Mandatory COVID-19 testing for residents at 4 HDB blocks near Geylang Serai Market

Mandatory COVID-19 testing for residents at 4 HDB blocks near Geylang Serai Market


Good job. Honestly, it's hard to trust the rest of the world's numbers. We think that they're reporting numbers that are close to the truth, but nobody is really testing. Only other country that seems to test their entire population are some cities in China, that's it. The rest just rely on hospital numbers, and sometimes not even that. When you look, you find so many cases just lurking.


Dont forget China doesnt report asymptomatic cases iirc. Australia is doing a lot of testing. Yes most countries have such high daily numbers that it swamps any "surveillance" testing.


according to Worldometers, China only reports 50 new cases. thats eyebrow raising given the surrounding countries are all plagued by the new variant.


Is that a big deal though? If the hospitalisation load and covid deaths isn't increasing because most people are vaccinated then it doesn't really matter if you have 1000 cases a day right


Japan is barely vaccinated. Australia/NZ are barely vaccinated. Not everywhere is the US.


> # Mandatory COVID-19 testing for residents at 4 HDB blocks near Geylang Serai Market > SINGAPORE: All residents at four HDB blocks near Geylang Serai Market will have to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing, after viral fragments were found in wastewater samples collected from the blocks, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday (Jul 22). > The health ministry is investigating "likely COVID-19 transmission" at 842, 844, 846 and 848 Sims Avenue, it said. The mandatory testing is being done "in order to quickly uncover community infection cases", it added. > Advertisement > Advertisement > Aside from the residents, owners and staff of commercial units at the four blocks will also have to be tested, said MOH in a press release. > Testing is optional for those who have tested negative from Jul 17 onwards. > "In the event that a positive COVID-19 case is detected, MOH will isolate the case, identify all close contacts, test and quarantine them to protect the community from further transmission," said MOH. > Advertisement > Advertisement > The testing will take place at the pavilion at 3 Geylang Serai on Thursday and Friday, from 9am to 4pm. > Visitors and those who had interaction with residents of the four blocks between Jul 6 and Jul 20 are encouraged to come forward for voluntary testing. This can be done by appointment only at the Geylang Serai pavilion on Thursday or Friday, or at designated regional screening centres between Thursday and Saturday. > Advertisement > According to the ministry, the mandatory testing was announced after COVID-19 viral fragments were detected in wastewater samples collected from the four blocks. > "Epidemiological investigations are ongoing to determine linkages and the source of transmission," MOH said. > MOH has said previously it was investigating COVID-19 cases involving markets and food centres that were likely "seeded" by fishmongers who had visited Jurong Fishery Port to collect their stock. > COVID-19 cases have been detected in at least 35 markets and food centres, including Geylang Serai Market. > Download our app or subscribe to our Telegram channel for the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak: https://cna.asia/telegram --- 1.0.2 | [Source code](https://github.com/fterh/sneakpeek) | [Contribute](https://github.com/fterh/sneakpeek)


My friend got the SMS, he was with me one of the days. Does that mean I'm close contact too???


Isnt it kinda crazy they are testing for covid from wastewater samples?


To detect asymptomatic cases, I guess.


If it’s not too costly, why not administer the test for entire population?


It's more of testing capacity (both manpower and lab)..


It's a logistical issue. And it's not like everyone will get sick at the same time. So test the entire population every week? That will be a logistical nightmare.


And imagine the backlog of tests


And the further crippling of the economy with everyone self isolating till tests are out.


It’s not about the magnitude of the tests but the frequency and timeliness of the tests. Tests need to be conducted hand in hand with contact tracing and detection whenever new transmissions are suspected. Doesn’t make sense to test the whole country..


Our maximum capacity is 90k a day. Better to reserve it for high risk people


not enough infrastructure


I guess it would be logistical challenge to test entire population. Cost may be a secondary factor. Assuming you test 50% of unvaccinated population, you are looking at upwards of 2M tests. Combine this with testing required for dorms, overseas travellers , PET etc. You would need a huge testing infrastructure to process such large sample and process results.




Money might not be an issue but can you imagine the logistics and manpower required?