Why do the podcast hosts advertise their shows Twitter accounts for supplemental content if the accounts never post the supplemental content?

Why do the podcast hosts advertise their shows Twitter accounts for supplemental content if the accounts never post the supplemental content?


I miss the linkdump


Everyone misses the linkdump. I remember always looking through it to see what topics would be talked about to see if I would be wasting my time with the episode or not. Not saying the podcasts aren't good but I'm not going to stick around and waste my time if the topics talked about aren't what I'm interested in.


I'm old enough to remember the link dumb. They did that shit every week for like 3 decades.


The link dump was like a top 5 reason why the Drunk Tank was such a fucking fantastic podcast. *Everything* they talked about was in there, if it had an internet reference. God I miss those days. I remember when they rebranded it to the RT Podcast and everyone still called it Drunk Tank for like a year or two afterwords. I still really like the show, especially now that they’re back in the studio, but the super professional studio setup just doesn’t have the same magic as the old conference room did.


I miss the different intros each time, they tried putting them back in during the credits but it really wasn't the same thing, it's weird but it makes me dislike the theme song because I miss them.


I really hate them being on the end because they just slap them on the end without bothering trying to manage the sound levels. I like to fall asleep to old podcasts and I've been woken up by a few with end credit songs that are absolutely deafening even at half volume with my sleep headphones on.


It's absolutely not the same feel when they have to stay late at work and put on makeup for the podcast. In addition, it requires a whole team and limits who can be on it, and means that the podcast has a set length. Obviously it's free content and they can do whatever they like. I just very much preferred the audio-only podcast and stopped watching a few years after they started livestreaming it.


Remember when they put out a version of the podcast that had the link dump built in? Like, on the iTunes podcast player (back before it was shit) it would put the links on screen with the corresponding time stamp. So you could just unlock your phone, tap the screen, and access what they are talking about. It was so nice. It's sad to see how far that's regressed


That was so awesome. I’m sure it took a lot of extra work


it did they had to stop it because of the way I think it was getting programmed in the app. At least I think that's the reason, it's been several years.


Yeah, Apple was the reason. Apple kept changing how podcasts were handled and what they would or would not support. At one point Apple said they were supporting one format, but in reality anyone that uploaded the podcast in that format would have issues and the podcast feed wouldn't update with episodes.


Yeah I remember when that first was introduced and I loved it, I looked at it all the time.


Are we really at a point where something that happened in the last 5-10 years is something where people pull out there walking stick and start talking about “I remember when/I’m old enough to remember”?


Well the people who usually say stuff like that are around the age where that's a significant portion of their life but also still think it's cool to say stuff highlighting their age as if it's a sign of maturity.


Yup. 90% of the time whatever they refer to is never posted, and I don't even think the cast realizes. They always make it sound like it's someone's job to take care of those things, but I guess whoever that is either doesn't have the time, or doesn't care enough to do it. I don't even bother looking anymore, it's just a waste of time (except f**kface's ig account).


Except even F**face IG doesn't post the stuff when the episode is released. I assume they post later, I just gave up following it. They should embed the pics in the RSS feed as well, but I doubt they'll do it.


meanwhile over here in the facejam-o-verse I can easily see pictures of a monkey man holding a bag of breadsticks


Man, remember when they actually USED to do that?


A pretty undeniable regression in effort there for sure.


The good ol' days...


So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em.


That's because Gus was a better producer than whatever clown they have now.


F**kface IG seems to post their stuff a day after the episodes come out, I assume to avoid spoilers?


Which is ridiculous and shows exactly why posting things on social media is not the right format. The main point (from a listener's perspective) is to see the content as they are talking about it, or very soon after.


Did they ever post the cupcake photo?


With F***face, I would always listen a day or two late and then catch the supplemental stuff on twitter since I don't use IG and you need an account to see stuff there. Became quite interesting when the revelation that the F***face twitter account turned out to not be run by anyone at RT. Assume it was a fan getting the supplemental stuff off off IG, but it sucks it's not updated anymore, despite RT acquiring it.


And even then F**kface misses some content, especially any youtube videos but also some pictures they talk about are just never uploaded.


I only listen to f**kface but that account is gold. All the zimmer content a man could dream of.


I know for instance there was a time after F**kface got it's Twitter from the fan running it, they forgot it's password. Dunno if that's still an issue. In regards to others, it's probably a lack of someone sending the correct content for the social media team to post or just forgetting since a lot of them also crosspost the same supplemental content on Instagram and/or Facebook.


For F**kface, they never talk about posting supplemental content on the Twitter. They talk about their Instagram but that has had the content posted. But for Blackbox down and Redweb, every single time I have heard them say they would post a video of a crash, picture of the subject, audio clip, etc, specifically on their Twitter, I go look to see what they were talking about and there is nothing posted, even weeks after the episode was posted. For example, in the recent episode of redweb, episode 41. The most mysterious song on the internet, Trevor tells the audience that the link to the song in question will be posted on their Twitter @redwebpod, however even two weeks later, no links besides the episode appear on the Twitter. Whatever employee that is in charge of that account is simply not doing their jobs.


> But for Blackbox down and Redweb, every single time I have heard them say they would post a video of a crash, picture of the subject, audio clip, etc, specifically on their Twitter, I go look to see what they were talking about and there is nothing posted, even weeks after the episode was posted. In can't speak for Red Web, but for BBD, your statement is not true. It doesn't happen immediately as the podcast goes live (which is a valid thing to criticize), but they do post supplemental material for [literally](https://twitter.com/BlackBoxDownPod/status/1403033531316588545) [every](https://twitter.com/BlackBoxDownPod/status/1400465886755053568) [episode](https://twitter.com/BlackBoxDownPod/status/1397959184570753027) within the next two(-ish) days


Alright that one is my bad. That episode was one I was convinced that they never posted the video. Somehow I never registered that the link was there while originally looking at that tweet. I guess my gripe is just with redweb.


Red Web always posts a "red web" cork board with pictures of what they're talking about. Sometimes it's only something sometimes it's way more, depends on the story


This is good for promotion purposes but not as a replacement for the actual sources that the audience can look at


Full honesty, I don't have Twitter. I only occasionally look up stuff for FaceJam when I'm really curious as to whatever Food/bit they are going on about that week. I did however find the supplemental content for Black Box Down is definitely being posted on Facebook, so at least you can find it somewhere? Couldn't find Redweb. I know it is annoying when you want to see what they are talking about and actually can't. I'm wondering if the podcast hosts are even aware their Twitter isn't posting since they do reference putting it up every episode.


Actually, a fan made a f**kface twitter account and started posting information about and for the podcast as a joke to see how long it would take someone to realize it existed. Andrew was the first to notice and negotiated taking over the twitter since it actually had decent following and the fan was getting tired of doing it.


Yeah I know about that but like I said, they never say “hey go check out this Twitter account where we will post a video.” The problem with redweb would be like if Andrew said he finally ate the pencil and posted a video of it on Twitter, while never posting it. However that would at least be on brand for F**kface


Tbh I think it's way too frequent to be a mistake or miscommunication.


I miss the link dump :(


Feel like Red Web has it the worst. When they post stuff it's edited in a collage so some stuff is way to small to make out, or they have a reb string over it obscuring it.


Yeah I’m realizing that my problem is really only with red web


I can only speak directly to Black Box Down and Good Morning from Hell but we try to post every single week about each episode with art or supplemental images on Twitter, IG, and Facebook. Since Gus and I run those accounts on top of our normal jobs and the episodes release early in the morning, we don’t always post at the same time but we do always try to post what we promise. These accounts are also really great for interacting with listeners and getting feedback so thank you to everyone who follows us, comments, and shares.


thanks Chris, love BBD!


You guys do a fantastic job for BBD. There was only one episode I had an issue with and I was shown that I just somehow missed the link even while I saw the tweet. You’re really adding so much more to the experience by doing that. Thank you




Caleb at AchievementHunter.com


Thank you for reaching out to us. We cant respond to every message but we try our best. Even if we don’t respond, it doesn’t mean your message didn’t impact us. Thank you, and we’ll try to get respond more in the future.


I'm always so so dissapointed when i try to find the images/videos trevor says they'll post in red web, cause it's just never there, i was starting to wonder if it was me being an idiot that just couldn't find it :/


The only podcast that uses supplemental material that I hear is Black Box down, and they always post the images...but on instagram that is. I think in that case instagram is way better than twitter. When I used to hear Red Web their Twitter page and the format in which they posted the images bugged me. They edited all of the material into a corkboard kind of thing, and while it looked kinda cool and on-topic, the images were just too small! I would've rather prefer if they did an instagram post.


Yeah the corkboard is a cool visual, but basically unusable. They could just post the full pictures in an album with the corkboard first, but I guess that was too much effort somehow.


I think red web does a pretty good job of posting too


To cut to the point it's just laziness.


Face Jam has photos for every episode.


F**kFace is the only roosterteeth production I can even care to watch anymore. It really gives me the vibes of the old RTPodcast where they actually had fun talking about stuff instead of every episode consisting of having to talk about the changes in this new world we live in or hot takes on a “taboo” topic like gender or politics. When talking about that it’s always going to upset someone, and it’s just annoying that it feels like forever since we got a RTPodcast or Video where the show didn’t somehow correlate with people’s preferences on how they should be labeled or calling candidates bigots and stuff. I used to watch their content to get away from that stuff and now it’s always brought up by Jon or someone. Edit: I think I just miss having a stable cast who could feed off of each other week to week, whereas now it’s almost always a fully different 2 or 3 plus gus. The chemistry is just gone without Burnie


How to say you hate any mention of LQBTQ+ things without actually saying it.


I actually don’t have a problem with it. I just don’t think it needs to be mentioned as often as it is. In my own opinion, if you want it to be considered normalized and accepted, you just have to treat it as normal. I just would rather not listen to people have to preface each statement with the stuff before anything they say. If you want it to be a normal conversation, just converse normally… there’s no need to start the conversation by stating; “So I’m a pretty open guy to both genders, but captain America looked really good in the latest movie” Just say, captain America looked great in the movie. Nobody cares who you’re into.


"I don't have a problem with LGBTQ+ people, I just want them to never mention it again."


Ah yea the whole ‘terms and conditions for me treating you like a “normal” person’ kind of homophobia.


Give Face Jam a go. You can start at any episode. Its similar to F**k Face in that it has the same cast every release. They don't eat the food during the episode.


Also, Red Web and Black Box Down are great at staying on topic.


To make people like you ask questions


It’s because in theory they want to put the content up but a lot of the time people don’t actually follow the accounts so it’s not worth the time to actually put content on. What sort of follower counts do these accounts have? Is it a fair chunk or is it just a smattering of people who followed just because?


> a lot of the time people don’t actually follow the accounts so it’s not worth the time to actually put content on I think you have the cause and effect flipped. People don't follow the accounts because there's very little content on them (with notable exceptions for BBD, GMfH Face Jam, and F**kFace).