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Can I just send a huge shout-out to everyone putting googly eyes and moustaches on Pinsir? You're doing the Lord's work


Can I just say that the wailmer is a freaking MENACE.


Yes but I laughed very hard the first time I saw the Pyukumuku go flying.


He's sure is a big ol bully.


Ikr? You leave those bois alone Wailmer!


And pelipper and wingull trying to eat everything lmao


I love the Wailmer and its tendency to go BLOOOOO at literally everyone. Octillery? Pyukumuku? Me? Everyone.


Granted I'm only like 40 mins into this game, but goddamn does this just hit right. It feels like the perfect successor to the original Pokemon Snap. It's just a sequel done right- it kept what made the first game great and just expanded on it. Day/night cycle, the more you play a level the more the Pokemon do special behaviors, and it looks like there is the potential for some amazing interactions. I also kind of like that they made the controls slightly more difficult (or maybe I suck and it just takes getting used to, though) for a higher skill ceiling. I feel like a kid again playing this and I can't wait to figure out all the little secrets in this game, and that's the first I can say for a Pokemon game in longggg time.


You can fiddle with the controls’ speed and responsiveness in the settings menu. I couldn’t stand how sluggish it was, but it feels so much better once you speed things up!


I also swapped the sticks so that my left stick doesn't move the selector and it feels much better to me.


I loved the original and I'm excited about what I'm seeing from people playing this one so far. I think I'll go out and pick up a copy in the morning.


Absolutely do. I still break out my original Snap from time to time. I’ve probably beat the original dozens of times and this sequel does it justice. The animations and graphics are phenomenal as well.


I'm only onto the second zone but it's crazy just how much this game keeps the spirit of the first one. It's been fantastic so far and I'm enjoying the Pokémon selection I've seen, it's a pretty diverse roster. :)


Honestly, the online photo sharing and leaderboards are really great additions to the game. Re-snap and the photo editor are also huge game changers


Do you need to have a nintendo switch online subscription for that?


Sadly yes :/


I’m on the west coast and planned to only play an hour tonight. Four hours later and here we are. What a great sequel.


I played 2hrs last night and would’ve kept going but then I wouldn’t wake up for work tomorrow lmao. Game is good so far, but I do feel like it’s a bit of a grind sometimes.


Yall this game WAS my childhood. My parents were very much not into any kind of video game violence (like, pokemon battling was a hard sell). My little sister and I played Pokemon Snap for hours upon hours. I can still hear all the different level music in my head. And Professor Oak's "Wonderful!" I pre-ordered this, and I'm so happy because it's amazing. The day/night cycle is super cool, there are so many pokemon and stuff to discover! This is really the successor that Snap deserved!


I miss the "WOW.... You were close!"


Whenever I set out on a mission I have to say the little "Yeah!" from the original, I miss all the sounds so much. Well done. Wonderful!


I think I miss the soundtrack the most. I want to hear the Valley music so bad every time I go through Voluca. I'm nearly maxed out on this whole area and I can't remember lick of music from it :'(


The music is unfortunately the worst part about the game. It's a little to "generic adventure" most of the time, like it was ripped out of Planet Coaster or something.


This. The music was a huge reason why the original has stayed in people’s minds. While the new game is great, the music isn’t. It feels disposable.


Disposable is a good word. I will say in the game's defense that the music does feel more appropriately themed once you get to the water areas. I couldn't hum it off the top of my head but at least it has steel drums. Still, nothing that will be sticking with you over time.


That’s engrained in my memory.


Not using any of the old sound effects was the most disappointing thing (which should tell you how much I like the game overall). The new “pokeflute” is just the worst too.


It's a big missed opportunity for sure. I hate new characters designs, they go for such a stylized look compared to old school. Also the music is so bland. But all I want is to be immersed in the world of pokemon and this does it really well. So I'm happy!


Todd giving you tiny nods to the original game was such a welcomed addition. And the beach has some N64 Beach vibe too. That at least :/


The dodrio in the first area feels like a reference to the doduo that is one of the first Pokémon you see in the original.


Also the gravelers hanging onto the walls in the volcano


oh man do I miss this soooo much.


Had not thought about that in well over a decade. But hot damn did your comment make that come roaring back! Lol thanks for the nostalgia


Most delightful pokemon game I've played in years! It does get a bit grindy when you go through the same course multiple times, but there's so many courses that you can just cycle through them. Plus many of the courses have a day/night path, with different Pokémon appearing and behaving differently. I don't want to address the Donphan in the room too much, but yes, these animations are what a Pokémon title on the switch should look like. Every pokemon feels vibrant and colourful, and most importantly: alive. They feel like living creatures inhabiting their own world here and it's wonderful. It's a great mix of Pokémon that appear too, not just pure nostalgia bait mons. Morelull was a pokemon I literally forgot existed, but seeing them wander around on their tiny legs is just adorable! In fact, if there's one word I would use to describe this game it would be "adorable". It's incredibly cute, but never over the top saccharine sweet. The sheer length of the game is amazing too. Considering the first pokemon snap was completable in under 2 hours, this game has an insane amount of content compared to that. The only real problem I've had is your toolkit, the items you use to entice pokemon to perform interesting actions. The not-apples (they call them "fluff-fruit" in game, and make sure you know they aren't apples) are mostly fine, pretty much every Pokémon reacts to them. The illumination orbs, which surround Pokémon with a glowing aura, seem very situational, and most pokemon don't react to them at all. Then there's the pokeflute thing. It just doesn't seem to work. Most Pokémon wake up when you throw a not-apple at them, so this item just feels really redundant. It feels like it's a part of the game because there was one in the original game, and no other reason. Other than that though, this game is a delight. Great for kids and adults (Though some sections might be quite scary for young children. There's an underwater level with a sinkhole full of sharpedo, and it gave me, an adult man, chills. (Though that could've just been Subnautica flashbacks.) TL;DR: Overall, absolutely worth getting, I feel like this is a game even non-pokemon fans, and non-gamers can get a lot of enjoyment out of.


I've had a lot of success using the flute to make pokemon dance, but yeah, it doesn't help wake them up!


I got bellosom to dance with it (after posting this) but haven't seen any others, I'll have to try it out on more pokemon then. I think I was treating it too much like the pokeflute from the main games, I'm mostly tried it on sleeping pokemon.


I've gotten quite a few to react to the music. From what I recall (spoilers, in case you want to find them yourself)... >!Bellossom, Wailmer, I believe Pichu and/or grookey, the Noisebats or whatever, I believe Lapras, I think Espurr -- basically it often seems to be the smaller Pokemon (especially those you can get closer to) and the noise/music-related Pokemon. I think I might have seen reactions from Pancham, Corsola, Piplup... less sure thouhgh!<


Also a Treavanent at the start of the foggy forest course


I thought I was doing something wrong with the pokeflute.


Yeah, me too for a while. The only pokemon I've seen it work on is Slaking. Everything else seems to ignore it.


There are more examples, which i won't spoil, but it's very different than the 'catch-all' the flute was in the original game. Also the star-ranking system. Off the top of my head I can think of four pokemon on four different maps who are already awake but the flute causes them to unlock their three or four star behavior for photos.


Slaking didn’t even respond to it for me...


Anyone else notice that when you’re choosing the photos for the professor to judge, they’re all grainy and low res when in docked mode? When you compare them to the photo you already have saved, it’s super noticeable. Definitely less-so in handheld but still a bit odd 🤔


Looks that way for me too


came to this thread to see if anyone else was talking about this, it's driving me nuts hahah


It’s got to be a performance/loading issue. They probably dropped the resolution on the temporary shots to just keep things moving smoothly. Not a huge deal considering they go back to full resolution if you keep them.


[actual wildlife photographers play New Pokémon Snap](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B56WT1HIiCs)


this was great haha thanks for sharing!


They got so analytical. I loved that lol


That was pretty cool, I love the shot of the duckletts watching the magikarp struggle :P


Wow for how quick this was out it’s a great video. Less Pokémon gawking (which I’m doing playing rn) and more photography element discussion (which I also love and is hard to find). Two thumbs up


I got about an hour of playtime in today before work and this game is just delightful. It’s chill, it’s beautiful, the Pokémon feel alive and interesting. If you liked OG Pokémon snap, it’s perfect.


It looks so good!!! It's bittersweet because this game is great so far, but it's also a reminder of how conservative The Pokémon Company has been with games over the past 20 years. Why is this the first pokemon game to look like it was made with modern tech? ugh.


Because Bandai Namco were the devs lol


Cause it was made by different devs. Gamefreak has only really ever had experience with handhelds hence why their struggle to take full advantage of what the switch has to offer. If their expansion pass so far is anything to go by though it does seem they're at least getting the hang of it (if slow as tree sap)


How so? I played the expansion pass and it just seemed like more wild areas. The terrain was better in the tundra dlc but otherwise felt more of the same to me.


It felt like the areas were actually integrated into the game. The main wild area is like “oh suddenly it’s hailing!” And “oh suddenly there’s a sandstorm!” The DLC just felt so much more natural for me there


I'm really worried about Arceus. I just want to explore the world of pokemon and see them behave in the wild, and snap is going to be that for me. Afceus is just going to be a giant wild area with terribly animated mons. I hope I'm wrong, but game freak has a bad track record.


Not to add insult to injury, but I specifically noted to a friend about how much I liked the fact that this felt like an older GameCube era game. I feel like we’re not even talking modern; we’re talking just not ancient.


You don't need to reinvent the wheel to be successful, that being said you can't strap on wooden spokes onto a modern car and expect it to be successful. I think new snap modernized what it had to to make the experience what it is but didn't obsess over 'Modernizing' the original formula that works


Visually, I think the Mystery Dungeon remake (though that was also made by Bandai Namco) and Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee look great and perfectly passable as modern Switch games. That being said, I’m glad to see lots of positivity about New Snap! Haven’t gotten a copy for myself yet, but it seems like a great time for someone like me who hasn’t played the original on the N64.


Fun fact: there’s a bigger gap between New Snap and the original than there is between Duke Nukem Forever and the original Duke Nukem for Dos.




i'd pay real money for this


The first Pokemon Snap was the same level over and over where you could get new tools to interact with the world. But the overall world was always the same: X pokemon would follow Y path and do Z thing Is the new game the same, or is it more procedural/random/free-range?


You do play the same level over and over again but it’s a bit different. As you get good pictures your research level goes up. When you level up your research level a new higher level variant can open. In this variant there will be more Pokémon and Pokémon from the previous version will be there with new interactions. There is little environmental story telling going on to like in the first level there are some bidoof, in the next version the bidoof are running around building a dam, in the further version the dam gets closer to completion. Some levels also have different times of day/weather and those different times of day/weather brings new Pokémon and interactions. These variants also have research levels that unlock new versions of them to. You also receive tools as you progress so in addition to all this to incentivize you to go back and experiment to see what new shots you can get. However most events if not all events/Pokémon follows a set pattern. So while a stream might have no Pokémon in it in variant 1 and stream might have a ducklet swimming in it in variant 2. This will always remain constant so that ducklet will always be swimming in that stream in variant 2 and always absent in variant 1.


I don't think this is much of a spoiler since it's first level, but >!I also noticed at level 1 a Wurmple is on the ground near a tree, then on level 2 it has climbed the tree, then on level 3 there is a Heracross trying to climb the tree to get the Wurmple.!< lol


Kind of both? There are definitely Pokémon that do the same things every time, but the more you play a level the more things change. New Pokémon will appear and Pokémon you’ve seen before may behave in different ways.


If you include the variants for levels, the new game has more distinct levels to go through. The levels themselves will change a couple times in very minor ways, meaning that unlike the original, a level isn't going to be the same on run 1 as run 10. The Pokemon seem more densely packed, so getting a good shot of one Pokemon might result in you getting a so-so shot of another, making replaying levels a bit less annoying since you can have certain Pokemon you're specifically looking forward to getting a better picture of. One thing people haven't mentioned as much is that the items seem to be designed slightly differently than the previous game. From what I've seen, your ability to get Pokemon to interact with each other, the environment, or change their position is highly limited compared to the previous game. The items in this game are moreso designed with changing a Pokemon's stance or pose for a better standalone score rather than giving you tools to solve ambient puzzles with. In one regard you're less likely to get stuck, on the other hand the previous games' ability to induce evolution and get Pokemon to interact with their otherwise ignored environment seems to reduce some of the cool discovery moments.


As someone who never got to play Pokémon Snap, should I give this one a try? I love the concept and I'm really down to try the series. Should I play the first one?


You definitely don’t need to have played the first one. I didn’t and I’m loving it


I never played the original and I am enjoying it. I can't wait to find psyduck


Probably has too much of a headache to come out 😕


I'll have to catch it mid nap then. I got a pic of a sleeping bidoof 😸😸


For any veterans....is there a successor to the hidden geographic pictures in this one? Finding those when I was a child made me feel like Einstein.


Sadly there seems to be no sign of the Pokémon Signs or evolutions. As of now the hidden paths/puzzles have left something to be desired compared to the original IMO. Still enjoying myself though.


No evolutions is really weird


It is pretty bizarre, especially with Magikarp being *so* prevalent (evolution is his main gimmick!) and Eevee being in the campsite + basically every Eeveelution showing up (I don't think I've yet seen >!Umbreon or Jolteon!<).


I've been throwing apples and illumina orbs at every magikarp I see trying to get it to jump over nearby waterfalls to evolve, but it turns out that's not a thing. Hell, I actually don't think Gyarados is even in this game


Same! Such a bummer for me! I thought he was in the cavern level when I hit that plant with an orb and two magikarp appeared right by the waterfall. Played it multiple times trying to hit them just for disappointment lol


I was throwing tons of apples at the whirlpool in the reef level under the assumption that if I made the Magikarp in the middle jump out enough, i'll get it mad enough to evolve. Seriously, it feels like they originally intended to have them in the game, but just ran out of time or something


Ahh bummer, the signs (thank you for the name reminder) were fantastic. Still looking forward to playing once my girlfriend puts it down! Should only be a week or so...


There is something actually, ancient ruins are scattered about the island to take pictures of.


As much as I’m enjoying the game, the split paths feel largely token.


The split path in the under water route is completely different


I regret not getting a bigger microSD when I thought about it before. Fingers crossed Walmart has a copy in the morning.


Is there any way to access the photos from Snap so I can post them online? They aren't in my screenshot folder.


If you go to Lab > Your space > Album, you can find the photos you’ve saved after each research trip. Click a photo and there’s a “Save to System” button which will make it show up in your regular screenshots folder.




Do you guys think they'll release DLC?


One of the research tips points out that there are landscape photos from a far off land in the lab.


I don't think they will, but I so *hope* they will. The options for new content are endless. New maps, variable weather or weather-variant tracks, shiny Pokemon, evolution puzzles, new tools, challenge modes, new camera options, etc etc


how cool would it be if DLC was all the original maps but with updated pokemon. Same music, same paths with some new secrets sprinkled in


they could easily charge like $40 for this and chumps like me would pay it


I hope so, because it would be a fantastic game to have some!


This has so far exceeded my expectations in every way. It’s just such a lovely, cozy, feel good game and I have been smiling nonstop while I play this. It’s just so satisfying getting a cool shot of one of your favourite Pokémon. I love how each level has variations depending on your experience gained in them, makes coming back to them more enjoyable and fun to spot differences. The extra little tasks given are much more addictive than I though they’d be and I’m obsessed with getting every star rating for all the different Pokémon. I can totally understand if this kind of game isn’t for everyone though, but it ticks all the right boxes for me for sure.


I meticulously inspected every single palm tree on Blushing Beach cause I was so sure one of them would be an Alolan Exeggutor, missed opportunity there! Such a great game, I hope they add some DLC.


Has anyone figured out how to go down branching paths? I went down one by accident but I can’t figure out how to do it again


Press the X button to scan, then hold the X button on the arrow icon to go down the alternative path.


Thank you! I was doing what others were telling me but you were the only one to mention the arrow icon. That was definitely the missing link


Anyone know if there is a way to change the subject of a photo? I took a FANTASTIC picture of a tangrowth, but the professor was like, "no that's a bad caterpie"


You just have to be more careful about getting the picture centered on your target. But you can always a save a good picture even if the subject isn't what you wanted it to be.


I don't think that's possible.


Does anyone know how many research levels there are per course? EDIT: Looks like 4 is the max


Does anyone know how the auto photo select feature works? Does it just pick your highest scoring pictures?


unless you need a certain star level of a pokemon photo for your photo dex


Has anyone noticed any differences in maps between max research level and research level three??


I just leveled the park (day) to max an was wondering the same thing.


I read last night the changes cap at 3, can't find what article I was on.


New Pokemon Snap makes me dream of a Bandai Namco Pokemon RPG or Stadium. I wouldn't even care if only a third of all Pokemon were in it if it looked and felt even remotely like this game.


I would do unspeakable things for more Pokemon stadium minigames.


Anyone on the west coast got the game yet?


No, says it's unavailable on my console still.


Just got it to boot up!


I’m getting a different message then earlier still can’t play though


Yeah the restarting the console or entering the eshop won't effect it one


I pre-ordered the physical version so unless the delivery guy is secretly a Regieleki I don't think I will get it early


I'm playing now. Had no problems when I booted it up.


Am I missing a save progress button, or is it just auto save?


Just auto save I believe


I ordered the game on Amazon like a month ago because it said it would be delivered the day of release and now it’s saying it won’t get delivered until tomorrow :(


I spent my wedding night playing the origional 64 version with my now husband. This is so fun!


No spoilers please, but just curious if there's any kind of legendary pokemon in the game and roughly how long it is, which I know is kind of hard thing to measure with this game


Reviews seem to say 15 hours to beat the main story, not counting extra content


I’ve not come close because I just keep playing levels over and over again. I guess it’s fifteen hours if you say “that’s ok moving on” as soon as you can


There are Legendaries, personally I found 2 so far and saw another 2 in Twitter so there are more than 4 for sure.


I love the main series games but this is pound for pound the best pokemon game we've hade in quite a while.


I ALREADY LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!! Picked my copy up this morning from Best Buy. I’m camping with family this weekend so no Internet posting via the game yet for me, however I just started like 30 minutes ago. It is such a cute and beautiful game, I love exploring and getting to see how all of the Pokémon interact. I didn’t play the original on the N64, but I am so glad I preordered this one for the Switch!


If anyone is having trouble with joycon drift, try going into the options and using control settings 3 or 4—this allows you to control the camera with the right stick. Setting four also lets you take photos with the trigger, which is easier than using the A button


Now that the game's been out for a bit, can we discuss things we wish New Pokemon Snap did a bit better? I'm growing really frustrated with the lack of dashing early in the game, I'm relieved after some googling to see that eventually you DO unlock something to make the Neo One faster but its later in the game. Moving through certain tracks can be so tedious, especially if you're just trying to complete a specific request. And on that note... Requests feel so damn fussy. Like there's no icon indicating whether a request has a reward until you open it, and also the criteria and hints for snapping said pictures seem... off. Like Phil requested a picture of a Clawitzer shooting, I took said picture, and I ... Just didn't get the complete. Plus, sometimes a request will come up after you've already taken a photo of said behavior and the idea of having to do it again is just tedious. Requests in general just seem like a waste of time.


Phil specifically wants to see the Clawitzer duel, so you have to get a photo with both in the picture.




Should I buy this game? I never played the original. The game looks fun but honestly kinda boring (no offense to people who like these kind of games)


I never played the original either but I just decided to preorder it. I’m about three hours in and I’m having a damn blast. I thought it might be boring too but it really isn’t


If you think it looks boring it's probably not for you. What you see is what you get.


thanks for the honest answer


That's what I thought back in the day when the first snap came out. Then I played it at my cousins house and it became one of my favorite games. The sequel absolutely does it justice


Dumb question, but has there been any Amiibo support for this game? Like I know they didn't make new ones specific to it, but has anyone found a use from other Amiibos?


Does anyone know if the apples falling though the ground on the sand level is intentional? Seems kinda weird


Update: restart your game its a bug


I haven’t played a Pokémon game since I had ruby as a kid but used to play the og Pokémon snap and purchased the new one for nostalgia. I was worried that not being familiar with the newer Pokémon might take from the experience but I’ve been having a blast. For anyone else who might have similar reservations, I definitely recommend


I really love this game!! It is so damn cute and full of nostalgia!! It's just fun to be whimsical and surrounded by cute creatures.


The camera feels much too zoomed in.


It would be awesome if for dlc you could buy different lenses. I'm a photographer so I would love that lol.


I went to Blockbuster to print photos but they have been out of buisness over a decade.


How do we unlock the legendaries? I tried the instructions online but they don’t show up for me :(


If I'm "old" and not "hip and with it" can I just completely ignore the photo editing/instagram filters aspect or whatever they're calling those newfangled functions?


yep. i've gotten a ton of sweet medals just uploading good shots without any filters/etc. on them. if the shot is good it speaks for itself imo.


I don't use any of the filters or stickers. They're more like a side thing instead of a major point in the game.


I've lost track of how many times I've gone "Awwwwww!". This game is too freakin' cute XD


This game was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, addicting gameplay and uses underrated Pokemon as well. Finished the story and now hunting the Legendary/Mythicals which is exciting


Is there any difference between max level and level 3? I noticed 0 difference in the two I got to max level


I’m wondering the same thing. I haven’t noticed anything either!


It seems to be the same from what I have noticed. At least for the Park and Jungle maps which are my only max currently.


Pretty disappointing to grind it out for absolutely nothing lol


If anyone is still checking this thread because they're on the fence like I was yesterday, I would say buy the game. I was hesitant because I didn't know how fun a game just about taking pictures could be. However, it is actually really fun. Not the most intellectually stimulating gameplay, but it is fun being able to capture how Pokemon react to certain things. It's a good time.


I’m so conflicted if I want to buy the game. Is there a super sadistic professor who gets off on shots of Pokémon that got TKO’d? If so I’m all In


So you throw like fluffruit or something, which can not unfortunately cause brain damage to pokemon.


My wife had a hilarious case last night where she bonked an arbok and made it hiss and she snapped a photo, but accidentally only got Arbok on the border of the frame and most of the picture is just a bush. She got 3 stars for it.


Stars aren't quality of image but rather how rare the shot is.


The star colors do change though according to your score. It'll be gold at 3,500+ points, and platinum/shiny above 4,000 points. I've been having fun trying to get all platinum stars. =)


Correct, but that wasn't what they were confused on.


Hey, quick question: Is there local multiplayer in this game?


Single player only, I believe.


Do the joy cons do anything important or can I use a regular controller?


I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone mention how Phil looks like a diet Gon from Hunter x Hunter ...and his VA is actually English Gon


Play on setting 4 for the best feel.


This is a really great game, I love it! I've gotten some really great photos that I might post here on Reddit. Most of them are really nice postcard-esque ones, but I also ended up with a hilariously philosophical-looking Tangrowth and a flying Murkrow that has the exact same energy as Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie.


How does giving sweet medals work? I always seem to give 10 at a time, but I know you can give less than that since I've seen photos, including my own, with medals that aren't in multiples of 10.




Biggest complaint about the first game was how short it was. Not only did this game fix that issue, but added so much more. I’m more than pleased with how this game turned out.


I'm really frustrated with the requests system. I perform the actions they ask of me and then when I present the photos... nothing. I feel like I've fulfilled my requests without even looking for them than actually trying to hunt for them. It makes progression feel really gated when I don't even know what I'm doing wrong because I'm doing exactly as the game is asking of me.


Something to keep in mind - the requests don't seem to actually have anything gated behind them, but are more like hints for how to get certain 3-4\* poses.


Bought this game last night. Totally happy with the purchase. I've got about 5 hours or so in the game so far. I feel like I could sink 100 hours into this game lol.


This game looks SOOOOO good. Give these guys the key to doing the idle animations at minimum for the next big Pokémon game 😭


Spoilers below in my review so don't read on unless ya already beat it or are fine with some spoilers! Overall: Really good game for what it is, a Pokémon Snap sequel. It looks really good and is full of fun Easter eggs to find! As a player of the first one, it was nice to have the whole gameplay loop of finding out how to find new Pokémon or get different poses just like the old one. Replay ability is high with the challenges and star levels for completionists. However just playing through is also a pleasurable experience and one doesn't need to complete everything for an enjoyable time. I have some qualms however. The max levels as far as I can tell bring no changes. The 100k experience bears no rewards. That was annoying since something as simple as one evolved form, say a Venasaur on the park level, would have made the grind feel more worthwhile. While I'm glad the entire game wasn't nostalgia based, I was particularly excited to once again knock a magikarp into a waterfall for Gyarados. Admittingly, this is a personal gripe and not one I expect to be shared by many. That was my favorite moment in the original as a kid and I was really hoping to find him again. There were magikarps on the cavern level by a waterfall that you summon by lighting up the plant. I hit them with an apple and nothing happened. Then, the whirlpool at the reef was cool but no Gyarados. Sadly, he wasn't in the game at all. Some of the challenges are nearly impossible to figure out without outside help. Best Frenemies for example, you are never told repeatedly scanning can change anything. How anyone figured that out is beyond me. Not even telling us the tools we need to do it seems kinda, I don't know, like stacking the odds way against us. I don't mind a challenge but geez. The levels all look really nice and the different paths bring something new. The excitement of finding them is worthwhile. All in all, a very worthwhile game for old and new players alike. It isn't perfect but I would recommend it!


> That was annoying since something as simple as one evolved form, say a Venasaur on the park level, would have made the grind feel more worthwhile. There are evolved forms in the levels. If you get the jungle level to level 3, venusaur is there playing with sobbles and you get an interaction with it if you lure arbok over to it. If you get the reef area to a certain level, blastoise shows up to save a squirtle from a whirlpool. And charizard is in the volcano at level 3 fighting a tyrantrum or in the lava/blue lava area protecting some charmanders if you trigger it properly. The 'evolved form' in the park level is vespiqueen/florges, since it's themed after flowers.


I meant from 3 to max. Correct me if I'm wrong but Vespiqueen is there on level 3 after hitting a Combee with an orb I think. That's awesome that Venasaur is in it! Haven't found him yet but found the other 2!


One of the Venusaurs in Founja Jungle has an absolutely *hilarious* interaction that I love. The first time you encounter Venusaur on the course, >!you can lure Arbok over to it and then wake it up. Arbok will scare it off and it will run away. Then, you'll find it much later in the area, on one of the rocks by a waterfall. It's sleeping. On the adjacent rock, with a Crystabloom, there are two Sobbles.!< >!If you activate the Crystabloom (and possibly also play music, I'm not sure, I just keep doing it anyway), the Sobbles will spray little fountains of water out of their mouths and water Venusaur like it's a big houseplant.!< >!If you do it AGAIN, though, it gets even better. The Sobbles get carried away and basically go PBBBBTHHHP and spray the Venusaur in the face. It gets mad and jumps into the water, which scares away the Sobbles. !< This last part actually nets you a four-star photo of Venusaur, though so far I just keep getting pictures of its butt.


It’s up y’all!




Anyone in EST Able to launch yet?


Yep! Took a minute but I have it running.


I keep getting "you cannot play this software or downloadable content yet. Please try again later" Oop. Finally kicked in after the 100th try xD happy snapping folks!


Honestly I just kept spamming it til it opened lmaooo




There are alternate routes you can find, and as you get your research levels up you'll unlock the ability to find more routes and see new interactions between pokemon.


Your idea of what a secret is skewed them. The original really didn't have secrets as those things were just part of progressing the game. This game however has tons of secrets here and there, and very little of it is needed to actually complete the campaign.








Pokemon Snap is essentially a massive rougelike Pokemon meme maker.


I'm so excited! I didn't get to play the original because I didn't have the system. Eeeee!


I want to buy this game but should I be worried about drift?


How do you mean? It’s not likely to cause drift, the gameplay probably won’t have us slamming on the joysticks. If you already have drift, yeah, it’ll be tricky to play when you’re trying to frame a shot and stuff.


There’s an option for motion control and then if the drift starts acting up you can turn the camera sensitivity for the sticks down to one


I just don’t want to have my experience ruined because I can’t take a single photo properly because my drift acts up every time I try to take a photo.