Same with ios,android and mobile linux btw

Same with ios,android and mobile linux btw


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TIL: Copy pasting terminal commands makes me a developer.




1337 h4x0r


Ahhh! He is doing to hac- Hack successful, beginning to extract data.


*It's a unix system...* *.. I know this.*


\*navigates a 3D render of a / file structure\*


Apparently they used an actual piece of Unix software that was designed as a proof of concept back in the day to show that it was possible to navigate a file structure in 3d space. It wasn't particularly useful in the real world but it made for good footage in the movie. Edit: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fsn_(file_manager) The OS is Irix, not Unix as I mentioned above. I don't know what Irix is.


Irix was SGI's Unix.


I didn't know there were different flavors of Unix. I learned something new today!


Oh, yeah. Most mainframe/minicomputer computer makers got the source code from AT&T for the \*original\* Unix, or from UC Berkeley for BSD, and added their own bits to control hardware they had developed.


This is basically why Unix had an early lead but is dying out. Powerhouses like IBM (AIX), Sun Microsystems (Solaris), Hewlett Packard (HP-UX) all pushed their own Unix distros. Each had their own budget and closed ecosystem, raced for proprietary features etc. Fast forward and all have basically lost out to Linux (the power of a global open source code base that can grow exponentially with innovations from everyone). Unix is still basically everywhere, but every enterprise I know is rolling off of it.


Very interesting user you got there bud.


Sometimes you just gotta shove a whole jukebox up your ass ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Man if I had a nickel for every time I heard that


You'd have two nickels?


Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.


It’d be weird if it happened twice.


Sudo apt-get upgrade R u a hacker ?


Print "no, I am a coder for fun"


Syntax Error print(“no, I am a coder for fun”) We run Python 3 here.


echo "wtf guys,i use bash"


[It's hacking time](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQGbXmkSArs)


I'm in


Jokes on you, copy pasting code is what developers actually do.




Hang on a minute... Sometimes I have to press down and then tab!


And enter a Few times


I like to call it "strategic laziness".


That's not true. Sometimes I need to press tab twice. Maybe even type the second letter.


Honestly, you're not far off


Amateur: knows how to copy and paste. Professional: knows what to copy and paste. Expert: knows what to Google.


That's definitely been my experience: The key is knowing just what to google.


I've been banging away at an 8088 IBM PC game for PCjam, and if you ever want to feel humbled in your grasp of Google-fu, try figuring out how to read the fucking arrow keys. DOS? Oh you mean cmd.com in Windows. 8088? Well here's a circuit diagram, hope that helps. The arrow symbols are right there in code page 437, dunno what the problem is. Watcom? Yeah, they make those drawing tablets. ... then you finally nail it down, and spend another hour doubting it's correct, because `x & 0xF0 == y` secretly means `x & ( 0xF0 == y )` and it is absolutely mandatory to always specify `( x & 0xF0 ) == y`. And hey, I don't need a time machine. I live in south Florida. I can probably find the people responsible and kick them in the nuts *right now.*


‘cut n pasting’ is literally 85% of what i do with most OS’s. even when i did some C++.


I got my degree in mechanical engineering and the bulk of all the code for my projects that required it was definitely copy, pasted and then tweaked for my needs. I don't feel like I really wrote any code but more or less just compiled from other sources with minor edits


That's basically how humanity has progressed over the last several thousand years. You see something that's close to what you need and you just tweak it so it fits to what you actually need.


When i took computer programming in highschool my teacher said the old saying if it ain't broke dont fix it is heavily applied to programming. Just tweak it to your needs and youll save a ton of time. No need to reinvent the wheel


#1 rule, see if it's already been done and copy that.


When you are budgeting your mental resources and end up looking for premade code for longer than it would have taken to write it yourself...


It's all in the thrill of the hunt.


I’m going to steal this exact commentary and apply it to my life


Rule 2: it's already been done


Ehh... Only if you're doing something general. If you're working with some highly specific stuff then it's far less likely.


There is always an Indian dude typing in notepad on YouTube for any problem.


I just started programming, and that's more or less been my impression of it so far. Retype it out as shown, make tweaks as needed, compile, run 'n done. Boom. Magic. It's kinda reassuring to know that everyone does it at some point, no matter the level of experience.


If you think about it, even writing a single word of code is copying programming that's been done before. There's a lot going on under that "if", and it wouldn't make you a better programmer to make your own "if" every time.


And importing libraries is just fancy copy-pasting.


If you get really stuck, just confidently post the wrong answer on stackoverflow. You'll get half a dozen people correcting you with the right answer in no time.


Hey, I got the HDMI out sound to finally work though. Only took 20 minutes of my family awkwardly staring at me while I figured it out.


Its only one step away from copying and pasting lines of code from github


Real devs just clone the repo!


No I fork it, change the readme and act like I made it.


*Cleaned up white space in line 3*


Technical Program Manager here. I've watched plenty of developers Google functions and copy paste the code, so you're not far off.


I kinda feel that's how a lot of professions are. There's too much to actually remember, but you know enough to be able to quickly and accurately find out. Like there's skill in knowing what to google.


Shhh don’t tell anyone the secret


I don't know, I've used Linux but I wasn't fucking any developers at the time...


Ahh, yea you gotta activate your account at https://www.devswhofuck.com/ first.


Nobody owns that domain. You should buy it and do something with it.


No, you need to hack it to get into it.


Don't tempt me, I have a problem when it comes to buying domains


C'mon. Buy it. .... you chicken? Bawk Bawk Bawk Look guys, MasterChief_John-117 is a chicken.


it's been 51 minutes and it's still not a rickroll or the stallman GNU rant, I'm disappointed


I tried buying the domain, but someone owns it :/


In TempleOS, you are god




They glow in the dark, can't miss em


You just run 'em over.


you just run them over


the african american cia gentlemen


I googled templeOS out of curiosity and I wasn't disappointed with what I found: >TempleOS (formerly J Operating System, LoseThos, and SparrowOS) is a biblical-themed lightweight operating system designed to be the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible. It was created by American programmer Terry A. Davis, who developed it alone over the course of a decade after a series of manic episodes that he later described as a revelation from God. A series of manic episodes built into one OS 😂


The story is pretty sad. The guys was a genius engineer with very bad mental problems


Watch the Down The Rabbit Hole episode on it on YT, it’s very interesting.


> A series of manic episodes built into one OS Hey, don't knock the Manic development methodology, it's probably responsible for half of all code I've ever written. And just for reference: [Jesux](http://pudge.net/jesux/)


The amount of satisfaction you get when you finally install the Nvidia graphics driver after hours of troubleshooting on linux is quite high


Then there is a new kernel upgrade and you somehow manage to forget all the troubleshooting you did to get it working last time.


This is what made me finally switch to a Mac. I spent hours recompiling the kernel to get a more useful trackpad/gestures. I finally get it working after a couple of full compiles, sit back, and absently clicked yes to an update for Ubuntu the next day. I got so annoyed that I went and bought a MacBook Pro immediately after.


Get on a rolling release distro and this won't be a problem. Also libinput-gestures is all you need for multitouch trackpads.


This was before that was available.




You don't have to but doing so may have offered a much better experience (at least until the patches in the custom kernel get merged into mainline Linux). Microsoft Surface devices are another example of hardware that should "work" on mainline Linux but using the custom kernels that are available might have offered a better experience (although I think a lot of those patches have gone upstream now but this is a relatively recent development: https://github.com/linux-surface/linux-surface/issues/205).


Tbh Nvidia just needs to get their shit together and contribute their drivers to the Linux kernel as AMD does.


Things have changed now. Its a kernel module now-a-days, so no compiling needed anymore and it's a simple install like any other package in most distribution's GUI. Pop\_OS! even has an nvidia image with it already pre-installed. Also kept up to date like any other software package. But yeah back in the day it was a pain in the ass.


I installed Ubuntu on my laptop thinking it would give me a chance to refresh my Linux knowledge as I troubleshot it. It literally worked flawlessly out of a fresh install. Even setting up my printer was seamless. I feel robbed of part of the experience.


Modern Linux is so good, it's almost boring now. Even playing windows games is as easy as a single click now...


*User complains computer just works* "I miss the hours of troubleshooting. It always brought joy to my life and gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment."




Hehe. Well aware. Just could resist...


Modern linux is so good that now they're installing it on smartphones just to experience the old familiar pains - hacky drivers, terrible battery life and power optimization, lack of available apps, and questionable UI choices Seriously, PostMarketOS is pretty cool but it's gonna be a hot minute before it gets anywhere near a state where the average person can zap it onto their old Android phone and use it on a daily basis.


If you want to torture yourself, sure do it manually... But most mainstream distros now, you click a box and its done. Like on Ubuntu, latest driver they offer is 460.73.01 and checking Nvidias page, that is the latest production branch version. When I think back to the years when you had to do it manually, I get the cold sweats :) "reboot to finish installation....boots up to command line" yeehaa


I'm old enough to remember doing the same thing for wifi. "Fucking broadcom I swear to God I will drive to their hq, find someone and.... ".


Actually broadcom *can* still be a hassle on Linux! I had to tether my phone to my PC to download a driver for my broadcom wifi card because it didn't come with Manjaro. I know it's peanuts compared to the Great Old Ones who used to build Linux systems by carving channels into silicon with their teeth. But it's not 100% plug and play yet either.


Bad news for broadcom: I have a car, lots of free time and I'm full grown.


Ahhh the days of ndiswrapper


PTSD flashbacks.


Had that with Manjaro. Won't boot anymore. Chroot from USB stick, uninstall driver and restart. Finally switched to Mint when I needed Unity ML and Manjaro would brick again.


Manjaro is a mess though. If you're new to Arch you're better off installing something like ArcoLinux


Yeah it is a huge mess and it is recommended so often and you get downvoted a lot when saying anything bad against manjaro usually.


Not to mention the sketchy shit the manjaro team has been up to xD


Stop scaring people, that's not how it works anymore. In most distributions there is a driver manager that installs your graphics drivers in 30 seconds.


It doesn't end at installation though. That's literally just step 1. This isn't a great example of Linux-vs-Windows because Nvidia drivers on Windows are a giant pain in the ass, too, but the problems I've had go far beyond mere driver installation. CUDA is a mess. I still can't get away from rebooting my whole system to reset CUDA when it gets all emotional on me unless I get a second video card to dedicate to it so I can kill the whole thing without breaking my entire GUI session. At least I don't have that particular problem on Windows (though I have a million others, so it's at best a wash). And troubleshooting dpkg errors is hell. A couple weeks ago I had to manually edit the uninstall script of some package I'd never heard of, because it kept exiting with an error code, which meant I couldn't uninstall it. It was obsolete and in conflict with other installed packages, which meant my dpkg state was invalid (*I still don't know why*), which meant I couldn't install or remove *anything whatsoever with apt*. All this because I had the audacity to upgrade Ubuntu using the built-in updater as recommended in official documentation. AAAAAAAAAAAAH! But on the other hand, how many times have I nuked an entire Windows system because that was easier than fixing whatever the hell went wrong? *Many*. If only I could use decent GPUs on Macs...


sudo pacman -S nvidia Wow that was hard


It's usually pretty easy to install, it just causes problems lol. That's why I stick to amd cards in Linux


Is it though? I had a ton of problems with my gtx 10 series laptop to use ubuntu, after hours, days, and many fresh installs it seemed to be working. Of course i was happy, but every boot, every shutdown, everytime i used that thing, an unsettling feeling haunted me, that it may crash every other second, leading to another eternity of troubleshooting.


Even back when I got started in 2008, you selected which driver you wanted in the Additional Hardware window and that was it. It only took a couple seconds, but it was very satisfying lol


Well this is bullshit. Windows won’t currently let me access some folders because I “don’t have permission”. Permission from who? I built the damn PC! Edit: before more people comment saying ‘just click allow access as admin’ it’s not that simple. As the only user and admin on the PC you are still locked out of some folders, including where MS store apps and games are stored for some terrible reason. It requires a lot of faff and hoop jumping to get access through a super admin account. Hence me calling the meme BS.


Admin ≠ root in windows. You need to either switch to the super admin account which is disabled by default or just edit file permissions. Windows by default disables the super admin account because you can fuck up your computer with it and also should you get malware it will have unrestricted access to everything.


Protecting users from themselves.


We need it! I once made a batch file to copy files to a few hundred remote PCs, missed a line and ended up deleting the system32 directory on them all instead. With psexec. As system account. It let me. Upon the first user rebooting I realized the mistake. None would boot. Spent the next week reimaging them. I still have nightmares but learned about logging and building checks. Haha!


>a few hundred remote PCs ​ >deleted system32 on them Yikes...


I'm just curious how you go from copying files to deleting system 32 with a single missed line?


Sounds like some sort of [path expansion mishap.](https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/3671) For extra fun, scroll to the bottom and look at all the other issues from elsewhere that mentioned that issue. Edit: [Another case of that issue](https://github.com/MrMEEE/bumblebee-Old-and-abbandoned/issues/123)


You learn alot from fuck ups


Look, this is basically my entire "education" with these here "computer" thingies. Don't knock it, but fear it still.


That's why I don't use root or sudo until I am 100% sure I won't fuck up something I don't intend to fuck up.


Yes, which is a good thing for the vast majority of users.


Which is a good thing


if you are an admin you can change file permissions and add yourself Edit: https://youtu.be/MG0rzXWT9zo


I will never understand the misunderstandings with linux. Whilst yes using terminal commands is faster and simple to learn. Almost everything has some GUI alternative.


Actualy macos isnt that locked down people are thinking macos is like ios


Yeah, its frustrating hearing people who have likely never even used MacOS just make assumptions based on iOS.


MacOS is unix based and way better than windows in terms of access and control.


Yeah the meme doesn't make any sense, as a developer I'm way more comfortable on a Mac because I can just use terminal for everything, even for non dev things.


There is a reason for dev environment, it is linux vs macOS. And nobody worth their salt uses windows.


Yeah, the only folks I know at work who prefer windows are the old school db architects who refuse to leave ms sql server studio. Data engineers, cloud architects, developers, data scientists...MacBooks all around.


The big problem is hardware restrictions, imo. I'd use it but don't want to buy apple hardware


Yeah it looks like big problem but it comes with stability and if you want you can hackintosh but who realy wants macos that bad


With Apple silicon eventually replacing Intel macs, the hackintosh’s days are probably numbered tbh


idk why people are downvoting you. I love apple hardware but it’s not for everyone


Oh look, there it is, the almost daily post of Linux self-congratulatory masturbation material.


Dude that CS degree wasn't cheap or easy and it's the only way I get off.


Knowing an easy way to download pretty much any porn video off the internet is worth the CS Degree tbh.


Is it still google “how to download” or have kids these days discovered right click?


Yeah. I'm a professional Googler.


my day job is actually just googling shit for people


Basically most IT support jobs :-) But don't dare to feel bad for it! There are enough dumb or just computer illiterate people that need help from people like you.


Problem is using google to find porn... Bing is for the porn.


We have trained it well


Yep, you definitely need a CS degree for that




I get off on the heaps of cash I get paid with the job my CS degree got me.


Windows users: can't you do something about your superiority complex? Linux users: but I am superior


I use arch btw


Look! He's an arch user! See? No one cares.


Do you use Vim, though?




Or people that have no clue what linux actually is. An Ubuntu or mint doesn't feel much different from an windows.


Ubuntu with Mate desktop and a Windows XP theme if you really want that throwback feel.


Bru I think Ubuntu/Mint are more user friendly than Windows, not even kidding. People are just used to Windows. Came from /r/all and didn't realize I was in a gaming sub. Yes, Linux is not as good for gaming currently.


Exactly this. Installed Xubuntu on my dad's ancient laptop, which was struggling to run even Windows 7 properly. He found it just as intuitive and simple to use OOTB


>intuitive That's actually strange, my parents also seems to enjoy XFCE desktop environment but personally I can't stand it, I must have plasma.


Isn't this entire sub a collection of pro PC, anti console self-congratulatory masturbation material?


I understood it as a complaint, like you don't get a finished product?


Basically arch install then


Meh, I actually see "being the developer" as a downside in Linux.


Except Mac and Linux use the same permission structure…


Or just use all three and be all of them! Use the best tools for the job and enjoy learning. Personally I have a Macbook Pro because it's the best laptop I've used and has been bulletproof for years, a Windows desktop for gaming, and a headless Linux server for all my other fun projects. Be a technology fanboy, not a brand fanboy.


Yuuup. I have a MacBook for work (because work paid for it), a Windows desktop PC for gaming, and a Frankenstein Linux machine for a Plex server. I use the right tool for each job.


I work in IT and I have used this philosophy to weed out jobs in interviews. I've been asked if I prefer Windows/Linux for servers and I've been asked if I prefer Android/iPhone. My answer is always that I prefer to choose the best tool for the job at hand. The reaction to that answer is telling. I don't need an emotional connection to what OS I use.


> best tool for the job I don’t disagree - but as a dev I hate this phrase. It gets thrown around so much with the implication that “best” is something that exists and that determining that is black and white. The fact is there is rarely a true best option. And that some factors are not exactly technical.


Honestly, fanning out into different devices for different functions has improved my workflow. I have my Windows computer for gaming and heavy duty stuff, Chromebook for lightweight stuff (writing, emails, Coursera, etc.). Been a blast so far. I want a MacBook Pro because I've been wanting to learn the OS (and GarageBand is tempting + has no direct equivalent on any other platform), but that shit is expensive!


Just so the wallet hit feels a little better, I’ve only purchased two MacBook pro’s in the last 13 years, they do hold up fairly well I my experience. But I am due for another one in a year or so.


Oh no, the os you use doesn't determine your skill set. I know plenty of great devs on MacOS. And I know noobs on Linux. I mean, my tech challenged dad could install Ubuntu.


My grandma's computer runs mint. She really just needs a Facebook-Youtube machine and Windows was getting annoying


My mom uses Mint and she's the type to need help setting the clock on the VCR, if that's still relevant. It just works better than anything else, as long as she's just doing basic stuff.


*Windows = You are beta tester*


Beta who my guy? You're talking pre alpha.


In Windows you are the product. Windows OS is nothing but a telemetry collection service now. If people only knew how much of their lives exists in Microsoft's cloud datastores they'd be *mortified* but Microsoft is full of spooks who will make sure that this does not happen. The bulk of the collection happens from Microsoft's baked-into-the-OS security application, Defender. This can *never* be fully turned off. Apple is also moving this way, but first they have to finish implementing those "privacy" features that sabotage all other competing data-collection apps. Apple users have proven that they will blindly trust Apple until they are completely compromised and basically owned by it. Linux is a kernel and the rest of user-land is a mishmash of any number of desktop UIs and related utilities. Each of these has strengths and weaknesses. At least on Linux, the user has a degree of *choice*(aka freedom) that they will never have on these other closed platforms. The reality is that most people are far too lazy to make informed decisions about anything. They just want to project some ridiculous lifestyle aesthetic with the technology that they use and the little fake green plants on their desks. I don't really know how to help these people.


Mac is actually a decent UNIX computer if you open Terminal.


get more done on mac and linux compared to windows


Yep, there’s a reason why my daily driver and work machines are Macs and my game machine is a Windows laptop. Get way more done on the Mac, the Windows box is better used as a single purpose machine (in this case, as a game console).


Yeah whoever made this meme clearly isn’t comfortable on the command line. If anything Windows PC is the one where you are “user” since everything is locked down behind admin permissions and there is all kinds of phoning home nonsense in the operating system that is near impossible to turn off.


When windows users talk about “Apple = Locked” they just mean they cant add cool widgets to their desktop or change how the menu bar looks.


Am I just imagining things? Wasn't Android a fork from Linux?


It's still based on the linux kernel


Mobile Linux? People use something other than android / iOS?


barely anyone uses it but it exists


Why would you water mark this..it's a shitty Facebook quality meme in broken English.


Also, pretty terrible watermark, very easy to remove (if anyone even cared enough to)


Most reposters (bots) don't care enough to remove the watermark


It's Afiq! Always posting lowest common denominator stuff that gets lots of upvotes. Classic Afiq!


Did a 12 year old make this? It’s such cringe YouTube comment nonsense. The majority of developers I know use macOS, the previous three companies I’ve worked for - macs were standard issue for developers (windows for regular users). (Note: I'm not saying that makes up for the majority of the industry - I know more people use windows for dev, just that macOS is still a disproportionately popular choice relative to marketshare). They’re popular amongst certain types of developer for a reason and it flies in the face of this type of fanboy silliness. I use Linux, Windows and Mac daily. The idea that I’m any less of an admin on my Mac than I am on Windows is wrong. Linux is a preferable dev environment for many reasons, but when balanced with the general desktop experience, it makes macOS a good in-between. Good commercial software support and a decent unix environment.


In Windows you're more like, the deputy admin. There's a real admin that owns all your files, and it won't let you touch some of them, and if you try to take ownership it'll fuck shit up. I can't quite remember the name of it though... Trusted Installer, I think?


Am I the only one who dislikes all 3 of them? If only there was Linux, easier to use and with better GPU support; Mac OS, but actually use-able with ypur PC and software; Windows, but without stupid bloatware, unusable features and random crashes.


You should check pop os or Manjaro


PopOS 100%. Having Ubuntu in the backend (as in software support) is quite important nowadays for gaming and a few other things.


I use windows for gaming (just an obvious decision) and macos for work (as a software developer) and both fit their use case perfectly, couldn't be happier


Windows: You need to be admin to do this Me: But I am the admin Windows: You need to be admin to do this EDIT: How has this gotten ~~>100~~ >250 upvotes in an hour ~~\~45 mins~~?


I hate that shit. But there are loop holes.


Backdoors! If still trouble look for windows and smash.


If you are talking about the normal UAC popups when you install software it’s a security feature. If you are talking about windows denying access to a file then it’s because the admin on windows ≠ root.


wait what the fuck is the UAC doing on my Windows Machine!? does this mean the BFG 10k runs on Windows!?


Gadzooks, your personal computer is powered by *DEMONS!*


As a windows server system administrator, a 15+ years Linux user, and a lover of macOS.. windows is more locked down and unusable than macOS. I can run all my favorite Linux apps natively on macOS, and no WSL is not the same thing.


I, too, have a cs degree. This post is dumb.


in windows , you are my slave


It's so relaxing to be a user from time to time.


In Unix, you are god given form