So to elaborate further, I'm using Ray of Searing. I'm doing my first play through off the game and tested the prayer once I unlocked class 4 cleric or whatever (I'm doing a paladin build). It hit those invisible guys that happened to be above the Dome of the Forgotten sancuary. It gives 1760 salt each time. Sorry for bad quality btw


You can use grasping ring for 1980 doesn't stack with multiple rings and doing coop to just have one person mash really hard on the sanctuary can speed this up alot. Also make sure to pick up the stuff they drop or the game eventually crashes.


Oh that's a good point and thanks for the advice. My RoS prayer just started doing nothing and now I know why. I just started quitting out when it happened but this is a big help. Thank you fellow person.


Your salt fashion is very cool.


Thanks lol. Now that I've grinded a bit I have class 5 heavy armor and am using some cooler stuff. Some of it is too fast for me still tho...


I also discovered this when I played. Me and a friend had it coordinated for one of us casting and the other spamming the shrine lol. Such a neat trick