2 karaoke businesses among 18 nightspots that got F&B pivot grant; none in KTV COVID-19 cluster received it

2 karaoke businesses among 18 nightspots that got F&B pivot grant; none in KTV COVID-19 cluster received it




F&B lo. They pivoted, but did not receive the $50k grant. That's what the article is trying to say.


That's the other thing, how to operate as FOOD and beverage operation with NO FUCKING KITCHEN. You are not even legally allowed to operate a medium sized food operation from home, how are these fuckers even allowed to apply?


They have wet bar and they actually serve prepared drinks. Similar licensing to those small food stalls at Shopping centres with seating area like Ya Kun or even Starbucks tbh. The food licensing is for mainly food safety. As long as it’s clean, have Bin and sink, it’s allowed.


It was an emergency program aimed to quickly pivot nightspots into another trade. The alternative would have seen all of them die. Two main points about this temporary license: 1. You do not need landlord approval to go through URA change of use. Important as some landlords were being obtuse assholes. 2. It's easy to convert it back to entertainment after the pandemic


They had Vietnamese tacos and clams. Warmed but still alive.


Are they the juicy kind?


Never been. I heard the they had some south Asian disease well


I heard after eating need to kneel on two durian shells at home, what is it for ah?


I thought they had abalone too




Being defensive lor. Shift the goalpost and gaslight us by saying "see not my fault"


How is this gaslighting?


"Why did you take advantage of the hurricane to loot the store and steal their stuff? Now the owner is bankrupt." "Of all the losses suffered by the shop,the one that made him bankrupt was the hurricane flooding the storeroom. It's not my fault he went bankrupt. I'm just trying my best."


seems purposefully obtuse and intellectually dishonest, what a stretch just to find any layer of separation. tai chi too stonk


Lol sell chicken


> # 2 karaoke businesses among 18 nightspots that got F&B pivot grant; none in KTV COVID-19 cluster received it > SINGAPORE: Of the 18 nightspots that received a government grant to pivot to food and beverage (F&B) operations, two were karaoke businesses. > But none of the establishments that are currently in the KTV COVID-19 cluster received such grants, said the authorities on Wednesday (Jul 21). > > Advertisement > Advertisement > As of Tuesday, 207 infections are linked to the KTV cluster, making it the second-largest active cluster, behind the Jurong Fishery Port one. > > There are stringent criteria in place when assessing grant applications, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) said in a joint press release. > > MTI and ESG said they wished to “clarify comments and misperceptions” about recent breaches of safe management measures by illegal KTV clubs masquerading as F&B outlets which resulted in the spread of COVID-19 cases. > > Due to the pandemic, all nightlife establishments were not permitted to operate from Mar 27, 2020. > > Advertisement > Advertisement > MTI and ESG said many businesses and the Singapore Nightlife Business Association appealed to the Government to allow them to pivot to other permissible activities. > > These activities included F&B outlets, office spaces, as well as gym and fitness centres. > > “Considering the challenges faced by the industry, the Government allowed selected establishments to pivot to other permissible activities from October 2020,” they said. > > Advertisement > Nightlife establishments that wished to pivot to other permissible activities had to first obtain the necessary approvals from the relevant regulatory agencies. > > MTI and ESG said the firm had to submit a business plan, including details on the operational requirements. > > Each application was carefully assessed on its own merit, taking into consideration factors such as the applicant’s operational plan. > > Approved applicants were eligible for a pivot grant of up to S$50,000 from ESG, to defray qualifying costs incurred during the pivoting process, such as equipment and third-party consultancy costs. > > Grants are given on a reimbursement basis and disbursed only upon satisfactory checks of the required documentation and onsite inspection, they said. > > As of Jul 21 this year, more than 400 former nightlife establishments have pivoted to other approved uses. > > “Of these, only 18 have received ESG’s pivot support package to pivot to F&B operations. Of these 18 establishments, 10 were bars and pubs, six were nightclubs and discos and two were karaoke establishments. None of the establishments belonging to the KTV COVID-19 cluster received a pivot grant,” said MTI and ESG. > > They added that the various agencies check on all F&B establishments to ensure compliance with all safe management protocols. > > Checks on pivoted ex-nightlife operators are jointly conducted with the police. > > “Agencies will not hesitate to take firm enforcement action against errant operators. If found in breach of safe management measures, grant terms or declarations as submitted in the grant applications, ESG reserves the right to recover the grants even after disbursement,” they said. > Download our app or subscribe to our Telegram channel for the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak: https://cna.asia/telegram --- 1.0.2 | [Source code](https://github.com/fterh/sneakpeek) | [Contribute](https://github.com/fterh/sneakpeek)


They’re trying to throw smoke by saying that it’s not their fault, that these KTVs are rogue operators because they weren’t given grants. Which ignores the fact that anti-vice dropped the ball completely.


TLDR: MIT & Spring SG - we did not give those lapsap KTVs grant for them to pivot to F&B. They did it without our grant. As if, someone who runs lapsap KTV biz would want so much attention from the gov, or they are so EaoGui for grant.


How the hell these KTVs got F&B grant is beyond me.


Giving grants to nightclubs to pivot is ludicrous in the first place, whether they contributed to the ktv covid cluster or not. Nightclubs already have alcohol licenses and pretty sure they should have the profit margin for rainy days, not even counting $$ from the dirty stuffs that took place within their premises.


The $50k grant was too troublesome to get. I do not know of anyone who got it.