I (6'7") got into woodworking because I needed bigger everything.

I (6'7") got into woodworking because I needed bigger everything.


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I'm glad I'm not the only one. My bed frame, desks, and two of my tables I made myself to accommodate my... Largeness


I just finished my desk as well. Nothing like being able to fit my knees comfortably under my work space! I sat at it for the first time and felt like a king 😆


You could also try a standing desk with a drafting stool. I built my desk ridiculously high without thinking about it and the only chair I can use at it is a drafting chair/stool.


You know even more than the legroom was the elbow resting comfortably factor. Now that I think about it, that played a bigger role than anything.


GAH! I'm having issues with this right now lol. I took some measurements from the ground - and my elbow hangs like 28" from the ground. ERGO recommendations say your elbow should be at a 90 or greater.... which gives me like 3" from seat to tabletop LOL. Going to have to find the tradeoff.


I'm your height and never really had a problem with that. Had IKEA desks most of my life and those are fine. But I can imagine other brands being more difficult perhaps.


There's also a pretty big variety in torso length vs leg length in tall people, so your experience may be very different from another person the same height.


I like to sit kind of low and spread (gamer chair), so it raises my knee height. I bump up against normal height desks


I'm only 6'4" but I made my bed frame so the box spring sits about 20" off the floor. When I sit on the mattress my feet don't touch the floor, and I always think that this is how shorter people feel.


I remember when I sat a very high bus stop bench and my feet did not touch the floor, I felt like I was 10 years old again dangling my legs.


I, too, have contemplated this very thing. Taller tables, taller couches, taller chairs. I need it all.


Depending on your couch you can buy replacement legs that are taller and just screw in off Amazon. Great use of $30!


Just get a lower floor.


It was easier and cheaper to just make everything myself. Plus then I got to customize my stuff.


It's a good hobby to have if you have the space to do it. You can make solid wood furniture relatively inexpensively, and make it as plain or pretty as you like. My mom's favorite piece of furniture is the solid oak printer table finished with spar varnish that I made for her.


I suggested remodeling the bathroom to my wife, just so I could raise the shower head and get a taller toilet. Best. Decision. Ever.


I'm fine with our normal height toilet because it's just like having a squatty potty 😆 The taller shower head is clutch, though. My wife is 5'9" so we just got a hose shower head with two mounts, one for me one for her. Cheaper than a whole new system. When I lived alone though, I had a totally custom shower set up...I miss it sometimes


Same! I don't build good looking stuff, but now all my workbenches are 1.2m high and I don't have to bend over.


It's a game changer.


Yeah, and it's not just ergonomics! I needed a TV stand and when I looked at how much they cost I was amazed - £100, £200 for essentially cardboard. Ended up building one to my exact requirements for £50 in a couple of hours. Fits my 19" rack mount hifi gear and has a nice big slide out drawer for a metal storage box I found in a bin.


I'm also 6-8. I worked in a fabrication shop for years, with the main workbenches way too low for me. We had a 2' x 4' electric lift table that used as a work surface whenever I could, up as high as I wanted it.


This would feel like Jack from the beanstalk walking into the giants house.


Sweet! At 6'7" most things are *ok* furniture-wise, but especially in kitchens you sometimes really notice that it's not ideal. And beds of course, but I store-bought an extra long one.


Having the prep table be actually elbow height for me has been genuinely life changing. Although now I have to do the cutting for my 5'9" wife


In my last house, I raised my kitchen island up to a comfortable height, and it was amazing! The realtor told us to put it back down before we sold the house, though :P


That's one of the reasons I made this standalone...I've taken it from apartment to house to house 😊


When my grandfather built his house he built it all 6’’ taller. Most comfortable house for me to be in. Unfortunately my grandmother is a smaller Columbian woman so the counters are about to her chest.


There's a whole level of cabinetry that is inaccessible to my wife (5'9")


same with my boyfriend. i feel for him, but if i'm the one cooking, i need a tall kitchen


I'm also a qualified carpenter, I love the writing table I made for myself


Isn't it liberating to be able to create your own furniture? Suck it, industry standards!


Wish I had the money for a workshop, instead I'm off to school again to learn mechatronics, pays better than carpentry


I like your shirt




Thats actually rly good idea. I got into sewing cuz my pants are never long enough lol


I get all my suits/dress shirts from [Indochino](https://www.indochino.com/) because off the rack just wasn't an option. It's cheaper than buying and getting alterations, plus I get to customize everything.


Oh and my MIL is a professional seamstress so she makes all my pajama pants because 37" inseam


This could also be an amazing business idea


I mean, I *am* a [professional woodworker](https://instagram.com/knifexmallet) so 🤷 This is just (some of the) stuff I've built to accommodate my own life


I'm surprised you only did 4" taller. I'm 6'1" and I find kitchen surfaces are too short for my liking, I can't imagine being 6'7", I'd expect you'd want to raise everything by a foot.


For me it was more about leverage mechanics- your elbow needs to be above the cutting surface. So it's not a straight __ inches taller. My wife is 5'9" and the prep table eliminated her leverage for cutting 🤷‍♂️


There's a movement in this sub & I approve: https://old.reddit.com/r/tall/comments/p4mvu8/raised_cutting_board_prototype_useful/


Nothing worse than going to someone’s house for dinner and having so sit with your feet under your chair bc their table is too low


I've table hopped at restaurants before to find the table that doesn't have a support brace that sits where my knees or hips want to be.


I forgot about those things. I hate them


This is a smart solution, even that I'm a ~regular height person~ I live in a painfully low house and everything is giving me back pains 🙃


Just today I was lamenting how short all my furniture is cause I suffered pain in my back while making lunch.


I learned how to sew! But woodworking would also be a help…


Whoever buys my house after me will be removing the workbench I built into my shed.


Just made a seven foot bed today, all I've to to do now is get a upholsterer to knock up a matress extension block and I'm set. Good luck on your journey.


That sounds amazing


Sleep report incoming I have my spare duvet stuffed in the extra space right now so more diagonals for me baby!!


I did kitchen remodels one summer and we did one set of cabinets with above standard height (I think 38" instead of 36") and it was lovely. I can only imagine how hard it is for taller folk.


There's an urban legend about Kareem Abdul Jabbar building a hotel for tall people where everything was 4-6" above standard.


I see DeWalt, I upvote


I can't wait to.find a tall husband, who understand and is able to remove the shower head and place it higher. Or know how to build things to accommodate our tallness..lol.


My bedframe is... nonexistent cause I sleep on the floor. But since I'm also a broke bitch I can't afford a bigger one or to make one 😭


Bigger everything. Really?... wow i like your honestly. Me personally, I'm packin heat.


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