Am I weird for not wanting to eat what I bake?

Am I weird for not wanting to eat what I bake?


Do whatever you like. No one here knows why your BF said this. Only he and (maybe) someone who told him, has any clue. Bake your cookies. If you want, mail them to me. I won't complain about your baking wishes.


I also want healthy yummy desserts 🤩 however I don't think OP lives near me 😩 I would provide ingredients and some money for her trouble to have such a feast from time to time. And yes, do what you want. You like to make them - it's a wonderful hobby. You do you. But by his logic you would make let's say 2 muffins or 2-3 small cookies. This does not make sense - you will have to wash the same dishes as making an entire pan + the electricity for the oven/mixer/whatever else is needed. Some things are impractical in small quantities. If discussing this goes nowhere suggest sex more often to burn the dessert calories 😁


Hmm, perhaps the solution is for OP to bake even more, and send us all a plate of goodies!


I totally suport this idea! 😁 Or at least one recipe.


She sounds like a virtuoso in the kitchen, let's not limit her to a single recipe. Wouldn't be fair to her. 🤣😁


True. Maybe we should encourage OP to create a TikTok account or Instagram to post her work and start a business. 🤔




To me it sounds like it's the way you love others. You have a special gift and you love to share it. People around you are lucky to have someone think of them.


I am just like OP. I love cooking and baking, also love to share! Sometimes one recipe is more than enough for me (I live alone), so I share!


I am the SAME way and always get told I’m super weird for it. I love baking I find it relaxing therapeutic and I’m really good at it. But I’m just not that big of a sweets person I just don’t really like cupcakes or desserts that much so when I bake them I might try one to make sure it’s correct or if I’m really in the mood for something I might eat one but overall I just want the baking and spreading joy to others part. People will always think it’s weird but I totally feel you and you are not alone in that 🥰


Thank you!


I was literally scrolling through here hoping to find some else like me and OP. It's enjoyable and therapeutic for me to cook and bake and since my fiancé is abroad its only me so I always share (even if he was here he would have to share because he LOVES sugar and I have an eating disorder) Sometimes even though it smells SOOO good I feel like I'm full up on the smell (and the beaters) so I won't eat baked goods the same day. You do you girl and if the boyfriend makes any more comments about it being weird you sharing cut off his sugary supply! 😏😉😂


Oh neat I was reading to see if anyone else did this and had an eating disorder(anorexia nervosa for me). When I was very ill and malnourished I would compulsively bake but not allow myself to indulge and I think it was my brain desperately wanting me to eat it on some level while the rest of my mind fought it. I'm doing better now and wish I had more motivation to bake again, but I don't have the same drive to now that I'm doing good. But I think I'll get back into baking at least a little to be able to treat my partner and his family (and ill be eating some this time around). It's not common I don't believe, but definitely can have a connection to eating disorders (compulsive baking/cooking).


I’m glad you said “it can be a connection to eating disorders because it also may not be connected to eating disorders. As one of the above commentor said she loves to bake and she loves to share her love through her baking. And it’s therapeutic. Kudos to OP


Me too! Besides the pleasure of giving to others, after I've spent hours making and smelling something, I really don't have a desire to taste. I've spent enough time on it.


I don't think enough people are taking this point into consideration. I love to cook and bake, and I do it all year and eat what I make without issue. But when the holidays roll around and I'm baking non-stop? Or making fudge? I don't want to eat those things as much, I've had my hands/eyes/nose in it all day, I need a break haha.


I like to say that I cook when I'm happy and bake when I'm mad😂😂😂


What could possibly be wrong with this? I applaud your self discipline.


Right holy shit I had to stop baking when I was dieting. I have no self control, I don't know how op is doing it!!


Me either!! I can totally eat a dozen warm home made cookies


OP may be turned off by the smell. Like they've smelt it for hours while baking and making it and the taste usually is a bit more bland than the smell. Kinda in a way chefs don't want to cook at the end of the day.


I feel this way if I have been cooking dinner for hours, at the end I'm like nope I'd rather have toast now


100%. If you can manage baking all those desserts without devouring them, do it. You seem to love what you do. If it makes sense to you and doesn't harm anyone, keep doing it🤷🏻‍♂️


When you spend a lot of time cooking or baking, being around the smell for that long makes you not hungry for what you made. This is a very common reaction for people who like to cook or bake, and it's strange that your boyfriend finds it a problem. My instinct is that he's lying about people questioning him and saying they think you're better than them. That honestly just sounds absurd.


Yep, my immediate thought was that this sounds like my toxic ex who used to tell me "someone" had said something about me when it was just what he thought or he was trying to upset me. I knew it wasn't true because he wasn't very good at it and his story would change, and the things he said were weird and related to his hangups, rather than anything any sane person would comment. Just like this. I'd put money on the fact that no one has said anything to OP's partner, and he just has some issue that's making him be weird about it. OP, I don't know how your relationship is in other areas, but this would make me reflect. I feel like in a loving, healthy relationship IF something had been said to him he'd have told whoever it was your reasons and then forgotten about it. The fact that he seems more concerned with what people think than your feelings is not good. And that's IF he's not making it up, which is an even bigger issue. I don't know, just the way you write (you're really justifying yourself) reminds me so much of me in that relationship. Always being gaslit and made to feel that who I was was wrong somehow. You're baking for people and they love it! There's one problem here and it really seems like it's him. Stay true to yourself and don't let him bring you down! And if you can see a pattern of him bringing you down, consider cutting your losses.


Same to me! Then I started to answer: Tell them to talk to me in person! Suddenly no one had any more issues... Strange isn't it?


Right, like did he break his neck making that leap? The only thing I can think is that maybe they're jealous of OPs self control. But that's not OPs problem.


My girlfriend is the same exact way she cooks all the best foods and doesn't eat it, actually prefers fast food and im like wtf lol


Had to check your profile to make sure you weren't my boyfriend lmao. I'm similar to your girlfriend. I cook and bake all the good things but I tend to not eat any of it and just get pizza.


I’m late but your boyfriend is making something out of nothing. I’d honestly just say “look this is a unnecessary argument, I do something we both enjoy, please tell me the real issue or stop it because it’s getting ridiculous.”


Thats probably how I’m going to tackle it!


How did it go???


It was some of his friends, they were annoyed that I didn’t make anything special for them apparently?? I have talked with them and told them it wasn’t okay that they talked like that about me behind my back and they never came to me with their wishes? How tf am I supposed to know what they want? They were very dramatic and a headache but they made apology care pack (spa day type of thing) so we are okay I guess? My bf said he was sorry that he didn’t just tell me straight away and that he will work on his communication! Which I really appreciate ♥️ So it went great! Thank you for asking ♥️


I do exactly this. My husband brings in big trays of cookies a d brownies and other stuff to work because I love baking and experimenting but we also don't need 300 cookies lying around the apartment. One year I didn't bake cause I was sick, and all his coworkers were disappointed because of the lack of cookies. he had .multiple pages of texts telling him to get me better soon cause they needed snacks. But I hardly ever eat what I make. I love experimenting with new recipes, flavors and textures, that sort of thing! I'm also very picky and I will never like anything with pumpkin in it, to my dismay. Baked fruit in my foldovers? No, no thanks. I can do some decent gluten free things but to be honest, the texture is always off-putting. For me, cooking and baking is just a fun way to show people I care about them. We both participate in the activity, I cook and they eat. You're absolutely not weird at all for this. You're getting what you want from it and so are they.


Don’t stop sharing! I totally understand where you’re coming from. You enjoy baking and the people you share with are loving it, and loving you haha, it’s a win win. I use to bake a lot and because my family has diabetes, I would share most all of it with my neighbors and friends. No one thought it was odd that I didn’t save any for myself or my immediate family…in fact they were happy because that just meant there was more for them! :) Keep on doing what you love and you’re awesome for being so disciplined with being healthy!


Your boyfriend has issues. I bake things that I don't like to eat for the same reason. I don't even try them. The people I make them for are happy that I don't want to eat them because they think that it is more for them.


> He just said that people are starting to question him, why I don’t eat it myself and if I might feel like I’m above them? Total bull, no one said that to him.


I get it! I love cooking and the best part of it is when someone else tells me how good it is. I mean I like eating my own cooking, but very few things are more satisfying than getting compliments on something you put a lot of time and care into.


Yes omg!!! I love getting the compliments of my food or what they think was good/bad! It’s so awesome to hear more people like me exists haha


I don't think it's weird at all. I'm not the biggest fan of baked desserts, but like baking myself. Whenever I make cookies I'll have a couple, but take the rest to work or family. Just keep doing what you're doing, have a good time, and don't worry about it.


Yes, At least to me. JK, ;) good job, couldn't do it myself. Just remember that you can enjoy your delicious snacks every once in a while, however, if you don't wanna, you don't wanna. No problem in that


Had me at the first half haha


This sort of reminds me of that post where an athletic person had an overweight coworker who would shame them for not eating work snacks and say she needed to gain weight, implying the athletic person thought she was better than everyone, and finally when she clapped back the person got really angry and everyone said she was fatshaming. It's all just insecurity. I reckon he feels embarrassed that you aren't indulging with him, even skinny people can still feel the "bad foods" shame.


Never thought of that! I will try talking to him!


That's great, hope it goes well!


Idk. Are you trying to poison your bf? Cause then it'd be pretty normal. There's no need of both getting poisoned


Damn you can’t just spill my plan all over reddit haha


Hahaha oops!


You bake as a form of relaxation, it doesn't mean you have to eat for the same reasons. Lots of people do "creative" type jobs or even hobbies, they don't all practice on themselves. Lots of make up artists only wear makeup when working in public. Lots of knitters/crafters only make " stuff" for other people. Baking is about the finished product & once you've achieved that, it's on to the next thing. Your boyfriend is underweight & possibly feels slightly more conscious of you NOT eating, when he IS eating. This could be why he's mentioned it, as it makes him feel uncomfortable, when eating alone.


It might be…:// haven’t seen it from this view before! Thank you for the insight!!


This is me btw. I can't actually eat something thats offered to me if the person who offered isnt sharin with me. Makes me feel on the spot, even if I like the food. I have bad anxiety though.


It's not weird. I bake all kinds of cool desserts just because I'm interested in the technique, but I actually don't really like sweets. I'll taste it, or maybe have a small piece, but I just don't have a sweet tooth. It's an art form. Nobody would think it was weird if you painted and didn't keep every painting you produced. There's a loaf of double chocolate banana bread in my kitchen right now that I'm unlikely to eat any of. I just make it for the rest of my family for breakfast. I'll eat something like soy sauce marinated eggs over rice for breakfast. People tease me about it sometimes, but they also never complain when I bake for them.


How do people know that you don't eat them. This is the problem as your lane is your buisness and no one else's


When they get the baked goods, they usually ask what I think of it myself and after a few times, when I said I didn’t eat them, they stopped asked


Oh I see. I commend you on your resolve. I love to bake too but as the kids are grown and my wife will not partake in sweets, I never ever thought off giving the goodies away thank you I will start doing this too


That’s an awesome idea!! Hope your journey will be as bright as you! (Just don’t go blind from the brightness haha)


Who the f complains about free baked goods?


Thing is when you are cooking, you're taking in all those smells. When I cook I end up not being that hungry after


I bet if you stopped sharing you'd get more questions! Why can't people just appreciate your generosity and the yummy treats? I crochet blankets, and apart from 2 I specifically made to keep, I give them all away. But If I kept them all, I'd be swamped in blankets and rather hot! ​ Carry on doing what you're doing, sounds like a lot of people (apart from the mystery complainer) really appreciate your talents. And if it makes you happy, then what's wrong with it?


That’s actually awesome that you do that!! I did try in the beginning of quarantine to crotchet but geeezzzz that’s so hard!!! I can’t even make a magic ring!! But my mom can! So she helps a lot when I want to make something haha


I thimk ur bf read that feeder post that comes back every once in a while and is now worried ur a feeder


I probably am… I absolutely love feeding him I don’t know if that’s a kink or whatever


I do this all the time.,, avid baker. It’s the process you love, not the thing that you eat, that’s a manifestation of your passion and you wanna share that with others. Bf needs to chill.


I do this! I absolutely love baking but hardly eat anything I bake. I often give surplus to family and co-workers. No-one is complaining though, haha.


Lucky you!!!


Your bf is crazy and doesn't know how good he has it. Also if he won't tell you the names of people who talk shit on you, he's either lying or your enemy. Ditch him and get you a man who appreciates you.


I love baking but we have a small family if I make 1 slice then it's lasts ages so I don't make anything else till it's gone. Then I might have decided I wanted something given up and just bought a cake so then I have to wait longer before I can bake more lol. I want a biscuit or two I want a cupcake, I don't want or need 20 So I wish I had people to give stuff to so I can bake more and not waste it, but my family doesn't really like sweet and I am a sahm so I don't have work colleagues to offer it to I think you are in the best spot, you get to bake whatever you want enjoy whatever you want and give the rest away to people that love it and look forward to it. I think there may be something more going on, like even if your bf would do something different that doesn't make you weird. Have you tried sitting down with him separate to a baking day and bringing it up? "Hey bf sometimes it seems like when I bake and give it away it makes you uncomfortable? Are you feeling left out like I'm giving away food you want? Are you worried that I'm not eating it because I'm punishing myself or have some sort of disordered eating?" Maybe there is something else going on and if you work out what it is you can help explain where you are coming from and maybe that will help him understand. However simply saying "this is what I like to do, when you call me weird it hurts my feelings I want you to stop" that is totally enough and a reasonable thing to say Please don't let him or anyone else stop you from doing something you clearly love doing, as long as you arent putting yourself in debt with all the icing tips or force feeding others cake I think you're all good lol


Have you thought about making friends with neighbors or if your family has anyone nearby who would like baked goods? I will try to talk to him! And let’s see what happens He’s usually very good at communicating!


I have but unfortunately where we live isn't the friendliest/safest neighborhoods. The one set of neighbors that we do know have very specific tastes and if they want something they would just make it themselves. And the friends I have would all be like yeah I guess take a few but don't want to get fat, so if end up going between 4 or 5 different people just doesn't seem worth the effort I could maybe try our Oma and her community but I don't know what the rules are with bringing things into her retirement home especially with covid but could definitely look into it Good luck with talking to him again, if he is usually reasonable hopefully you can get it sorted out


My mom does that, she's a chef but almost never eats one of her own plates unless it's like Christmas or easter, nothing weird with it at all even if you take away the becoming obese part. Do what you want, it's your life and no one should be criticising something so trivial about you because it's not hurting anyone last time I checked.


I feel you! I dont like eating baked foods specially floury foods because im a lazy chewer hahaha but I find baking very interesting and rewarding.


Keep on baking, idk why he said that, maybe he tried being funny or something but don't let it discourage you, if you enjoy doing it just keep on baking, heck if you really like to bake you could make a business selling cookies and all kinds of desserts.


Nooo I completely get you, im the same! I take great pleasure in baking lots of sweet stuff and then share it out between friends and family. That, to me is a much better feeling than if I were to eat it myself. Do you have any recipes to share to a fellow baker? 😁


I would love to share, but I don’t write them down! I just remember them when I have the items in front of me sorry:(( or online searching, I could give you a like to the next thing I’m making if you want?


That would be super, thank you! Im having a go at a glazed lemon tart this weekend for the first time


[cheesecake](https://www.oetker.dk/dk-da/opskrifter/r/cheesecake-med-vanilje-og-jordbaer-gele) this is the one I’m making on Saturday with my in laws! But I couldn’t find it in English:/ This is a bigger brand here, so their recipes are always yummmmm! Lemon tart sounds yummy too!! Hope I get an update how it turned out, good luck!!😍


Looks lovely, thank you!


Why would sharing be an issue? If you're watching your weight that makes sense, plus it's a way of sharing the love without things going to waste. I also love cooking and baking, but sometimes when I'm done I lose interest in the final result, and seeing other people enjoy my food is another way for me to enjoy it too - it gives you a good feeling when someone tries it and reacts really positively! Cook, bake and share the love! If anyone has an issue that's on them ♡


Nope not weird at all. My husband loves to bake it relaxes him. He barely ever eats what he bakes. He either takes it to work or gives it to me for my work or it goes to family and friends. Its almost once he's done all the hard work he doesn't want to eat it he's also not a massive cake eater but loves to make them. Only thing he eats of his own is his bread. So no not weird.


Bread does taste good, specially home baked!!


There is a saying which goes "Never trust a skinny cook". If a cook isn't eating their own food, it can seem very strange.


Absolutely not. You do you, boo. Who knows what's going on in your boyfriends brain space.


Bake and share all you like. If people you give them to give an attitude, they don't deserve it imo. I too love baking but likewise, am trying to lise weight. Instead of cakes, pies and chocolate truffles, I started to make my own bread to quench my baking thirst. Maybe this helos fir you too. Bake what you want, and eat what you want in quantities you feel comfortable with ^^


Of you're in India please hit me up, I'll buy all your baked goods ❤️❤️❤️


I’m actually planning a trip there in 2024 (long time from now I know, but gotta save up haha) - I would just give them to ya hun! Use your money on something else that you enjoy! Company is better than money in many cases (obvi I wouldn’t say no to a million but yaknow haha)


Okay then hit me up if you do come to India and in exchange for baked goods I could give you an authentic tour of our country, without the exorbitant tourist prices 😂


Deal!!! Haha that sounds awesome!




NO IT IS NOT!!! It’s not super healthy, but it’s more healthy than a lot of other things!


Where art thou!? Is it possible to learn this power, my lady?


Explain it to him Btw its one of the sad things When you love to cook but don't have ppl who'd eat. So to not waste food you finish yourself and well End up gaining weight or getting sick😔


No you’re not weird at all, I have the same thing. When I bake or cook I don’t feel like eating it after, I’ll have a bite or maybe eat a bit the day after but there shouldn’t be somethin wrong with that. When you cook Ig tell the people who you’re giving it to when I bake the smell and cooking process just fills me up so I can’t eat the stuff I bake right after. I have the same thing here I don’t wanna become fat eating what I bake so I sometimes don’t even eat my cakes or desserts lol but there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m happy to know another person has the same thing as me :)


Its called Housewife syndrome. My mom and dad are the same way when they cook sometimes, although rarely, but it is a thing


You're not weird you're the wholesomost person I swear this post is so wholesome that restores your faith in humanity on a sicky day, bless you !!! Wish more people would be like this


That’s so sweet🥺🥺 thank you🥺🥺🥺


Start an online baking business and sell your products. Make money from it. Sadly people dont question it when you're exchanging cash for your work but they will hate on you for giving it away for free. Could be a win win.


I’m anorexic but ADORE baking. I like to see other people enjoying and appreciating food, because it makes me sad that I cannot.


Heyyy if you want to talk I’m here!


Thank you, love.


I hate cheesecake except in VERY specific circumstances, but I make a helluva mixed berry cheesecake. I never eat more than a bite, if that, but I like to make them for events and stuff. You do you


I absolutely love helluva!!! My mom used to make it so much when I was younger 🥺 you just unlocked a hidden memory omg


can i date you and then ill never mention if u eat it or not just don’t let me get obese, i promise i’ll work out


I could be totally out of line, but when I was in the middle of my eating disorder (bulimia), I would make desserts for my family and my boyfriend and I wouldn't eat any. I love baking, it takes my mind off of things and I get in a zone. However, I was also trying to lose weight. It's a common behaviour with eating disorders and/or disordered eating.


Are you okay now? I’m here if you want to talk!


Oh yeah! I have been in remission for around 5 years now. I still have a bit of disordered eating but it's under control. Please message me if you ever need to talk to someone!


Aaand this is proof that there will always be someone who finds something "wrong" in any situation.


Omg, you would be my perfect friend. I've been hoping to meet someone like you! Alas, fate is not in ny favor 😕


I also love to cook and bake and i am the same way. I absolutely love to bake, but after a while I got tired of eating what I bake so I only taste it to make sure it's good and that's it.


Not weird. In knitting, there are "process knitters" who really enjoy the process, but aren't super concerned about the end product. Then there are "product knitters", who really want to wear that sweater they saw, and the knitting is just a means to an end. It sounds like you are a "process baker". It's not weird at all. Enjoy your hobby.


Long ago my family questioned why I spent all day cooking and then didn't eat. I told them I love cooking for others but by the time I'm done, I just wasn't that hungry. Plus, I truly do love leftovers. So, you are not weird. Many of us share the love of cooking and baking and putting smiles on people's faces. Keep doing it because more than likely he will come around. You will get better and better at it, too. At last year's Christmas dinner my former husband asked why I wasn't eating. I heard my daughter tell him that it's just the way mom rolls. She loves cooking for us. She'll eat when she's hungry.


Your daughter is VERY smart!!! Good job haha


Thank you.


NY/France....I say do as you like. You're not weird and being weird isn't a bad thing (I've been called weird a lot growing up and now i just own it b/c everyone is a little weird). Plus from what you explained you're kind. So do you. Share with the ppl you appreciate you and don't with those who don't. And you can tell pol why you prefer to share. I don't see a problem at all. Bf got a good thing going, I don't understand why he's complaining 🤷🏾‍♀️


I really liked your advice and comment. Especially the part when you said “because everyone is a little weird“. That is so true


Info: do you have an unhealthy relationship w food?


I think I’m the only one that does think this is weird! But to me, if you admit the baked goods are too unhealthy for you to eat, why would you feed them to the ones you love?


They ask for it and give me the material for the sweets (for parties or whatever)


is there any possibility that you have an eating disorder?I've heard that some anorexics can satisfy their cravings when they cook.


I'm still overweight so i don't think i can have one?


Overweight people can absolutely still have eating disorders, that's a very common misconception. Anorexia doesn't equal skinny. Anorexia is a mental health condition where you starve yourself to loose weight amongst other issues. In this case I think its totally normal to bake for others and not yourself, its a hobby and its fine to eat other things and not your own cooking, I do the same when I bake :) don't let others try and ruin your hobbies and passions by little comments. You keep doing you :)


I didn’t know:( Maybe I have it? How do I know if I do? Thank you 🥺


I'm not a licenced psychologist or psychiatrist so I can't give you a good answer for that as there are many things that go into eating disorders. As long as you're taking care of yourself and don't have disordered eating I wouldn't stress ❤ if you really are worried there are lots of helplines you can find with a quick google search that you can message anonymously or find information about characteristics of eating disorders on their websites.


Sometimes I forget google exists haha, I will try searching! Thank you🙏🏼


Anorexia is just one example. But do you feel satiated when you Just cook? you may have an undiagnosed eating disorder


I don't really feel anything, it's just something fun to do, to waste time mostly


ok so my theory is false


You can be over weight and have an eating disorder. You don't have to be paper thin to have anorexia.


How is this down voted? This is a totally legit question and my nutricionist wife aside me just made me the same question. Maybe it's not a disorder. But it shouldn't be down voted like that. Is it possible that you downvoters felt personnaly attacked reading this? There was no evil in a perfectly valid question.


I love fishing but hate eating fish. On a scale of unusual things people do this barely registers. Eat what you want.


I think people doing requests is bullshit , its a bit rude to ask someone to make a certain thing and not cover the cost. I think that's key the cost, if you cover your costs by charging a small fee. I think its ok to carry on with whst your doing and of course if money is no option. I have a young family from Sudan who like next door to me. They don't have much money and try to save money to enable them to go home. So for the last 3 years I have let them and their 2 sons use my WiFi for no cost. Thankfully my partner does not mind but others think we are mad lol Good job nonetheless


They bring all the items they want, with a recipe or just tell me to go wild! I don’t mind it since, then giving me the items means I don’t have to go out to buy them! And if I’m making something anyway I could just as-well make something they actually want


Someone sent a chat, i accidentally ignored you! I'm sorry, pls do text again if possible


Naw, there's nothing weird about it. I enjoy cooking, though I tend to prefer to cook for others. Like, if someone asks me to whip up a lasagna then I'll do it easy. But if I'm living by myself I'll just make vitamix smoothies and eat costco chicken and kimchi.


I'm like this with both cooking and baking 90% of the time and I'm not even trying to lose weight 😭 i just like making things and letting others eat it and tell me how it is


I love baking, and by the time I'm done making something I'm so sick of looking at it that I never want to eat it. I share all my baked good too. Don't stop. It isn't weird.


Not weird at all. I’m like this with cooking. When I cook any kind of meat, I just can’t eat it after smelling it and touching it when it’s raw. I always cook some kind of non-meat item for myself. Husband doesn’t think it’s weird.


I’m a baker as well and I rarely eat what I bake so you’re def not weird for doing this!


I never eat what I bake, my kids and partner are always excited to be the taste testers


Haha that does sound lovely


I bake a fair amount, and because I smell it all the time, I’m not really hungry for it. Now, a day or two later, if there are still cookies, etc left, I’ll eat it. But I’m definitely not hungry for it right away.


If you’re a weirdo, so am I. I love baking but don’t have a sweet tooth so I drop plates off with friends and family.


Let them enjoy it! Exactly


I don’t think this is weird at all. I don’t bake much anymore but I used to bake cookies and cakes and practice cake decorating all the time. I’d taste new recipes if they were unlike anything I’d had before, but I usually gave everything away. I didn’t think I was above anyone… I just didn’t want my basically unlimited access to cookies and cakes to cause me to gain so much weight that I had to stop baking. I think that’s a really strange accusation. If people love and request your desserts and you love making them, keep doing it! If someone doesn’t want your desserts, they’ll either let you know or they’ll accept them and pass them along to someone else or something. You aren’t hurting anyone. About your boyfriend’s comment about people questioning him: rather than asking him to tell you the names of the people who are making the comments, maybe you can ask him to tell them to talk to you themselves. That way, he’s not in the middle or putting them on the spot, and if they’re that bothered, they can find out for themselves why you’re a generous person who likes to bake.


That sounds like a good idea, thank you I will try!!


I think it is weird, but I don't think it's bad. Easier said than done, but I wouldn't worry about it.


Nooooooo not at all. I love baking, reminds me of being a kid and doing it with my mum and nan. I have all their recipes, and often make them for my family and friends. Don't eat ANY of it. Don't like cake or biccies. Still like the process.


I am not a great cook and rarely do so but if I have spent time preparing and cooking something I am often sick of the smell and sight of what I have just spent the last hour or so messing about with so even when it is one of my favourite foods, healthy or not, I just no longer feel like eating it.


Nah I’m not the biggest fan of eating my baking either. No idea why or when it started.


Kind of interesting though!


No, you're not. My best friend is vegetarian but still, he put meat on the grill for hundreds of people at his college's party ^^


I know the feeling! Sometimes I cook large meals for the family and then don’t even want to eat them because I feel like I already ate them during the process of cooking. Just seeing and processing all the ingredients can do that. About your boyfriend: you say he’s underweight and wants to gain, does he have an eating disorder? Sometimes they make people feel bad about eating when others aren’t eating. He could also feel watched while eating and not like that. Or judged, because you deem the foods too unhealthy for yourself. I am sure you will find a solution if you talk to him about it. All the best and do not stop baking!


Sell them!


I have thought about it, but I feel like that would take the fun out of it Because then I’m dependent on what people want to eat plus a deadline I don’t like that


Sell what you make! You don't have to open a bakery.😙😙😙😙


You are not weird. A lot of people does the same. Join some baking and cooking groups and you will see how many. You really should do what you like because from your writing I know you are very good at it. You can also charge some money for it because it takes time too not just the ingredients.


I’m on summer holidays right now so I have a lot of time in my hands haha I feel like if I take money from people for the food, then it won’t be as special to me:(


There are two possible scenarios here, A- you're a mass murderer who is slowly trying to poison everyone around you. Or B) you're thinking of your health and don't want to eat cake.. As long as you're a B then keep doing what you're doing, if you're an A then my ex loves cake and her address is.............


I’m totally an A!! Watch out people haha


Absolutely not! After all you can't have your cake and eat it too!


Make them and not eat them, totally fine I don't see what's wrong with that :)


It's cool that you are so generous, nothing weird about it! I love baking as well, but I taste max half of my creations. Most of them are snacks for my BF (I work from home, he doesn't), so usually I left only one piece (or nothing) for me and rest of it pack for him. Same with other things - snacks for family gatherings, gifts for people that invite us over etc. I taste one piece to be sure that it's good and rest eat someone else (sometimes I don't taste when I don't want to cut it because of esthetic). So no, it's not weird, you just do what you love and it's great!!! 💖


In short , yes. But who cares.


I like baking. I share out a lot of what I bake as well, and I wish I had more of your self control. Just keep doing what you like, ignore anyone who thinks theres a problem with you giving away sweets!


If u like to bake just bake, but believe me, just because he is eating lots of sugar doesn't mean he is going to gain weight.


He eats other things too haha for dinner and lunch and such! (He makes breakfast himself, I’m not waking up before the sun haha)


How are you above them. You just like to bake but try to eat healthy. Nothing wrong with that. Don't let them bake shame you! Or whatever




It's not really a big deal, I bake a lot these days and I literally can't eat it even if it's really good, my family eats it


Just disregard the comment, it doesn’t matter. It’s only some randomer’s question, it doesn’t really warrant a change in your baking, eating or sharing. Just happily carry on with life. Also I’m the same! I love to bake but I never eat it. If someone quizzed me about this I would simply wonder why they were giving it so much thought tbh lol


Hiya, amateur baker here, I love baking cakes and brownies but don’t like eating them myself simply Bc I prefer other people to enjoy it! I think it’s completely normal and such a strange thing for your boyfriend to complain about and for other people to question


Not at all. I don't eat any of my baked goods unless I made them for me (a greener recipe if you get me)


Alot of people don't like eating what they made there's nothing wrong with that


Honestly it's not weird that you don't eat it. I'm the same when I bake I don't tend to eat it. I also get a lot out of seeing other people happy from the food I give them. I think whoever said that to your bf is overthinking it and being suspicious of you when there's nothing to be suspicious of. And that seems like a lot of projection from that person


What a lovely thing to do! Don't listen to the haters


I do exactly the same!! It's the love of baking and creating some yummy that I enjoy. Not sitting there and scoffing the lot afterwards!! You're not weird at all and many more people are just like you!! Keep doing what you love and share it with those people who understand the gift that you give them.


My mom doesn't eat what she bakes. It's perfectly normal


I'm like that too. I don't really eating what I cook that much, taste is good enough. Unless I'm really hungry.


I don't usually eat what I bake, but send it work with my husband. No one questions why he's always brining in baked goods because they're adults. You do you. If he's not adult enough and secure enough to accept it than he's not adult enough to be in a relationship. Edited to add... I'm a really good baker. I've won awards.


I dont understand why he or the friend or whoever would say you are above anyone, you are just baking cakes and want to make people happy. Baking and cooking is also a hobby and there is no problem in what you are doing. It's nice you give it to other people, it shouldn't matter if you taste the cakes or not. That "friend" is weird. Keep doing what you like to do!


Naaah not weird at all. Do you think McDonald's worker eat burger that often? I dont think sooo. A lame example i know, but your bf's concern were also lame tbh😅


I often find that after cooking food I don't want to eat it afterwards so you aren't weird. I think you are doing things correctly. You get to eat a little of what you make so satisfying your cravings whilst not gorging on what you have made and not ruining your diet efforts. Stick with what works for you


Some people enjoy baking more than eating, it’s not weird.


I am not sure how is this related to relationship advices, seems more of a r/tooafraidtoask kinda deal


I do that as well de


I do that all the time! I love cooking but sometimes I do not eat what I make as I have stomach problems. Everybody understands and that is it. My bf loves to eat what I make and never complaines i do not eat and I only taste when I make them. He is only concerned when I am ill and suffer from something I ate. So you should not feel ashamed ir worry. He is the one that has a problem.


I do this, I don't have a sweet tooth at all but I love baking because there are many different things to make and you can absolutely wild with the decorating. One Christmas I had 14 friends over, many from different cultures, and I made a dessert or cake from each culture. It was definitely extra and I was up half the night but damn I loved it. I sampled each one but i honestly don't like sweet stuff enough to eat a lot, I also can't stand most chocolate. For me I guess it's therapeutic and also a way to show my affection for people. You're not harming anyone so I don't get why your bf cares. Also 'someone' criticised you but he won't tell you who it is? Sus. Sounds like he's just trying to make you feel bad in a way that you can't get mad at him for. Why would anyone think you thought you're above them for not eating, you cooked them!


OMG IT'S THE SAME FOR ME! I just don't feel like eating what I've made. The craving just fades away. I know tons of people the same way. Dont worry this is very normal


I’m a pastry chef and I eat only 1/4th of what I bake. Most of what I bake I don’t like but I bake it for my kids. Sometimes I’ll bake just to bake and give it away. So no.


You're a very nice person. Don't stop making others happy and honing your craft. I think if you just explain to the people who think you're weird that you cook so much and if you eat everything you cook it will make you fat they'll get it. Also add that you love pleasing people through cooking. I understand from your Reddit post they must understand too. Maybe attach a cupcake to the explanation for extra persuasion power.


No it's not weird at all! I love baking, and I'll often make the same recipe a few times if it seems like people enjoy it, and as a picky eater I often don't like them myself and give them to others instead. Also, baking is fun, but nobody can expect you to eat some of everything you make if you bake often. I'm not going to eat three cupcakes a day just because I made a few batches.


It's not weird. Baking can be therapeutic so it makes sense why people do it. You don't have to eat it if you don't want to.


Pastry Chef over here! I don't have a sweet tooth either, but baking is so food science and chemistry forward that I find it absolutely fascinating! Our understanding of food on a scientific level is growing so fast right now and I'm super happy to be witness to this time in food science, but I just don't always feel like eating a ton of food. People always get weirded out by this, especially my students(I teach food science and technical pastry), but it's just not for everyone. Make friends with your neighbors and/or take things to work but don't let people shame you for your passions. I'll sometimes explain it to people that I mostly just really enjoy the technique and the process. Good luck and happy baking!


I love eating, but I almost never eat the things I make and/or sell. It’s my hard work and effort that went into making it so I wanna share with other people and earn an income. Eating it feels like a waste.


No your not weird its just that people dont known what your thinking and the person who told your boyfriend that is probably some insecure friend he has


Keep doing what you're doing. You have a good and valid reason not to scarf down all those yummy goodies. Now, if you wouldn't even taste what you bakes, that'd be kinda weird. Maybe you will chose to open a baked goods shop someday- if you bake it, they will come!


Why would he say that? Lmao. I think he made a claim and didn't know how to back it up. I don't eat meat but my toddler does, I cook for him and I don't taste his food or eat it lol if I need a taste test (which is rare because he eats the same meals usually) I ask his father lol. I don't think it's weird to not eat what you make at all. You do you and be the best damn neighbor ever!


One of my bosses bakes something new most weekends, and when she does, she always brings it in to work, usually with only one or two pieces missing. Baking is a fun way to pass time, but obviously eating baked goods every day would not be healthy! If you enjoy baking, but also want to be healthy, then bake to your heart's desire. It's not that odd that you don't want to eat everything you bake. I WOULD eat everything I bake..... Which means I just don't bake.