Holy shit this guy's username is JFK Jr on the cross lmao


Tbh I saw that and thought "shit, that's a way better username than anything I've ever come up with"


don't feel too bad ManbadFerrara you got a great username


What this guy said. So good


What's special about it?


I suspect it’s a pretty good troll


yeah i feel like "lost the wife and kids" is so rarely honestly invoked


It's kind of hilarious over there and the "pat" dot win today. So much whining about being excluded from holiday gatherings with family because they're fucking dumbasses who won't get vaccinated. They're threatening death to Fauci because he said vaxxed people should probably take this year off possibly exposing themselves to covid carriers. And they've come to a conclusion that they're better off since the vaccinated are somehow all infected and spreading it. They came up with something called ADE which someone explained as people who are vaccinated are now more likely to get COVID and spread it because the vaccine has broken their auto-immune system. It's so pathetic and sad reading all the comments. Oh yea and they still believe that vaccinated people can't donate blood. (they don't donate antibodied plasma because they're vaccinated). Yea, sad cringe.


I think so too. And if so, it would be a troll that's probably doing god's work as he's supplying lots of us with schadenfreude entertainment.


The whole Q phenomenon feels like a troll, I still have trouble believing there are people this gullible, but I have family members that I know are serious about it


Yeah not saying there isn’t someone out there in this guys position but this read like a troll post.


That truck part made me suspicious about the post.


I don't see many Trump flags hanging off the back of Toyota Corrolas


Those idiots in Dallas are drinking a solution with a bleach-like chemical in it in a communal fashion now, while one of the Q leaders is hollering about being Jesus. If there was any doubt that they were a cult before, there isn't now.


Fuck it, let em


But let em means letting them grow and get more people into their bullshit.


Good, let them drink the poison too. Sort the gene pool a lil


I wanna grift these people so badly, but I can't think of anything.


You have to lower your standards and really not think too hard about a good grift when it comes to these people. Having a conscience really hinders these requirements though.


My conscience would stop me from letting stupid people join groups like Qanon and die because of it just because they were born with an under efficient brain. Also cleaning the gene pool kinda sounds like eugenics, watch out about that. Answered the wrong person, my bad


The human brain is designed to and REALLY wants to connect dots. Someone who feels powerless and disenchanted by the modern world can be drawn to stuff like this. Add in a relatively boring, monotonous life and this Q stuff can make you feel special. You feel like you have information the rest of the populace doesn't have. Add in ego and pride once they get too deep and it can be very hard to walk back what you've believed and said when faced with a taste of reality. I think the number one thing to remember is that some of these people are NOT stupid. Just led astray through misplaced trust and ideals. At this point, I really dislike what they've done to political discourse in this country but I ultimately feel sorry for them and their families. People are various shades of grey. I think you would be remiss in painting the adherents of this group with the same color.


Just iron on Trump patches to an American flag and give it some right wing rhetoric marketing like,"Do you love guns and grabbing women by the p*ssy? So does Donald Trump and now you can show your support for Trump and America with this commemorative, Trump approved flag! Supplies are limited because Democrats stopped supply lines because they hate America so don't hesitate, order now!"


I have the opposite problem. I always have great grift ideas, but I just can't bring myself to scam lol


Yeah that's real awkward *stares at username*


Crazy that losing his entire life was still less than trump getting the vaccine. Like the fact that he was willing to ride off in the sunset based on what trump did or didn’t do. I’ll never forgive social media for giving a megaphone to crazies.


His actual breaking point isn’t what’s sad, it’s the fact that his breaking point was Trump supporting getting the vaccine.




Why tf did you capitalize nearly every word you wrote? Why do you people do this? 😂


He’s satirizing the writing style of Trumpets


If he’s asking why Trumpists themselves do it - and just generally low-IQ political wingnuts of all stripes - my guess is that it’s out of a sense that capitalising something is a way to impart emphasis, or perhaps to lend it a formal air (the only source I can possibly imagine is newspaper headlines, or indeed Trump’s own tweets, though that then raises the question of why _he_ does it).


Because if you don’t, under maritime law it doesn’t mean anything.


Unfortunately that's humans, in a lot of sense. His personification of Trump is similar to some people's defiant belief in religion, extremism etc and this cult mentality. It will make you go beyond logic and what you think is right because it means more for humans to be part of something, to belong and feel loved. Some will die for it, unfortunately some will die because of it.


Yes, some humans are so miserable that when they see some kind of light shining in their world, they are going to be like a moth with a flame.


That’s the thing that I’ve been trying to figure out. Why would they see Trump and his minions as anything like a “light shining in their world”? I’ve been asking Trump supporters about this for a while and I’ve never received an answer. What is it about a corrupt, sexist, authoritarian racist that attracts them like moths to a flame? The normal reaction is to run in the other direction, not to embrace them with a bear hug. I think this is a form of a mind contagion, a viral shared psychosis that is easily passed from one Trump supporter to another.


>What is it about a corrupt, sexist, authoritarian racist that attracts them like moths to a flame? Could be that they feel as if he's like them, but as a success story. There's definitely also a culture crisis in the States and Trump knew how to capitalize on that and find his voter base.


And I’m wondering what the odds are that his estrangement from family is not limited to refusing the vaccine, though it’s likely part of the package.


This sounds like satire


Bait is a better way to put it People like to troll these idiots, I'd love to have a link to this thread to see how many believe them or not Tho it could be real, who knows, these people are dumb enough to be like this


I read this particular thread and clicked on OP's history because I also thought he might be trolling. He originally posted about his family about a month ago, so it could be a troll. IDK if I'm allowed to post a link, but it's on the great awakening website.


Looks like it was deleted. I just read someone on GAW complaining that any posts questioning why Trump is supporting the vaccine keeps getting removed by mods. I would LOVE access to all the deleted threads. That's where the real gold probably is lmao


10 years ago Trump’s entire presidency including the aftermath would have sounded like satire. And then it happened


I'm still not entirely sure it's not satire.


Actually as recently as early 2015, it sounded absolutely ridiculous that Donald Trump would even run for President, let alone win the Republican nomination AND the general election. It still feels very surreal to me. I grew up watching this guy, saw him on Home Alone 2, reading some of his books, watching The Apprentice, watching him making appearances on WWE, and then BAM! Ruler of the free world.


Honestly, if some Illuminati type of organization revealed itself and said, "Okay everyone... this is all because of us. Here's the documentation to show how it happened, that we're responsible, and this isn't some conspiracy. Like a lot of groups, we did our best to ensure people that would help and support us would be elected into advantageous positions. We wanted Obama to win his first election, so we threw Sarah Palin in the mix because we figured there was no way people would vote for such a stupid VP. Imagine our surprise when she became wildly popular with a lot of people, to the point they would update Wikipedia to match some of the idiotic gibberish she would say. At that point, we wanted to see how far we could go. Well... it's gone far enough. We can't believe how absolutely fucking stupid most of you are." ...well...that would be the most sane thing to happen in a while.


Inside Job did something like this but with flat earth I think


"free world" lmfao


Yeah that turn of phrase has aged poorly


What the f\*ck are you talking about? We've had freedom for centuries...since a bunch of rich white guys created a government for rich white guys...how's that not freedom? /s


Are you trying to say that JFK_JR_OnTheCross might not be reliable?


Yeah Reddit bites so hard on stuff like this that they want to be true


Quite the opposite. I wish all of this was a fever dream or elaborate trolling, but so much of those people are sincere and real


Eh, that’s not totally inconsistent with his comment. You can wish that the _entire_ movement never happened, while still wishing that a _specific_ story of someone suffering negative consequences as a result of the movement (and to some extent learning their lesson) is true. In fact I’d wager that both of those things apply to most of the people reading this.


Duh. Trump has been pro vaxx the whole time. He literally wants credit for it. If he had things his way the vaccine would be named after him for fuck sakes.


Wow, that’s really sad. Anyways.


Oh nooo, are you suffering from the consequences of your actions? /s




I was thinking Thai for lunch. Sound good?


Get the green curry. Vastly underrated.


Lol love when they call it “THE JAB”


I saw a post with some anti-vaxxer calling vaccinated people jabrats lmao.


Unironically clever. The most original right wing joke I've heard in 10 years. Now back to attack helicopters and sjws cringe I guess.


I guess you could call me a real Jabroni…


The Fauci Ouchie


I'm a Sheeple for the People


British people use “jab” like Americans would use “shot” to refer to a vaccine


My Canadian parents call it the jab, and my American brother in law calls it the jab All are using it in a negative context


Yeah, and the fact that a foreign word has suddenly entered the lexicon of *only* the anti vaxxers is pretty sus


Idk man I use the word jab 🤷


"The jab" has commonly been used outside of the US for many years. It has no negative connotations to us. It's kinda weird that so many people get upset about it (that's not finger pointing at you, per se)


That's gotta be a joke surely?


Jesus fucking christ so when his wife and kids abandon him it's all good but the orange man does and THAT'S when he gets sad? holy shit these people are insane


Probably a troll. I refuse to believe this is real


Still got upvoted 100% on their site though


I wouldn't have believed this stuff before the one guy livestreamed abducting his kids and running from the cops while begging for Trump and Q to help him. There's nothing outside the realm of possibility anymore.


What?? I must have missed that insanity.


Please link that


Here's the story: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/nation-world/national/article243527722.html Edit: Dammit, why are all of these paywalled?


Because becoming educated through the Internet must be as expensive as taking a College Course.


When I hear one of those stories I do wonder... What the hell did you expect was going to happen? Assuming the impossible odds that *The Plan*™ is actually a thing and Trump is spearheading it in the background... Yes, Trump will just drop all carefully laid plans and compromise entire fight against the cabal to save your sorry ass... Sorry ass that got itself into this trouble.


It's rapture idealism. If you have bought in that you are among the chosen few, then of course God, or in this case Trump, already has agents set aside to protect you and prepare you. They cannot possibly lose, so obviously neither can you. It's a disturbing look into the mind of someone who does not believe they can be wrong and cannot entertain the possibility that they have been lied to.


That's crazy, it's almost like the concept of money itself is the personification of Trump himself and everyone else is too stupid to figure it out. So when the system attempted to create a new method for doing it...i.e. Bitcoin the "government" saw a new item to tax much like shovels and cigarettes. At this point we either lift the curtain and get free or stay and die, it's completely up to you guys. I'm with my father on this one at least you have a roof over your heads if the money is worth more than a cure then your ideas and inspiration will manifest into death for all in unequal measure.


Unfortunately I don’t find it that hard to imagine it could be real. Some people really are that far gone.


You can see a lot of it on r/qanoncasualties. I wonder if some of the posts there are fake, but some of them aren't told like a story (like most fake Reddit tales), but told like people desperately asking for ways to cope with their loved ones insanity. Q has appearently ended many relationships


Nope, the Q cultists are actually that deluded. People can and do abandon their families over this shit. Never forget that a subset of them are still in Dallas waiting for the return of JFK Jr.


Even if this isn’t isn’t real, it is real somewhere else.


There are plenty of people this stupid


You obviously haven't visited that website.


They thought they would be proven right and everything they lost would be brought back. They thought the people they lost would come back and beg forgiveness.


They all have these fantasies about how when The Plan comes to the public eye, everyone around them who cut ties or called them stupid well come crawling back begging them to explain everything because they're so smart and have been so right for so long.


Aside from me wondering if this is a troll based on his username, if we were to hypothetically be put in his shoes, we may realize how he initially left his wife and kids as acceptable losses for a supposed purpose and goal (i.e. "the plan" and for Trump). But now Trump did something completely antithetical on what he thought the goal was, so he'd now be thinking "what did I lose this all for?" In other words, he thought that the price he paid (lifestyle, wife, kids, etc.) for an expectant return (whatever Q and Trump is supposedly about) was a good investment. Now that the expectant return isn't what he expected, it no longer seems like a good investment to him.


What a shitty person. Lost his wife and two children over this bullshit? Get fucked.


Talkin head said so, so he stood "his" ground lmao


When you let your life deteriorate into nothingness to own the libs


Something tells me that him not wanting to get vaccinated is the smallest part of why his family left him.




This isn't sad cringe, it's fucking comedy gold lol


Was trump ever anti vax?




Yes, he's been anti-vaxx since around the birth of Baron. Allegedly because of autism.


Lol get fucked


Wow. It's almost like he threw everything away for some kind of stupid fucking delusion.


>Wow. It's almost like he threw everything away for some kind of stupid fucking delusion. Wow. He threw everything away for some kind of stupid fucking delusion. FIFY




Why it wasn’t called a Qasualty I’ll never know


It’s supposed to be a legitimate support group, having a pun in the title might hamper their ability to be taken seriously


Yeah that’s the part where they’d lose Qredibility


This is genius thoughts


Ah man I went over there hoping for a laugh but it was just...sad. Post upon post about destroyed relationships. Damn...


Well maybe next time he'll check the view before he picks a hill to die on.


Man got played.


No. He played himself


Anti-vaxxers and Flat-earthers apparently will destroy their lives and relationships because of conspiracy theories and because they think they're smarter than Doctors or Scientists..


Whole life was ruined because he didnt want to spend 2 minutes at a fucking Walgreens lmao


I can't feel with him. Sorry man you are gullable as fuck and you need to re evaluate your priorities. How could you have given up your job, marriage and kids for this lunatic?


Literally no sympathy for any person who looked at Donald Trump, listened to the way he talked to people, and decided "this guy seems trustworthy". Anyone who actually knows anything about Donald Trump over the years already knew he was a liar and a sleaze bag. If you voted for him just to "own the libs"... ...Then to reiterate an overused Joker quote, "you get what you fucking deserve."


I actually know at least 3 guys with close to this same circumstance... Not this bad but 2 got divorced over it and the other guys girlfriend left him for another woman.


Not on the dude's side at all, but seems like maybe the wife was ready anyway, and capitalized on a good opportunity??


It could have been the tipping point, yes.


Based on how I've watched the relationships of family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances fall apart, this was just the final straw on top of years of bullshit. The verbal abuse, falling for scams, believing other conspiracy crap, money wasted on MLMs, the latching on to horrible, toxic people and bringing their drama home... At any point before, party B was trying to point out how hurt and angry they felt and had party A pulled back just before the final event horizon, the relationship could have been saved. But finally the party B realizes they're never going change and has decided, "I'm not happy, I'm never going to be happy as long as I'm with this person, we're done.".


Here’s what happens when you’re a complete dumb fuck.


So basically to sum this all up, he lost everything, his family, job, home and is now living in his truck because he worshipped Trump and despite all of that he was content with his life but then when Trump revealed that he received more than one shot, the guy was crushed. The human brain is absolutely amazing.


This feels like satire.


You made your bed, now you get to lay in it. Fucking dumbass.




These are the comment sections I’m on Reddit for


HE GAVE UP EVERYTHING BECAUSE HE'S A TRUE PATRIOT!!!!!!!!!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲


ugh, i can't wait for these idiots to start claiming that isn't the real trump and it's some deep state clone


he sure owned the libs


It's been Trump's vax since the beginning.


Covid wasn't a political issue until you made it one. At least you can stay warm on the thought of how much you owned the libs.


Congrats on actions have consequences dumb ass


Ha ha


Lol, that dude deserves his misery for being an absolute chucklefuck


Jfc not the racist Punisher logo


Imagine losing your entire world because you got conned by Trump


Conned by a guy he's never met face to face lol


These people deserve this


I kinda doubt this is real


It’s because he’s a moron.


Idk seems pretty fucking funny to me


What an idiot


Imagine going all in on Trump.


Great awakening?


got what you deserve, fuckface




Fucking pathetic


I don't feel pity for any of these kind of people. Not after so many other people died in big part because of their stupidity. They can suffer as long as they have to until they see the error of their ways and see how much they have been manipulated, or they can just die anyway because I don't see what folks like them could bring of value of to society anymore.


Serves you right.


Imagine being this scared of needles


This is so great! We as a species have almost completely removed survival of the fittest from our daily lives. It use to be that people like this would get up, attempt to go to the restroom and get eaten by a tiger. Not today we have no tigers eating idiots. Instead we’re witnessing survival of the fittest by watching these nitwits murder themselves through their stupidity. These people are seriously too stupid to survive.


Is there any subreddit to see more of these things? Or qanon goofs


Qult Headquarters and Qanon Casualties.


“Owning the libs by massively fucking my life up and losing everything! Suck it libtards!”


Some people are just stupid. Some people are just crazy. Some people are just blind (metaphorically speaking). This loser just hit the trifecta! Woo-fuckin'-hoo!!!!1


I kinda feel for these people coming out of the fog. As much as I detest Trump and all of this crap he and his followers have drummed up, they truly, truly believed they were doing something important. I don't feel bad for the movement, but for the people who have been victimized by it.


For being so into measuring their testosterone, manliness, and calling people soyboys, they sure do get fucking emotional a lot.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


LOL!!!! What a dumbass!


Life is pain if you are a dead end on the evolution tree


Bahahahaha, loser.


He will get no sympathy from me.


Ruining your entire life to own the Libs!


I don’t usually laugh at the misfortune of others, but damnit this is Christmas Eve and I feel like I deserve this one. Buhahaha get wrecked!!


I’d feel bad for these people if they weren’t so fucking adamantly stupid and hostile. Imagine giving up literally everything and everyone you have to “support” a con man that would have security throw you out in your ass if you went within 100 yards of his properties.


I love this post further down: “I'm here to tell ya shedding is real. I just slept with a woman Saturday night. Started feeling like shit on Monday and feeling much better today. Told her on Monday I was starting to feel icky she told me she has been vaxed and recently boosted.” No bro, you just received an STD. Compared to what you may ***NOW*** have, Covid WILL seem like the flu.


That is absolutely mental illness in its finest form. Why do people look at that man as if he is some sort of deity? And why is she shocked that he's vaccinated, when his administration is the one that started the whole damn thing, and he has supported it from the beginning


What did he think Trump was going to give him that his family and livelihood couldn't? smh


Sounds like someone I used to know held his stance till it swallowed him up


They didn't dump and cut him over JUST the shot. 😑


Is there some kind of correlation between playing a country song backwards and getting your wife, truck, and dog back, and the fact that most antivaxers are country bumpkins?


if this is real, good. pain is the greatest teacher, and this dude is gonna hurt for a while. fucken genius levels of enlightenment are in his immediate future.


I'm crying, too. They're tears of laughter, but still.


Yeah they didn't just leave you because of the jab thing, buddy. That was just the excuse they needed.


Sad? I find it fucken hilarious lol


I went to this site. The wackjobs are praising him for destroying his life, by standing up to the system ! Truly clueless morons !


Life is pain, when you're that dumb. But at least, there's a painful ending to that life to look forward to.




Haha what a snowflake


Fucking dumbass LOL




That's fucking hilarious though?


What a moron! Just flush it all away on your ignorant adherence to bullshit. It did all mean something: you are wrong!


"HA HA" _ Nelson Muntz


F em


Is that from the Reddit clone for slow learners? Also, dumbass needs get vaccinated, sell his truck, get into a shitty studio apartment, get back to work, and apologize to everybody.


It’s not even sad anymore. Who cares, let Darwinism take its course. Everyone else Get your vaccine and stay safe!






has anyone ever heard of trolling??


There are people in Dallas who have left their jobs, friend, families because they think JFK Jr. is still alive and will usher Trump into the presidency. If these people are trolling, they are really giving it their all.


If he is he's consistent because I've seen this eejit moaning about this before while lurking on that ridiculous site. That user name is memorable.




This is great lol


Definitely not a cult, no siree


He doesn't care about any of you. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. You treat him like a god and he treats you all like garbage.


This is more like funnycringe. He deserves a miserable life.


Lol. Get fucked loser!


Weird that you’d refrain from getting vaxxed for Trump and not the numerous other red flags. Dude is practically the anti-christ.