This rainbow vine started growing in my backyard

This rainbow vine started growing in my backyard


You almost always have to manually remove it. It laughs off Roundup and most other herbicides. But that one is beautiful.


I also think it looks cool but a bit disappointed that it's invasive.


It might not be invasive, depending on where you're from - not sure why so many people are saying that. Virginia creeper is native to a good portion of the USA if thats where you're located


Virginian here...can confirm this vine is everywhere


And we mean EVERYWHERE.


And it's not native to an even greater portion of the USA where it's a pain in the ass.


When we bought our house, this was growing THROUGH the window frame in one room. It's such a pain. Yank it out every time you see it come up.


It’s just a vine. It lives in the United States, and it is native here. This is what vines do. This is not the same as Kudzu or Japanese Honeysuckle, which actively takes over and chokes out entire forests.


Have you actually checked that this is invasive in your area?


Depends on where you live. An invasive plant is only a problem if it's in a location that it's not native to.


That's the definition of an invasive plant. If it's native it's not invasive. Those two things are mutually exclusive


I'm saying that all the people in the comments saying "this is an invasive plant, you need to remove it immediately" have no idea where OP lives, it might be a native and fine plant where they are.


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Those skittles I planted as a kid finally sprouted.


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By far the best advice I have received here. Thank you!


Virginia creeper? Chokes out all my other plants I like more lol


Add some salt. It’s even more effective.


You joke, but I'm seriously considering similar. This crap is awful. ~~SCORCHED~~ SALTED EARTH TO THE VIRGINIA CREEPER. No not really but good lord this stuff is tenacious.


As you're walking back into the house after an exhausting afternoon weeding the garden, you hear this faint voice: *Harder daddy...*


"The roots can penetrate a rock foundation and grow into the basement of an old house, extending long distances in search of moisture, and growing into floor cracks or drains."[source](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenocissus_quinquefolia) Sounds like it's gonna be a long journey.




The poor plant is just trying to help, meanwhile people are feeding it salt and calling it names.


I don't see how that helps someone following a vine through cracks, foundation and drains to find gold.


The weird thing is, its going to turn back to normal on July 1st. Edit: Wow! Thanks for the silver (and the other awards to an equal extent).


No it turns into red white and blue…


That's on the 4th


On the 1st it's red, white, then red again for Canada Day!


Just red and white, then.




Are you implying it isn't "normal" to be rainbow? /s


Obviously, you’ve never heard me yell at my in-laws for saying ignorant things at the dinner table haha


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Virginia creeper. In some parts of the world it’s very invasive. I would recommend pulling it out.


Thanks for the pro tip! I’m new to yard maintenance and didn’t know this. Gonna rip it out this week.


I have a fence entirely covered with this plant in my family's house in Czech Republic. It's quite maintenance-heavy, because it grows fast and you need to trim it frequently to keep it confined to the areas you want it to occupy. However, if you do maintain it, it will look nice and won't cause any ecological havoc.


Yeah i know of people who have placed it intentionally against walls. It's beautiful but just needs a bunch of trimming. I think if you don't keep on top of it it can cause damage, so maybe best avoided for some folks.


It grows naturally where I live and I always have to remove it from my house


It grows like crazy here (KY). I have to yank at least a few hundred feet of it off of my house every year.


Note that if you're in its native range (eastern, central US/Canada, Mexico, Guatemala) it's not invasive and is a fine native plant to leave for native insects if it isn't going to cause structural damage. It turns a pretty red color in the fall. If you are in its native range, English ivy and oriental bittersweet are likely the two main invasive vines you should be on the lookout for.


Also good as ground cover for a native mulch alternative!


I currently have a war for the ages happening near my porch. On the left is Virginia Creeper. On the right is English Ivy. They're trying to choke each other out in the center, vying for dominant species in the great Under-The-Stairs. They're contained where they are so really it's just an attractive, green experiment I've been enjoying for three years now. They're not in an area where structural damage is an issue, or I'd have ended it when it started. I gotta tell ya, that Virginia Creeper is insidious. It grows at an astronomical rate once established, but English Ivy really does hold its own. It's not over yet.


I never thought I would find myself so interested in the lives of a stranger's plants yet here I am.


Stay tuned. Next week the Begonias invade the land of the Impatiens, but fear not, a secret alliance has been made with the stout Cayenne. A pepper in a world of ornamentals, he shall stand against the onslaught and defend our shaded friends.


I need to follow you for plant war updates.


An uneasy peace had fallen upon the Garden these last few seasons. A welcome respite from the unrelenting war. The Vinca warriors breathed a sigh of relief. The Coleus rested. But it's when you're at your most relaxed that danger lurks in shadows. For that's when the Meyer Lemon entered the Garden. A preposterous thing. Why, it's a tree for goodness sakes! Something must be done... Edit: The terra cotta saucers were gathered. Stacked high, a great clay arsenal ready for the coming battle. The eager, tangled limbs of the Sweet Potato Vine longed to hurl these tempered, deadly discs at the enemy. The lone Cacti, forever indebted to the Creeping Jenny for pulling him from the battlefield during the Aphid Annexation of '08, stood ready to unleash his needles upon the Great Fruit Bearer. Alas, it seems Meyer Lemon has a new ally on the horizon, and the ornamentals face a difficult path to victory. It appears there's a Key Lime on the way, because /u/yodasmiles can't stay out of Lowe's. Edit 2: Meyer Lemon, bright and tall. Key Lime, squat and strong. The offensive line was few in number but daunting in stature. The ornamentals, below them in shadow, dense with flowers. Their beauty bellied their deadly intent. Weapons hidden in foliage. Wanton violence on the cusp of leaves. A lizard darted for cover, but his refuge had turned to a landscape on the edge of war... Edit 3: This simple spot of beauty. This calm in the summer storms. This haven. This Garden. When the fruit is hurled, when the stones are thrown, what will be of this refuge? Will the soil be bitter for an age? But lo. The oldest plant in the garden had been silent until now. All these many years, Mother-in-Law's Tongue had grown mighty and large, watching as her brood grew around her... Edit 4: She had begun her life indoors as a tiny, two-bladed thing. Pathetic, really. You could barely call her a Plant. But Mother-in-Law Tongue was proud, and she bided her time. She waited in a small pot, in dim light, managing a new blade ever so rarely. She waited for years until finally the Gardening Bug bit /u/yodasmiles one fine summer day, and she found herself outside, in a huge pot, with the best soil, mixed by hand, and sun, but not too much, and she grew many, many offspring, and stood tall and brilliant for many years. And she grew wise. For she had seen plants come and plants go. She had seen what happened when the frost fell and the blanket meant to keep death at bay had slipped in the wind... Edit 5: Is anyone still reading this? Edit 6: She had nurtured life among her imposing blades. Two summers ago a bird entrusted Mother-in-Law Tongue with its nest, nestled among her sabers. She had willingly endured a deficit in water to ensure the newborns were dry. Mother-in-Law Tongue shielded them from the stray cats, and watched the birds grow, and watched them fly. She knew life, and she would not watch death... Edit 7: Hang on. It's 1:30 in the morning, but I'm working on it. Mother-in-Law Tongue will see this through. Edit 8: Not while she had sway. Mother-in-Law Tongue commanded respect. It was her right and she would have it. For she was The First. For the frost may take the plants, and the sun may bake the plants, and the bugs may devour the plants, and the seasons may destroy their leaves and their stems and the winter may ache their very roots, but there would never come a day, not on her watch, when the plants would turn on one another. Mother-in-Law Tongue was proud of Begonia when she grew to three feet in height, towering with her red leaves and pink flowers. She was proud of Okra, producing so many pods on just two stems that /u/yodasmiles was sick of eating it, but was never tired of his pale, yellow flowers. She was proud of Roma, a porky Tomato plant in a pot... Edit 9: I'm beginning to understand I could write this story forever. I'm thoroughly invested, but I'm also exhausted. Thanks to all who've read it so far. I've enjoyed the heck out of writing it. Check back tomorrow.




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This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I definitely want to see how this ends


On a plot seemingly on the otherside of the universe, marked by the thin split corpses of fallen trees now standing tall as wooden barriers, a great army of clone soldiers are rhizing. The rhizome, sneaking below barriers, shooting up out of nowhere and reproducing at extraterrestrial speed. Bamboo, clone wars.


I read this in Pablo Francisco's voice.


This was an amazing description of your vine war. Thank you.


Yeah I want pictures and updates now.


Any chance you've got some pics? Sounds cool


What an epic read, that was so visually stimulating lol


I want to know how this ends.




Probably not in Amarillo or El Paso. Probably yes on the coast / east of the state.


According to my Google search, yes!


Honeysuckle, mile-a-minute, and porcelain berry to name a few more. Sorry, I used to work with dnr to control invasive plant populations and it's not often the topic comes up!


It’s a horrible plant to have around a garden! They are invasive, aggressively so once established. There are so many better, native alternatives that won’t fill every surface they adhere to with holdfasts and cause said surface to start breaking down due to its insidious growth. It’s a non-twining vine, by definition it’s going to cause structural damage. Rip it out and be sure to follow up on any adventitious shoots that present themselves while you battle it out. The if you really want a vine look to more manageable options like honeysuckle vine or sweet autumn clematis, or any other dozen or so options I’m sure are readily available in your area.


> It’s a non-twining vine, by definition it’s going to cause structural damage. Rip it out and be sure to follow up on any adventitious shoots that present themselves while you battle it out. Is that true? It clings via pads. Most sources on the internet even suggest growing it on masonry for cooling in the summertime. This is one of the plants that gives "ivy league" its name.


Yup. Likes to snap off at every node rather than let go as you try to pull it off too. Huge pain in the ass. Just found out it got underneath and separated some of the paneling on the back of my garage some time in the last year. It's an aggressive asshole if a plant.


I've got poison ivy like that; keeps attacking the neighbors garage. The creeper is really easy to move and sorta listens when I move it in another direction, same with the English ivy. But the fucking poison ivy is just like an angry stick of fuck you.


They aren’t pads, they are holdfasts. While they don’t burrow the way a root from a trumpet vine does, they do cause damage by holding moisture against the surface. OP has this running up a wooden fence which it will most certainly ruin in short order. The damage done to brick is much slower which is why they are generally allowed to ramble over and climb clay brick buildings. Boston Ivy is what you are thinking of and while it does adhere in the same manner it is a much more tame plant and can be easily managed.


Isn’t it only invasive outside of its native range? It can’t be invasive if it is supposed to grow there. It can be aggressive or fast growing. It can choke out other plants. But by definition, if you are in the geographic area it’s native to, it can’t be invasive.


It's native where I am and it's a complete a-hole and I can't get rid of it. It just snakes around somewhere else once I think I've gotten the last of it. I hate this vine.


Sure. It can be awful, but if it’s native, it’s not technically invasive! Native doesn’t mean wanted, after all.


Poison Ivy is native to my yard. I’m still going to remove it. The Virginia Creeper can stay.


Like I said, just cause it’s native doesn’t mean it’s wanted!


Where are you though? I live in its native range and it’s reasonably polite. I have some in my yard, but it hasn’t spread much. It’s beautiful most of the year, and great habitat. Call your local extension office and see if it is invasive in your area. I really enjoy mine.


Yup, if you want to keep it toss it in a big pot with something under it (like a big planter saucer) to stop roots from growing into the ground through the planter hole. Otherwise you’ll have it EVERYWHERE in your yard, binding the soil, and IIRC, starting new plants from any remaining roots or accidentally chopped up cuttings that get left behind. It also could be native in your area, and not as much of a concern. You still might not want it growing in your yard, because it still will act like ivy and grow grow grow - it just won’t grow AS absurdly fast. Google will determine.


If its native to your area, leave it be if you like it, if not, make sure you get all the root out, as plants can easily regrow if only the tops are removed!


Without a source, you should probably confirm that it’s actually invasive to your area before doing so. Fuck, having a rainbow plant would be really cool as long as it won’t fuck up the native species. ALWAYS CHECK SOURCES BEFORE TAKING PEOPLES ADVICE ONLINE!


If you do pull it out, good luck. It's called a creeper for a reason. Any stalks that hit the ground burrow and become roots that send up shoots. You'll be pulling for EVER if you don't get ALL the roots in the first go.


>Any stalks that hit the ground burrow They’re called “rhizomes” :)


You can be allergic to VC similar to poison ivy. My mom can't touch VC or anything it touched breaks out in hives. Make sure to wear some gloves if you plan to take it out!! Good luck :)


Wish I would have known this before I removed what seems like miles and miles from next to my back door. I’ve got a horrible rash and hives from it.


Unless it’s native. Then leave it. Berries are food for birds - also it looks stunning in the fall


Op ie just so you know there's an app called plant net if nobody's recommended it I've gardened for 20 years and I still use it to identify stuff snaps a picture and looks through a database It's right about 75% of the time in my experience but it'll at least usually put you on the right path to do some googling


Thank you! I will give it a shot.


My wife and I used it when we bought our house We took the dogs for a walk and just took pictures of plants that we liked and ran them through the app. That was a few years ago now I run a small micro nursery. I've never seen your rainbow plant before but I'm totally going to research it now


Virginia creeper https://imgur.com/a/u4g7FUV I ran it with a screenshot


I have it currently ripping my fence apart and last year it grew between the screen on my porch until the screen tore.


Check if it’s native first haha


I purposely grew it to cover a fence for privacy. Now every year there are literally thousands of honey bees up there daily. You can hear the hum from across the yard. As a bonus, my garden was right under the vines. The bees didn't mind taking a small detour now and then to help me out.


It looks so cool though! Keep it.


The sooner the better is the best policy with this stuff.


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I want rainbow plants all over my yard.


Maybe use watercolors?


I agree, once it’s established it is very difficult to get rid of.




Parthenocissus quinquefolia


I've seen a lot of Virginia creeper in New England, but none that turns this spectrum. It does turn a vibrant red in autumn, but I haven't seen a rainbow gradient on a plant before.


Aw man


Wear gloves when you pull it out! You can get a rash.


That vine is a pain in the butt x10


That name tho. “Whatch out buddy there’s the Virginia creeper in your backyard!“


Now I ^^don't want to see the West Virginia creeper


Agreed! Wear gloves. There's calcium oxalate crystals in their sap. Causes a pretty irritating skin rash. Source: am idiot.


It’s invasive in 12 states in America and 5 provinces in Canada.


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Kudzu don’t care. Kudzu will end humanity.


It may be coming from your neighbor's yard. You should check with them. But if they don't give a crap, you'll just have to gird your loins and rip out every strand that appears. Or just let it take over.


I just looked over the fence and they've got it all over the place, so that kinda sucks for me I guess...


Our neighbors have it on their fence and it comes through which takes a lot of matinence since we can't eradicate it. It comes up under the fence in our veggie garden so we're constantly trying to pull it up around the desired growth without killing our stuff. Good news is that it's very pretty and makes a good noise buffer between yards, it's just high maintenance to keep it from taking over the yard entirely.


Damnit, someone call Sec the botanists are growing rainbow weed again.


While chlorophyll is the main pigment responsible for the green color, when this is scase, others pigment as anthocyanin and carotenoids are present giving red and orange colors. Young leaves do not usually have much chlorophyll, but will slowly begin to concentrate it. I mean, maybe.


This! I was looking for a comment pointing this out because as you said I’m pretty sure that’s why in the picture the little new leaves are red but the more established ones are green—leaves of many plants aren’t green by default but get their green color from chlorophyll, which is also why leaves change color when trees go dormant in the fall


We let ours grow up trees. It’s beautiful in the fall when it changes color. Guess it depends upon your location. Edit typing.


Is there a horde of it around your trees?


Nope. Only a few and it has not reached up into the limbs. It’s easily removed if it dies encroach on an undesired area or flower bed.


It was a play on your typo.. you said Thrall, who's the leader of the horde on World of Warcraft. Ah well, you can't hit your shot if you don't take it.


Missed it :( I do know there is a World of Warcraft but sadly have never participated.


So that's what I've seen on fall road trips to PA and the Mid-Atlantic.


Yes. And Texas


Looks great but those are nasty to to get rid of once they grow out!


That thing is up there with mint and English ivy. It's a pain in the ass and will end up frustrating the hell out of you.


Didn't believe the talk about mint, thought "how bad could it be, it's mint" Ha! Hahahah two garden beds taken over by mint later, learned that lesson well. All mint is in pots now.


Wow, good to know. Literally planning an herb garden now lol


I have my mint in pots. Where we live, I have to put it in shade so it doesn't die of the heat.


I have mint in a pot that I haven't given a shit about in 5 year. 90 degree summers. 2 ft snow winters. Every year it comes back.


You have breaks in the heat. We don't. It's reliably over 90F for usually 4 months straight. This year we've had a wetter, cooler weather pattern than usual, so my spring veggies are still doing pretty well. Even the cilantro and arugula, which usually bolt around the end of April, are still producing good leaves.




Pretty much any vine is a fucking plague


It's fast growing but it's not nearly as bad as English ivy, kudzu, or Wisteria. Wisteria in particular will drag tree limbs down. Virginia creeper doesn't do that. It's native, and IMHO it fills the same niche that much worse plants could fill, so i often leave it alone.


r/mildlyinteresting Edit: I did not realize that this is already r/mildlyinteresting, I'm feeling kinda stupid rn


I thought so too, but apparently it's a demon vine that needs to be destroyed.


Keep it if you want it looks nice


Only if it’s not native.


Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)


Use care as some people are allergic to it. It causes a poison ivy like rash.


A lot of people in this thread are in denial but I’m literally fighting off the rash from this stuff now. I know I’m allergic to poison ivy and don’t touch it but this stuff caught me off guard. Thank you reddit for finally helping me nail down what in the heck I’ve been getting a rash from while gardening this year!!


I had to do two weeks of steroids to finally get rid of my rash for the same reason!


So I had this vine framing my back window. I thought it was supper pretty...until it covered my entire back window in the span of 2 years, even with agressive trimming. That thing not just climbs, but it actually latches INTO (as in inside the holes) of house siding, making removal extremely difficult without damaging the property. I was shocked by how resilient it is. It also has blue-purple-pink gradient berries.


Not that you were going to eat them, but don't eat the berries.


Why not? Honest question


rgb plant


This is so pretty! We had these in my old house and they do get that reddish-pink color towards the ends and have little graspers that look like tree frog toes. Anyone know what they’re called?


I hate it. It affects me the same way poison ivy does


Must be a unicorn buried there! Dig it up and look for the horn!


Alright, there is a lot of negativity in this thread that is completely unexpected. I am assuming a lot of people living in the western US or other parts of the world are responding. Depending on where you live, Virginia Creeper can be invasive or native. If you are living where it is native-keep an eye on it but you are fine letting it grow. There are a ton of cool critters that use Virginia Creeper as host plants or for berries (in its native range). The [Virginia Creeper Sphinx](https://bugguide.net/node/view/3568) is a good example of a large moth whose host plant is the Virginia Creeper. Personally I let it grow in places it is welcome, like in my garden. I am sure (like most vines) it can cause issues growing on the side of a house. I have never seen such hostility towards this plant before. Most people are just relieved that it isn't poison ivy. Now, English ivy and Wintercreeper on the other hand... those are vines that need to be removed where I live. Wintercreeper is actually illegal to sell here, it is so bad. All depends on where you are located.


Pride month - vegitiation edition


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_At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your backyard?_


It might be pretty but those creeper style plants are generally super noxious....I would get rid of it, if possible.


Gay vine


take the seeds and plant it outside a church


Note that when you take up, if you any issues with things like poison ivy or poison oak, you could have a mild skin reaction with this too..it doesn't bother me at all, but it does my husband from time to time when he pulls it up barehanded..I have no issues with poison ivy or oak, but he's allergic to both and Virgina creeper makes him mildly itchy but not where near as bad as the other 2


Virginia creeper <3


Ahh that's Virginia creeper. Rip it out, and make sure you get the root stem. It'll grow back from just a single inch of vine with a node on it. It's a bad vine-plant. It'll overwhelm and suck the nutrients out of trees, and will not stop growing. Typical ivy is usually a lot more picturesque, and doesn't tend to go crazy on other large plants, which is why it's typically used for building facades.


Virginia Creeper is native to just about all of the US and parts of Canada. My area is designated 'native' but I can tell you it's a pain in the ass. You have to keep that stuff contained. It's like bamboo or kudzu. It sends out feeler roots far, Sometimes across a good sized yard and pop up out of nowhere. It's pretty as contained crown cover, or in a medium to large pot. But don't leave it for long. It grows daily, exponentially. https://plants.sc.egov.usda.gov/home/plantProfile?symbol=PAQU2


Virginia creeper - Beware, once it starts, it's really hard to get rid of as it sends runners under the soil in all directions!


Swapped a Cow and all I got was these 3 vines


Virginia Creeper- you can contain it with a little work and it has beautiful fall color.


Do yourself a favor and pull it, burn it and kill it. I bought a house 10 years ago with one whole side covered in Virginia Creeper and thought it looked great until i found it growing inside my roof/walls/siding the damage caused by it has been in the realm of 25k after a new roof, new siding and full removal of the horrible plant.


Wow! How did it get inside your house? I’ve never heard of this happening before


It had pushed itself between the soffit and roof materials, from there it just went wild inside the attic and followed the electrical wires into the walls. We found photos of the house from 1965 and the ivy was in that picture so our house had this stuff pulling it apart for 56 years that we know of and our house was built in 1929 so who knows.


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Virginia Creeper.


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I had these in my yard. They're poisonous, don't touch them.


Earth knows what month it is