To whomever designed the butterfly things that spit acid.

To whomever designed the butterfly things that spit acid.


Those flying units are legitimately Apache heli with an infrared search system build in. One of my weapons is always freezing sniper to deal with them.


Bruh and the fucking poison is undoggable I swear, they shoot it in a four burst line wherever you roll and your roll just falls short of the fourth one ffs.


How to dodge spitting attacks from any enemy in this game: Strafe left and right repeatedly. The game targets where you will be when they attack, if you are wiggling back and forth, the shots will all go wide.




Nice Dethklok reference.


Or Archer. "Babou, Serpentine!"


"Serpentine! Serpentine" goes back to the movie "The In-Laws" from 1979. Many other works pay homage to that scene, but it was the original.


Sandusky Ohio... There's an amusement park there, right? That's always fun.


This works in so many games, it's crazy. Remnant i did this too, borderlands too.


Now do it with 25 Perforo, 4 Alpha Perforo, and 2 Crawlers on you. The creature enemies in this game are just overtuned. I've also done what you say, and when there are four of them (cuz there's never just one) it really doesn't make a difference. They're teleporting mortar launchers, and their toxic debuff does an obscene amount of damage.


> The creature enemies in this game are just overtuned. Man, I don't feel this way at all. I think the monsters are so much easier, and more fun, to fight than the human enemies.


yeah, i have way more fun fighting the monsters than the people. the acid spitting flying bugs are a pain, but that's about it so far from my experience. the humans all have frikkin hitscan weapons and pretty good aim. even the riflemen.


Definitely the opposite for me. Camping back and wiping an arena of humans with a sniper is pretty quick and easy... dealing with 20 little monsters swarming you has been a much bigger challenge.


Laughs in Devastator tremors


Get a gun with bone shrapnel on it and watch them all die with a single shot.


This is why I typically carry an LMG and a sniper. I feel ya though.


i play a shotgun build... if i can, i almost only go on expeditions where i fight monsters lol


No no no no no


Resistance is just too rare. I'm walking around ignoring most bullets because of high regen + armor then suddenly get 2 shot by abilities


Nah. I'm glad it's a challenge at higher world tiers and not just a farm session. Make's it way more fun having to constantly tweak gear and mods depending on the mobs coming up.


That's why I play a pyro. I just instakill every single non elite in a room when I walk into it.


Same for the cowardly walking versions too. Try running around with one shooting at you. Their aim is 100% perfect. The only way they miss is if you move out of your current trajectory while the projectile is in the air. Considering they machine gun those stupid snot balls every couple of seconds, you'd have to be adjusting your movement literally every second to not be hit.


I've survived many fights I really shouldnt have because I literally roll every 2 seconds


Yeah, but at least they're a little more squishy. Those flyers shoot poison that will knock you on your ass and have a lot more health.


these dudes arent really much of a problem. those flying fucks are the worst enemy in the game...other than snipers.


And don't let them bite you either!


They bite?!


Only if you ask nicely


If you get close enough they do.


More than a nibble, that’s for sure...


"They bite now?!"


We do not grant the abominations any memes. They don't deserve it


You are strong and wise, and I am very proud of you.


We don't grant them any memes so I get downvoted? :/






Not gay sex, any sex. ​ but yeah


I would literally rather bang my head against a window than fight one of them


Technomancer freeze build made it light work for me


Freeze turret with freeze duration bonus, freeze damage bonus, vulnerability on freeze, improved vulnerability, minigun with perpetuum rounds and the armor + anomaly power mods for minigun. Whole campaign was holding W and the left mouse button at maximum world tier the whole way through. Infinite ammo, hundreds of thousands of anomaly power, 10-30K damage per shot, 150K+ armor, healing three times my entire health pool every second, immunity to stagger and knockdown and the list just keeps going. Technomancer confirmed for bestomancer.


This is me when my friends say this enemy is annoying. Freeze build brother! Oh you good at dodging? Try dodging when you blue and iced up.


This. SO MUCH OF THIS. I went into outriders legacy quest with double shotguns(bis atm) and with kinetic skills only. I lost a complete 50% of tier 10 from my deaths. Until they dropped an epic Sniper with a Freezing mod. The fight was still retarded but i at least hid behind rocks and tents while sniping on of them at the time. I died a few more times due to bad timing but it was the only way if figured i could take out those f\*\*\*ers. My pyro friend just popped some flame bullets and erased them on an instant..


They trigger my Cazadores PTSD from Fallout New Vegas...


Man, I remember starting NV, and heading up the wrong damn road out of town. "Oh hey, a bug, let's kill it." *30 seconds of violent insectile face raping and a reloaded save later...* "Oh hey, a bug, let's run like bitch and hope it doesn't follow."


Lmfao, so fucking true.


I would rather fight a deathclaw naked with a 10mm.


You lasted 30 seconds?


It was fighting something else at the time, I think one of those bigger mutant lizards. So it had to waste like 25 seconds on that before seeing me off :D.




Yes. Especially during Chrysaloid battle


I soloed it as a Devastator and I had to be the most boring fight cuz all of my abilities are close combat based, and I'm totally perked into ability power. It's been 15 minutes going through 1000s of rounds ammo on it


I peeked and modded myself to fight human enemies (really dumb, I know) so I have just been dropping my WT against monsters. When I had to fight three of those flying toxic bugs, I was getting so frustrated.


but it's so fun to have a fully perked bullet reflect and just walk into the middle of a map and have all the human enemies kill themselves.


That’s how I feel. I have 5 perks for my reflect bullets. It’s not optimal but it’s so much fun to kill everyone through their own hubris


Yeah I came into that battle with a reflect-focused build and kept dying from those bugs. And as you know we can't craft before that battle so I couldn't even try to adjust on the fly.


That was exactly my issue. The big battle two/three fights down by the checkpoint was the one that had me real bugged about it. After my first death it kept spawning all the mobs at once on me


It's not that you're modded to fight human enemies. The creatures are just disgustingly overtuned. The Perforo come in swarms, and just one can 2 shot you most of the time unless you're specced for survivability. The Alpha Perforo come in multiples and are oppressively aggressive. The Strix are mortar launchers and do way too much damage for how mobile and erratic they are. There are problems with the other things too, like Brood Mothers are the fire bullshit they put on the ground, it's extremely hard to see the full area of the effect until you're in it and then it's too late.


I have to disagree. With my technomancer and trickster (the only 2 I've played far enough to face all tbose), I cruise through the creature areas. Human encounters are far harder. I can kite a creature when I need to. I cant kite a bullet


someone clearly doesn't know the 5 D's of Dodgeball then


I mean, you’re right, but I am specced for human enemies. All of my mods are for reflect bullets, I don’t have much in the way of AoE in my lineup usually (when I know the monsters are coming I do switch up my skills). The little perforos I have no trouble with since as a devestator I heal on killing so I can just kite them, but throw in one of the toxic ones and an alpha and I get a little messed up. A brood mother and an alpha and I just melt away.


I started swapping reflect with tremor for creatures but it meant I was juggling a little more gear. It worked though


Yeah. When I have to deal with monsters I swap to tremors as well. I gather up all the little guys and run around in circles killing only a few until the bosses spawn in, and then focus down the boss style monsters while using the little guys to heal off. Not super effective, probably also since I’m building as a tank so my damage output isn’t superb, but I just drop the WT if I’m stuck for too long


I went into it as a venator/temporal blade/spin to win trickster with a pair of shotguns and the boss was just like lol your entire build and both your guns are invalid. It's not just that you can't hit him with melee abilities. He's so big he's considered long range at all times. The worst part is you're not allowed to go back to your stash/shop and switch items!


Dunno if you've tried twisted rounds and slow trap or venators knife. Was game changing for me when i did. I leveled up with blade but hit a wall with the last campaign boss. Been melting faces since.


heres a tip go to pick a point in the story and click the a point that lets you talk to the modder and then just go back to the main menu and click the boss point again


I just lowered world tier a little (from WT8 to WT6) and killed him easily after failing the first time (due to the insects in the second phase). None of my abilities did anything, and my shotgun seemed to miss 50%+ of the time unless I was literally on the edge (making dodging his attacks near impossible), so was forced to do it with my (at the time) much weaker assault rifle.


Holy shit, yes. I really dislike that fight as Devastator, and I agree it was long. I legit had to go through like 8 fucking waves of the flying assholes because it took so long. Would not recommend.


Devastator here too. The only time I could use a skill against it was when it tried to smash me with its hand. Had like a split second to actually use the skill though so it was a lot more miss than hit lol. The fight wasn't too bad, in fact, the only things that almost killed me were those 3 damn flying bugs. Also was there anyway to dodge its sweeping breath attack when all the cover was gone? I had to use gravity leap to dodge all of em after awhile...


I see you're a technomancer. Piece of advice. Use the minigun tool of destruction. Infinite healing+nuts damage output=making every boss a goddamn steamroll


You mean an LMG with 225 rounds and filling 70% mag with every kill?


You forget that with all the skill mods on it, it has over 300 ammo at *least*, and gains more damage with each kill ehile its active while also doubling your armor and giving you resistance *and* armor piercing on top of that?


Here's another fun interaction that I've found. There's a T3 mod on weapons that reloads your weapon if you kill something while being close to the end of the mag. From what I can tell, it also applies to the Minigun if you hold weapon with this mod when you activate it. Killing a random add while your have around 60 bullets left fully reloads it.


Perpetuum Mobile. It's actually a T2, and it refills when you get a kill with under 35% of the mag, without actually using your extra ammo. I run it on a pump shotgun and almost never reload or run out of ammo. Expedition fights crack me up because I just run in with my shotgun and by the end of the fight, I'm standing there with full ammo and like 50 ammo drops that I never picked up


Yeah, I've just checked and it's a T2. Seems like a very useful mod so far.


I got it on a bolt action rifle. Not super useful when your ammo is either 1 or 0 lol.


I've been running it with an Auto-Shotty as a Devastator. I've also got the mod that adds duration to Golem when I get kills, so I'm able to pop Golem, run into a hoard and just blast away without having to worry much about damage. Most fun I've had in a game in a long time.


Oh nice! I'll have to find a gun with that ability♡


I've just checked and it's a T2 mod called Perpetuum Mobile.


It's what i've been using on trickster with twisted rounds. You can't stop melting with it


I'm doing that with pyro volcano rounds. Shores sing machine gun with 150 sounds, I have the reload thing and death chains level 2. And extra clip with volcano rounds armor mod just to be safe. It's been amazing. Idk about twisted rounds but volcano rounds go through people and burn so it's been a godsend when soloing enemies that randomly release like 6 of the "run at your with double axes" guys


I’ve always used a buffed up rocket launcher for elites. Being able to run and roll is to useful to give up.


*laughs in outhealing litteraly everything*


Yea when one bullet heals you from 0 to 100 you don't realy care


What does the minigun scale with? Firepower or anamoly power since it's technically a skill? Does it go by skill leech or weapon leech?


It scales with anomaly power(i believe) and doesn't inherently have leech I believe, just that technomancer's way of healing is by damaging enemies


Agreed. Technomancer is so damn versatile. Honestly that build is so OP I like to switch it up.


I went for a bazooka build, with extra ammo and damage boost, but I also have 2344 shield extra when using miniguns, but I find the bazooka deals with heavy enemies better


I hated the Chrysaloid battle in general. During the first half, basically none of my powers were in any way useful. Terrible, fun-sucking design. It took forever, too (at wt 10). Painfully dull and frustrating in equal amounts.


A lot of the "large monster" fights are kind of bad for this type of game.


They are bastards for sure. But they also drop a ton of resources.




I am stuck in WT8: when fighting monsters, nothing worse than mosquitos; when fighting humans nothing worse than those crazy guys rushing on you evading all your bullets.


I fucking hate these little motherfuckers 😂


I really love how they added a skill to that's supposed to reflect bullets and seems like it'd be really useful- but then it either glitches and still does damage anyways or straight up doesn't work with either of the major projectile based monster enemies. I didn't want to use that ability for 50% of the missions (or the ones that are split) anyways.


Wich is sad because ots one of the coolest abilities of the game and feels amazing when fighting large numbers of humans


>Wich is **balanced** because ots one of the coolest abilities of the game and feels amazing when fighting large numbers of humans FTFY


an ability that is completely worthless against half the enemies in the game, and practically broken against the other half isn't balanced


And when you are getting chased by the space dogs at the same time 🙃


Those space dogs save me because if they weren’t there I wouldn’t be able to kill them and heal


Absolutely. Fuck.Those.Things.


two words... Shaman Warlord.


Reminds me of fucking cazadores in new vegas fml


Came here specifically to say this. Fuckin Crazadors.


Came here to also concur. Fuck the Cazadors. Annoying bastards.


Two words: primal aspid


Their bigger brother dead eagles or whatever the... Are much more frustrating.


Their not too bad, just run under them and they will land on the ground, then you can do enough dps to prevent them from flying again.


Damn. I didn't even know that triggers it. Thanks for the advice lol.




If I'm a little slow on the kill... \*queue rake\*


I thought this was r/outside for a second and was extremely confused


Dying to the acid dot after killing everything in rage inducing


So many enemies are poorly designed, and most of them can be traced back to one simple reason. Enemies have 100% accuracy. It doesn't matter if you are on WT1 or WT15, they all hit you with 100% accuracy and it fucking sucks. Simply lowering and upping the damage enemies do is not proper scaling, and I don't know of any FPS that doesn't also adjust enemy accuracy based on difficulty. The fact that these Butterflies can track you with all 347 shots is insane. The problem feels even worse if you are a dash mod user that uses the blink dodge. It is effectively still a roll, the only difference is it lets you pas through enemies. You will still get stuck on a stool in the middle of the road or get hit WHILE you are dodging, which is also insane, despite the skill looking like a MAGE BLINK. A lot of this game is starting to become frustrating, tbh. I initially loved the challenge, but it's becoming quite clear that the challenge isn't because of well designed enemies, but because of poorly designed ones. I enjoy games like Remnant because even though I die a lot, I KNOW every single death was 100% my fault. I hate that in this game, 90% of the deaths are because of something I had no control over, be it badly designed skills, hitboxes, scaling or simply latency issues in multiplayer. This game is amazing. I love the gunplay, the skill tree is really fun, the skill selection is nice and the mod system is absolutely top notch, but the enemy design and latency issues are heavily bringing the game down. I have played a lot of P2P games before with the same people, the best example being Monster Hunter: World, and none of us have ever had any problems with latency like we have with this game.


The accuracy thing is a big flaw, everything has aimbot and shoots at once, if a few of them missed now and again one could actually breath while running to another spot to hunker down.


Really though, that's the largest issue, even if it was +2% accuracy per world tier and starting them at 60, or 1% and start them at 70 or something, it would be SOMETHING reasonable. The incessant perfect shots just makes it feel less immersive to me.


Don’t really bother me to be fair, playing on WT12 with technomancer with both turrets and the blighted turret switched to cryo too. If you get the perk on your armour with increased damage to enemy’s that are frozen. You can melt them quite quickly


I play a devastator so I have fuck all skill wise to fight them lol. Technomancer counters them fuckers perfectly, good looks.


I play as a devastator too and if you mod your gear into survivability, at some point, even at WT15 you can just stand there and play Duck Hunt with them from a distance, since the damage they deal is not enough to beat your mitigation+regeneration. Yeah, slightly annoying in close range due to frequent knockbacks (can I have some super armor/stagger protection for my Golem, please?) but mostly harmless nonetheless.


Thats something i dont get why cant we get a bit of hyperarmour while covered in rocks at least to not get thrown by trash mobs maybe the bigger ones can throw you around but some rifleman that dies in two melees shouldnt


Yes, golem skin needs to have stagger immunity. Being tossed around while trying to fight them is an exercise in frustration.


They seem custom tailored to fuck devastators. They fly so ground skills won't hit them. Reflect bullets does fuck all to their bash attack, which knocks you over.


Earthquake with one more use and bleed mods will deal with them if running anomaly build. But yes, they are horrendous to deal with as devastator otherwise...


To be fair I kinda came across the build quite early(by accident) and have perfected it throughout the campaign. With it now I don’t even have to shoot my gun for the smaller enemy’s it just kills them.


Reflect bullets works on them


> the perk on your armour As techno through the skill tree you can debuff frozen enemies by 50 percent as well. It's very strong with other armour perks you could push it 75% I think.


Yea that’s in there too, love it. I definitely think if your in an end game mode I need a techno and trickster but the other two are interchangeable.


Lol... they stuck


They are Legendary Jackal snipers from Halo on tier 15


I Fucking hate those things. Just hit level 22 and whoever made those are complete psychopaths


I had to make a new rule to get past them. [Strix](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strix_(mythology)) die first.


This is my reaction whenever there's more than two boss enemies at a time. Fuck that Warlock.


I have no problem with enemies like them if the aiming system is up to the task, but I play on xbox, and it's almost impossible to aim at them. First the aim will go to one side, then will swing wildly to the other side, then over their head (a common issue for most enemies), then when I actually target them and get a few shots in, they drop down to ground level. You'd think that would be great, but the aiming system won't let me bring my aim downwards, so I am stuck firing shots above them and doing 0 damage. Having played Gears of War, and learning that some of the same people were involved in making this, I thought the aiming would be much better. I never have any issues in Gears, or other third person shooters, and I have played loads of them. If those enemies were in Gears, or The Division, they'd be easily dealt with.


Both of the flying creatures are annoying as fuck.


Ran into those the first time last night. They really made my fight with the small adds and Broodmother a serious pain for a minute.


as a technomancer, i just freeze them and shoot with toxic rounds+that perk that makes everyone with toxic get vulnerable as well pretty much melts them to shit.


I hate the crawlers more. When they shoot the beams they always fuck me up and even rolling, they just move the beam and still hit me. So literally if I can’t put something between me and it, I can’t dodge it.


They are quite terrible but the birds man, those are like A10 coming to wreck my world


As soon as I saw them, I got nightmare flashbacks of the Deathsquitos from Valheim.


*laughs in technomancer freeze*


1 cold snap and they’re dead. Love being technomancer 😬


Them and those fucking birds. Fuck those birds


Oh God lol I read this not having gotten to them yet and you have distilled terror in me OP


Me too. I'm currently stuck on the arachnid, maybe I should just give up already lol


What class are you playing as? Also you can always lower the difficulty


Playing as the pyro but after browsing the sub it looks like that may have been a mistake lol. Will probably have to lower the difficulty, I just wanted the best loot I can get


No shame in lowering it all classes have a boss thats a bitch to fight and bosses that you just melt if you want to change classes devastator is more fast paced that what you would think and feels pretty good but flying enemies are your worst nightmare


So which boss is the techno bad at? I have yet to meet it and I'm lvl 23 on wt 12.


Techno can do whatever it doesnt have any downsides imo because its too veratile depends on your build i guess


I play an ice age build, I run an auto shotty since I made it were anything close to me hits harder. So anything neat me and frozen is taking 100+% damage and I just melt it and anything that trys to drop me close gets frozen if I dropp below 30 and I get a huge ass shield that blows up when it drops. I have yet to even tech into the final texhmedic ability since it's not as useful as it seems.


Sounds like Pyro/Dev problems to me. Laughs in Trickster slows


as a shotty user trickster: they are one of the most annoying enemies


How? Hunt the Prey slows them, Venator's Knife slows them. You should be running one of these skills if you're an Assassin Trickster.


because im using a shotgun? and hunt the prey is slowing them, but most of the time is still a pain in the ass to deal with them


Not pyro we just ash them.


As a pyro I faser beam them into oblivion


Pyro here, no real problem with dragonflies, just impressed by their firepower and toughness. My melee build Devastator buddy, on the other hand, has many choice words for them.


Laughs in devastator golem


I aint laughing they still annoy me so much


They are little more then trash mobs for pyro. Volcanic LMG + overheat gets rid of most things. A near miss still causes burn dot, so just fire a burst across the pack then overheat to kill/ash. Then burn down the ashed flys while bug stuff is locked down.


Me who uses Techno frost build + one-shot variant Rifle with Brain Eater mod: What butterflies? Oh the ones disappearing in 3 seconds after spawning? ON THE OTHER HAND those Alpha fucks and their retarded huge health pools, they NEED their HP nerfed. When those flying things have 40k HP, those Alpha shits have around 300-400k, and I can't freeze them for more than 3 times because they also gain immunity so I can't hit headshots consistently to proc Brain Eater to take them down fast enough.


The alphas have never given me a problem. They take as much time as 2 flyers, but are much easier to hit/dodge. The flyers are somewhere between alphas and the broodmothers imo.


I think it's really interesting how many people are like "my build destroys them, but it sucks for XYZ" or "my build destroys everything else in the game but gets destroyed by them". I think it shows a really well-balanced game.


Yeah, fair enough


See, I use an LMG, the alphas are easy to kill, it is the flying bastards that refuse to die.


Having to waste an eruption cast to kill them makes me cry every time


They are the bane of my god damn existence


The flying skeletal monstrosities at Tier 15 expeditions... PAIN


They seem to just be re-skinned cazadores. Thermal bomb + the damage mod + ash, makes *really* short work of them.


the really annoying thing is how they literally use aimbot to predict and hit you, what even is the point of rolling lol


This! 1000x this! My most hated enemy in the game. Who came up with the idea of long range heat seeking acid spit?


Freezing rounds lol


As a Pyro...I use feed the flame to turn them into ash/heal, a machine gun with fire rounds that does slow on hit... if I don't have these ready.... I accept my fate of inevitable death :)


I feel the same way when I fight them. Those little bastards just love dodging my bullets and messing up my runs.


Idk why but my dual auto pistols were shredding those fuckers, much better than my shotty or other lmg


Wt15 with these things is not just ‘madness’, its the type of madness that even sheogorath would think to be overkill.


Put them in a time bubble to slow em down and one shot to the face they explode.


You know you can melee them? I don't waste my time shooting them.


Ash it.


Weird. These are one of the easiest to kill as my Technomancer. Ice turret, toxic turret, toxic bullets to bug face.


At high expedition levels big birds are way harder. Maybe worst enemy of the game. Or maybe the frost monster are, I dunno.


primal aspid ptsd is triggered by these guys


They are truly the worst haha. I play Techno mostly so usually the turret keeps them at bay.


They're awful to deal with at range, but even worse when they're up in your face


I usually just drop a cryo turret to help dealing with them


Those aids throwing flying cockroaches god i hate them why do they do so much damage


Thought it was only me. Hate these damn things, single most obnoxious enemy in the game.


Yea those things are rough. I make them priority #1 when they show up


I thought it was only me. They always spawn last in any encounter as well so you think you're fine and bam, flying hell spawns.


I have no problem with them using blight rounds... what I do hate are those damn snipers that nearly one shot you and never miss.


If you're behind cover you can peak and bait them into firing. Then you just gotta bum rush them.


Why can't I gravity leap into them though.


Technomancer- freeze them. Blighted Rounds- destroy them. Profit. Dunno what's the issue :)


They have aimbot... reported them all


These are almost bad as Deathsquitos from Valheim Plains.


Man those things are beastly.


Bruh I feel the same way. I can handle captains but those things get me all the time lol.