I [30M] didn't give a relationship [26F] a chance and now I feel terrible about it

I [30M] didn't give a relationship [26F] a chance and now I feel terrible about it


For the love of god, leave her alone. Stay in therapy. Hope you fix your issues before you age out of your "syndrome."


Ha! Me too.


What good would it do her to hear from you again?


Good question. Until I find a good answer, probably best to leave her be. Thanks. :)


"Leave her be" IS a good answer.


First off thank you for being transparent with your intentions and giving a good background on what influenced your decision. Appreciate the honesty. Second, closure doesn’t mean anything, and honestly judging by the description .. would You want to date yourself during this phase ? Please don’t waste her time it doesn’t do any good for you to contact her you broke it up and that’s the closure. You even said something like having FOMO for other women, and I don’t think if you really were interested you would even think this. Please work on yourself and leave ole girl alone.


Sounds about right. Thanks.


At this point reaching out would only serve to make YOU feel better. Unless she reaches out asking questions, leave her be.


Good point. Thanks.


Jesus Christ, leave this woman alone. You were only in a relationship for a few months. If she's that amazing, she has moved on, I'm sure. ETA, honestly, if she really was someone you could commit to, then the fear of losing her would have been greater than the fear of being in a committed relationship. You did not make a rash decision, you thought it through, and you came to the correct decision that you're not ready for a relationship. You need to trust yourself. The difficult thing is, once you're dating in the late 20s, 30s, most women are not keen to stay in a casual situation for long. They want to get married, etc. (Not all but most, at least the ones I've come across) You are smart to work on your issues before attempting another relationship, with her or someone else. Good luck.


Move on. You ended things for a reason and you’re just feeling lonely.


What is this. What did I just read. If ya need to talk to someone for closure make it a therapist so that you can work on yourself my guy.


You should just be honest from the jump next time by expressing yourself and why you feel the way you do. She may have wanted to wait until you figured yourself out a little more to possibly date and even help you soothe out some of these issues . No ones perfect so you don’t need to be perfect to date, you just need to be self aware and willing to put the time in to build together with someone else.