made a project bag for my knitted projects!! :)

made a project bag for my knitted projects!! :)


pattern: [kato project bag](https://sewmodernbags.com/kato-project-bag-pattern/) skill: beginner fabric: regular cotton canvas for the plain pink/green and cloud9's natural beauty collection (hethersett hares) machine: just a regular brother sewing machine i actually made the medium one a few weeks ago and posted it onto this subreddit but got filtered out because of the lack of information but i hope this gets through! found this fabric at Spotlight and unknowingly fell in love w the same collection sprawled everywhere in the store. got home and researched about this collection and found that all my favs were by the same illustrator!! so this time, i made the small size to house my sock projects (the medium houses sweater projects). super happy with the end result and fixed personal mistakes that i did the first time round!! i just absolutely LOVE the pattern and fabric!!


That's so pretty. I'm jealous that you can sew AND knit. I'm learning to sew....and made a pin cushion from a beginners pattern. After washing it to get the blood off, it fell apart. We did manage to get the sewing needle out of my thumb, but it's put me off sewing for the moment ๐Ÿ™„


oh no!!!! keep trying!!


Love it! I saved the pattern link for when I eventually make some for my crochet projects. Right now I'm using all my reusable totes.


it's beautiful, saving the pattern link to try myself later good job :)


So pretty!


So bright and cheery. And very neatly made. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thatโ€™s beautiful!! ๐Ÿ˜


Beautiful fabric and well sewn! I'll have to give that pattern a go. You can never have too many project bags! Did you find the cord at spotlight too?


i got that drawstring cord from a place called Daiso! but im sure u can get it anywhere else!