[Kuzma replying to a fan made highlight tape] Laugh now cry later 😏😉🙏🏽

[Kuzma replying to a fan made highlight tape] Laugh now cry later 😏😉🙏🏽


Good for him. He should believe in himself. Hope he does well.


The guy is 25, good looking, and making $13 million/year. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t lack in self-confidence.


A chip on his finger is a nice touch too


We talkin Ruffles?




Cool Ranch Doritos


it helps to keep the chip on your shoulder


>The guy is 25, good looking Based


I mean have you seen the clothes he wears? He probably had too much confidence tbh


Oh for sure. Why else would you dye your hair blonde looking like a young Luenell.


Every guy on this sub would trade places with him.


In fact he is in excess


2 days ago this would have read “LMAO this guys thinks he’s Tatum, no one is trading for his bum ass”


We know how this goes. Same people tried to tell us Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram were garbage and the moment they left it was a mistake. Only Ingram really makes me sad about being gone


what about jules


He good and hustles, just not a fit with what we need.


oh for sure i just wanted to know if that person was sad about julius leaving since he went unmentioned


Likely not, from Lakers fan perspective we don't see him part of the team's future so he's a trade piece. Unlike the other young core as we call them, we have high hopes to them that we might have a system to make them the actual team's core until Lebron happened.


If Kuzma averages 20 I guarantee this sub will pretend like they knew Kuzma would be a star


Ingram was going to be a good player and I think everyone saw that his rookie season. The question with him was how high his ceiling would be cause he was so raw.


>Ingram was going to be a good player and I think everyone saw that his rookie season. Might've just been trolling, but either 2018 or 2019 summer I saw a post here saying that Thon Maker was better than Brandon Ingram and it had way more upvotes than I was expecting. I'm still salty about that.


yeah everytime a rookie puts bad stats on paper, theres a million posts about how they are literally travis outlaw. people are so stupid, no critical thinking


The same guy people on this sub called Travis Outlaw?


Have you heard of the Travis outlaw thread?


Ingram and lonzo were number 2 overall picks who were like 19-20 when traded, kuzma Is a 27th overall pick who is 26


YUUUUP. Crazy how most of r/nba all of a sudden stops hating on a player once they no longer have a Laker jersey on.... hmm


Is /r/nba really going to pretend like they didn't meme the shit out of this guy for years?


This always happens with Laker players around here. They get endlessly mocked for being garbage when they're on the Lakers but become underrated and likeable the minute they're gone.


He's finna average like 17 on the Wizards. He isnt that bad




He was a first round pick iirc and I feel like he’s judged because he plays with Lebron and ad. Honestly even just Lebron hed get criticized just as hard


On 20 shots


Inb4 Ball Don’t Stop makes a post about the Wizards should sign IT Nate Rob or Beasley to replace the TRUE HOOPER that they lost in Russ


If they got all 3, I got my new favorite team


He should thrive in Washington. I’ve always felt that the notion that Lebron makes everyone he plays with better wasn’t necessarily true. He obviously elevates your team to contention but he also makes his teammates play his style of basketball which isn’t for everyone.


This is so true. Kuzma getting more time with the ball in his hands can thrive in WAS. Not anything spectacular , but he will be a decent starter with some crazy nights


Yep. Feel like most of the players that LeGM ships off end up doing really well on their new teams. Kinda surprised my post didn't get downvoted to oblivion hah


I mean, most players he ships out are young guys. Young guys get better as they get older. It's not rocket science.


Well yes but most of the players he teams up with have to sacrifice their playstyle to play with him. Wade, Bosh, Love, Kyrie all had to change their games to fit with him. So it's not just young guys who struggle


Wade, Bosh, Love and Kyrie didn't struggle though.


Wade definitely sacrificed to win, and Love went from being a star to basically a role player.


I think there's a difference between "struggling" and simply not putting up the same amount of stats / ppg you did before because you're no longer *the* guy on a mediocre or non-contending team. At the end of the day there's only one basketball and it's about guys who can fulfill their appropriate role at the moment, whether it's 40ppg or just playing stifling defense on a crucial Game 7 possession. That's the shit that wins chips imo


It's also because their games don't mesh well together. Kyrie and AD's game complement Lebron's game very well.


You just talking out of your ass or what? In lebron's first year as a Laker, Kuzma's second year in the league, he averaged 18 points as the starting 4, being the 2/3 option between him and BI. And then we got AD who completely takes over Kuzma's position, and people are really surprised his production drops?


He made Kuz better in his sophomore year, no? Then his role got diminished as a real second/third option after AD came in.


Or there is just a massive difference between a persons rookie and sophomore year. It’s usually the biggest jump a player will make from one year to the next.


The worst part for Kuz was the fact that his role was shared by the two best players on his team who are superstars. He was looking good at the beginning of the year and getting tons of offensive rebounds, made smarter plays, then everything fell to shit with AD and Bron going down and started taking all the rebounds (as is his role) but I felt like Kuz lost his role again. He was playing the smartest ball I’ve seen from him for a hot minute. Hopefully a change of environment and a new coach in Unseld can maximize his potential. I think he can still get better but it wasn’t going to happen on our team given his role (or lack of).


This sounds great till you realize slot of Kuzma’s minutes came with Lebron resting and he couldn’t score with the second unit either. That’s on top of him visibly playing scared shitless half the time. I’ve never seen a player get more undue hype and excuses. He’a just not that great.


Which superstar player doesn't do that? No one has claimed LeBron has made his teammates better. No one can do that but the teammates themselves. LeBron makes their job easier - which in this case, should allow Kuzma to perform better. Kuzma's game just doesn't fit a championship contender. For him to thrive the most, he needs the ball. That's why his best season was when he was the #2 option for the Lakers before Bron arrived and also, when Bron arrived but pre-Davis. I wish Kuz the best of luck but his style fits best when he's on a bad team where he's got the green light and for championship contenders, Kuzma isn't on that level where he has that green light.


TBH, with all the Kuzma slander, I kind of expected a low lights video.


He's not a Laker anymore so now it's fine for everyone to stop pretending he was so bad he should be in China.


Being a Lakers player must be soooo hard.


Laugh now, laugh later


He's about to go dUmb on the wizards man.


I think wizards will trade him


We will


he gonna get traded to nets at the deadline


The amount of shit Kuzma takes online is unfathomable.


Kuzma underrated


Y’all think he starts the season on the wizards?


Really good question, given that I just learned they drafted Krispert. I assume Kuz takes all of Hutchinson's minutes, a chunk of bertans', some of Rui's, and maybe bonga's (do the wizards still play him at the 1?). The depth chart should probably have Kuz and Krispert as the main small forwards (deni's out with the ACK tear). Is that reasonable? Also, IDK kcp's role on this team either - he's in direct competition with beal's minutes but the roster is lacking guards.


Kcp was brought in to start the season at the 3 from what I've read. kispert is going to start off on the bench for a while. Bonga and hutch are both irrelevant, kuz is staying half a season at most probably. pg/holiday/Winston Beal/kispert/Matthews Kcp/deni Rui/bertans/Todd Gafford/Bryant Seems like what we've got so far, I'm very much assuming trez and kuz are going to be flipped fairly soon due to the lack of point guards. By midseason I expect kispert starting at the 3 and kcp backing up Beal, possible trez stays until then since Bryant is coming off an injury


Ahhh the ol' kcp at the 3 experiment. He hasn't joined the team formally yet but yes, he's already one of the best/most active defenders on the team. Idk what moves the wizard sub is petitioning for but as long as Gafford gets his minutes and respect, I'm game


Gafford is going to get all the minutes he can handle, but that won't be much until he gets his stamina up unfortunately.


It's tough for some guys to play with LeBron. You have to turn into a catch and shoot player and do it without being in rhythm...that doesn't work for everyone


Wizards fans are going to be the ones crying


Already are




Tell me you love dealing in ridiculous ad hominems without actually telling me


I agree kuzma blows ass, but I like calling "ad hominem" the neckbeard defense.


Literally who gives a fuck what you like to call it lmao? Personal attacks have nothing to do with my opinion on Kuz what does it have to do with the conversation?


too long didn't read




💯💯😎😎😎😎 the shades 😎😎😎😎 hide the haters 😎😎😎😎💯💯💯💯






You don’t know what an ad hominem is if you think me saying that Kuzma will continue to be bad is one of them. So no, that’s not what I did.




So happy that we will never hear about him in national media again


Laugh now, laugh harder later


My grandma says this lmao


I’ll see it when I believe it


Kuzma is a fantastic 27th pick. On average you can’t do too much better than getting a player like him that low in the draft.


I hope kuzma makes a comeback. I definitely could root for it way more than someone like ben Simmons


Nothing better than proving/nba wrong. Go on and get yours Kuz


This guy is ass


What's his face promised me he was going to Orlando and that didn't happen.


Damn can’t wait for the non coverage that he deserves