Hypocrite much?

Hypocrite much?


If you don’t design and manufacture your own circuit boards are you even a gamer?


If you arent on the sun harvesting your own minerals, were you even born


If you're not mining up your own copper from your personal mine, are you even a gamer?


If you’re not hunting down the infinity stones and making your own pocket universe just to miss a keycap massdrop, are you even a gamer?


If you're not constructing a time machine and travelling back to the beginning of the universe, causing a disruption that results in the big bang, siphoning the universe's first formed copper, aluminum, platinum, palladium, neodymium, tantalum, and silicon, constructing, smelting and designing your own circuitry, programming the OS, generating the electricity and coding your own games, you are nothing more than a dirty console grifting casual.


And yet your machine will still be like scum beneath the dirt compared to the omnipresent lord of all technology: Glorious Nokia N-Gage.


If you are not crossing alternate timelines and solving the escape velocity required to somehow leave the event horizon in order to be quick enough to buy a 3080 FE do you even build?


If you don't play games, you aren't even a gamer.


Games a pre built, like how do you live knowing that now


"coding your own games" Ok there buddy , now I KNOW you're being sarcastic. Thats impossible.


Yes. I just steal pipes from my neighbors. I think it's called thief simulator.


I harvest my own photons for electricity but I let the green ones go. They're not ripe yet.


If you wish to make apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.


Don't even bother with PCB design unless you develop and draw your own processor and integrated circuit architectures.


Don't speak to me about gaming unless you spent $500 in a group buy on your keycap set and waited 2 and a half years for them to be delivered


You joke but COVID fucked up keycap delivery times so fucking hard.


If you don’t design, source labor to 3rd world countries, manufacture, print, package and wrap your goods are you even a consumer?


Easier than custom water cooling.


>prebuilt keyboard. Well, shit. Few more years and people are gonna get scolded for buying pre-built processors.No, son, you have crystalize your own or no balls!


Yes, i am currently building my own factory and im searching for a PBT supplier so i can use my custom mold machines to create ISO keycaps (only for me). You can support me on patreon.


Bro group buy when?


no group buy bro sorry, you can give me money on patreon so i can create this keycaps but it's only for me


True to the roots. Ultimate quality at no expenses. I’m sold. Here take my money.


I was actually researching silicon crystal growth last week... lol


You do that, pal:) Youll soon need that, solder


Oh no, even the silver and lead solders are short too!?! When will the madness end?


You haven't heard of the new crypto that uses solder?


Interesting. Pop quiz: What kind of plant do cpus grow on?


Cpus come from a can They were put there by a man In a factory downtown


If I had my little way, I'd have CPUs everyday




Such a specific, out of place reference but I appreciate you


Chips in a can. Are the cans only 1/3 full with chips like the bags are?


The same tree Intel thinks my money grows on


a manufacturing plant.


I’ve designed processors. They were very bad.


I'ma assume the next one will be Linux and if you don't build your own kernel are you even a gamer?


Thinking of playing around with FPGAs. I did some VHDL decades ago at university, including processors, but never got to write them to an actual FPGA. I don’t have the skills to do anything worthwhile, but would be fun to revisit.


People who play prebuilt games: 🤡


damn bro, but you didnt make your OS to play it so who's the clown ​ /s


Terry Davis had the right idea then


I made Lunox 1000 wym


This guy doesn't forge his own case, what a noob.


>forge with hammer and anvil


Just make sure you made that hammer and anvil.


With your own steel formula that you synthesized with the iron that you mined.


Make sure you mined the coal for the forge.


Are those prebuilt tools I see there?


Jokes. Did you spend 3 years following a Japanese katana artisan like I did?


prebuilt keyboard lol. are you mechanical keyboarders buying prebuilt keyboard usb cables? I make my own from my hand gold plated wirestrands, nanite teflon wiresleeves and 3d printed and then gold plated usb connector for that sweet lossless latency


There are custom keyboard USB cables, actually. They just don't care much about lossless stuff because, well, they don't need them for the boards.


> buying prebuilt keyboard usb cables> Doing custom cables is fun too. It really is just more fun to know that you made something yourself and not just throw money at a company to do it for you. Instead, you throw even more money on multiple smaller companies to build it yourself lol


You can make cables for like $3, ~$10 if you want to get whacky with the connectors and shit. No way in fuck I'm paying someone 50+ to do that.


Yea for sure. Making coiled cables and getting the coil real tight is kinda hard but if you get a little practice in you can just make them yourself and not only safe 50$ but often also 5 months wait time...


Yeah, I made cables for a couple of my mice then I started paracording all my PC shit. It's stupid simple, luckily I'm not into the coils.


Ok but custom cables are 100% a fair part of the mk hobby


noooooooo you got me, well, imagine not making your own 3d printer and plastic. I own 7 oil fields and a foxconn in china to fabricate my sleeving for my custom cables, beat that.


How many child slaves do u own


Not enough


The ones for work or for pleasure?


You never actually *own* a child slave, you merely look after it for the next generation.


I make my own


Did you even form your own oil reserve?


people who doesn't grow their own dinosaurs smh


This comment is creeping over into /r/3DPrinting where people print parts with their prebuilt printer to build bigger and custom made printers.


I can tell this is a joke but … yea my buddy (fellow mk enthusiast) makes his own cables for mechanical keyboards! Buys all the separate materials and everything. It’s pretty cool.


I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but yea people do that


you're joking but that's pretty common for r/mk. all about those sweet sweet coils


lol do you people not make your own electricity?


Of all the things I think this one is the easiest to make.


This is a hobby I want to get into. Literally free money.


I have sleeved and terminated my own cables, yes.


Funnily enough, yes we do make our own cables.


You joke, but I was genuinely considering making my own keyboard usb cable a few days ago. I ultimately decided against it... for now.


r/MechanicalKeyboards is actually kind of tiered as well * people who buy prewired hot swappable boards, keycaps and switches and assemble like legos * people who solder up a custom circuit board and then assemble * people who 3d print a case for their custom circuit board * people who write their own qmk fork to support custom features * people who write a firmware from scratch for their arduino nano * people who harvest crystals and vespene gas and create a chip fab in their closet because only filthy casuals buy chips from factories * people who create a mechanical computer with a keyboard that uses magnets to translate keystrokes into current over the USB wires, thus fooling the computer into thinking there is an electronic device at the other end. Macro support is a work in progress.


>prebuilt keyboards Aight imma head out


Lol, right? I was interested in buying a neat mechanical keyboard a couple years back. Made the mistake of asking for suggestions and advice on r/mechanicalkeyboards. That place is the single most toxic gatekeeping community I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with (I mean, I know there are worse communities, I've just never had to deal with them). *Completely* turned me off whatever they were selling. I ended up buying a Corsair instead. 100% happy with my purchase, it's a great keyboard.


Don't get into audio...cause that will change your mind quickly. As someone that got into both communities during COIVID. On Discord, both communities are toxic, On Reddit [r/headphones](https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones) makes [r/MechanicalKeyboards](https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards) look fun. Edit: LMFAO, just had someone on discord tell me that I've never listened to a good set of headphones before. GOD the audio community is TOXIC


I’ve been in both hobbies for a few years, everything is opinion based. And since it’s opinion based there’s a lot of assholes. Someone can swear up and down that X headphone is far superior to Y headphone. But you pop them on your head for a quick listen and you may think the opposite. Same goes for keyboards with switches, caps, plate materials and so forth.


yeah for real lol, sometimes some people make me think their definition of preference is "preference until i disagree with it, because im right unlike you" lmao, really drives away newcomers when they have something to say or a simple question and inmediately get put down because its supposedly not the best


Yea, I mean that's gatekeeping for you. I'm certain there's at least a bit of it in every community. I think probably the most famous example is League of Legends, though most communities (hell, even r/mechanicalkeyboards) aren't *that* bad. In the end though, it's a win-win situation. The gatekeepers get to feel smug and satisfied that they shit on and chased away a potential newcomer who was interested in their hobby, and the (now not a) newcomer dodges the bullet of dealing with their toxic bullshit. Sucks for the rest of that community, though.


> As someone that got into both communities during COIVID. On Discord, both communities are toxic, On Reddit r/headphones makes r/MechanicalKeyboards look fun. I’ve been on r/mk for years and I never see people get ridiculed for buying generic keyboards.


Trust me, even though I recently joined r/MechanicalKeyboards I haven't seen the toxic stuff everyone else is seeing. Even the infamous "Everyone hates MX browns", as a person that actually hates MX browns outside of the meme I've only seen people talk about how much they love MX browns or how it's a good entry level switch (I also agree it's a good entry level switch despite my hate for it) ​ Meanwhile on r/headphones don't buy anything other than HD6xx, Sundara, or Porta Pros. Every reviewer sucks and don't talk about anything other than high quality FLAC. Also, if you visit any forum outside of us you suck we're the only superior place to learn about headphones.


Now I'm tempted to go there and praise Turtle Beach as the end-all be-all.


I was about to say the same thing. As a member r/mk I'm regularly offering friendly advice on entry-level and budget friendly boards.


People confuse communities that are frustrated with getting the same stupid questions over and over again, with actually toxicity. There is so much information on these subs if people just learn to search, instead of making a useless post expecting everything spoon-fed to them.


I think people are also confusing toxicity with disagreement. I have not really seen much toxicity in the keyboard community, but when someone comes on the subreddit asking "Is the Razer Blackwidow a good keyboard?" and they get like 300 comments saying "No, it's garbage, here are a ton of alternatives for the price range", that's not necessarily toxicity. Ask a hobbyist subreddit for an opinion and they will give it to you. It's especially entertaining going on /r/headphones and seeing someone legitimately ask if "Beats are good headphone." Although in recent years, it's really come full circle and people will actually list some good models of Beats that actually review well.


That's because people who make posts about buying generic keyboard never make the front page


I don't really get how headphones are as sustaining a hobby as keyboards. I got myself an 'endgame' pair of fostex and now I couldn't care less. At least with keyboards you can really change things up with new keycap sets or layouts plus you can build them for friends.


I've only had one interaction with /r/headphones I said I wanted to buy a pair of headphones for around 150 that were open back, good for gaming and music and had a removable 3.5 mm cable and they suggested a pair that I bought. I love them and have been using them over a year now.


Hey, I'm a fairly new member of the community and I agree the gatekeepy-ness surely drove me away but in last 2 years or so, it has expanded exponentially and gotten much more open. If you even feel like looking into customs, i suggest looking up Hamaji Neo or Glarses for some nice meme-y content that can help you learn without the judgement!


When my current keyboard starts to break down (which is probably not for another 2-3 years at least, mind you), I'll keep those names in mind! Thank you :)


You guys are capping so hard it's insane. Like beyond insane. Just because you're a little upset you got laughed at for spending $280 on a keyboard with rattley stabs and a soldered PCB, doesn't mean you need to cry or spend $2000 on a keyboard. 60% of the sub is filled $80 boards from GK / RK or other bangood / AliExpress brands, are standard layout, and hotswap capable. They also have sub $50 keycaps from similar websites too. This way you can actually lube and tune your stabs, pick out some decent designs or colours and have an amazing sounding keeb with the switches you actually want for half the price of a dog rat corsair. Plus it makes for a fun weekend project. Don't be mad you got stiffed by Logitech / corsair / razer. Most of the mech community started out with one of those brands too. Edit: KEYCHRON is another extremely viable brand. How could I forget


Ya at a minimum get a keyboard without any proprietary bullshit. They're usually cheaper and higher quality.


You can get an rk61 or rk81 which are both hot-swap and wireless for under 75


Not to mention you don't need rgb bloatware / malware to control the lighting.


I bought a Durgod brand. Love it so far. Skipped out on all the major brands because of the proprietary bullshit and bloatware garbage.


Yeah not everyone there uses GMK sets and insane setups. I remember a couple months back a good amount of people were posting their matcha keycap set that only ran around what, $50 for the set on most websites? Yeah the hobby gets expensive fast if you want an insane setup, but at the same time you can do it like how it’s done with PC parts and try to find deals on secondhand stuff like the switches.


Yeah this whole thread is an extreme level of misinformation from people who haven't tried good keyboards


I would agree with the general statement if it was only about a few years ago (when you browsed it) because I have seen nothing but good vibes these past few months. There have been quite a lot of beginners with their 1st budget build that look legitimately nice and a number of those went past 1k karma. Plus, there a more and more of budget-friendly kits coming out. A friend of mine is going to order his first kit that costs 180eur for a total of 300eur with a GMK keycaps set -which could be replaced by a 50eur set for a total of 230 eur-.


In my experience most enthusiast subs are like that. There's a lot of mech keyboard streamers/discords that are very welcoming (alexotos and straychroma come to mind). It's fair that you're happy with your board, and as long as you don't dig into the custom stuff, it'll probably stay that way, but having had a corsair and now having built a high end custom board, it's truly night and day in terms of quality, feel, sound, etc...


Yeah I think that's just how it goes with a lot of hobby subs. The best or most extreme examples are the ones that get pushed to the top. Then you have people imitating the top posts, one-upping each other, and so on. It happens here too. "Check out my sick $3k rig with TG, custom loop, sleeved cables, synced RGB" is going to get a lot more upvotes than "Check out my budget build with a cheap case, bad cable management, some dust I couldn't quite get rid of, and a 5 year old GPU."


Mostly cause i think its wrongly named. It should be more on the lines of r/custommechanicalkeyboards or some shit like that. I mean if its like that and people still go in then its kinda wrong, i mean no one goes to r/buildapc and asks which alienware they should buy right? (at least when there were no part shortages)




You get downvoted so easily for your opinion if it doesn't match the majorities consensus or for asking a question. I follow the sub cause I like to see new product releases but the gatekeeping is unreal.




I subbed to r/mk mostly just for the gallery of nice looking keyboards. It's just filled with overpriced shit that gets justified since it's for "enthusiasts".


It makes way more sense when you realize that a solid chunk of those enthusiasts are tech workers pulling down 6 figures. My tech company has a giant internal spreadsheet of keyboards people use in the office so you can find someone using a certain switch/case and ask them to try it.


> My tech company has a giant internal spreadsheet of keyboards people use in the office so you can find someone using a certain switch/case and ask them to try it. Dang, how many people are in your company to warrant this?


Don't even get started on their obsession with GMK keycaps. People will legit get mad at your for not buying a used set for $200 instead of a $50 set with the same colors from a different brand.


You don’t even build your own mouse or monitor?


\> Dogging on people who buy prebuilts \> Complains that GPUs arent in stock \> Refuses to build your own GPU and continues to complain


lol is that prebuilt oxygen you're breathing right now? noob


Imagine being made of prebuilt carbon like some kind of scrub.


Imagine being and not manifesting


I didn't even know building your own keyboard was a thing but now I'm intrigued.


r/MechanicalKeyboards if you want to know more


But don't expect the same value proposition as assembling a PC vs prebuilt PC.


Assuming that keyboard building is more of a luxury than a cost saving mechanism from what I've heard.


Custom keebs are a luxury and the polar opposite of cost saving. Worth it if you have the cash & time for the hobby imo.


Its to get a better feeling and sounding keyboard more than anything


And a keyboard that just looks really cool.


Depends on your taste but yea


I mean there are kits like Handerbite that only look good to a few people but if it looks good to the person using it, then full send it.


Don’t expect value at all. It’s just a luxury that you can have more fun with. But you can definitely learn about which brands are better. Most people here probably buy Corsair or another generic brand when a Leopold is much better quality for less money.


Hard cap. If you buy GK or RK prebuilts, you can take them apart, mod them, add your own keycaps and still come out for half the price of the high end razer / corsair boards. Just get something hotswap.


Oh you bet. Though fair warning, this is not a hobby if you want value-for-money or want things fast. Basically everything is expensive and takes months to get. You get into it because you like to have a keyboard that's 'you' down to every last detail. But if you're happy with what you got now, save yourself the stress and don't look into it :D


it is a wonderful and really expensive world to get in


I would build my own keyboard if they ever sold full sized keyboard parts.


You have no idea how that resonate with me. Be it because of Counter strike where I buy with the numpad since I'm 7 years old or my job where I INTENSIVELY use the numpad I can't stop raging about how a vast majority of "cool" keyboards are TKL. It's like I'm automatically disqualified from this hobby. Well, guess I'm saving money, lmao. Also, needing an AZERTY - FR keyboard / layout apparently makes it even harder lol. I mean, I guess I could scrap by with an ISO and blank keycaps. But yeah, it's annoying to **need** the numpad and not find it anywhere.


There should still be some full size PCB and cases that you can find. Also they make seperate numpad sets that are seperate from the keyboard.


96% and 1800 layouts are here to say hello. They make dedicated numpads that are either wired or Bluetooth too.


Try finding a keyboard with the numpad on the left and lighting that can be customized, every one I found is expensive and bad. I'll take Chroma over a numpad, but I'm not going to pretend the usability didn't take a big hit from going TKL.


If you're curious and you get the chance you should try an ortholinear 40% keyboard. They cost a bit and take some effort getting used to, so I'm not going to recommend anyone to go and buy one blind. However they are really good keyboards, and the numpad is (arguably) even better than on a regular keyboard.


You've probably heard this before but you could build a custom that's smaller than a full size then get a numpad to compliment it.


Why not just buy 108 separate keyboards, each with one button?


they are expensive and rare, but they do exist


You buy prebuilt windows...


Are you saying you don't roll your own kernel from scratch? What a noob... /s


Nor I built my own graphic card :p But at least I can have a nice level of customization and optimization with Gentoo (USEFLAGs), thus choosing which option of a program I will build into it !


Real gamers write their own OS and videogames. If you don't spend 10 years of your life doing that, can you call yourself a real gamer?


With the advent of how expensive graphics cards have gotten, the last one should be "buying a prebuilt because it's less expensive", but that's just me... and I haven't owned a prebuilt in years xD




You can build a keyboard??!




Check the Glasses YT chanel, he goes over some of the basics of keyboard lingo and parts in switch reviews.


Pfft... Those dudes don't even mine the metals and process the silicon to make the microchips for the PCBs they put together for those keyboards. I hand craft every piece by hand, using only my hands because tools are for weaklings, extracting what I need directly from Earth.


WTF, I just finished my custom built microwave...


I'm sure you're joking, but that sounds like a cool project.


At least I compile my own operating system


So you are telling me that all this time I could have been building my own 3090 card? FML


Memes aside there’s a huge difference between “hey friend, you shouldn’t buy a pre-built (pre-shortage) because they tend to be lower quality and more expensive than something you can make yourself with some help” And... “This Keyboard is easily 5x more expensive than one you’d buy at a store, has less buttons, takes a ridiculous amount of time of effort to build, and does literally nothing more than look and sound pretty” That being said, nothing but respect to the peeps at r/mechanicalkeyboards, the stuff they make is dope


While I love the wonderful world of custom keyboards this isn't even remotely comparable. Building vs buying a PC has practical benefits for just about everyone. Custom built keyboards simply don't. I'm actually about to build a zilent V2 keyed board and for me theres a very real benefit. But if nobody else cares about switch feel, actuating distance/force, noise level, aluminum base, etc then there is zero benefit to them period. For a PC they can get better for cheaper and tailor it to suit them. A little extra work but it goes a long way. For a keyboard, as far as they might care its the exact same thing but now it costs as much as their laptop and requires them to solder it together.


When you point your finger to the PC parts you want and let guys at the shop assemble the case, is it considered a prebuilt or custom PC?


Custom is simply a qualifier, not in of it self. If it's fully assembled before the user gets it, it's a prebuilt. If the user gets to pick the parts as they wanted, it's custom.


So my first PC was a prebuilt custom PC?


If you got to pick the parts, and it was delivered to you ready for use, yes.


I don’t believe you


Prebuilt keyboards are getting much better too. There are way more switch options out there now. Keycaps are now PBT by default. Many keyboards are now hot swappable, so switches can now be freely changed around however one likes. You didn't get this 5 years ago and you might have had to build your own to get it.


skip the zilents, get some u4 bobas. you'll save like 40%


I will never understand people who shame on people for getting a prebuilt. Most prebuilts are actually really good value now because of the GPU shortage. I have a prebuilt (albeit very old) and i don't care, it's still a computer.


Its mostly because of you paying much more for parts that are shitty and propeitary that make a lot of e waste. I mean an example is dell, they make shit prebuilts, thats the type of prebuilts people shit on. Cyberpower for example makes pretty ok prebuilts, normal parts, not too insane prices stuff like that, thats not a prebuilt to shit on unless the price really is absurd


No i mean i'm fine with people shaming prebuilts just not people shaming people who buy prebuilts. There are alot of bad prebuilts out there, but you don't have to shame on people for doing so. After all it's their choice what they want.


Yea some people literally do not have the time to sink into choosing a prebuilt and thats totally fine, as long as they at least make an effort so that they would get something decent. Even if they have some family commitments so they cant spend hours a day researching i believe they should at least set aside half an hour to either ask questions/read up on some forums or on reddit or watch a few youtube vids. At least with a pc since for some its a major financial desicision and they wanna get the most for their buck. Literally any ounce of research would help, i mean if you are gonna spend in excess of a thousand dollars id think you would want to get your moneys worth.


I’d love to build my own but I’m buying a prebuilt today because I can never find the parts I want 😞


Same, i bought a used prebuilt on ebay (lenovo) because i didn't have the money for components for a brand new rig


Holy fuck I didn’t even know that was a thing


Imagine using a prebuilt operating system \-Gnu/Linux meta distros gang


TIL You can build your own keyboard.


It's kinda fun, and you can select your own "difficulty level", from hot-swappable PCBS (no soldering required) up to hand-wiring all the switches to a Teensy controller. You also decide on the exact type and weight of switch, the shape and color of keycaps and case, the exact layout (but don't expect many "full size" keyboard parts; the "enthusiast market" is slanted towards 60% and smaller).


Oh, your house is prebuilt? Smh man not a true PC gamer.


The difference is that it’s cheaper and better to make ur own pc whereas that’s not exactly the case with keyboards


perhaps in 2019


Building your own keyboard: Better, yes, cheaper, almost certainly not.


Whatever, call me a hypocrite but at least I'm not waiting years to finish a board because I got my caps in a group buy in 2019 that hasn't shipped yet.


I mean, you can buy caps anywhere, it's really just small runs of niche sets that take super long. But go on aliexpress or banggood and you can get nice caps for 50 bucks and to your house in less than 2 weeks.


Fancy colors are nice and all, but you can't beat a $40 set of [PBT/POM Doubleshots](https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1329) that will work on all but the most exotic (split/ergodox/etc) boards, feel good, and get to you in under a week.


I live and die by PBT.


I'm hyped for the ePBT Camo set, mostly for the Radio Silence one in there.


Why would building your own PC be starting to put on clown makeup though.


That's not how this meme works


I bought a pre built before the GPU shortage ! *Laughs in GPU*


People build their own keyboards? What?


If you didnt even design your own web browser to look at this are you even a gamer


Major difference is building a keeb is 163893793$ building a pc is cheaper and better in almost every way not saying prebuilts are bad just that the 2 can’t be compared


False equivalence: * Prebuilt PC cost more and offer worse performance (outside of current shortage) * Prebuilt MK costs less and may have less to equal performance In worst case the prebuilt MK is *accurately priced*. You don't save money going custom on MK. One of the biggest draws for DIY is saving money, the other is flexibility. Custom MK only offers one of those, DIY PC offers *both*.


I want to but $500 is kinda expensive for a keyboard lol


You dont really need to spend so much


$200 can get you a nice first custom, you'd have to go for some banggood/aliexpress pbt keycaps and <$1.0/switch switches but thats certainly doable.


Hold on: People BUILD KEYBOARDS???? My mind is blown, my universe expanded.


Those are very different things, and custom keyboards is infinitely more niche than custom PCs. Stupid OP is stupid.


This isn't a good road to go down. Look what happened when people bullied a guy about not building his own [toaster](http://z2-ec2.images-amazon.com/images/P/1568989970.jpg)


>buying prebuilt processors This post was made by Transistor Soldering Gang


I didn't even know you could build a keyboard


If you don’t code your on OS are you even considered a gamer? I mean cmon.


The next step is building your own cpu from scratch, including mining the materials.


Tbf I get more annoyed when people waste money. Seeing someone unnecessarily throw away a few hundred dollars just pains me


id feel better soldering my own keyboard than building a pc. oddly enough