When someone insists that 'AVAILABILITY IS THE BEST ABILITY!'

When someone insists that 'AVAILABILITY IS THE BEST ABILITY!'

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I legit had someone say to me that he has less value than Porzingus if he continues getting hurt


Oh boy I remember that argument. WHOS BETTER EMBIID OR PORZINGIS?!?! NEXT ON FIRST TAKE!


Joel could literally only play 40 games a yr and be much more valuable than KP lmao


They have to be trolling because Porzingis is just as, if not more, injury prone as Joel


Tingus Pingus is way more injury prone than Joel.


He was promising like 2 years ago, but he's not delivered anything since then. No hate towards him, but he needs to both get healthier and improve A LOT to be mentioned in the same sentence even


Fan of Embiid and Porzingis no way a fully healthy Kristaps beats a fully healthy Joel so that person had to be trolling


I would take Joel on one knee over kristaps


Any man with one knee can beat a man with no heart.


Such a bold take by you


I think this has GIF has promise- use it wisely, friends!


I remember this happening in game. Just before this, he’s standing there after the foul from Capella, and my wife saying something like, “he looks like he just smelled a fart.” And then this gif happened and I agreed. I think someone left a shit ghost on the floor before walking off.


Dude fax my dad was like they’re gonna blow this lead and this happened at the perfect timing lmao


Love me some rights to Ricky Sanchez!


Saw this when it happened - anyone know what he was in disbelief about?


Getting the Rookie in to """""guard"""" him lel


Someone else in this thread mentioned it and I agree. Someone ripped ass on court. Embiid has a slight smile when the gas is passed. Then a second or two where he knows he smells it and is scared at the sheer velocity this gas is hitting him in the face before he just loses it at how rancid it is. He then pantomimes that the smell is so bad that he can taste it.


I thought Gallinari pooped himself because a second after this reaction from Jo, he was on the sideline and a trainer was spraying something on his leg


Looks like he’s reacting to somebody farting. Now that I think about it, I wonder how many players have chosen the strategy of ripping ass and crop dusting the player shooting the foul in hopes that it messes with their aim.


I've been available for the last 20 years. Why am I not the NBA MVP? I have the 'best' ability, but I also suck at basketball.


I love Jokic, he is awesome to watch. It was insane how Nuggets fans would literally say "well if Joel didn't miss so many games it would be a lot closer" like no, it's close with him missing games, if he didn't get hurt it wouldn't even be close this year lmao


lets not act like availability isn't jos achilles heel, missed games cost him an mvp and the rookie of the year award


Yeah, I think I’d rather just win...


Is there a way to download this gif? I can only save the Reddit post itself it seems?


Hope this helps, amigo: https://media.giphy.com/media/3uFs1gYQBK4XY4zgmg/giphy.gif


Idk what he's laughing about but I'm laughing with him lmao