Do I look my height (191cm)? Or shorter/taller? Idk I think I have weird proportions

Do I look my height (191cm)? Or shorter/taller? Idk I think I have weird proportions


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I think you could reach like 193 cm but Is difficult to say, I am sorry for your parents.


Thank you bud, yeah I truly wished they were here for me, it was a kidnapping and my uncle who is now my care taker said there were beheaded and thrown near our house God damn it man I wish it would have just ended right there


You’re really strong to be able to handle that so props. Keep fighting bud!


I’ve gotten used to it over the years, but still it feels like a void when I find myself alone for hours without nobody, anyways thank you for your reply and best regards


193 cm is 75.98 inches


Unfortunately, your post was removed as it was centred around a forbidden question. Questions similar to "how tall will I be?" are not allowed. This includes anything asking for advice about how to grow taller, questions involving genetics ("my parents are tall, will I be?") Am I tall? etc.


I don’t know man, the fact that you’re standing alone on a mountain kind of makes it hard to scale you against anything. But your head is somewhat large, which makes you look more normally proportioned. You could easily go for someone who’s 180cm in this pic.


U look shorter to me.


I agree, btw with this boots I was also like 194.5 cm. In some pics however I look super lanky and tall af haha


I don’t think you have weird proportions but from this particular photo it’s tough to tell your height because of the lack of an everyday environment we can infer your height from.


Definitely don’t look your height. Interesting.


What height do I look in your opinion? Btw in this boots I was in the 194 cm range.


In this photo, maybe 5’ 9” or 10”


Dude where are you its beautiful


Italy, Dolomites


You look amazing and the view does too. Be proud of yourself


I think the environment is throwing the perception off. I don’t think you look super tall but your limbs and torso look pretty long


U look high ;)