Amazon has reflective panels in the top of their lockers so you don't have to jump around like a maniac to make sure you got all your stuff

Amazon has reflective panels in the top of their lockers so you don't have to jump around like a maniac to make sure you got all your stuff


Short people problems


Yup. As a 5-foot tall man, I litterally had to do a one handed pull-up on the locker door to reach that shelf. I swear my amazon guy hated how many packages I had been sending to that locker that week.


A one-hand pullup?!? Are you super strong or is that perk to being 5foot?


I lift heavy things to compensate for my insecurities.


You're gonna be alright guy just pretend you're a college student.


As a 4’11 girl, what’s your technique when trying to reach something on the top shelf at the grocery store that requires you to reach further in because there’s a few products left? So you have to back up a bit, jump up and down to make sure if there’s any at all, and you realize there’s two left and the nearest one to you is laying on its side.




I mostly only eat what I can reach, but people have caught me doing Ninja Warrior shit to get at stuff up high.


I will do this when I can because I prefer not to have to ask random talk people for help if I can avoid it. Unfortunately anything top shelf requires a tall person for me. Maybe I should bring grabbers with me.


I find a stranger taller than me and usually say, “Hello person taller than me. Could you do me a huge favor and grab stupid thing off high shelf for me? Much thanks!” I’ve never had anyone not grab me the thing.


As a tall person, I have been asked to do this several times, and I'm happy to do it. Its nice to feel my freakish tallness is helpful to someone.


I like to joke that the equivalent to this is a tall person asking someone short to grab them something off the bottom shelf


Heh, I know that feel all too well. XD Usually I'll just stand on the bottom shelf like some rebel and use a nearby something to push it over or knock it down. If that doesn't work, then I figure I just don't need them lucky charms after all and just wallow in my cheerios.


The overall number may not be as impressive, but as a short guy, I calculate my lifts by % body weight. If you’re short it’s so much easier to deadlift 2x body weight. Sure that giant can bench over 250, he’s 7ft, 300lbs, how do you think he gets out of bed in the morning.


depressed, because we can lift the same but you look ripped


power to weight ratio


It depends on how you look at things, and I have an extremely relatable story actually lol. When I turned 20 I was a chubby gamer. I was recently split up from my gf and I wanted a change. I asked two guys that were roommates and friends of people in my social group who went drinking. I said I need help... they were like yeah we’ve heard that before from others. So they took me to the gym for a few weeks and taught me everything they could and worked on my diet. Well my work schedule sucked at that time because I did the same job as my dad and he had major knee surgery and wasn’t able to work. Leaving me working 6 12 hour days. I told the guys hey I can’t make our normal gym sessions anymore because of work, but I’ll keep at it. They thought I was quitting. A few months go by and my dads back at work and I’m still working out, although not with them. My group organized a big sloshball game and they were attending. It was coed and for the first time in a long time I felt comfortable with my shirt off. I didn’t look super ripped or anything just thin. I got WAY more attention from those 2 guys than any girl there hahah, they were like holy shit you lost a bunch of weight, you’re actually skinny now... I was like yeah somewhere around 70-75 pounds and for the first time in like 10 years I was under 200lbs (I was like 198 lol). They told me how they thought I quit and that now if I had time it was time for different stuff. It was time to get some muscle on me. I was back in the gym lifting with them, new diet, and new supplements. I was seeing great progress. I continued to lift with one of them who became my best friend daily for like 4 years, because the other guy moved to Chicago to go to school. Now the relevant part, when he would come home we always lifted together the 3 of us for old times sake and he was still our buddy. I was so excited that I could out dead lift him. I think it hurt his ego that his protege was stronger than him as he used to be a trainer at the gym as well. He would fire back with how even though I could deadlift at the time 540 pounds and he could only do 505 for max, his was more impressive because he weighed 155 pounds and I weighed like 255 pounds. So he lifted much more than me proportionately. He was actually ranked in California for his size, while I was not. So it depends on who you talk to. Short guys always care about how much they can lift in proportion to their body size, big guys only care about raw numbers 405 is more than 400 and it doesn’t matter how big or small you are.


Shorter limbs also make bench pressing significantly easier compared to longer limbs with all else being equal


I don't want to bring you down, because 2x bodyweight is good no matter what, but short people have much lower ROM. A guy who's 7 foot is also moving that weight maybe like a foot more. I usually see tall guys squatting numbers that would be kind of sad, but they're actually ripped because of the distance they have to move it. Again, not trying to knock the wind out of your sails, it's just a misconception that talls guys struggle with :(


well if you're this honest and accepting then you'll be fine


5'3" here brother. I hear ya.


Its a skill short people tend to pick up. Even as an adult I hop up onto a counter like its no big deal. Just years of dealing with this type of thing.


you can select "low level lockers" in the options


My husband is 5'1" and has to jump for the temperature scanner at his job. His reenactment is hilarious.


If it helps, it's the locker that decides where to put packages and not the delivery person. I think that it just starts at the top left and then goes left to right until it gets to an empty slot of the right size and opens that one to receive the package.


Big heavy boxes at the top, small lighter packages down low.




What’s it like north of the wall?


bitch you should be asking him if there's a meteor headed for earth or some shit. Make him a lookout


RIP Wun Wun


Woah there wadlow


Oh damn I felt that (5'1" here)


Thought it might have gone over your head ;)




They probably have the same on the bottom for the giants among us


Damn it I can't hear the phrase "among us" without thinking of Amongus. It's fucking everywhere! God help me I can't fucking take it.


[Randy Newman - Short People](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bfyS-S-IJs)


Short people are just the same as you and I!


They got little hands and little eyes and walk around telling great big lies!


Haha. As a tall guy, I'm always looking down at others. I don't mean that in a social way!! I just mean, geometrically. My neck is just always angled down. Once every year or so, I'll meet someone taller than me, and I have to look up, and it actually strains my neck. It kind of hurts! I'm not used to using those muscles! I'm always like "so this must be what it's like to meet me"


Cancel the union talk, boys, they have mirrors in the locker.


If only they were half as resourceful when it comes to solving their workers' issues...


That costs lots of money though. Amazon has been paying extremely little (if any) in taxes which means the company *must* be struggling financially!


So, mirrors?


Looks more like polished stainless steel as its riveted to the top.


So a mirror ?


No, this is actually completely different from a mirror.


A non-mirror mirroring substance


No, this is patrick


So a mirror?




So a mirror?


no its becky.


Well yes, but actually yes.


A mirror is an object that reflects an image.


So, a mirror?


I'm curious what you think the definition of a mirror is.


Silver paint applied to glass


There are all metal and all plastic mirrors too, doesn't have to be glass.


Yup, and there used to be stone mirrors as well


"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?" "Bitch, I dunno. I'm high af"


Sure, that would be a mirror. But saying that's the definition is like saying that a Skoda is the definition of a car and that anything that isn't a Skoda isn't a car. A mirror is simply a surface which reflects a clear image. The reflection in the posted photo looks pretty damn clear, which would make the reflective panel a mirror.


It doesn't even have to be a clear image that's reflected. Depending on where you get your definition


Bronze and copper mirrors were popular in antiquity. The process to create silver-glass mirrors was only discovered in 1835. It's a fascinating rabbit hole. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror


Freeway rest stop bathroom mirrors are like looking at yourself with Vaseline in your eyes.


So, mirror.


So a mirror?


If someone hung that up in your bathroom you wouldn't say it was a mirror.


That’s right, you’d say “what the fuck kinda mirror you got in here?!”


"And why have you got my amazon parcel in there?"


It might be less mirror-ry but it's still a mirror.


Unless you're in prison, in which case that's absolutely what constitutes a mirror!


Alright, what are you going to call it? Also if it has a frame and the fixings as invisible, say, and you have nothing to go on other than a reflective surface, are you going to to tap it or disassemble the frame to ascertain the materials so you can decide whether it's a True Mirror or not? If you can't tell the difference when using it as a mirror, in what way is it not a mirror? And why am I even asking these questions. Sometimes you have to marvel that a comment (not yours) not only go any kind of response at all, but multiple people made a debate out of it.


in the public bathrooms in the parks in my city the “mirrors” actually are just sheets of steel. You can see vague blobs of color in them and that’s about it.


If you can see yourself in it, it's a mirror. Not a Mirror, but a mirror.


Yes I would? Wtf?


As an engineer that works on these, it’s a piece of reflective plastic riveted to the frame. The guts of the locker is above the panel.


...why does a locker need guts?


To control the doors, and report where the packages are.


Only now did I notice there are no external access mechanisms. Neat.


I was looking for some kind of high visibility coating. OP could've just said mirror.


sorry for the inconvenience


suits u right. you should take a long hard look in a highly reflective panel and reexamine yourself


🎵 *I'm lookin' at the man in the highly reflective panel,* *I'm askin' him to reach my package.* 🎵


Guck.. Look who's rooting for Big Mirror.


This morning I saw a YouTube ad debunking the myth that Amazon workers have to pee in bottles, now this. PR is putting in that work, I see.


On Instagram I saw some influencer tour an Amazon site and ask employees what it was like to work there, and all of them were super enthusiastic about praising the company. I thought it was satire LOL it felt like such weird propaganda


You think amazon would let some "influencer" tour their site with a camera if they weren't sure it was gonna be glowingly positive? Also you think any of the employees want to be the one seen on camera in uniform saying their job sucks?


No? The fact that they even had someone come in and tour it just to give it an extremely positive review was what’s weird.


I used to work at Amazon. You cant get into the facility without a badge or without security opening a door for you. I guarantee security would not allow an influencer in just to tour the site as its a major breach of safety. So yeah it was likely propaganda, especially since no employee other than PAs, AMs or HR would enthusiastically praise Amazon. Its not a bad place to work, but certainly is not worthy of enthusiastic praise


Uh I worked, and quit, amazon delivering not just less than a month ago and let me tell you. I peed in a lot of bottles actually. Enough so that’s Id bring an empty disposable one every day just to make sure I had one when I needed.


Isn't that just the life of a driver? One of my friends is a trucker and does the same thing.


Depends if you’re paid hourly or by mileage. Mileage drivers will chosen to “skip” their allocated breaks so they can get more driving done in a day. For hourly drivers there’s no reason to not just stop and take a piss.


that....doesn't make it any better


Its not really a specific company thing that should be sorted though. There should be public toilets around for this sort of thing. You cant really expect every delivery company to supply toilets all over a city. Drivers might be doing deliveries hours away from depot so its not practical to go back every time.


Its not a no toilets thing it's a no time or convenience thing. See all the piss bottles littering truck stop parking lots that have public restrooms available 200' away.


hey I'm all about more public toilets and all that kind of infrastructure.


The US and infrastructure hasn't been a great mashup the past few decades


It's almost like we should have some sort of government deal to create jobs that can rebuild our infrastructure and public utilities. It could be a new thing, like a new deal, that works to build up stuff like public transport, parks, paths for walking and biking, and designs the future of our country around sustainable living, renewable energy, and community involvement rather than rigid, isolated suburban housing, sharp familial divisions, individual automobile transport, etc. It'd be a huge step toward a greener America with friendlier, more social communities. We could call it, like, The Green New Deal, or something. Hmmm, sounds *too* good though. Must be communist. Nevermind, let's not do that. God forbid the U.S. actually has nice things. Let's just spend the money on bombing the middle east instead.


During Covid, I'd much more inclined to pick the bottle in some situations when in unfamiliar places.. to avoid the unknown risk of contracting the virus when using various restrooms. At least in one respect, the bottle is objectively safer. This doesn't make it good.. and it's kind of missing the point.. but I'm just observing that we may be in its heyday.


The other issue is especially after the holiday craziness in terms of volume, Amazon has shifted their strategy in terms of deliveries. At least in my area they’ve increased stops per route by ~20% and are giving out ~20% less routes per company. Meaning the companies that run the vans/drivers have been forced to fire drivers or cut hours when they had been previously forecasted (by Amazon) to grow. Point being we’re doing the same amount of stops as we were during Christmas, but in less dense areas. As a driver I’ve actually had waaay more late work days in Jan/Feb/Mar then I ever did during December when our package counts were absolutely mad. There’s just less time to spare for breaks. If that gas station/public toilet is 7 minutes drive each way, plus piss time, then having to go there to pee twice on a ten hour shift really hurts time-wise. Prior to Cyber Monday, going to a real toilet was an affordable luxury. I still used the occasional piss bottle back then anyways. But now it’s more or less a necessity. Only trying to add a little insight on the driver-side of the issue.


Ah right, sorry. Never realised it was a can't spare 10 minutes scenario for drivers. In the UK (in advertising at least) they make it seem like you can make as many or as little deliveries as you like a day which seems more of freedom than not having time to go to the toilet. I thought it was more just about availability of toilets for drivers.


I've thought that myself. What do other companies do that makes them not-Amazon-evil - is there a little squatty-potty in the back of UPS and FedEx trucks?


Ha!..... no. All delivery drivers all deal with the same thing. It's easier for those who deliver to commercial areas because they often get to use their bathrooms inside the office/warehouse/whatever... Those who delivery more residential have bottles to piss in or have to find a spot.


I live in a pretty spread-out residential area, and I get a lot of packages. If I lived alone I'd totally put a port-a-potty right behind my garage, out of view of the road, and I'd put a little sign on it: *"Hey delivery drivers, have a go. Keep it neat. Tell your friends."* It's the kinda thing the wife wouldn't go for though. :(


yup. Many delivery/driver personnel piss in bottles. It's easier than looking for a bathroom, for guys at least.


It was either pee in bottles or finish your delivery wayyyy too late.


Get ready for more shit like this when reddit goes public.


Yeah I'm out of here. I've been around for a good 10 years and it is truly heartbreaking to see this website crash and burn like this.


Hail corporate.


Couldn't be more obvious


One of their fulfilment camps is voting to unionise in Alabama, a notorious anti-union state (except the police of course), so yeah the PR for how “great” the workers there actually have it is in full swing.


The employees hand was cut off for using their phone in the warehouse


Probs using the mirrors to hide the cameras they put in each locker... Shamazon...


Not trying to shill here, but I work part time doing Amazon flex in Canada. Maybe we have better labour laws here, cause I’ve never seen piss bottles, and I see bathrooms everywhere.


Workers: "We want healthcare! We want living wages! We want covid safety!" Amazon: "Best we can do is mirrors on the inside of the top lockers"


Amazon also has countless worker's rights violations


Correction, Amazon (and others) lobbied hard to ensure it just barely doesn't have worker rights violations


Oh the little things to keep your workers oppressed.




as an amazon worker, those slots carry only 1 package at a time. we never put more than 1.


Amazon also makes its employees work in dangerous conditions and fires any workers that try to unionise or didn't for workers' rights


I’ve worked in a few different amazon warehouses and the biggest complaint from the employees is that they go overboard with safety. They make you go through training to use a pair of scissors or a screw driver. You aren’t allowed to lift 50 pounds no matter how fit or strong you are. You aren’t allowed to walk up or down stairs without proper training and you can’t do it with something in your hands either. You always need to wear gloves to prevent paper cuts. You need to wear safety goggles so dust doesn’t get in your eyes. They go so overboard and it’s infuriating. Warehouses are inherently dangerous so to someone working a desk job, there are some risks. To someone that’s seen other warehouses, it’s a fucking joke to say that Amazon isn’t safe.


I can understand the gloves, at least in the warehouse. Handling so many items, there's always a chance that an xacto knife or other sharp product has damaged packaging and pokes out. And the edges of cardboard boxes can give paper cuts, as can the paper tape they use. And no one wants to get that annoying sticky paper tape glue on their hands. The goggles thing sounds kinda weird and overkill though. Or do you mean safety glasses? Because those are totally different and not nearly as annoying to wear and I could totally understand safety glasses in a warehouse full of machines.


They aren’t Kevlar gloves so they won’t stop a blade but they do help with cardboard and paper. I’ve been cut by boxes through the gloves before but the cut could have been worse if I wasn’t wearing them. My point was mainly that the safety rules are so numerous and, in some cases, extreme that it’s actually laughable.


This depends on local management. I worked in an amazon facility and literally everything you said was false at that place.


That’s interesting. I’ve been in 4 different buildings and some are more or less extreme but I wouldn’t call any of them unsafe. They were all in the same region so maybe the regional managers are the reason. Can I ask what area you worked in? Or maybe it was different before I got there ~3 years ago.


It was in the Toronto area. And a lot of FCs around us have had similar stories in the news. One of them got shut down by public health after covering up a COVID outbreak (my facility did this too) You're probably right about it being regional, we had 2 level 8/9 regional safety managers show up before I left and they did basically nothing despite countless injuries that were easily preventable.


Yeah there’s definitely a regional difference. I’m in the Great Lakes region in the U.S. It might be different because of managers or laws like OSHA. I don’t know about Canadian labor laws so I’m not sure if it would be as strict or enforced the same way.


In Ontario we have [OHSA](https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90o01). They're definitely not following the law here. It's just hard to get an inspector to actually visit a site during COVID. I refused unsafe work a couple of times and both times they completely ignored the legal protocol to notify other workers and to call the Ministry Of Labor.


you hear that? its the sound of downvotes from people who never had a job coming


They should probably go into roofing or concrete, shoot landscaping.


Bust unions, yes. Work dangerous conditions, no.


Not like there's been multiple covid outbreaks at multiple sorting facilities or anything


That's actually pretty smart


I must be pretty dumb because I've used Amazon lockers on average every week for the past couple years and have never noticed


Maybe not all of them have it


Or he is tall enough he has a different view?


The lower lockers have the mirror on the bottom so your packages can't hide above.


When I worked my one day at Amazon in Chicago some years ago, I also thought it was pretty smart that it was impossible to be full time so you couldn’t get any benefits.


You don't get to be the richest man in the world by paying benefits to your workers.


So you can get back to work faster


I think these are lockers for customers to pick up their orders, not employees.


Yeah they wouldn’t be so thoughtful if you were an employee


They put the budget for bathroom breaks into reflective locker tops.


That, or this doubles as a love hotel for squirrels.


Thanks for making me snort out loud on a bad day


Cool, now let your employees unionize and remove your horrid working conditions.


Wholesome megacorporation


However, you still have to jump around to get your stuff in the first place. Or at least I do. I have actually gone into the soap department, taken a long-handled bath brush off the hook, and dragged the package to the front with it, balancing on my wee little tippy-toes the while.


Do they carry step-ladders? (just don't get stuck half in the locker)


Cool, when will Amazon give their employees basic worker rights?




In other news, Amazon is firing any driver who doesn’t submit to being video monitored for things such as facial expressions while driving.




Cool, now do a livable wage.


I mean, they do pay $15 an hour minimum. I know that isn't enough everywhere, but it seems a lot of people tout that as being a goal to hit.


Still doesn't help when you're 5 foot even, request a lower box and they still stick it in the top box. Yes...i can SEE its in there....i just can't REACH the damn thing w/o looking like a complete idjut


My paranoia would still cause me to jump around like a maniac to make sure I got everything...


You will feel a spider crawl onto your hand as you try to grab your package


I’m a bit paranoid about crawling spiders whenever I reach into my mailbox after dark. Hasn’t happened yet, but...


This, for the same reason I can never trust a backup camera in a car 100%


Fuck Amazon. Downvote this free ad for them. Buy from somewhere else.


I want to, but it's just too damn convenient some times.


Not even just convenient, sometimes it's your only option. Physical stores barely have any variety of anything these days so if you need something that's not super basic and you want more than one option, Amazon is pretty much your only choice. Try to find a different online store if you can obviously but depending on what you're looking for that might not be so easy.


This is absolutely “Amazon = cool and personable company” propaganda Fuck Bezos


That’s enough reason not to unionize.


This took me way too long to realize what you meant by reflective panels. I was thinking it reflected light only. It's a mirror


Mirrors also reflect light only. That's why they don't work in the dark.


Technically they also reflect sound, by their nature as hard objects.


They probably reflect smell, too, by their nature as an impermeable barrier to odorous particles.


My apologies for not being exact(I forgot where I was for a moment). Reflecting light as in a reflector on a bicycle or something of that nature.


Overhead bins in airplanes also have this too. It's usually a little convex mirror at the top of the bin.


That's clever, but I'm still gonna jump up and down to be sure. :P


Do you mean mirrors...?


Reflective panel, aka mirror


Such a nice company...


Goes out of their way for the customers......bends over its workers on the regular.


Cool, now fucking pay your employees more


Reflective panels ... Mirrors ?


Have you tried being taller?


This will save me valuable seconds when I am stealing your stuff, thanks.


They also got dead people waiting 20 mins to be found in their alleys


Most corpses take 2 days to ship and you're bitching about less than a half an hour?


because your feet have worn down to nubs at the ankles from walking. All. Fucking. Day.


Nice propaganda for Amazon. How about you fuck off as far as possible.


"reflective panels"? you mean, mirrors?


Breaking: evil company does something kind of smart.


Also known as mirrors


Mirrors are typically reflective-backed glass


Dang that’s a good idea they should implement in schools


A mirror then?


Ha ha Amazon actively doing damage control on Reddit ha


I think they call those things "mirrors".


So mirrors?


So you have more time to labor for slave wages


Wow that's so cool! Do they pay their workers a living wage? Or allow them to unionize? Or implement safety standards regarding covid?


Well shit, i guess it's ok they treat their workers like slaves then