Why are dentists so weird here?

Why are dentists so weird here?


From my personal experience, I never go to any of the large chains that are notorious for locking patients into these “treatment plans”. I only go to small privately owned offices now and haven’t had any issues since.


I've been trying in my immediate area with private practices and they still slap me with this paperwork each time


Well if you’re near the downtown/winter park are , I can recommend Winter Park Family Dentistry and Sperling Dental in SODO. I’ve had good experiences at both. Dr Mattar in Winter Park was my absolute favorite dentist ever, only changed because my insurance changed. My gf still goes there.


I go to Mattar too. He actually talked my husband out of additional dental work, which was a first.


Also use Sperling, would recommend them too.


\+1 for WPFD. Due to insurance, I started going to Dapper Dental. It's great there too.


Dapper Dental is awesome, I've been using them for a year and I'm happy with everything so far.


Dr Morra in Leevista/East Orlando or Dr Carl Weston in MetroWest have been great to me over the years.


I'd recommend Heidrich & Heidrich Dentistry in that area; but I haven't been there in so long that I could be wrong and they could be doing the salesman stuff too. His dad was my dentist since I was a little kid, I went to school with the current Heidrich; I doubt he does the crazy sales tactics because he does work on my mom for free or low cost because he knows she can't afford it but needs it and for 40 years we have given them business


My dentist does the same thing, but in reading the "treatment plan" it's literally just saying what they have to do for me and what the estimated cost is. They ask for an acknowledgement of it, but until I actually book the services they dont charge me anything and the prices are completely reasonable. It may feel "shitty', but when I read through it.. honestly nothing bad about it. insurance might require it to CYA


How far are you from oviedo? Dr Cho, his practice is called AceCare - not a chain


Second this recommendation! He also has a location on Howell Branch RD.


If you’re in winter garden/Windermere I recommend Hamlin Modern Dentistry much better than aspen where I went before


I have no inside information, but my first guess would be that it's a hedge against malpractice claims. If the dentist has proposed a plan, and the patient doesn't follow it and something negative happens to their teeth, then they can at least point to having proof of having performed a thorough exam and proposed a solution to any dental needs.


I doubt it goes that far. To me, it's a red flag that they have administrative issues and either do a poor job explaining charges or can't coordinate an insurance company's fee schedule in the first place. That's a company that wants to send people to collections, not somebody worried about malpractice.


That's exactly what this is. It's designed to be able to bully you when they decide to bill you an extra grand out of the blue.


Is that how you feel when you get an estimate for an auto repair?


I can assure you the treatment plan you are signing. Is simply stating that you were told about the treatment necessary and these are your estimate costs. I can not force you to get the treatment done. If you want a second opinion please feel free to do so, but please don’t come back when that filling now needs a root canal and crown and try to say we didn’t tell you so. Source: I’m the one who makes you sign the treatment plan.


You're right, and it is simple. I prefer it this way -- my last experience I got it in an email and I was able to point out the differences and send them the schedule directly. I should clarify: the treatment plan isn't a red flag. It's the general discomfort you get when you call about your treatment plan and you get a customer-service response. I don't want to feel like I'm at a auto repair shop. Its compounded when you see somebody different every time. It's 100% about trust.


That's exactly what it is. Let's say someone needs a filling, and it's pretty bad; if ignored, it'll need to be a root canal, and if ignored even longer, an extraction. If Dentist A tells you that you need a filling, but you never come back and then see Dentists B and C and Dentist C says, "well, now we can't save it at all and need to pull it," then if you try to sue Dentist A for not catching the problem, then Dentist A can say, "Actually.... patient was aware and signed a paper declining the filling 2 years ago."


Ding ding ding


I mean, you're always going to get a treatment plan if you need work done. I've never been made to sign mine though. And most medical offices of any kind have the fine print that says they cannot guarantee your insurance will pay the estimate. If you want to know \_exactly\_ what insurance will pay, ask the office to send them a "pre-d," or "predetermination of benefits." That works like an actual claim, so the insurance office will receive any x-rays and clinical notes as if the work were already done, and the insurance company will send them back something that says exactly what they will pay. Be aware though: this process typically takes at least 2 weeks, sometimes longer.


I don't have insurance


I don't carry dental insurance either, and I've been going to Altamonte Smiles for a really long lime. I actually live in WP, but I'll travel to them because they are great. I don't have a "treatment plan," just a twice yearly exam and whatever work needs to be done if there's a cavity or whatever. Highly recommended.


I don't have it either. Go to Park Lake Dental if they happen to be close to you. I've never heard of anything similar to what you are talking about.


Even if it appears to be a private practice many of them are not owned by the dentist and are owned by a "dental group" out of some other state.


Alafaya Dental Care 2984 Alafaya Trail, Oviedo, FL 32765 (407) 366-8989 https://g.co/kgs/ntHXaW This is my personal favorite dentist. My husband had horrific fillings done as a child and be had to have a ton of dental work done over the years. This place has been fantastic. When he lost his final old filling during covid, and had to go in (he and I both then developed symptoms of it and the Dr called to check on directly daily. We didn't even up having it BUT, this facility is truly amazing. I have bad health issues and deal with a lot of doctor's and it's not so common anymore for them to do these things these days. We're usually all just a number.


Winter Park Dentistry, Dr. Whitehead is excellent and doesn't do any of the things you mentioned.


This is so true--stay away from chain dentists. There have been news stories about how they tell you that you have to get things filled that aren't even cavities.


THIS. Stop going to huge chains esp for dental work. They will fins this and that and charge you up.


Oh hi! Weird dentist here!! I have been practicing in the dental mecca of Lake Nona since 2007. We were the first office to open in the area before the BOOM so we are the true OGs. With population growth it will draw the corporate eye$. I am not saying that the dentists who work for these corporate owned offices are bad, but they are often under the stress of meeting "goals" set by the company. Sometimes this will lead to the "pushy" sales tactic that you described here. To make these "goals" worse, these offices are the places that accept all of the shitty dental insurances that are out there. The compensation the dentist receives for procedures by these plans is abysmal and in order to make their goals they need to "sell" more. They are often over-worked and very busy which may be why you never even saw the dentist as they are likely running around like crazy because they overbook the schedule to get in more patients (again, less compensation from insurance means scheduling more patients in a shorter amount of time). We decided this was NOT the way we wanted to practice. It's more important to us to provide the best care possible by not allowing the insurance to dictate what our patients needs are. We are a family owned private practice and we treat every patient like they are our own family, because that's what you deserve. Dentistry is expensive. Dental insurance is shit (same yearly maximums as it was in the 1980's lol how does that work with yearly inflation). Go to a place that treats you well, not like another piece of cattle that they are just shoving into their schedule. If you are not made to feel comfortable then find somewhere else. Read GOOGLE reviews! Every place will have a bad review here and there (some people be crazy) but the reaaallly bad places will have a LOT of bad reviews, mostly stating the same thing you said above. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has. I would like to say that I think my methodology of treatment has worked well because even though Lake Nona has what many people think is an overabundance of dental offices we are opening a second location at the beginning of the year because we are bursting at the seams with patients wanting to get in. Treat patients well and everyone is happy! Doc Oz


I personally love your methodology, I also bump against the industry norms in my business so I love seeing like minded individuals. Quick question; which dentals plans are preferred by you?


can I say none? lol. The only one we are "contracted" with is Delta Dental Premier, but we are in the process of slowly phasing that out for various reasons. We still accept all PPO plans, we are just not "in-network" with them. We try our best to explain to patients that most times the difference between seeing an "in-network" dentist vs. an "out-of-network" dentist is minimal (sometimes $10-50 out of pocket for cleaning appointments). In my opinion, to have a hygienist actually take a full 45min to an hour to perform a cleaning and pay a little out of pocket is worth it. I don't understand how a dental cleaning can be performed effectively in 15-20 mins, which is what offices that are "in-network" with these plans schedule. Some of the plans will pay the dentist $15-20 for a cleaning. Hygienists, on average, get paid around $36-38/hr. Do the math. The only way to make money accepting those plans is three ways: 1) slam the schedule and work too quickly 2) perform and charge for unnecessary procedures 3) cut costs elsewhere (shitty labs, equipment, etc) I will not practice like that. Hope that makes sense


I'm gonna guess you're not taking new patients right now, are you? Because I've put off a cleaning for 2 years (since I moved here) cuz I can't find anyone with enough good reviews. (Champions Gate area).


Always taking new patients! Let me know if you’d be willing to make the drive to Lake Nona and I can PM you my office info 👍


As a lake Nona dental pt I can say I always have great service from Dr. Matt !




Any chance your office can just knock me out while they do everything? I've never had my tartar buildup go this long (I've been predisposed to it since high school and can't find a good tartar toothpaste anymore) and it's gonna be nerve-wracking as they work on it.


My hygienists are awesome! You will be just fine. Trust me, your situation probably isn’t as bad as you think


Cigna basically doesn't care if it's in or out of network, I'll try to get an appointment once this week's work craziness dies down. And on the tartar... Nah, man, usually between cleanings it would just be a little off white. It's yellow now...


Whatever the color don’t worry man! My girls will take great care of you


Same. I haven't seen a dentist because I hate the upsell.


do u do sedation dentistry if clients request it?


We don’t fully sedate. We do have N2O available in all of our rooms and I do sometimes prescribe Valium before procedures. I try to talk as many patients out of it as possible because I don’t like the lack of communication I have with someone drugged up lol. Plus I’m THAT good that u don’t need it 😎👍🤪


It is all about the phobia, hardly about the procedure it self. However I get what you mean, and i appreciate your comment.


I need to know, too.


I think Doc Oz needs their own Q&A because I have questions about bonding lol


Where will the 2nd location be?


Corner of Narcoossee and Jack Brack on the border of St. Cloud/Lake Nona


Good location...soon the be another entrance to Sunbridge😉


Yup! Gonna be a cool area


The Valencia College school for Dental Hygienists do cleanings for the public. May take a couple of appointments, but they are very thorough and a professor double checks all the work done.


🧐 The real question is: What in the "dental cult Kentucky fried chicken" is going on in lake Nona?! The dentists have literally taken over. They are everywhere and we keep getting more, I counted like 7 in a mile (maybe a bit dramatic but they are literally in the same plazas! And across the street from one another). 😆 The DENTISTS ARE COMING 🤷🏼‍♀️😆☠️


OG Lake Nona dentist checking in!!! Opened my office amongst the cow pastures and two lanes roads that used to make up our beautiful terrain. I tried my best to fend them off....but they were too strong. I'm so sorry for my shortcomings


Lmao 😆. Does it feel weird being surrounded by other dentists?


nope. I do my thang, come to work every day and treat my patients and then head home to hang with my fam. actually opening a second office further down Narcoossee towards St. Cloud in a couple months! (don't hate me lol)


Lmao I'm sure I literally Know the exact one you speak of. I'm off narcoosee just passed boggy Creek. I have seen the migration 😆


You can blame us transplants for this but typically wherever there's an influx of new residents the dentists usually trail behind


It's so fucking weird. As a disabled person, I live in "medical city" yeah, okay more like dental city! There aren't many good docs in the area just a crap load of dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, etc..it's crazy. They should open their very own dental center like a mayo clinic 🤣


There is more then 7...I used to work for the developer😉


Tavistok? Oh Lord.


Tavistock was an amazing employer, unfortunately billionaires don't stay billionaires by gambling money so they sold my division off when Covid started and completed it earlier this year. People don't understand how conscious they truly are internally, no other developer would put in the extra work they do.


I'm sure they were.. buttt then somewhere it all went wrong. I'm not sure who's to blaim more and I'd likely choose orange county. The idea they presented of a master planned community (like the villages but not for old people) seems to have fallen short. We were promised that this area would be designed in a way that they would not create extreme suburban sprawl (and make a Waterford lakes 2.0 which we now have worse traffic than they do). I don't know what they were thinking it's like they learned nothing from Winter garden about plopping everything right up against the only single expressway entrance into an area. (Yes you come up the back way of the 528 but then you are still bottlenecking narcoossee) On a strange Note, We also lack a lot of basic things like a decent steakhouse, no not outback. I don't know enough about tavistok to say this is their fault to me it's more of an Orlando problem (central Florida in general, like Clermont or winter garden, we build first and deal with the ramifications later) as I've lived in the metro area my whole life and it just keeps repeating over and over.. I've given up that Orlando will stop the same song and dance.


Once the expressway gets approved and goes it it will alleviate alot of the traffic, I agree Narcossee needs widened.


With split oak I'm still not sure how that's going to work out (I personally hope they don't cut through the forest).


All I can say about that is Tavistock agreed to set aside 10x the land they were going to develope for the road in addition to the 1000's of acres they will keep natural. It really is a compromise if your being nuetral.


I hope it goes through without harming split oak, it's our last forest left in the area and it would be detrimental to many animals including the rehab facility that works out there, back to nature. I'm already horrified that they are building homes as close as they are. We know that they will be purchased by transplants from outside the state and if history is any measure of how that goes then we know they will flip out Everytime they see a bear, or basically wild anything. My neighbors do and don't realize calling about a gator you didn't "like" in near your backyard or our community ponds (that did nothing wrong because you live on the lake, in his home) means he will be killed, not relocated. Totally off topic but this makes me insane.


I built a few phases of Laurete Park, I'm sorry but most of the people moving in are miserable that just complain about everything in the community. Sunbridge will be more of the same.


I really don’t understand the urban planning aspect of this. I’m thinking the crossover at the fire station at the Taco Bell/Burger King at East Park. It’s bad enough crossing two lanes there, but there are going to be more wrecks there with 3 and no change in intersection. Also, traffic density may help if there’s not high density apartments being continuously added every 500 ft.


you're an anti-dentite


Longwood Family Dentistry is the best in Orlando. I had issues finding a trustworthy dentist for years after moving to the area until my wife found them. They do great work and are very easy to work with regarding appointments, payments and treatment costs.


Unfortunately, these seem to be the two options you have around here. 1) Solid dentist that doesn't have any of these weird forced treatment plans or other hard sells. Generally prioritizes your health and well-being. However, they do NOT have contracted rates under your insurance plan because they are too expensive, so they will be Out of Network. 2) In Network with contracted rates through your dental plan! However, will try to force unnecessary treatments and cosmetic procedures to nickel and dime your insurance plan as much as possible. Pick one of the two options.


literally happened to me two weeks ago. it was like going car shopping. i said no thank you i’ll pay for the $19 exam and x-ray and take my prescription. 2.5k quote for a root canal. said they can take off services here and there or offer me their $199 membership which is a 20% discount on certain services


Yeah that's the vibe I got. Basically like a car dealership


Simmonds Dental Center is the way to go. You see the dentist every single time you're in there, even if it's just for a cleaning. They're all incredibly friendly. I started going to them 8 years ago. I've since moved across town, but still make the 40 minute drive over there.


I used to go there, and they were super nice, but the 1st visit was awkward. They do this tour of the whole building & go over all their processes, and it felt unnecessary to me. I'd still go there though if I still lived by it.


I actually loved the tour. It was nice to see that they had and actually used all of their sanitizing equipment. I didn't mention it though because I wasn't sure if they still did tours during covid.


I highly recommend [Lake Nona Dental Group](https://lakenonadentalgroup.com/). Dr. Yantorni and Dr. Oslund are great and the practice has always treated me very well.


Their names like my name!! Thank you for the kind words 🤟🤓👍


I’m a Dr. Matt patient!


Dr. Anderson at Anderson Family Dental is the best dentist in the area. Best customer service and they treat you like family. Will answer any questions you have and do not coerce you into signing anything that’s shady.


I’ve had a couple of dentists that try to sell you on a treatment plan and that even insist on showing you pictures to shame you. I didn’t go back. There are good dentists too, though. It’s a big town. Don’t know if he’s accepting new patients, but I like Randall Sipp DMD on Fairbanks


I have never heard of such a thing. My dentist doesn't do that. Did you go to a chain dentist?


Go see Dr. Brittany Baker at Woodland Lakes Dentistry, she’s elite!


Her assistant Reba is dynamite.


She can be a rebel at times


Stay away from franchises. If you have very little money, Valencia has a hygiene school to get cleanings cheap. If you have some money and want a great dentist, Dr Huhn in SODO is a very affordable and ethical dentist I strongly recommend and trust. If you want a dentist that really gives you his time, has great staff, and who is a complete perfectionist - Mills Dental group (Dr Ferreira) is the absolute best. When you factor how good the care is, you are still getting excellent value, and I would trust him with my life. Who can say that about their dentist? My first cleaning there they said plan two hours. They clean your teeth that good, and then the dentist sits down with you and goes over exactly where you are health wise (not an estimate to explain, but tips, possible options, and things to monitor) and wants to understand your goals.


Yada yada, I think you're just an anti-dentite!


My people have suffered for centuries Jerry!


No, i think they are just tired of being sold something.


Dr. Song at Modern Dentistry in Dr. Philips off sand lake by the Whole Foods has been great to me and my wife.


OMG yes!! I just want a regular cleaning which they won't do without spending thousands on a treatment plan!


winter park dentistry. Try it out.


We have some shady Dentists. You'll have to shop around.


Go to Valencia West campus, dental hygiene clinic there. Cleaning, x-rays and a instructor checks through out process. One low fee but it will take multiple visits and each visit is lengthy. You will get a great cleaning but will still need a dentist to fix any problems you may have. At least clean and you will have films for whomever you choose. I would pick Dr. Lanes office in Altamonte Springs. Me? Dental Hygienist you went to VCC and being a Registered Dental Assistant before going back to school, I know good work, and I have 44 years of experience, all local.


The treatment plan you sign is to prove they told you of dental problems and quoted you fees to treat. Fees good for limited time, hence the date and signature. Especially for items you aren't aware of. You come back and say "hey, I got a toothache" we pull out plan that shows we advised you and developed treatment plan. If problem beyond scope of practice you get a referral also, to prove we advised you. Hope this helps, dental health affects other body systems. ie heart, lungs


One more thing, treating a cavity is way cheaper then ignoring it until it needs root canal, core buildup and crown after, few hundred compared to few thousand. Dont put off treatment.


If you’re anywhere near College Park, give Dr. Amaury Valle a try. I’ve been a patient of his for a decade and neither he nor his staff have ever tried pushing any cosmetic or otherwise questionable treatments on me.


I can't be 100% sure about your case,but my dentist office handed me the same sheet when they discussed teeth cleaning with me a few weeks ago. It's not a contract to complete the work, it's just an acknowledgement that they offered it to you and the price it was offered at.


Go to heidrich and heidrich in WP, they’re awesome


I went to Elegantly Dental a couple times last year and I don't remember a form like that. I was happy with their work. I went to their Florida Mall location.


I feel the same. I’ve been to 2 different dentists down here and they’ve both made me sign something even though I declined any additional treatment that my insurance doesn’t cover. They literally forced me to sign. All I want is a to get a cleaning and get out.


Our dentist has repeatedly told my husband not to get extensive work done on his teeth, even though my husband knows he needs quite a bit done. He's always confused how he's being talked out of doing extra dental work. But I think almost every place I've been 90% of the work is done by the hygienist. The dentist only comes in to do specific work, like do the actual filing or just to check that everything is okay with your teeth. I don't think I need to sign anything either. Not until I went to my oral surgeon because of a gum disorder and I needed surgery. But I've never signed anything with my basic dentist.


It seems like everywhere you go these days someone is trying to sell you something. I can't even call someone to fix my A/C or plumbing without getting some fucking speech about a service plan. Car salesman and auto mechanics were the most immoral people you'd have to deal with at one point. Now it's spilling over into every cod damn thing. Dentists too now???


I feel like Dentists in general can be shady. It's the only doctor that tries to sell you shit.


Ramsey Matar in Winter Park will not do shady shit like this.


Dr. Alex Ho of Lake Eola Dental is phenomenal


Thank you for all the suggestions everyone!


Junca Dental in Goldenrod and now in Hoffner does this as well. Im looking for something better.


Damn, that’s crazy. I’ve been going to Southpark Dental for two decades, and more recently as an adult on my own I’ve been seeing Dr Rieter there. I always get a printout of a treatment plan but NEVER have to sign anything. When I was out of work and had an emergency root canal they were great with setting up a payment plan for me too. I’ve though about switching to a dentist closer to me, but this is making me appreciate what I have.


You haven't mentioned what side of town you're on, but I've been going to Smile Center Orlando at Aloma & Tuskawilla for a decade, and they're great over there.


Dr Phillips Dentistry on Sand Lake. You get super cheap exam and first cleaning. They give you a print out of your problem areas and let you deal with it at your own pace.


Shout out to Dr. Koyfman, Dr. Rewari, and the entire staff at [Koyfman Dental](https://www.koyfmandental.com/). Great team on Colonial just West of Downtown.


Highly recommend Dr Rothschild, Andover Dental on Curry Ford Road. The man is a legend, he’s awesome.


Dr Turner is Kissimmee is fantastic


Hi, another dentist here. We have patients sign the treatment plans in dental school too. When used properly it’s not to lock patients into and agreement or extract payment it’s more of a malpractice thing. Proof the patient was informed they had problems and we tried to resolve them. Prevents lawsuits related to “you never told me. Why did this start hurting. How did this break?” But yeah… definitely sketchy corporate offices all over the country using stuff like this to pressure people. Just try and find a local office with a few docs that’s owned by one or all of them.


I totally agree with this. I went for a cleaning when I moved here and they immediately tried to con me into getting invisaline when I already had braces as a kid and do not have any problems with me teeth. It was very off putting, especially since they didn't even do the cleaning first. Currently looking for a good dentist.


Lots of good recs on this thread


Came from NY a couple years ago and I've noticed the same exact thing. Gald it's not just me!


In Florida everything is shady. Shady accident lawyers Everyone is a realtor. Shady insurance companies Shady mattress stores Sgady covid statistics


"You merely adopted the shady. I was [born](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swampland_in_Florida) in it; molded by it." \--Florida to all other states


So I have a friend who works in a dentist office She said you would be amazed by the people who say you didn’t tell me it would cost that much. If I knew I would say no. This is their way of ensuring payment if it goes to court Personal experience I had to get a mouth guard because I grind my teeth. The office was like the cost is 800. We require payment up front. They ran my insurance and told me it’s only 80 dollars out of pocket for you. We trust you Then when I went to pick it up after running my insurance a final time it was free.


I feel the same way, dentists around here are so heavy handed with trying to lock you into plans and upselling you on procedures you don't need/don't care about. Even when I had a crown that I agreed I needed the whole time they kept just talking about how great it looks and all this cosmetic bullshit b/c they were trying to upsell me on more cosmetic stuff down the line. It's really really weird. Maybe I'll listen to these other recommendations and find one that doesn't do this BS. Side note, though, the treatment plan thing you signed doesn't lock you into the procedures, you can still say no to things going forward.


It's a fucking scam!! Every dentist in Florida is a money hungry psycho!! It's cheaper to drive to North Carolina very your work done and drive back than having anything done in Florida! Not to mention they fuck up your teeth on purpose to make your bills higher!!


I love being grouped into a stereotype lol. Just like everything in life good is out there, sometimes you have to spend a little time to find it. -Love, An apparent money hungry psycho 😆


What's your name?


If you're so awesome and highly recommend yourself please do share with the crowd you'll get all the business.


I’m not here to self promote my man. If someone wants my info they can PM me


Yea that’s odd. I went and got my exam X-rays etc then met with the main dentist they explained what I needed to have done gave me print out for what they could do with estimated prices with my insurance. As well as referrals to get some work done that they couldn’t do. I added the link to there site so if there In your area of Orlando I would say check them out they been good for me. Best of luck. https://www.nikfarfamilydental.com


I live in East Orlando and Dr. Hoover at NuLife Dental is the best around. I have had a lot of dental work done in the past and her dental office has been the best experience for me.


I just cross things out or tell them straight up no to part of my treatment plan.


Yeah. That's shady AF. I've never had to do that at my dentist. Venetian Point Dentistry is pretty great. Fair prices and they never try to do unnecessary work. They've also squeezed me in when there was an emergency. Can't say enough good things about them


If you still need a dentist, I go to Venetian Point (Dr.Richard Rampi) over by Universal. He's been our family dentist for 20+ years.


I can recommend Metro Smiles. They were really great to both my mom and I. Dr Patel is very warm and I liked the cleaning as well.


I go to Koyfman Dental just west of downtown on Colonial/50. I have dentists in my family and had them review my teeth before I had my first visit there to be sure they weren't trying to oversell me on treatment. The dentist gave me the exact same review as my family did.


Just don't sign it. I always decline to sign "treatment plans". They'll still provide the treatments you select. But to your point, I have found that the dentists here absolutely try and upsell you on everything under the sun. Anopther annoying thing is collecting pre=payment before they run the insurance. I discovered at one point I had a thousand dollar credit w my dentist they only told me about when I completed the next procedure I needed. (Unfortunately broke a tooth and needed a whole bunch of expensive crap done).


I have never had this happen, but have always gone to private dentists, never a corporate place. Verardi Dental In Lake Mary is great


I have multiple teeth and jaw issues throughout my life and I have seen over 8 different dentists in the greater Orlando area. Dr Hochfelder in Sanford and the techs there are by FAR the best in town. 1 good endo in winter park. Most of the other practices are a joke here.


Stay away from chains! (Greenberg, Coast, Aspen, etc.) They all operate like shady corporations and treatment plan you for things you don't need, along with a bunch of weird extra fees like "OSHA cleaning fee." My dentist is awesome.


I would never go to Greenberg. I personally know 2 people who received settlements from them.


This sounds almost exactly like what happens at Greenberg. I have insurance, but it doesn't really seem to matter, they want $1400 to pull two wisdom. I haven't even had insurance long enough to know if that's standard for the area.


I got quoted around $1,200 (with anesthesia) for a single wisdom tooth removal at Central Florida Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery a few years ago. I did not have insurance. The anesthesia was the majority of the quote. The other option was pain pills and local numbing shots and it was a few hundred dollars cheaper.


Don't go to chains. Check out McGee Family 407-843-0295. Downtown near Michigan and Orange. Very honest and affordable. All of the chain dentists down here are a major scam.


Dr Solberg , Altamonte Springs Been going there for 17 years


I was thinking the same thing! I am Windermere. Does anyone have a recommendation for my area? I need a deep cleaning.


Winter Garden/ Ocoee area?


Funny, I had the same conversation with my GF recently. She was going to sage or some bullshit chain. I forced her to go to a real dentist, she couldn't believe the difference. [https://www.hardenfamilydental.com/](https://www.hardenfamilydental.com/) I'm sure you would have much better responses from any reputable sole practitioner. Stay away from corporate dentistry. Its goal is always to upsell.


Literally I flew back to MN yesterday to come back to my childhood dentist. Every dentist I went to in a Orlando is ran like a used car dealership, wouldn’t trust anyone IMO.


Call Valencia college dental school and pay 40$ for a student to give you the very best cleaning of your life.