[Highlight] Jokic lifts his MVP trophy

[Highlight] Jokic lifts his MVP trophy


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Never go back to the awards show, this always was and will always be a million times better.


I seriously wish we could have done this for Giannis' two. Total missed opportunity.


Giannis speech last year was really great tho


And absolutely nobody watched it.


Lol, y’all have the memory of goldfish. [people in fact did watch his speech ](https://youtu.be/RxvA3ZEsrU8) it was a talking point. Y’all just forgot like you’ll have forgotten about this one year from now.


Bro we barely make it to the post game thread of a playoff game before we forget the losing team has ever won a game before.


I mean can we count 4.7 million people as people?


Thanks for posting that, man. I'd somehow never seen it before but that shit had me choking up. I'm not usually the world's biggest Giannis fan but goddamn that was from pure from the heart.


That was awesome I can't believe I haven't seen that. Silver coming up clutch starting that clap to let him compose himself.


Right lmao 4.7 million views and people at the time were talking about how amazing the speech was and how emotional they felt and now it’s this 😭


Don’t be pedantic. Obviously some people watched it. The spotlight was a lot smaller than it would have been in the middle of the playoffs. If there were tons of people watching the awards show they wouldn’t have canceled it.


to be fair mvp show had some good moments and speeches but yeah, on court mvp is way betrer


"hehe, swag"


if the awards show would be between regular season and play-offs, it would be very amazing. unfortunately, the logistics are an issue. why would players waste a day to be away from their teams before the most important games??


Aww man, I was excited to see him in a suit trying to give a formal speech


Jokic receiving the most prestigious individual award in basketball: 😐 Jokic with a horse racing trophy: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/BC9tTJbB11SBZz33_b00-IsfElk=/0x0:1196x726/1200x800/filters:focal(503x268:693x458)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/55446317/Screen_Shot_2017_06_26_at_10.38.40_AM.0.png


The horse is wearing a hat!!


That’s how they won


That horse is pretending its a person so none of the giants try to ride it.


All I can think of when I see a horse now is “Yukal”


Elden Ring?




That's a lot of giant people




He's not even the biggest dude in the pic lol


His leaning, possibly on lower ground, and heavily bending his knees.


they make the horse look like a pony


wtf was that Malone next to him?


Yes it is


So this picture taken when he already in the league?


Nah, not really. Malone was heavily recruiting him when he was a 16 year old. He already knew him, and kept him as a secret to the League. These old pictures started to come out a little while ago, there are some really interesting stuff there.


Huh? This picture [is from 2017](https://www.denverstiffs.com/2017/6/26/15873286/looks-like-nikola-jokic-has-himself-a-winning-horse-denver-nuggets-sombo-serbia), no?


The fact that a /s is needed.... Smh


It is when your joke is shit lol




Ouch. Too real. I’ve always seen the MVP trophy as a curse except for a few players who have won it and also the championship.


There are only 4 players in the history of the NBA who have retired with a MVP and no championship. 5 more players are active with a mvp and no ring.. yet. (Jokic, Giannis, Harden, Westbrook, rose) So in the history of the NBA, of 35 folks who have won MVP, 26, (or the vast majority) also won a ring and 5 more have a chance to join them


Steve Nash looking to snag that championship as a coach lmao


What I’m really talking about is winning the MVP in your MVP year and not winning the championship in the same year.


14 out of 35 MVPs (40%) have won the championship the same year. Not super-rare.


Has anyone ever won mvp and the championship in the same year but not the Finals mvp ? I assume not


Not really sure maybe Steph?


2015 Steph


Steph 2015




Nash, Iverson, Barkley, Malone?


Yes. And at least the last 2 have Olympics gold to console tgem




Won with the Lakers at the end of his career


He himself always said he never counted that as a title win Also he never won MVP


Never won MVP


Did his brothers come out there and just snatch the trophy???


its already on aliexpress


Someone has to help their little brother invest 🤷🏽‍♂️


Why does Jokic look like a sad teddy bear and his brothers look like captains in the Serbian Mafia?


Because it's true


theyre pretty much his bodyguards now tbh. just baby brother things


Honestly a dream job. Be the body guard for your brother who makes 100s of millions and probably pays you way more than a normal body guard. You get to go to all the parties and events too.


yup, and they both used to play ball at a decently high level too. i recall one had a shot before injuries. i imagine they help him lot plus the benefit of just hanging w your brothers all day and goofing around. borderline paradise imo


Too true hahaha


Was he suppose to take it to the bench and just put it by his chair? I'm pretty sure he'll get it back


He'll get it back after he pulls off a reverse sweep on the Suns.


Easy to see you haven’t had a team in 20 years


Comment aged terribly. Granted Murray going down didn’t help but damn take your loss in stride


Shoulda put it in his gym sock and chucked it in his duffel bag


“like a piece of candy or something”


his brothers always look scary and pissed off


Those shirts they were wearing were tight, looked like a bunch of criticism of Jokic and then MVP on the back


They still can't pronounce Nikola properly




In Denver he goes by Ni-cola. I know it's not how Serbians pronounce it, but it's what he goes by here. My name is tricky too, and I always give out the easy but wrong pronunciation


I thought the correct way to pronounce Nikola was basically Nicholas without the s. Nickola not Knee-Cola, if that makes sense.


It is, I don't understand why none of those nba commentators thought of that. Nikola/Nicholas is a biblical name


It's not even hard to say tho wtf


The guy that gave him the trophy (not sure who he is) was almost bang on. Any Serb would be more than happy to hear pronunciation that close living here. Edit: just listened back and heard how the first guy says it haha. Comically bad.


So I guess 2017-2020 MVPs just don’t get to experience this storied tradition lol.


poor giannis lol, and westbrook deserved this in front of the OKC fans, same with harden.


Westbrook not having that opportunity considering all he has given to that community makes me pissed


Westbrook's MVP is what made me hate the award show format. He had one of the best MVP seasons narrative-wise with him having to carry a mediocre team that KD left behind and he broke a record people thought was untouchable. But then we had to sit through OKC losing in the first round and watch the entire playoffs unfold before we even saw Westbrook lift the trophy. Who thought it was a good idea to hand out the awards long after the hype has died down?


same dude im fucking fuming rn


At least Harden will have his all-time great acceptance speech to look back on.


lmao for real, better receive it infront of the fans and the home court than infront of fake ass audiences who wear tux and dresses


Lmfaoo the award show sucked


Thank God they cancelled that shit. A ratings/money grab that no one cared about.


Imagine the crowd if Westbrook got his with OKC fans in attendance.


2020 MVP wasn't gonna get it in front of fans anyways unless they brought them in the bubble


I would love to see where he puts this trophy in his house. I can imagine him just bringing it home and leaving it on the counter for months before eventually just putting it in a closet somewhere


He's married now. No chance he gets to just leave it around. After the playoffs he'll probably have to build a trophy shelf.


You can barely hear Jokic. Fucking ESPN, man.


Because the commentators were talking over his entire introduction to the crowd & then never turned off their audio. What a joke.


High schoolers would put together a better broadcast than ESPN. ESPN has made every local broadcast seem phenomenal in comparison, I came to loathe when the Nuggets were on national tv.


[I feel like a proud father](https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/3xwlgx/game_thread_los_angeles_lakers_423_l2_denver/cy8k3i8/)


And the other dude calling for a nurk trade is pretty damn on point if you ask me.


What is your username?


You got the receipts man


We found another prophet!!


Malone’s favorite player wow. Malone deserves more credit for his role in developing Jokic tbh


respect my guy


More like a proud uncle. EG the truth!


Greatest Nugget of all time now? Or is it still English atm?


He already took us as far as English and it seems he is going to stay with us. Also jokic embodies English spirit of all offense zero defense


I think English has already said he's the greatest nugget, right?


He's the best Nugget. Probably since last year.


Wow, no love for Earl Boykins? Smh


Would have been David Thompson. Damn addiction issues (and injuries).


It's been Jokic for a long time.


Awh this gave me goosebumps. I want a best friend like Jamal Murray lol


In front of the fucking fans, as it fucking should. I wish he had hyped them up more though, I feel Denver fans would’ve gone ballistic


I dunno what ESPN did with the sound levels but it was loud as all fuck in there. I couldn't even hear what he said over the crowd going apeshit


Ahhh damn that fucking sucks I’m tryna celebrate with my nugget bros. Well deserved MVP, I hate the narrative that embiid is the runaway MVP if he was healthy


Jokic is just not the personality to hype it up


It was crazy loud in there, first full arena this season (minus court side seats) and it was sold out. ESPN just cut down the crowd noise for no good reason


The new Tim Duncan of speeches


Lol top of the world in basketball but still #3 in the family pecking order. His brothers still scare him and it's simultaneously adorable/hilarious. Strong family.


His brothers are absolute units just like him


The one with tattoos looks fucking dangerous


Missed this so much. This is how it should be.


I don't know when they decided to stop doing the dumbass end of season awards show but whoever canceled that deserves a raise. This is so much better.


Following Dirk's path (w/ some differences of course): Euro MVP, top-5 West team, swept in the playoffs. Championship coming in the future.


This team with Jamal Murray on the court makes a strong case for championship this year. If Jamal puts on another performance like he did in the bubble then they could very well beat this Suns team. Timing is everything.


When was it decided that we were going back to the old way of doing awards? I must have missed it, but it’s a good surprise.


The humble honey


Bo Burnham is Nikola Jokic in the TV Movie event of the summer.


He also put up an MVP performance last night.


WoRsT mVp eVeR


I don’t think anyone says that. Nuggets fans just get too defensive when other people bring up the fact Embiid and Lebron were favorites before their injuries. Jokic still could’ve easily won it without the injuries, don’t get me wrong. Dude played a phenomenal season and playing every game is genuinely impressive. I love seeing two centers dominating the league personally. But playing victim the way your fans do sometimes is annoying. Don’t worry about what other people say about your guy. Just enjoy what he provides to your team. That’s what I do with Embiid. Good luck tonight 👍🏼


it's just some media heads on twitter saying this shit, i agree that it's parroted amongst nuggets fans so much but it aint that serious


Nick Wright said it. I was making fun of him. All y'all just decided to get super butthurt for some reason.


>All y'all just decided to get super butthurt Says the guy who's clearly butthurt about Nick Wright saying it


Are you dumb? You misunderstand my comment, get needlessly pissy and butthurt because I'm guessing you're overly defensive. I explain that there's a totally reasonable explaination for my comment and you're still butthurt about it?


God the victim mentality of this sub is hilarious


What's hilarious is how butthurt y'all got because I decided to make fun of Nick Wright who said it.


Don’t worry it’s giannis not jokic


Giannis is definitely the worst two time mvp that won dpoy the same year


Well uhm, how many are there?


Nobody is saying that, not even close. Giannis however..


Nick Wright said it. I was making fun of him.


Nice of him to hold embiid’s trophy


"here's your trophy! And there is the door out of the playoffs!"


Who fucking cares lol I got to see my favorite basketball player hoist the MVP trophy and nothing can deny that.


people are trying so hard to pile on but actual nuggets fans have already processed this, got a head start as soon as murray went down


The house money ran out, simple as that


yeah and i don't think any long time nuggets fans are that bothered, i certainly am not. nobody is surprised, people dont realize how bad these injuries compound


Beating the trailblazers in 6 was as good as I could have dreamed after Murray went down. Would love to see nugs win this last home game though.


Dirk 2.0 swept in the 2nd round


Well Dirk is a legend sooo


So Is jokic


the only thing worse for jokic this night than losing the game the way they did...is the richard jefferson's mindless blathering with be immortalozed with his trophy


Well deserved


Тако је бре 💪💪. Српски МВП


He doesn't look like he would excel in basketball. He would be great in equestrian sports


I want the shirt his brothers are wearing


Love Jokic. Really glad the big man was able to celebrate with the fans at home.


Luka Doncic


They should keep this presentation. The MVP must be presented in front of the Home crowd like it used to be. Glad it's back even if it's because of unfortunare circumstances


Jokic great




>how poorly Nikola played, 32/20/10 wat




He shot 45%, I know it's not his usual 70%, but aren't we a little spoiled?




bro you can take off all the points and that’s still 20 rebounds (10 oreb) and 10 assists. Like wtf else do you want him to do? drop 40 instead? still would’ve lost, this loss is on anyone on the nuggets not named Jokic


I can't figure out if you're serious or a troll, in any case, I'm off.




how can he cook himself? what


MVP getting his ass kicked by 🌞. Feel bad for him, he's a good player, but has to carry the team himself. The rest of the nuggets team are all scrubs except Murray


I disagree. Most of those guys are solid role players who are being asked to do more than their capabilities and intended role call for. Everyone on the court would improve if Murray and Barton were playing full minutes. MPJ should be stepping up but he’s also only 22 years old.


Scrubs maybe a strong word, they are role players. But they have no business in a team being a championship contender. Young isn't an excuse, 🌞 team is even younger with no playoff experience. Nuggets don't have the heart or the skills to go the distance.


I think your take is absurd. According to [this](https://basketball.realgm.com/nba/transactions/composition_search) the Nuggets are younger than the Suns by about half a year. The Nuggets have more playoff experience but a lot of those Suns guys have been in the league for a bit. Ayton is playing exceptionally well at 22 and is a stud, I’ve been following him since he was in college. But Ayton would probably not be playing as well if Chris Paul and Mikal Bridges were out. Age is a fair excuse for MPJ, he will get better as he gets older and develops. Just like Murray, just like Jokic, and just like basically every player ever. This year they don’t have the skills to go the distance because of injuries. I think they stood a good chance otherwise. Not saying they would’ve done it for sure, but this series and the WCF would’ve been competitive. I am unsure if anyone will be able to beat the Nets this year, but I hope someone in the West who isn’t the Clippers can do it.


Regardless of injuries, nuggets shouldn't be down on 3-0. So the success of the team depends on 2 players and you are telling me the rest are not scrubs? Cp3 got should injuries last series against LA. At 36, he played thru the struggles because he has the heart of the champion. Injuries is part of the game, if you down 3-0 because of the star players are down, that team is soft and don't deserve to be competing with a great team like 🌞.


I agree, the Nuggets should be more competitive in this series and could have picked up at least 1 win by now. But they are frankly outmatched by this Suns team. Being injured =/ being hurt. Everyone, especially at this stage of the season, is hurt. Jamal Murray physically can’t play with a torn ACL and Will Barton is taking a legit risk playing the limited minutes he is playing with a strained hamstring. Chris Paul is a beast but the idea that he’s just mentally tougher and that’s how he’s getting through his shoulder contusion is laughable. He’s 90% healthy and was 80% during the Lakers series. Also, it’s the pros man. Everyone wants to win. No one “wants it more” than someone else. Every team is an injury or two away from having their season drastically change. There’s only 5 guys on the court for one team. Do you not remember the Phoenix vs LA series that just happened? That series changed dramatically depending on if Chris Paul and/or Anthony Davis was playing. The Suns are truly a fantastic team and I’m rooting for them to win it all after they beat Denver. I grew up being a fan of the Nash and Stoudemire teams. But the way you talk about basketball is baffling. When you say things like Chris Paul has the heart of a champion or the Nuggets don’t have the heart or the Nuggets are soft, you remind me of Skip Bayless in [this](https://youtu.be/xRaO1mN5EEM) video. It’s a just a dumb way to talk about sports.


Remember how bad Booker and CP3 looked when CP3 was hurt and Booker was getting basically tripled every possession? That's Denver right now. Y'all are REALLY talking like a team that had extreme injury luck all year and hasn't made the playoffs in 11 seasons, don't know how to act lol. If the Nuggets picked up a game or two with a g league backcourt it would basically guarantee that we're better at full strength here's a hint: CP3 was able to play thru his injury and still win because LA's best players were also hurt, and when AD went down that was that. The Nuggets do not have the luxury of mutual injuries, it's crippled vs full strength and that only goes one way, unless it's us clapping the blazers


Fake mvp embiid robbed leagues a joke


[Here](https://www.coursera.org/learn/grammar-punctuation), I found some free grammar course you might find useful.


Meanwhile the true MVP played 6 less minutes had 27 PT 9 RB 8 AST 3 BL was a +16. Dominating both sides of the court, playing within a full team concept... Trust the Process. ​ The NBA is a joke to do this during the middle of the playoffs just do it at the end of the season. It puts the player in his teammates in a odd position. It all looks so awkward knowing they are down 0-2. ​ Let the playoffs be part of the voting process the players with load management etc have all but come out and said they coast through the regular season. You can pad stats and get votes on hollow numbers but when it means something like in the playoffs who are the true MVP's of the ENTIRE season.


just let it go my man


Embiid is not the true MVP I’m sorry man he didn’t play enough games


Is it the AC Green award or is it the Most Value Player Award? Look at the Sixers record with and without him. ​ Embiid is changes games on both sides of the court not just contributes. His presences whether actual impact dictate how the oppose team attacks the Sixers. On offense he opens up the court for his team by demanding doubles and drawing almost 2x as many foul shots a game. Foul issues that creates space for his teammates because teams have to worry about getting into the penalty. ​ What defensive big in the league is staying with Trae at the perimeter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXbDy6iEkIA Gobert for all his praise let Ben score 42... He couldn't even stay with a guy his own size. ​ What is Jokic perfect attendance in this series doing for the Nuggets? They are about to get swept... ​ Lil AI on his own carried the Sixers by himself through the playoff's and stole a game from Shaq (28) and Kobe (22) in their prime, two players historically are Top 5-10 at their respective positions. ​ It is not a soft participation trophy award.


I’m not gunna bother to read these paragraphs to decide that you’re already a smooth brained monkey


Lol the same approach Jokic took in the playoffs! He won and now its time to put up or shut up and he quit and got tossed. Its understandable the facts aren't in your favor to have an actual convo, and you appreciate hollow stats and arguments. ​ Enjoy the free time I'll keep watching the true MVP Jojo continue on in the playoffs.


The irony here is delicious


You can taste it through all that salt?


Haters mad


"the irony here is delicious"