My biological father reached out to me

My biological father reached out to me


Talk to your dad. If you noticed inconsistencies, then it's safe to assume he probably already knew the truth but chose not to say anything so as not to make life harder on you. He actually might have the answers you're looking for without having to involve Jennifer.


Make sure you prioritise the father that raised you, talk to him, confide in him, don't go behind his back and make sure he knows you aren't replacing him, by asking him first, you don't need to involve Jennifer and you ensure he does not feel like you tried to deceive him. Plan a nice day out, do things you both enjoy, then when appropriate ask the dad that raised you, some good memories and feelings you just shared will hopefully soften the blow in case your father did not know. Above all be empathetic, caring and as loving as you can be, good luck.