Atlanta crowd cheered when they thought Joel was injured.

Atlanta crowd cheered when they thought Joel was injured.


And no mention of it from the broadcast team. Awful all around


You don’t remember when Atlanta fans threw grease balls at the tooth fairy in 1947? I’m surprised it doesn’t come up every damn time I see a national broadcast from Atlanta. /s


They threw Italians?


Only the meatballs


Why you make the fun of Luigi? He brought you kids pizza for your school dance


I’m Italian but that was so long ago who cares!!? They could have thrown my gpappy and I would be honored.


Surprised the broadcast team didn’t say “oh, Philly players should be used to this” like they did when Braves fans were throwing shit on the field against us a couple months ago.


The day I realized Joe Buck > Matty V


ESPN ruined that man. He used to be my favorite announcer in sports. It’s really sad to see.


Same, I used to like him going back to when I started playing mlb the show. ESPN ruins everything


Just giving a shout to the wonderful world of delco


Murdur Durdur


One of the worst broadcasts I’ve heard in my life


I miss Alaa and Zu, man. They are pretty damn fair and they would have absolutely called out the fans on the broadcast if our fans had done something like that. You don’t want anyone to get hurt - it’s a goddamn competition. You want your best up against their best to secure a win, otherwise…did you really beat them? I was so mad to hear them cheer. That’s just messed up.


I've been listening to Tom McGinnis since Zumoff signed off. I don't regret that decision.


Where can I listen to Tom


I mute the TV and turn on my radio app. Haha.


Great Idea... National broadcast for the visual quality. Audio for the truth!


Marc and Alaa are probably my favorite caster duo across anything, it sucks so much that they can't do any games after the first round


And they actually tell you what the fuck is going on. Who was that foul against? How many fouls do they have? These are things I would like to know, they were busy circle jerking about everything but the game. Thankfully, I was able to mute it, and sync the radio broadcast. I forget his name, but he’s great. We are spoiled by great broadcasters in Philly. Fuck Adam Silver though!!! Why is the first round the arbitrary cutoff for local broadcasts? And fuck Comcast for letting him DadDick them into giving up their broadcasting rights.


The guy on 97.5? I can’t remember his name but he’s great! I’m gonna try to sync the next game. I would legit give Zumoff and Alaa like $20 each to hook them up to a podcast to do their thing but I’m guessing that’s verboten in their contracts lol If they did a free thing I could donate to I absolutely fucking would.


Absolutely, at one point Hubie audibly sighed when Kork drilled a 3.


This was the first time I really noticed it: https://www.nba.com/stats/events/?GameEventID=161&GameID=0042000203&Season=2020-21&flag=1&title=MISS%20Milton%203PT%20Jump%20Shot&sct=plot I thought home broadcasts ended after Round 1 😤


Idk Hubie does that all the time on both sides. Its just reaction to good/bad plays. Guys are taking it way too serious.


That’s absolutely atrocious


He sighed at how bad Atlanta's rotations were, I don't think it was a bias he just appreciates good basketball


The corpse of Hubie


Dude died in 1993, and he’s just a computer version of his former self


Matisse too


Terribly biased people. They should be ashamed of themselves.


I prefer the old man over most of them on ESPN though


Did you expect Hubie “DAE Trae Young God” Brown to acknowledge that?


I wonder if there's a Turner/Atlanta thing happening. I like Young, but this is ridiculous.


It ain’t that deep


You're probably right


What. ESPN broadcast this game….. These deep state conspiracy theories in this sub are pretty embarrassing sometimes.


Shit. This is what I get for using an... not legal stream


Actually they mentioned multiple times how good the fans were. Typical


Hubie is damn old now, he gets a pass.


This makes me so glad I watched the game somewhere that played great music and just had the game on CC. (POPE if anyone wants to know. They played Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Billy Eilish, New York Dolls, PJ Harvey, Archers of Loaf... An excellent mix.)


That sounds absolutely terrible. Even if the commentary is bad, in a *playoff game* I’d rather listen to what’s happening on the court and with the crowd 100 times out of 100.


I can watch what is happening on the court is the thing.


You just don’t get it man. No one cares what songs you were listening to. No one wants captions all over the screen. No one wants to not hear the whistles, not hear the sound of the floor screeching when players cut, not hear the moments when a player’s trash talk or arguing is audible. Except for really casual or fair weather fans. Not in the playoffs, that’s for damn sure.


Sorry but I just realized I should've said this earlier: fuck you weirdo gatekeeping piece of shit. Let people watch how they want to and suck your own dick on your own time. You aren't a better fan because you like to listen to shitty commentary. Fuck you. There isn't a good reason to be an asshole even if I were a fair weather fan so fuck you and on behalf of fair weather fans, which I'm not but I welcome, fuck you again. In conclusion fuck you


I say your wrong and you are wrong and that’s 2:1 and also I agree with him which means 2:1 again which means you are completely wrong and you are


I'm not sure what you're saying but I still feel that I trust you more than the previous weirdo.


Scoop da blip de bop, bop bop, yeme toscato


I love your sense of rhythm.


Good job defending yourself man. Don’t take shit from anyone for watching something else than the godawful biased commentary.


I'm a pretty serious fan. We don't even get to hear the trash talk. And without Mark and Alaa I don't care too much to hear the weak ass commentators. I agree nobody cares what songs were playing where I was listening. I guess I just said that because I had a good evening and am kinda drunk.


Bizarre hill to die on


What a weird thing to comment lol


I can’t wait to back door sweep these clowns just for that alone.


Toronto fans did the same thing when Durant went down with that Achilles injury. People are pieces of shit.


You'd think they'd realize by now that Joel could lose a leg and still dominate this pussy ass team


That’s a sign of sad and desperate fans. Atlanta is pathetic.


That’s ok. When the Hawks are dogshit again, they can play in front of a couple thousand fans, and it won’t be like that because of a pandemic.


Again...? Remind me who they have other than Trae Young that makes them not dog shit?


Capella and bogi are decent role player but hawks never had a chance. Our best player is much better then there best player. Our second best player is much better then there second best player. Our third best player is much better then their third best player. And it keeps going down the line.


We have three of the four best players in this series. Embiid Young Simmons Tobias Harris


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Good bot.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


That classless shit just made Embids alley oop dunk that much sweeter. Also...fuck Atlanta


At least they're not doing a racist chant like their baseball fans....


Don’t you know anything about the south? It’s okay because native Americans are not white.


I want to gloat, but I'm not going to pretend the north has a perfect track record.


True, Boston and South Philly exists


I don't want to tell you what my Port Richmond relatives said after my mom got a DNA test....


Did she find out she’s 100 percent that bitch?


If I’ve learned anything in the past 6 years, it’s that the South is hardly the monopoly of racism it’s made out to be.


I've lived in the South. Just stop. Yea, there's shitty people there, just like there's shitty people everywhere.


What? Bruh thats not cool, thats so not cool. Wheres the damn cancel culture when you need them for once.


Their sub is trash right now There are some good people there though, I will admit - but a lot are talking serious shit. Just gross


they make me sick. corny ass city. FUCKEM UP 6ers!!!!!!


Alright bro, I can't read stuff like this. Clown our fanbase, sure. But not our city. I highly advise you to take a trip down to Atlanta, and see all the good we have to offer. People are trash, and they don't represent an entire fan base. After our first game win, we had sixers fans saying racial slurs in our live chat, but we don't believe everyone in Philly is racist. Calm down man.




Man... I live just outside of Atlanta and have for 25 years. It ain't that great.


Perspective. ATL is a city vibrant with culture, opportunity, and something to do every weekend. There’s a reason people call it the black Hollywood.


It is perspective. But there is nothing that makes your perspective any more or less valid than mine. All the things you said are not wrong. But those same things can be said about many, many other major metropolitan areas across the country.




You'd think they'd learn after the Falcons and Bulldogs both losing championship games by blowing leads. They started celebrating after 1 win


I used to be a Falcons fan before I stopped watching football (loved their uniforms) but Atlanta sports fans are a special type of shitty. I've seen a countless number of Katrina jokes directed at Saints fans while also seeing the Falcons stadium half empty every single game. Atlanta fans have suffered mightily but they're not especially sympathetic. Nobody's ever like "the city of Atlanta needs this win!"




They’ve done it twice now. Scumbags.


Buncha herbs


Garbage fanbase This’ll make the last two games of the series more fun to watch though


Makes victory even better


Fuck them


Aside from the thread I just wana say I love your name haha


Thank you haha


I agree with the gentleman or lady above


Or food or floof above




Loose pussy energy for sure




Atlanta with that prolapsed anus energy. No amount of Magic can save that city


and then Embiid destroys the rim with a monster dunk GO HOME HAWKS FANS


They cheered twice! Fuck them


only good thing to come out of atl are outkast


I mean MLK was pretty good


There's also Killer Mike. So basically RTJ.


i swear they showed killer mike wearing a sixers hat in the first quarter


Was that the dude in a black shirt?


he had on a white polo t-shirt. almost positive killler mike is a hawks fan though so it wouldn’t make much sense


Yeah I checked his Twitter. He's a Hawks fan. He even owns a barbershop in ATL.




Larry Jones was okay.


wings are alright too ig


Donald Glover?


Or Future. Migos. Young Thug. lil Baby, Gucci Mane, TI lmao. Or Dwight Howard.


We really gonna talk about ATL music without mentioning da God JEEZY? The disrespect man


Jeezy is so corny tho.


Half the people you mentioned aren't talented, just successful. I get you're probably in the generation that likes those artists, but I just don't. Out of that list I respect only: Lil Baby, Gucci (barely), T.I, and Dwight. Future, Migos, Young Thug are all very untalented artists who have gotten famous because of their producers.


I highly disagree but if you don’t like those guys you don’t like them. I will say Future is one of the most diverse and influential rappers of the last decade, and an excellent producer who learned music production from the Dungeon Family. And Young Thug is a brilliant, trend-setting producer, and he’s also the only reason Lil Baby started rapping. If you listen to the most popular music from each year you’ll notice Thugger’s sound becomes popular among other rappers after he introduces it. So it’s cool if you don’t fw them but they are uber talented artists who were crucial in their own success.


The actor or musician... I like his shows and acting but his music is pretty overrated. But he is a dope TV producer and actor.


Childish Gambino's album "Camp" is still one of my favorite rap albums ever. His newer shit is hit or miss for me, but even the stuff I don't personally like, I can admit is good quality. I don't agree he's overrated, I think the talent is there... You just might not enjoy it yourself. Also beyond acting, he's an incredible writer for shows (Like 30 Rock) and stand up comedian. Dude is beyond talented in pretty much every facet of show business.


Aight we gotta dig up Sherman from the grave


As somebody who lives in Atlanta I approve this message fully


Fuck that network. I hate hearing their voices.


I just turn on music and mute the broadcast, was much more enjoyable


I’ve been muting every national broadcast my teams have been in since the Birds won the Super Bowl


Yep, we just mute the TV and turn up Merrill.


They know their ass team only have a chance if Embiid is unable to play.


Even then we dont become underdogs. Its kinda even when embiid doesnt play




They beat randle and now they think they can beat the beasts of the east. Oh and julius randle disappeared in the playoffs


you dont want to go into sub. trust me.


Garbage city with garbage fans


it’s almost as if every city has some asshole fans.


twice. when he came up after the rebound he stepped on someone’s foot and when he went down over capela. this would be the headline on ESPN and every other sports outlet tomorrow morning had the shoe been on the other foot.


They did it twice too low key… classless fans


Whenever this happens to any Philly team, the counter-argument is always "Well, at least we didn't do ***insert any Philly fan incident***". Every fanbase, in any form of entertainmemt, has bad apples. Like seriously, how many fans have been LITERALLY STABBED out at LA/Oakland sporting events? But yet, we get singled out because of some lame-ass narrative that the lazy, national media LOVES to latch on to. Whatever. Sixers in 5.


Fuck em Sixers in 5.


Fucking clowns. The main stream media made them believe they had a chance 😂🥱


disrespect and respect. they must feel like the guys so good their teams only chance to win is if he's out the picture


It's so goddamn classless to cheer when a player gets injured, or might be injured, bar fucking none. Don't give a shit where it is. Boston, Memphis, Atlanta, Oakland, Philadelphia. GTFO of here with that shit.


Atlanta sports is just garbage. I’d be salty too if I had to root for the Hawks Falcons and Braves


They are so fucking mad about embiid, it's hilarious. But don't post there yall. Stalk it, whatever, but there is no point in actually commenting. No team likes it when people invade their sub. But yeh they are sad asf cant wait to beat them. Really ironic how hard they are hating on embiid considering how dominant he is vs them. Like how do they think this is gonna turn out for them?


Half of the "fans" decided to be fans this year


According to r/NBA it didn’t happen.


You can barely hear the cheering in the audio in the post they allowed on there… but I swear I heard it clear as day on the live broadcast


Yup. It’s really pathetic. Listening to the fans and announcers, I would’ve thought Atlanta won. I miss Zu and Alaa. Cant wait to rip through these boys.


Let’s be honest, the obvious one we’re going to compare it to, was way more egregious than tonight. Tonight was a quick smattering of cheers that got drowned out quickly. Not raucous cheers from the whole arena. Cheers repeated again after the guy was laid out on the field for several minutes and they brought out the stretcher.


yeah I mean you can barely hear it on the broadcast. I didn't notice it live and it's still hard to notice in the clip


Let’s be real though, Michael Irvin was (and is) a dogshit human being who stabbed a teammate in the neck with a pair of scissors because he couldn’t wait 5 mins for a haircut. Maybe controversial, but as far as I’m concerned when you proudly demonstrate to the entire world that you’re that level of complete and total scumbag, with absolutely no regard for anyone but yourself, you lose most of the common courtesies that are afforded to normal, non-murderous, human beings, such as fans not cheering when you get hurt. If Embiid was stabbing teammates in the neck in the locker room I think it would be a bit more difficult to blame Hawks fans.


And they all whined that Embiid didn’t get ejected last game cause they’d rather win a Mickey Mouse game than actually be the better team. Major loser energy - very sad.


Meh who cares. We are beating their ass. Them cheering isn't gonna hurt embiid any worse or less. People make too big a deal out of this kinda shit.


It matters to an extent… look at the run we went on after that. Maybe it was just coincidence but seemed like the team really rallied after that and absolutely dominated down the stretch.


Atlanta is a trash sports city overall


How come they haven't brigaded the sub? I'd have much more respect if they did it during a loss


To be fair, remember when Michael Irvin died on the football field and our fans cheered? All opposing fans are annoying.


No denying Eagles fans are mostly straight up trash. Sixers fan base is much different though fortunately


Get my popcorn!


loved every shot of their crowd and was almost all of their fans on their phones not even watching the game. can't fathom paying for tix to go and play on my phone


Not gonna lie, with 6:30 left and us up 20 I was not happy about Doc putting Embiid back in the game. Howard was playing well and at the time there was no reason for him to go back in. That one moment when Embiid almost stole the ball and would have had a fast break scared the shit out of me too.


I couldn’t understand this either. Game was in the bag... he had already had a scare earlier in the game. Plus I’m really digging Howard orange dread hawk


Joel "Sherman" Embiid. EDIT: The US government should have made General William T. Sherman a military dictator over the entire former Confederacy. (Removes jacket.)




People on their sub legit believe and he’s faking his injury lmao


As a Philly fan living away from home, I get static from other teams' fans ALL the time, but I don't give any shit, and I don't take any shit - I'm not in the shit business. I don't take ANY of it off anyone; I'm there as an ambassador of Philadelphia sports, not to be an A\*\*hole. Sports is about SPORTSMANSHIP. You NEVER cheer when someone gets hurt. That is just unutterably WRONG, even little kids know that. So damn sick of people bagging on our city. If not for Philadelphia, America would not even exist... plus we'd still have Orange Number Two. Fuck that guy, and fuck people who cheer when someone gets hurt. Sixers in 5. # LFG!!!!!


That shit made me sick. Fuck Atlanta fans...all of em.


I'm not pressed. As a Sixers fan I know nobody loves us, I know they hate to see us win. Atlanta can show their ass as much as they want because at the end of the day they're not advancing and we are.


Let's not forget that some ppl in the stands prob voted for that morally corrupt qanon congressperson. Shouldn't be a surprise that Atlanta has horrible people.


I’m a die-hard hawks fan, and I am disgusted by that. I would love to win, and I have fun reading each fanbase complain about the other guys best player getting too many calls. But cheering for injuries is beyond classless. Just coming in to say that. Also I hope you guys lose.


Did anyone else feel like the ESPN folks were straight up cheering for Atlanta tonight?


They were lol


There’s a topic about this on r/NBA and the mods labeled it as “Misleading - No Distinguishing Cheering”. What a joke.


Does someone have the clip? Sick of hearing how we’re the garbage fans when the honorable people of Atlanta pull shit like this


Ikr. Everyone keeps saying were toxic and classless.


raptors moment


Does it bother anyone else that they keep giving us the announcer who’s like 107 years old?




Give us mike breen nigga


Even without embiid, Atlanta wouldn’t take that series. They lack talent in a major way. 0% chance at a championship. Truth hurts


You’d be a classless Neanderthal to if you had to grow up in that dump.


Well they suck and have to live in the shit hole known as “Atlanta”


did not even look to be sold out. What a sad sight to see empty seats - especially down low near the court - on a nationally televised PLAYOFF game.


I wasnt watching but i bet this is bullshit. The city is Atlanta isn't a bunch of people the root for injuries and the city of Philly isn't full of angels It's all bullshit and we shouldn't buy into it


There is a clip on r/nba and it's literally just a slight murmur.


Yeah. IMO pretty typical of r/sixers fans blowing up literally nothing into a major slight against Sixers and Philadelphia.


Did you watch the live broadcast? Audio was totally different.


Do you have a clip? I live in Europe, fell asleep at halftime.




No, don't. If you do, you'll end up banned.


Post a video of it on r/NBA and see what happens.


I hate tribalism..


we’re being way too dramatic about this. so some atlanta fans cheered oh boy. most people are decent and aren’t cheering for that and honestly it wasn’t that obvious in the first place. stop trying to high road other fans. there’s scumbags everywhere and i could easily see our crowd getting a little louder and excited in the heat of the game if another star goes down. doesn’t mean they’re all pieces of shit. this poor me attitude is so fuckin lame from us. and yea i know people wanna point this out cause they feel like it’d be a bigger story if it happened to us and it would be... so be it. remember it’s “no one likes us, we don’t care” not “no one likes us, this is unfair”


A big portion of fans are trash anywhere you go. There would've been a sizable portion of Philly fans smiling and laughing at Trae if he twisted an ankle. Does anyone know what that was though? Did Joel just hit his funny bone? He was back at it a couple plays later like nothing happened


Loser Mentality


We did the same to Joakim Noah when he got injured


If you kept being let down year after year by the falcons and braves, blew a major Super Bowl lead, or had your hockey team pack up and straight leave, you’d prob be a sorry fan base too.