[Ghiroli] Phillies, Mets minor leaguers protest pay by wearing #FairBall wristbands

[Ghiroli] Phillies, Mets minor leaguers protest pay by wearing #FairBall wristbands


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good for them. the way minor leaguers are treated is so disheartening.


100% The money these guys make is insanely low. Anyone who supports baseball should be supportive of seeing these players treated with respect.


Absolutely. I hope they can force minimum pay to at least 40k per season. I just hope when this finally happens owners don’t water down the rosters to recoup the money


Absolutely. Anyway, post your favorite Phillies merch everyone! Who has those sweet alternate colors?


There's really no excuse when there's so much money in the sport. They should be paid a decent wage


We have had some of the worst minor league development out there for a long while now. It would be massive if the phillies would be one of the first orgs to actually treat their minor leagues like the futures stars they can be. Its also just a fucking sin that the minor leaguers are treated like this and it only further increases my frustrations with this organization.


Is it even a surprise that a team like the Dodgers has a chef for their AA team: https://www.newson6.com/story/60c2b5d4530d4b0bd8d471f2/tulsa-drillers-team-chef-helps-cook-up-recipe-for-success


I didn't know they were paid that little. I can see the argument being "they get paid based on revenue they generate", but the MLB has to look at it as investing in itself and maybe taking a loss on the minor leagues. You're going to drive away talent to other jobs if working your way through the minors is impossible financially.


Exactly. If you're gonna use it as a farm system, you can't pay based on revenue. That's not a farm system then.


If the farm system is the future, it would make sense that you should make sure they can focus on developing as a player rather than eating like shit and skipping exercise to work another job.


Always a supporter when labor forces work together for better working conditions.




You know, with all the purging done of the minor leagues last winter, you’d think that at the very least, the minor leaguers who are still around would be getting paid fairly. I thought that was the point.


No matter what they say, the point is never to do the right thing. It’s always to hoard more wealth.


Good for the AHL at least paying their players a living wage and how much more is the MLB worth than the NHL it’s absurd.


Absolutely. Minimum salary in the AHL is I think $50k and veteran tweeners routinely make $200k+. As they should. It’s a no-brainer.


Every time dopey, lunchpail-carrying, paycheck-to-paycheck fans cry about players being greedy and side with billionaire, no talent ownership it makes me cringe. Ownership would treat your favorite players like these minor leaguers if given the chance.


I've never understood anybody siding with owners, in any dispute.


Damn i thought the min was like 35k. And i was gonna say if they are complaining about that. You can literally get another job for like half the year. But 12k nah thats like basically less then min wage.


And you forgot the best part, you can get jerked around between levels too if you’re really unlucky.


Played college baseball. At one point was looking at possibly getting drafted late. Probably wouldn’t have even been able to pursue it because there are bills to be paid. Unless you get a big signing bonus, have a good shot at the majors or have family money to fall back on idk how these guys do it.


Coming from money sure has it advantages and I think a lot of athletes would not have made it as far if they didn't have that financial backing. I've saw this growing up with the local athletes. The ones that were most successful typically came from money and were able to focus on their sport. They had all of the best gear and some even had training facilities at home. They could afford to go to the best camps, had access to trainers and training facilities, had the best sports doctors treat their injuries, tutors to help them get through school etc.


It’s definitely a huge boost. Makes it all the more impressive when players from poor countries are able to beat the odds and make it big.


The problem is that minor Leaguers have no clout. Owners can win the public opinion war by saying, "sure... We can up minor league salaries by x-percent by reducing MLB wages by a little. We'll put it in as an item in the next CBA negotiation." But minor Leaguers aren't in the union, so it would be left up to the players' association to agree to take a hit on contracts while receiving nothing on their end.


Solidarity forever


This is an easy fix. Either raise MLBPA dues a fixed percentage that gets split between all minor league talent or attach a small tax to new contracts that the player and teams pay evenly when signing a contract. The players pay to support the players where they once were in the minors and the teams pay when locking a player up long term too.


My first thought to address this issue was to attach a tax to new major league contracts that would go towards funding minor league salaries.


Shouldn't everyone be paid a living wage? full time minimum wage is 250 a week after taxes. That's 1000 dollars a month. Even 10 dollars is roughly 350 a week and a lot of minimum and low wage workers don't get 40 hours a week. This is an American problem. And these people are working 12 months a year, not 6. Not that I don't agree, but they're talking about their living conditions when this is the exact same situation for ALL low wage workers and most of them are working for billionaires too.


…yes? And?


And then the people that argue that we shouldn't raise the minimum wage complain about "all of these people who get assistance". Nobody that works 35 or more hours a week should qualify for assistance!


I agree that minor league salaries and working conditions should be raised, but I think a point that is being overlooked is the signing bonuses these players receive. Signing bonuses start in the low 6 figures, a top 50 draft pick will receive over 1 million, top 30 pick over 2 million and a top 10 draft pick will get a signing bonus of well over 4 million. As with any grievances over pay and working conditions, nothing will likely change until enough people decide to walk off or walk away from the job.


If you’re a college senior and not at the top of the draft class, your bonus is usually pennies because you have no other options if you want a chance at the big leagues.


The top 300+ get 6 figures. At some point you need to to assess your chances and decide if your dream is worth pursuing. Unfortunately, keeping that dream alive is what the minor leagues are offering a lot of these players and that appears to be enough.


Oh please. Which one of them will give up part of their own salary so that the farm system can buff up its payroll? None. Much easier to wear a 20 cent rubber band.




Someone didn’t read the article, or even the very first sentence. > MINOR-league players from the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets wore teal wristbands reading #FairBall during Saturday’s game to protest and bring awareness to minor-league pay.


What a joke it's fair for who you play and the amount of revenue you bring in good grief smh