Charges filed against former Loveland officers involved in arrest of 73-year-old with dementia

Charges filed against former Loveland officers involved in arrest of 73-year-old with dementia


[Here's the original video of her being assaulted by a police officer.](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/mqxmff/just_some_cops_beating_up_an_elderly_disabled/) [Here are the assholes laughing about it.](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/mywpmu/ready_for_the_pop_here_comes_the_pop_cops_laugh/)


Imagine thinking that's appropriate in anyway when the crime in question was $14 dollars worth of goods that's she gave back after trying to pay. He had no way of knowing about the dementia but he did know this is an older lady who potentially stole such a small amount it's not really a crime worth prosecuting. Yet he still decides the right amount of force is dislocated shoulder and throwing her to the ground. Oh then laughing about it later. Protect and serve all right even if she stole it wtf man its $14.


FRACTURED and dislocated shoulder. (FTFY) This is a life limiting injury for this woman as it may never fully heal.


Her daughter said that the trauma made her dementia worse. This incident ruined what little presence of mind this woman still had and robbed her and her family of precious interactions in these last years. Having lost my mom to dementia, I thought I was going to vomit when I saw the videos of this incident.


MD here, and yeah.. dementia more consistently “stair-steps” down vs “gradual decline”. A HUGE reason for a big drop in mentality is physical trauma (think broken hip, or surgery).. I feel confident saying they irreparably damaged her body and mind in their thuggish assault. We need better people becoming cops. Violent morons aren’t cutting it.


Another MD here, supporting your comment. She’s elderly, so her bones may never fully heal (obviously you already know that, I’m just pointing it out for anybody reading along). Even if her dementia had not taken a turn for the worse, that shoulder injury would/will absolutely negatively impact her quality of life.


But you need good people to hire good cops-I wish you luck... it's well known that the cops that *are* hired are of average intelligence at best (stupid people follow orders without thinking) and adult morons tend to be the bullies, thugs and underachievers we all knew in high school.


my mom also has dementia and I can't even watch the video, I'll cry. my dad told me about it. my heart breaks for this poor lady and her family.


Frankly I’d be crying about this even if this woman had her faculties. The fact that she has dementia just adds another layer of inhumanity and psychopathy to it :(


You are correct on both fronts , thank you I didn't know it was fractured as well.


No problem. The level of brutality they showed just gets to me. She's somebody's grandma who may never be able to fully use that arm ever again because a cop was on a power kick and adrenaline high.


Not just a cop but Austin Hopp, gotta make sure to keep using the fucks name so his grandma has no doubt that it’s him when she reads about it.


You mean actual piece of shit Austin Hopp?


Sooner or later people gonna start spreading where bad cops live and more than likely bad stuff gonna happen to them. Btw not advocating it. Just saying it's eventually gonna happen at this rate.


All over $14. Thats a part that really bothers me as well is human life really worth that little to him? Drug dealers are more forgiving about money.


Add to it that he knew he had broken it. Then, he and others left her in cuffs with her arms behind her back to transport her and put her in a holding cell for hours. They took steps to hide the injuries by throwing her jacket hood over her shoulder when they took a picture. Inhumane.


She spent two hours in the Loveland facility, then transported to the Larimer County jail, where they lied about Her being injury-free, where She spent 3 *more* hours...wtf?


Yup all the things you described should be used in court. He understood what he did was wrong and then tried to hide it. If you accidentally kill someone then try to hide the body you're going to jail because while killing them may have been an accident the act of covering it up basically shows some form of guilt because you're cognitive to understand what you did and instead of calling the cops you cover it up.


It's often over money or property. How many people have been murdered by cops over money, and how much stolen money or property justifies execution?


Meanwhile civil asset forfeiture gives them the right to rob citizens.


It wasn't just her body that suffered. Karen Garner also suffers from dementia and from what I have read after the incident her mind has gone downhill fast. The cops broke this poor woman both physically and mentally. When she dies these cops will be a direct cause of her death.


Yep. Broken bones leak particulates into the blood stream, greatly increasing the risk of stroke and death in the elderly. It's why mortality is so high following a broken hip. I hope that in the future, the coroner's report is *extremely* thorough, so that any subsequent, appropriate *murder* charges can be filed.


They do it because there is zero repercussions for attacking, injuring and killing us at their whim. The fact that they watched it again to gloat over it as she suffered in their jail tells us what they think of the people who pay their undeserved wages.


6 hours I heard she sat there while they laughed. It breaks my heart.


Used to work in dementia care. These kind of injuries can the potential to make the dementia worse. I’ve had people fall, break bones, and go to hospice care over it just because the dementia gets worse as a result. The officer potentially caused this woman’s death.


Yup. People tend to think of dementia as a gradual decline, but it's often more like a series of small cliffs, caused by traumatic events. Grandma is in a car accident, and her dementia manifests. Grandpa dies, and grandma's dementia suddenly gets worse. Grandma falls in the shower and breaks an arm, and her dementia suddenly gets worse. Grandma needs surgery, and now she's in hospice. It's not just a gradual decline, because each traumatic event is more like a freefall, and you never know how bad the next landing is going to be.


And they left her hands cuffed behind her back in a holding cell for hours. I hope they go to jail and the family sues the shit out of them.


Unfortunately, it will probably be the taxpayers funding a settlement. I like the idea of police being required to carry insurance, like doctors and lawyers.


I'm a man and broke my arm when I was 22.. it still hurts a decade later. These injuries are no joke.


Cops protect capital, not communities. My local grocery store is always staffed with actual uniformed officers. God forbid someone steal cookies or some baby formula from the company that recorded $4.1 billion in profit in 2020. Truly making our community safe, never mind the houseless folks sleeping a block away. /s


A few years ago, I had my motorcycle stolen. It was really rare, only 136 are known to be in the US. I called the police. They wouldn't come by and had my fill out a report online. About 6 months later, I saw it for sale on Craigslist. I went to look at, and compare VINs. It was my bike. I told the guy I had to go pick up money. I went directly to the police station. With police report in hand. Police told me there was nothing they could do. I told them I was going to take my motorcycle back myself. They told me that would be dangerous. I said, no shit, that's why I came to them first. Anyway, I went back, told the guy that it was my stolen bike and I was going to call 911 if he didn't give it back to me. He kicked over the bike and walked away. Scared as shit, shaking with adrenaline, and nauseated. I got the bike into my truck. About 2 blocks away, I saw a Walmart. I could barely breath and my mouth was dry. I pulled over to grab a water and calm down. 7 police cars pulled up to arrest a woman while I sat there and watched. 7 police cars. She stole tampons. 7 fucking police cars. Police have zero interest in communities. They are 100% corporate security bitches.


They like to cherry pick easy cases. A store calls, there is cameras and a manager and a witness or two, in a very public location - slam dunk everyone gets an attaboy without having to think very much. In your case someone might have had to go look at an old case file and do more than 5 minutes of investigation and maybe put up with a story from the theif that, "Hey, he sold me the bike maaaaannnn." Before the cop sighed at you and said it's a civil matter. (Glad you got your bike back and were ok)


> They are 100% corporate security bitches. But you see, this is the point: defund the police. They don't serve us. Why are we paying to give food stamps to Walmart employees? Why are we paying to provide law enforcement to Walmart? We should send the goddamned bill for both to them in their fucking property taxes. Every time a cop shows up, $500. That'll get them to hire their own security. But the same is true for us. We don't need policing. We need peacekeeping and security. Not to say law enforcement isn't needed. It is. We just don't need the police doing it. I'd much rather have a civilian force with civilian oversight deal with...pretty much every crime you could imagine. And for major, serious crimes? State agencies or the FBI. But not police.


>I'd much rather have a civilian force with civilian oversight The kicker is that the motherlovin police is exactly that! Or supposed to be, anyway. As is no doubt evident to anybody with half a brain, in practice this is not the case. How much worse do things need to get, I don't know. But the situation that led to last year's unrest in the US is definitely not improving.


That’s so fucked. And precisely what I’d expect. Tampons. Good grief.


The fact that you can hire uniformed cops in the US is absolutely wild to me - you can openly and legally buy state protection of your private assets. There's no reasonable justification for cops to be effectively selling political violence (if you cross us, the state will crush you for us) to the highest bidder.


[You can hire mercenaries if you want.](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2005/sep/12/hurricanekatrina.usa) Katrina was bad on multiple levels.


Again, louder, for those in complete and total denial: > #Cops protect capital, not communities.


Although it’s frustrating to see the bootlickers who refuse to acknowledge this, I’m glad to see this sentiment popping up more and more often on places like Reddit and with people I know, especially during the last year. Maybe 2020 was so bad and showcased so many inherent flaws in the structure of the country that we might finally be reaching a collective class consciousness- if not with everyone then maybe enough to make a huge unified force for change. I’m choosing to be hopeful about it at least


At local grocery store, the entrance I use pretty much walks right into a bakery/service deli section and invariably one is standing by a table of pies near the entrance. I yank their chain a bit. "Oh sure, you watch the one thing I'd actually consider stealing (pointing at the pies.)"


And as soon as their shift at the store is over they go over and beat the houseless folks/destroy their shelter and possessions


I agree with you on everything except that he had no way to know she had dementia. It was painfully obvious that she did.


And those 2 cops are fuck buddies. Imagine some couple with guns and badges just demeaning the shit out of you like this. If you wrote this shit it would be canned as totally unbelievable.


The original video is rough. People brutality on an old lady walking home with flowers in her hands. After having returned the items she took that she was willing to pay for (13 dollars worth of items?). We could almost normalize that amount of excessive of force which is a sickening thought. But.... That is nothing compared to the full scope of the situation after. They laugh about the pop sound her shoulder makes. They joke about her pain. They joke about how they will get away with it because of the Blue team. They show 0 remorse. They admit to not reading her miranda rights. The female officer literally apologizes for not being aggressive enough with the old lady. When rewatching the video he talks about how he loves it while the female officer says she hates it. He literally fist bumps the other officer at the pain they caused this old lady. All while leaving her with a fractured wrist and dislocated shoulder in a cell for 6 hours before giving her medical care. The original scene is horrible and warrants looking into. The attitude/behavior afterwards is horrifying. It's unhuman and made me shake with anger just watching it.


Omfg - that was horrible.


It's the laughing and lack of empathy which is truly fucked up. One of the worst ones, just cause she didn't die means absolutely nothing.


"Did you hear the pop?"


It gets worse, they didn't get her medical attention for 6 hrs. Because according to them, they didn't know she was injured. Except that they laughed about popping her shoulder and having her blood on them. Their behavior is disgusting.




"Little mud, little blood" huehuehuehuehue Fucking disgusting. I've been high key unable to stop thinking about this woman since I read the original story. Hope these trash humans get a heavy dose of their own complete lack of empathy.


I actually knew the girl cop. You could always tell there was a screw loose. Surely not the kind of person you want in any position of power. She also used to be a school resource officer... pretty scary to think about, right?


90% of people who want a job policing are people who want to turn their hobby of bullying into a career or just want an outlet for their sociopathy. The other 10% are probably want to do good or make a difference. Unfortunately, that old "few bad apples" adage is reversed when it comes to police. Nearly the entire barrel is rotten mush. Good luck finding the good ones. Either they too turn bad, go silent, or jump ship.


> people who want to turn their hobby of bullying into a career Totally anecdotal and I'm sure there were other factors involved, but a large portion of the bullies in my grade at school became police officers.


When I was young we were very poor and lived in a trailer park. There was one kid that would bully other kids and kill kittens, even the small kids avoided him. When I heard he became a cop, I thought "Oh, he must have worked through his issues and got himself together." Now I can see that might not be the case.


It's either be a cop or end up in prison for a lot of them. They want a safe outlet for their horrific urges. A way to kill people and get away with it. Too much of a coward to be a soldier, and the fitness requirements for cops are a joke, so cop it is.


It’s fucking gross. IMO, it just further proves the uncaring, insensitive, and unkind culture of most police departments.


You actually see the culture of the PD in action in the later video from the jail. The woman cop who was also involved in the arrest is ashamed of what happens and trust to cover her face, look down, says that "I hate it". The other cops say "I love it". She doesn't want to watch but they keep playing it. They show her throughout the entire interaction that no, this is how we act. We assault elderly women with dementia AND WE LOVE IT. Now buck up kiddo, we're going to make you watch all my highlight reels of fucking people up for no reason other than being cruel and we will ostracize you and make fun of you if you don't join in the fun and laugh about it. You see I happen before your eyes how the bad apples spoil the whole fucking bunch. At this point it's not a rotten apple problem, the whole damn orchard is fucked.


> The woman cop who was also involved in the arrest is ashamed of what happens and trust to cover her face, look down, says that "I hate it". The fact that she did not immediately act to defend that woman from a predator indicts her completely. The fact that she did not immediately act to get the injured woman medical care indicts as not only a failed cop, but as a failed human being as well.


That’s what I was going to say, it’s physically sickening. I’m glad it was brought to light and consequences are happening. They could EASILY have just handcuffed her and detained her as needed to ask her questions, charge her, whatever. Look how effortlessly the officer takes her to the ground, just cuff her, help her to her feet and sit her in the patrol car, you can still do your job, you can still investigate.


Why even take her to the ground? They hobbled her for F sakes. Were they in fear for their pathetic lives? I had tears of rage watching this. Her blank eyes searching and a hand full of dandelions, saying she wanted to go home. Hiw disconnected from reality do you need to be in order to carry out this cruel act? If the cops are that fearful of a 90 lb, 70-year-old woman then they need to stay in the safety of their homes, in bed with the blankets pulled to their weak, quivering chins.


Couldn't have said it better myself. Imagine a sweet little old lady, smiling as she sees the cop, holding a bunch of flowers in her hand. Then they treat her like this. I also remember reading somewhere that they held her in a cell for 6 hours with her injuries, no treatment... and didn't even call her family. Fucking pigs.


It's because they're sadists that derive pleasure from hurting people, all the sweeter that she was a weak old woman with dementia. They're sick pieces of shit.


It's because cops are drilled to believe that anyone who doesn't act exactly as they want them to is opposing them, and therefore deserves whatever happens to them, and there's a long history of them having no consequences for acting on that belief. That's why upwards of [50% of people killed by police ](https://www.wthr.com/article/news/33-50-percent-of-police-use-of-force-incidents-involve-a-person-who-is-disabled-has-disability/531-011bddff-a5f0-4d2a-9ad2-6964623bc32d) are disabled, usually mentally, since neurodivergent and mentally ill people tend to act different from what police think people should act like, and even if they are acting perfectly in line with what they're ordered to do, police will get a "bad feeling" from them and assault them based on that. I'm neurodivergent and someone getting a bad feeling from me that annoyed them has caused me to be assaulted multiple times, including with a weapon.


Mosey on over to r/protectandserve and you will see apologists, and their arguments are laughable, and at times intricate but mostly laden with a myriad of fallacies


I flipped over the way Breonna Taylor was blamed for her own murder. They even said she shot the cops, which didn't happen. Her boyfriend fired a gun and was shot in the leg. Even with video its amazing how they twist the truth, but fortunately we do have video now. I was reading how Florida (of course ) wants to outlaw citizens filming cops. Lets hope that doesn't pass.


Nope, not a law, [a court decision.](https://www.tampabay.com/news/2021/05/05/think-twice-before-you-whip-out-your-phone-and-record-a-cop-in-florida-you-could-be-arrested/) Upheld on appeal. You can be arrested in the state of Florida for recording the police. It has already happened, and you had better believe pigs in FL will be taking advantage of that precedent all day long. You won't catch me in the sunshine state again.


Even for this one??


Oh yeah it’s bound to appear. How they treated George Floyd and Elija McClain was absolutely disgusting.


She looks frightened and confused...reminds me of my own grandma in her last years. She was really confused and forgetful, but still totally sweet to everyone around her. How much of an asshole do you have to be to ignore obvious signs of senility or dementia? We're all going to be old and vulnerable someday.


> How much of an asshole do you have to be to ignore obvious signs of senility or dementia? Must have at least "average American cop" levels of dickholery, or worse. Amazing how many of these stories accumulated so fast once cell phones became ubiquitous. Remember that sweet old guy at the BLM protests who was shoved to the ground, hit his head on the concrete, was bleeding from his ear, and the only cop who even hesitated to see if he was alright was restrained by a partner? I sure as fucking hell remember.


That made me furious. My father died from falling onto the pavement and developing a brain bleed. The way the cops stepped over that man's body screamed “To Serve and Protect”, obviously joking.


Why bother with handcuffs? If she makes run for it, cops that can not chase down a 73 yr old lady with dementia should be fired for not being fit for duty.


Listen to the huffing and puffing going on in the arrest videos. It’s coming from the piece of shit police officers.


Why do you need to cuff her? She's 73. What is she going to do?


I don't understand. Normal people would be sickened by this. Like, 99.99% of the population. Yet here we see people just being casually amused and laughing at this ultraviolent assault. And they are **Police officers.**


Police have a culture of protecting each other, but also of falling in line. Questioning what they're told is not welcome. So if one laughs, they all laugh. One of them might privately think it was wrong, but if he doesn't laugh along with them, he loses his status. It's a toxic culture with no room for critical thought.


"I love it"


"Did you hear the pop, bro!? When I completely broke an old frail lady's body??? Fuckin'n sick, bro!"


For real. How do you take pleasure in that? When they were kids did they torture animals? The other fucked up thing were the walmart employees calling the cops on this woman who in the end, didn't even commit a crime! She accidentally walked out with the items, on account of the dementia, and they stopped her and got them back, and didn't let her pay when they told her she stole them. She tried to pay! They didn't let her and told her to leave. Poor woman was walking home, picking flowers and weeds, when the cops came up to her. Where have people's compassion gone?


My mom has dementia. This story made my blood fucking boil. She dislocated her shoulder during a seizure this last fall and I saw her pain and confusion from the pain. That poor woman.


Mine died a couple years ago from cancer and had dementia for the last year of her life. Blood boiling just barely describes my feeling about this case. I’m pretty sure I’d be in prison or dead for what I would have tried to do to any cop that dislocated my mom’s shoulder while she was in that state and then _laughed about it later_. Ugh. Enough Reddit today.


I'm sorry your mother had to go through that pain, happily she has a child that cares about her well-being.


Thank you. Thanks to.covid everything about it was a million times worse than it needed to be.


The look on her face when they rolled up on her is heartbreaking. You could tell she wasn't a threat or making a cognitive connection when the cops spoke to her. She wanted to go home! That MoFo that broke her arm and dislocated her shoulder made me sick! He's the one that was laughing and said to listen for the pop when he broke her F’N bone! The woman cop at least felt sorry for her once she was incarcerated. So glad that guy was fired, he was the embodiment of a PIG. Hopefully, in his golden years, he will be treated likewise. Thr video is a perfect example of how cops escalate situations. That lady probably weighed 90 pounds and was no threat to them whatsoever, yet they hobbled her and chained her to a damn bench for 6 hours. F them all.


And there's a good chance she can still die from it. That's the thing about elderly people, they throw clots and can't heal. Stuff like broken bones just linger until ultimately it kills them.


Oh, believe I'm familiar with the chain of events. Grandma hits her elbow on the toaster, breaks hip, gets pneumonia, and dies.


The whole thing was heartbreaking. Hearing her repeat over and over how she just wanted to go home. There was no need for anything that happened. Then those pigs left her in a cell for 6 hours before getting her medical care. She sat for 6 hours with a dislocated shoulder just being in pain and confusion. How is that not torture? >The woman cop at least felt sorry for her once she was incarcerated. Did she? Doesn't seem like it if she couldn't even advocate for the poor woman to get medical care first before being incarcerated for 6 hours.


I was enraged when I first watched this. Bodycams and citizens filming incidents are needed and this drives that point home. Its been a few weeks since I first saw this. Wasn't a concerned citizen confronting them during the arrest or was that another situation? I apologize in advance, I have a brain injury and sometimes mix situations, it's not intentional.


Yes, that was this incident. A man walked up to the officers and demanded to know their badge numbers. He said he was going to report them for being way too rough with what he thought was a young teen (because the 70 year old woman was only around 5 feet tall and 100 lbs).


Literally. This wasn't just a lack of training...this is psychopathic. I hope he feels like a big man for showing he can beat up an elderly woman, fucking tool.


All while the women is sitting handcuffed with a dislocated shoulder in a cell receiving no medical care for far too long. The guy was way over the line through the whole interaction she was accused of stealing like $14 worth of stuff from Walmart. Apparently to this guy the appropriate reaction to granny shop lifting is to dislocate her shoulder and throw her on the ground. To top it all off she didnt even steal anything she just forgot to pay and when the employees confronted her she gave the goods back. What a fucking joke all the way around.


Is this the one where the cop got heard over mic saying "here comes the pop!" as he breaks her arm?


As they watched the body cam footage, the arresting officer was saying "I love it". That's messed up, not even the tiniest amount of regret. I think that's probably what made this blow up as much as it did - the fact that he clearly took pleasure in the fact that he hurt her and was not at all sorry.


That terrifies me those sick fuck finding joy in an old helpless ladies' pain what the fuck is wrong with people


Can’t think of anything more gutless and pathetic


Yep, they were laughing at how the cop dislocated her shoulder and she begged for help once in custody. NSFW Trigger the images of her after the incident are graphic


Also worth the trigger warning for the video itself. I can handle a lot of simulated violence, and even real violence. But adults beating on an elderly woman is really damaging to watch. It's exactly like the description. I do not recommend anyone watch it unless they have a strong stomach and/or are prepared to feel boiling rage.


My mom's in her mid-70s and has dementia. She's still doing pretty well for now, but I couldn't stop thinking about this happening to her - especially if she's in a manic state and becomes confused or agitated. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the video, the description was upsetting enough. No one deserves to be brutalized by law enforcement like this, but it happening to someone confused, defenseless, and frail is just...horrific.


Thank you. I was about to click and this stopped me.


Weird how these "highly trained" individuals don't see all these obvious crimes they or the cop next to them are doing.


Right. Where are all these good cops we keep hearing about?


They get fired.




The few that manage to get through the hiring wall, do eventually get fired or quit.


[or are forcibly committed to mental hospitals](https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna39591129)


*Boomtown voice* **I hate corruption as much I love my wife, INTENSELY!! IM A GOOD MAN!!**


That is awful. This is such obvious whistleblower retaliation. I hope he wins that lawsuit and change actually occurs.


Well, seeing as how this occurred a decade ago, it's been resolved. After 4 years in court, and claiming he wouldn't settle for "all the money in New York", he eventually settled for $600K. However that was after the NYT and Village Voice got access to an unpublished report from the IAB that not only vindicated him, but also stated: > there was "a concerted effort to deliberately underreport crime in the 81st Precinct". So, I'm guessing as the thing settled 6 years ago, we probably should have had the change enacted by now. But it settled, so there's no precedent.


These are the people the police union is supposed to protect. I wish they were making a stink about it and drawing publicity.


I can confirm, we quit and find jobs with people who won’t stab us in the back for doing the right thing.


Yep, my father quit because of the bullying. He's a medevac pilot now.


Your dad sounds like a good man.


You just want a free ride in a helicopter. I don't blame you, but you might as well be honest about it.


Honestly a cooler job anyway.




Pretty sure the system is designed to keep the thugs, and motivate good people to leave.


This is it. Lots of examples of smart, straight individuals who don't get the PD job.


Oh yeah. The main purpose of all the screening and evaluations is to see how much you’re going to fit in with the established culture.




WTF! The NYPD even made a fucking commemorative pin of a rat in a straight jacket being taken to a hospital. They put their crimes on full display and just don't give a fuck. God damn, the FBI needs to just smash the NYPD to pieces.


I will always think about Christopher Dorner. The man who went on a revenge spree after no one took him seriously about the racism and dirty shit they were doing in the police department. They just laughed at him and he lost his job. Made his life hell. Yes he didn't have to kill people, but he always makes me think just how big the cover up is in the police force. Shits scary to think about.


Burned to death in a cabin up by Big Bear Lake.


They either: 1) Go along to get along because they're too worried about calling for backup one night and it not coming and they end up getting killed 2) Report the bad cops and get ostracized by the entire department and get revenge-reported for petty shit and get passed up for promotions until they get frustrated and quit 3) Become a bad cop because everyone else is bad so why not enjoy it too?


Not in Loveland, CO.


"Not all cops are bad" but the "good" ones know they can't speak out because there just aren't enough "good" ones to back them up. You can tell that the woman cop obviously knows what they did was wrong, but she also acts like that if she doesn't fully support the actions then there's going to be retaliation.


That's exactly it. There is alot of nepotism and "bro code" in law enforcement, it's disgusting. You don't even have to do anything to earn their wrath sometimes and it is definitely aimed at each other. A buddy of mine works law enforcement. There was a special team that he has wanted to run for ***years*** but the boss making that decision had a vendetta against him (due to factors outside Buddy's control) and kept giving it to others. Every single one fucked up. The last guy to have the job legit threw tantrums and just stomped off and went home when he didn't get his way. A new boss took over and finally pulled the idiot from the role and asked my buddy to fill in for a bit. Buddy rocked it and got the role for real. Now my buddy is dealing with all kinds of BS accusations that he "stole" other guys job (guy wasn't fired, just had special assignment taken. Didn't even take a pay cut). It started with rumors, then name calling, then threats of violence and most recently, sabotage. They borrowed buddy's work truck and crashed it on purpose, conviently when the cameras were facing the other direction and whoever borrowed the keys forgot to sign them out. They steal or sabotage his food (engine degreaser dumped in his food). All because he took a job. The worst part is, there is a couple people doing this but they are buddies with a higher up so it's all overlooked or ignored. If he opens his mouth about it or retaliates, his career is over. He works around violent criminals everyday, has watched people literally eat each other and had coworkers nearly murdered in front of him, but if you ask what the most stressful part of the job is, he will absolutely tell you "the staff"


Almost sounds like a career path best suited for bullies who can't grow up. Who knew? PS--Sorry your friend went through this bs.


Unfortunately they make up the majority of who applies


Are you referring to the woman cop who arrived on scene? Cause I don't think she thought what she was doing was wrong. She treated the 73 year old horribly. And laughed about it.


I think she realized that it was wrong when she watched the body-cam video. Before that point she seemed worried that the first cop might think she hadn’t backed him up enough—I’m basing this on what she said. (I am also not excusing her behavior, to be clear.)


It’s the “us vs them” mentality that shit like the “thin blue line” promotes. Cops should be a part of society, not overseers.


They can only be asked to do so much training and education. They aren't hair stylists, for god's sake!


I can’t believe this took more than a year for it to become widely public, and beginning of consequences


I want their superiors fired for dereliction of duty for not having had these charges pressed a year ago. Why were these officers cams not reviewed once it was known there was an injury under police custody. Evil prevails when good people do nothing, either these superiors here are negligent or complicit.


Wait didn’t the incident just happen last month in April?


No, that's just when the lady's lawyers were able to get footage of the incident.


In other words, the department stonewalled for almost a year, hoping public interest would fade. Fucking scum.


Correct. Although there wasn't really any public reporting on this incident until they got the footage. So we have the lady's daughter and her tenacious lawyer to thank for bringing it to light.


Yeap! and then they tried to claim they had no idea about the incident!


Well when you beat up so many old ladies it's hard to keep track...


Yeah, and the cops involved quit after the video came out—-cuz they were still on the job all that time


Everyone involved in the stonewalling should be charged with the crime as part of a conspiracy. Up to and including the mayor, police chief and union head.


Ahh thank you for clarifying!


Apparently it was June 26, 2020.


It happened June 26, 2020, so not quite a year. I think the more disgusting part is that the police department just buried it until the woman's lawyer managed to get the video and show it to the public.


Reason #8656879 to record the police


They didn’t just bury it, when it did come to light they denied ever knowing about the incident.


And now let's reinvestigate every use of force complaint against this officer, along with evidence given by his co-workers defending each use of force complaint, and then charge those people with false reporting/perverting the course of justice where they are found to have lied.


An 88 lb. woman who now has a broken arm, dislocated shoulder, and sprained wrist along with trauma. People with dementia require special handling. That kind of behavior will certainly fuck with her mental state of mind which is fragile already.




God, that's awful -- not only that she's traumatized enough to shut down, but it makes trying to help her through any trauma that much harder.




Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali *Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali* **Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali** Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali Why are we trying to hide the names? It's public record.


I'm so glad to see this story! I been keeping up with Miss Garners story on YouTube & it's such a shame what that cop did to her & then for them to laugh about it was just un-real! That poor lady has a big payday in her future..


I would sue the shit out of them. Only Avenue they have any kind of anything. My mother has dementia. I would lose my fucking mind if this happened to her.




This made me physically cringe. The way he forced her arm up. The fact that she is quite obviously old and has dementia. Had these police never interacted with old people before? No one can watch these videos and say that was fair and humane treatment. No one. None of that was justified.


If someone treated my parents this way... I would absolutely take shit into my own hands. Who can you call when the police are the criminals?!


My significant other is 5’1”, and works in a memory care facility. She’s paid $13.86 an hour. She deals with men and women of all shapes and sizes, and has never had to get violent. She keeps in mind these humans are wives and husbands, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, of someone. She has struggled financially her entire life. Meanwhile, we pay these assholes exorbitant salaries, guarantee a pension at 20 years, house them in multimillion dollar facilities, ensure they’re patrolling in $80,000 vehicles, and buying their uniforms. America rose up in unison to defund these fucking crooks, and in response, the System raised police budgets.


They need to fire the supervisor who showed up and started demeaning the passerby who wanted to complain


They need to fire the whole fucking department. They covered it up for a year and only took action when the videos were broadcast. Everyone that knew about it and didn't say something is culpable.


The cops that did this are pigs. They are disgusting evil sociopaths who took pleasure in hurting an elderly disabled person. If you defend their behavior in any way, fuck you, you are worse than a pig.








with a promotion.




and take away their pensions


10 cops in an office. One cop commits a heinous crime and nobody says anything. How many bad cops are there? 10


We love it when Brutal people’s jobs go POP with multiple felonies!


Slap on the wrist.


Horrified after watching the footage. I wrestled and it’s very obvious to see she’s in a bad spot. Blows my mind because doing throws they say it’s your responsibility to bring your opponent back to the mat in a safe and controlled manner meanwhile PDs will fuck you up just because they can and then laugh about it. Serious power tripping and I hope she is okay now.


Isn't it amazing that you felt more responsibility than these cops did?




Austin Hopp needs to become the next rapist Brock Turner? Remember the rapist, Brock Turner? Well, let's never forget the man named Austin Hopp who beat up a 73yo woman who weighs 80 pounds, crippled her, and then bragged about it to his partner that he was fucking behind his wife's back. It's a little long, but you get the gist.


Austin Hopp the elder abusing cop?


You meant to say he was a piece of shit in more ways than one? I’m so surprised, said nobody.


some people are better off as hog food


Damn it definitely felt like they had a thing going on lmao what sacks of human trash


This could be anyone's mom. Regardless of your political affiliation, or how many Blue Lives Matters flags you fly. When push comes to shove (and it WILL get physical), the cops will beat up anyone they come across.


Remember last summer when that old guy got pushed over? He had a helmet identical to what the cops were wearing in his hand, speculated that he wanted to return it? Accused by the at-the-time US President and his ~~fascist~~ conservative followers of being an antifa supersoldier? Even if you're acting 100% in good faith, *even if you're pro cop*, police can still beat the fuck out of you for their own enjoyment and they'll likely never face consequences for it.


I still can’t comprehend that that is a real thing that happened. Our (at the time) sitting president, saw an elderly man get his shit rocked at a protest, and instead of saying something rational like “I’m so sorry this happened, we will be looking into the incident and wishing him well in his recovery” he called him *fucking antifa*


“The charges show an incident date of April 15, which was the date Garner’s attorney filed a lawsuit against the Loveland Police Department.” Charges were only filled due to the lawsuit. Don’t fool yourself, cops will continue to try and get away with this kind of shit.


The tortured a sick elderly white woman then bragged and laughed about it. They did that to a woman who could have been their mother or grandmother. This is who US cops are. Is it any wonder they have no trouble gunning down unarmed black people.


“Former officers” I love reading that and that charges were filed against them. I hadn’t heard anything since the laughing video, so I was wondering what happened to them. I just can’t get over the fact that they think ANY of this is appropriate. What if that was their mother and some shitty cops did this to her? They’d be raising hell. Why is it ok when it’s some stranger?


She weighed only fucking 80 pounds. They fucking broke her arm. A civilian onlooker thought she was a child. She was so scared and confused. Fuck. I swear to god had I witnessed this brutal abuse of power towards someone so frail and vulnerable physically and mentally — I am 99% I would have gone to jail that day. Fucking sickos. I’m still angry.


Try to intervene and the cops will shoot you. And they will likely be exonerated too, no matter if you’re the good guy in that situation. Meaningful police reform is needed now.


I don't even know what to say about this. How can these assholes be like this? And it isn't just a couple of them, there's so many. There's no way these guys have feelings like I do. Law enforcement either attracts these fucking assholes or shapes them to be assholes after they get there. My God...


I find it interesting that Jalali is being charged in relation to 'watching the video and not reporting use of force,' but there was a big fat cop behind Hopp who watched the video as well, iirc. This isn't justice, this is just 2 shitheads being thrown under the bus because it became public.


I live in Loveland. This attitude of superiority is rampant across the whole department. There are so many LPD officers who do whatever the fuck they want with zero respect for citizens.




This happened not far from me. The media coverage was solid. Thank god they caught it on tape. I hope karma pays these assholes back in kind.


pigs need more vitamin curb in their diet.


She was repeating herself over and over again saying she was going home. She wasn’t very communicative, and that should’ve been more than enough to tip these asshats off to there being something more than meets the eye with this poor woman. And, both officers should be charged with felonies. The female officer was just as complicit in the whole situation. She deserves no less than what he was given. Actually, he deserves worse than what was given to him. They’re just as disgusting as any of the horrendous criminals they’ve arrested. One can only hope that they don’t end up with broken bones, locked in a cell, and their cries of pain being ignored by the officers keeping watch over them.


The blue wall. That's what the bro code is called. Also, if you want to get an idea of what it looks like for a good cop to report a bad cop, may I suggest the Al Pacino movie Serpico? The guy the movie was made about is so well known that cops making reports and not adhering to the blue wall are called serpicos.


Imagine bragging about beating up an old woman. Like, how Tiny does your dick need to be that you thought it was funny to break / dislocate her shoulder? As someone who dislocated their shoulder multiple times... FUCK YOU LOVELAND PD. It's the most painful thing I have experienced and I have broken other limbs, broken a knuckle, snapped my toe in half (like bone visibly broken sideways) dislocated shoulder hurt worse than all of those put together, feels like someone is tearing your arm off and succeeding.


if this was my grandma, id have a hard time staying out of jail