Daniel Ricciardo Wins The 2021 Italian GP

Daniel Ricciardo Wins The 2021 Italian GP


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never left, just moved to the side for a bit.


Get in Danny Ric! Well deserved! 🇦🇺


So so happy for this guy.


Shoey babyyy


First season of F1 I’ve watched since the days of Jordan back in the late 90s. Man what a season to come back to it. Every race has been a total rollercoaster. Delighted for Danny Ric, helluva guy, helluva race.


Did they make him point his hands like that to show off that Richard Mille 😂


I'm on season two of F1: Drive to Survive (Netflix), and Ricardo has just gone from Red Bull to Renault. This show is getting me into F1 after watching maybe 2 races in my entire life previous to this. With 8 more races this season, I hope to binge the rest of the Netflix series in time for the final few races, and headlines like these have me excited. Ricardo is with McLaren now?! Verstappen collided with Hamilton?? I can't bring myself to check the recent history of Force India or Haas, but I have low hopes :(


Force India is Aston Martin now


The show got me into F1 too. Don’t get to see many live events but I follow it now.


Love this dude from the Netflix show. Didn’t know he was a real driver.