loved to play wrestle as well, but she always stopped immediately when I said ‘hey.’ Even a quiet ‘hey’ and she’d stop immediately. I never trained her to do that.


My old labradoodle picked up on everything, learning cues we never meant for him to learn. He also would jump up between me and my siblings when we were play fighting or wrestling to 'break up the fight'. He was still an idiot for other things though, mostly just very uncoordinated. He'd flatten you by running full speed towards you and not being able to stop on time or knock over kids by jumping up.


Labs are one of the highest on the list for breeds that bite. Their jaws/bite style don’t cause as much damage as other breeds but they aren’t safer just because they’re a labradoodle. Labradoodle is a smart breed so it can hopefully tell that you are playing but if the dog gets overly stressed one time or thinks your sister takes it too far it could actually hurt her.


Can confirm. I have a full yellow lab and I’ve had to work with him tirelessly to not bite. Like OP mentions, there’s no actual malice or aggression behind it as if he’s doing it because he perceives a threat. He thinks it’s fun. I have friends come over that are comfortable with dogs and they’ll wanna wrestle with him or grab him and put him on his back and tickle and scratch him all over and I always have to say “woah woah woah stop.” Because if he perceives that roughhousing is acceptable he’s gonna say hell ya, this is the best. CHOMP. Next thing you know he’s clamped onto their hand as they scream OW WHAT THE FUCK. And I have to pry his jaw off them say “NO.” And put him in a down command. And he then looks at me like “WTF. They consented to this.”


They’re only represented in the statistics due toprevalence. Idiot.


Ah yes, toprelavence. And I’m the idiot.


It’s pretty clear you are.


There are no dangerous dogs only dangerous owners


Wild dogs are pretty dangerous.


Obviously the owner is the biggest factor but to say that breed has no influence over a dogs tendency towards aggression is willfully ignorant.


Canis lupus familiaris. “Breeds” is a moronic idea.


Yall do realize there's an inherent difference between a pitbull and a pomeranian. The post is literally about training a dog to target someone. The difference is a putbull or similar size dog can fuck people up if is trained to, while a smaller breed simply can't. A big dog is a bigger responsibility than a small one. Yall sound dumb as fuck talking about 'dogs aren't inherently mean' on a post about trained behavior.


Pomeranian is a rat, not a dog


Hey now, I have a Toy Manchester Terrier that was bred to hunt rats. Her chase instinct is strong. Gotta go fast!


Mean behavior in dogs is always trained, or instilled by an unhealthy environment. You're asinine if you think that a friendly upbringing will make a mean dog. Big dogs are a big responsibility, I agree, and when that responsibility isn't taken seriously is when dogs become aggressive. There are plenty of pitbulls out there that wouldn't hurt a bunny


Obviously, but just read the original post. Its literally about training


You do realize pit bulls are not naturally dangerous, and you're a complete fucking tool?


Sorry. I will not do it again




Nobody else has said it yet so I will: you are a complete fucking moron.


While pit bulls do have a strong grip, any large dog can be dangerous if trained to attack someone.


Wow... the ignorance....


Or better yet, the more aggressive Chihuahua. Those things are highly over-protective.


I don't know why you're getting downvoted so much. The larger/stronger a dog is, the more dangerous it is. It really doesn't have to do with the temperament of the breed. Any dog can bite. You're just more likely to survive a bite from a small dog than a big dog. Like, I'd much rather be bit by a Chihuahua or a Cocker Spaniel than a Labrador or a Husky for example.


This didn’t come up right. I think you meant large and strong breeds of dogs are more capable of making you damage, and that presents a danger IF the dog is violent. People confuse those two concepts


Any animal can be violent, this includes humans. Doesn't matter if you raise them right or whatever. If an animal feels threatened even if it's irrational, like if you just look at it funny, it might fight.


Different breeds bite in different ways too I think that’s why pit bull bites “seem” worse. Some breed bites are snappy and others, like pit bulls and rots, will clamp down and shake and not let go with their strong ass jaw. I have Akita/Shepard mixes and they hunt birds and gophers and they will use a small bite to slam and pin their prey to the ground so the bite mark is small, but the slamming to the ground is what causes most of the damage. Sounds vicious but they are sweet little angel babies lol.


Because a pit bull isn’t a dangerous breed and there are continuing a false stereotype


There's no "dangerous breeds" only "dumbass owners that teach them to be that way". I owned 4 pitties in my life. None of them would hurt anyone. My last female pittie played with my 5 year old nephew. He tugged her ears and her tail and she didn't do shit. The worst injury he sustained was holding her tail during zoomies and getting rug burn on his bare feet. We called it dog surfing. Became a regular sport around my sisters house for a bit until she passed from unknown reasons. Edit: dog passed, not sister. Just to clarify.




What are you talking about, nursery dogs. They were originally bred for dog fighting and stuff like that. Edit: learn some history ya fucking morons http://love-a-bull.org/resources/the-history-of-pit-bulls/


It says "Nanny Dog" in that article, not what they were bred for, but known as. Y'all are both not wrong.


The guy who said they were *originally* bred as nursery dogs wasn't wrong? How?


Ok smooth brain


Show me where it says they were bred to be a "nursery dog".


[You are a literal troglodyte.](https://lmgtfy.app/?q=nursery+dogs+throughout+history)


They were bred to be a fighting dog.


That's what I said


You are obviously a dog expert.


Not knowing the native language of OP, I'll guess it's Spanish and inform the rest of you: "ya" means something like "already" in Spanish, so it makes sense that the dog stops when the dog hears "ya." The coolest use of this that I ever heard was on political posters that said "Ya basta," which means "enough already" in Spanish while also looking to the English speaker like it might mean "you bastard." Politicians should be used to hearing "you bastard"!


>I like to wrestle with my sister when she's not wearing pants. Roll tide!


And you intend to undo that conditioning as well as you can, right?


No way! OP has been on a winning streak ever since.


The dog doesn't actually hurt the sister. Otherwise they would have stopped him from taking part long ago, not encouraged him


My first wife thought it would be funny to peel the duvet off one day whilst our Jack Russel was on the bed and commanded it to attack my knob. Once she figured out it was good fun she would do it constantly. Very annoying.


For English speakers pants are what you wear under trousers. So much funnier reading this if you’re not American lol.


Bruh in our place trousers are shorts probably misinterpreted colonial language


Where are you from? I’m guessing ‘shorts’ comes from the Victorian fashion for ‘short trousers’ that only little boys wore.


India bro but idk if the entire India interprets it this way since it is a big and diverse country also did you know that the word mulligatawny soup came from Tamil and is a wild misrepresentation since mulligatawny would mean pepper water and probably no meat at all like the mulligatawny recipes in the internet


No way!! I always thought mulligatawny was Scottish! Every day’s a school day :)


The recipes is Scottish the name's ours I guess . I've never heard of mulligatawny we don't use it as a word but milagu is pepper and thani is water a recipe that uses pepper and water is rasam it's a soup for rice and some people drink it ( not intended use)


Trust me it's hilarious as an American as well


>And if she’s not wearing pants she’ll jump up and grab her shirt Why are you pantless wrestling your sister? Lol


Umm did you ever hear about shorts?? lmao


Hahahaha this is what I meant. It was poorly worded tho. I was writing this in the rain.


It's just awkwardly worded.


No it isn't.


I smiled when I read that, but I assumed, shorts, a skirt or a dress. Sheesh peeps.


Yeah, that's what any normal person would assume.


You're very confident that is what was meant, but you are not the OP...


You're right but i can't comprehend the idea of being and older brother who wrestles naked with his younger sis, can you?


Wait a second I think I have seen this video before...


If u haven't ill send u a link lmfao


No, which is why it's messed up and funny


Someone has never heard of PH.


Like PH level? I have to test the facility pool at my work every day 😁


This stood out to me as well. Maybe we are the ones with the problem?


Correct. Your dialect uses pants to mean panties instead of pantaloons.


Pantless to me means you are in your skivvies.


Let my boi Billy here teach you a little lesson https://youtu.be/4sUEaATniCo


When I's growin' up youds be lucky to even have a dog, let alone a sister and pants. Now everyone's a f*cking expert. Must be nice.


Oughta leave this world behind


At least Nusta only goes for clothing, which means she still knows not to do any actual damage.


A lot of comments here about “aggression”. Nothing you’ve said makes me think your dog is aggressive is anyway. Yes it probably wasn’t the best thing to do in hindsight, and this could cause your dog to injure your sister by accident, but it’s very clear to me it’s playful. With dogs it is a very clear, but to some people not so obvious, line between aggression and play. This is most certainly playing and won’t develop into aggression. I’d recommend trying training her to not do this though!


I also agree the dog sees this as playing. Only thing is the pack hierarchy may be at stake and it is not good for any dog to come to the conclusion it is above any human in the family. It obviously sees the 19M as the alpha, but it needs to know it’s place to keep all humans safe. There may be a time in the future the dog is suffering an ailment and a toddler comes along that pokes it’s eyes (of course owners should prevent a toddler annoying a pet). We don’t want that dog getting mixed messages.


Ummm, yeah, you might want to start correcting that, pronto.


I don’t see why I should. This isn’t my college writing class. This is Reddit. I don’t care to get your A. I wrote this on a whim. Sorry I’m not Shakespeare.


I was talking about correcting the dog's behavior. If it's a naturally aggressive breed, this stunt could actually spell danger for your sister someday. But if it's a non-aggressive breed, then it's a funny story.


We have a labradoodle. And I’ve only ever said that phrase while playing. Our dog heard this and probably thought we were playing. Not to say I’m now going to abuse this at every second. But it’s really not a cause for concern. Our dog has never acted out or lashed out on any one in our family or to strangers. She knows when it’s time to play.


Thank you for the clarification.


Shit my bad I thought this was a different comment lmao.


What kind of dog is it? If it's a chihuahua, then it's pretty funny. But if it's a pit bull or a German shepherd, your sister may die one day.


I'm a little shocked that you claim your "grave error" as being possibly inadvertently implying that your sister does not wear pants, when TLDR reads that you trained your dog to attack her on command. It literally frightens me that the dog will seek her out no matter where she is in the house when you shout your command. I hope your sister doesn't get seriously hurt someday.


While it is a mess up on OP’s side, really it’s seems like the dog is harmless and playful. Ik my vizsla loves to get a little mouthy and jump on us however she is the most friendly dog ik. And it seems like these incidents are more or less specific when he gives a command so it might be actually controlled to when he says the phrase, but that is just conjecture.


OP clarified some things with me, and it's all in fun. Good stuff!


Practice fights are something dogs do inside their group and they know the difference between play and fight. They also are quite good with picking up specific rules. So I wouldn't be afraid or anything. Especially if the dog does what he can to target clothing only. If he start to grab hands or feets you can teach him that it's outside the rules. If you have more dogs you will notice they will learn that one from another and even scold younger ones if it's too much.


This would be amazing if I could do it with my cat and sister


It is always fun until it hurts. My uncle had a Little Jack russel Terrier who liked to Play-Bite. For those who doesnt Know the Breed: it is designed for hunting and they have really sharp little teeth. I told him he need to train his dog so nobody gets hurt. U can Imagine what he didnt do. It was ok until he „Play-bite“ a younger kid in the fricking Face. The Boy almost lost his nose because of an infection from the dogs Saliva. He will live with a massive Scar and with dead nerves around the left site of his Face. This behavior from the dog is dangerous and Need to be trained. U shouldnt have a dog if u are too stupid to Understand this simple Thing.


Why are you wrestling your sister when she's not wearing pants?!?


I had terrible wording. I’ll edit it rn but I meant when she’s wearing shorts instead of long pants.


Your sister needs to feed and take care of nusta until he learns she isnt the enemy. Lotsa hugs and love needed


Well, don't bust Nusta on your sis when you're doing pantless wrestling then.


I did this by mistake with my dogs against my cats, by name. It got kinda funny after a while, mostly because the dogs don't really bite. Took a video of one instance https://youtu.be/CKEfb1SWdm8


I think I busta nusta...


TLDR: A guy's sister (Step I hope?) loves and enjoys being dominated by him and their dog. They have a safe word and even the dog respects it.




I'm sorry... what?!


Casually accusing someone of being a murderer/rapist in the future.. Think before you post man


omg I can’t stop laughing


Omg! We did this with our dobermans! Except on my brother. Damn good dogs, they were protective and a lot of fun


Lol, the problem is with your wording bro. When you use charged language like "attack" people are going to make assumptions.


Many years ago I inherited a dog who needed a home. She turned out to be The Best Dog in the Multiverse. Highly trainable. We used to go to retirement homes, convalescent homes and, with a group of other people and their trick-trained dogs, we would entertain the oldies. I taught my dog a cool trick. The audience always loved it. When I would say "Burglar!" my 22-lb dog would grab my pant leg, near my ankle, and "ferociously" shake it back and forth, like she was attacking me. It was pretty funny.


Yeah..no. have fun traumatizing your little sister, you dick.


Oh yeah. She’s so traumatized dude. It’s not like she’s laughing while we’re playing. I’m so glad you know about my family. What could I do without you? You should run for president or sum.


Bruh, if you don't want to be judged, don't post your about your crazy fucking dog on Reddit


You know it’s crazy how? I literally said it’s playing. It’s not aggressive at all. My sister has never felt attacked. On command our dog will stop to. A simple “ya” will command her to stop doing anything. I don’t care that you expressed concern, I’ve been clarifying it and people have understood. But you don’t have to be a dick about it when you don’t know jack shit about my sister and my dog.


Your dog sees himself as the alpha. Your sister needs to dominate the dog to reestablish the pecking order. It's the way dogs socialize.


One day his sister is going to have enough of doggy biting her and take things into a more dark and sinister path.


Did you ever consider using paragraphs in that fucking wall of text? Like ever?


What does it matter. Just typed it up quickly and I don’t care. If you’re bothered about that I’m sorry bud :/


Don't be sorry, fuck that guy.


>Like ever? You can't even use complete sentences.


Read the comments. I just thought it was a funny story too.