Hello I bought this online, it was labeled “decoder”, does anyone know what type it is? Or how it works. Thank you

Hello I bought this online, it was labeled “decoder”, does anyone know what type it is? Or how it works. Thank you


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It's called "Cryptex". >!There should be arrows on either side. The solution would be either a word or an alphabetic code.!<


Yes they are ! My little brother just did the impossible and guess the password on the first try !! Here’s the video of me opening it on first try https://imgur.com/gallery/lnHp5NR


Mine is the same password. I came here to tell you to try it. I think I could feel the correct positions when I turned the wheels.


Really ? That’s cool, idk how he guessed it, but I couldn’t feel the groves going into place so that was hard


I'm pretty sure your little brother googled it before his first try.


So what happen was he remembered watching a video about this certain puzzle


This kind of puzzle appears in The DaVinci Code I believe.


There’s something about little brothers. Mine opened a number lock we didn’t have the code for (a lock with the rotating numbers) on first try. Edit just saw it says I love you that’s so wholesome


Yeah I think he has powers


Does your brother watch the UK version of Taskmaster?


I don’t think so, he just went through a puzzle lock phase


Designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, if I’m not mistaken.


This is actually a really common miconception. The fictional novel 'The Da Vinci Code' states that Da Vinci himself made it, but thats entirely contained within the fiction. The cryptex was a concept made solely by the author Dan Brown. The artist Justin Kirk Nevins created the actual cryptex based purely on descriptions from the novel. Its interesting how that one piece of media managed to mislead so many of us. (Myself included I only learned this within the last ~5 years)


When I read that Da Vinci made it I thought it meant Da Vinci handcrafted it, not came up with the concept


I genuinely thought I had heard of and seen it before that. When I was reading the book and it was mentioned, I thought okay, I know what that thing is. Maybe I am just thinking of a more generic puzzle container. I wasn’t including all the acid trap stuff. Are you saying this type of thing never existed prior to that book? That would surprise me greatly.


Might be thinking of [The Jefferson Disk](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_disk) or perhaps its another great case of the Mandela Effect!


It's a cryptex and it's based off of something in the book The DaVinci Code. It works as u/xanton mentioned. The default solution is >!ILOVEU!< and can by changed by opening the lock, removing the letter wheels, and realigning the notch with the letter you want for the new combination.


Thank you, I’m thinking of changing it soon, and make it a time capsule


Discussion: The ones you buy online tend to be pretty easy to "brute force" your way to a solution by feeling when the rings line up on their open slots as you pull on the opposite end.


Discussion: It looks very much like items I've seen on AliExpress, so if you're looking for the default code I would suggest looking there. For example, this one that looks similar (in some photos), has the code ILOVEU and instructions on changing the code once it's open: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002000425029.html


>!_!< bust it open with a hammer like ron


Discussion: love your shoes!!


Thanks ;)


It's a cryptex


This is a Cryptex


A copy of The Davinci Code is inside


Discussion: "This is the Lockpicking Lawyer, and as always, have a nice day."