A Karen spreading false information about the Monster logo.

A Karen spreading false information about the Monster logo.

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“No, I don’t know what a milf is. Would you please explain it to me in detail with multiple examples?”


"Sounds to me your just salty about not being a MILF ."


Even if she looked like an milf she wouldn't get any takers. omg.


you don't know men


Am a man. I'd have to listen to her in the am. No thanks.


why would you stay till the am?


After dealing with a troll like her? Trust me, you'll want the sleep.


Naw i feel you, but i wouldn't fall asleep around her thats for sure! lol


I'd hit it


Stop that.


Why yes I do as a matter of fact. And it definitely isn't you Karen. Would have been my response.


[Here you go.](https://youtu.be/dOPrN6aJ7TI)


Interesting song.


And a very cool game


Lol not what I was expecting


Isn't the monster logo supposed to be claw marks or something because "monster"


No, no... thats too obvious... We need to go to another alphabet to search for something that ressembles what we think its negative and then we will find the true meaning.


If we went back to Hebrew why didn’t we take the o from monster and find the Ancient Greek letter phi and say that’s what it is not a cross. Also religious and know the vast majority of the New Testament, in which ya know a cross is kinda a big deal yes, was written in Ancient Greek not Hebrew. Perhaps that could then be correlated to oh 666 from Hebrew, phi from Ancient Greek, the name is monster maybe it’s marketing ploy is to relate it to old tales of monsters and demons and such as a gimmick? And wtf do milfs have do do with this?




You know I'm beginning to think she isn't very qualified to be speaking on this subject...


She had a table and a table cloth, a professional I believe


That’s why Nana gives me $18 checks every year for my birthday.


Just when I think I haven't read something hilarious today.


Milfs have everything to do with it


go on..... i'm listening...


Based on what I was told the creator of the drink is a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Old guidelines stated that in correspondence it was customary to strike a line through the first closed letter in the writing. The Monster logo is doing just that. I never validated that he was a Phi Delt but I heard it enough times to think it to be accurate.


nope you’re wrong this lame edgy drink is literally the devil


Monster? Beast? Mark of the beast??


Six six six, the number of the beast, Hell and fire was spawned to be released


Instructions unclear fucked the monster




and then those 3 marks...form...get this!!!! An M. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED


Tbf i think it really is intentional. I realised that therw is 666 written some time ago, and i don't think im alone in that (aside from religious nutjobs like one in the video).


I believe it was. The Bible says that the number of the *beast* is 666. Monster’s motto is “unleash the beast within.” Beast-like claw marks that also closely resemble the Hebrew numbers, it all seems to fit nicely in a cool marketing strategy. But Monster drinks being from and if the devil? C’mon, son.


That’s not how it works though. When doing numbers like this in Hebrew, there is a letter for 600, a letter for 60, and a letter for 6. Each of these letters are different. You can’t just put the letter equivalent to 6 together three times. https://www.gematrix.org/gematria.php https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/monster-energy-drink-666/


Its possible that monster also made the same mistake or just ignored the rules of writing numbers in Hebrew


So is the Republican party's disinformation campaign just a conspiracy by Snopes to ensure they always have articles to write?


I'm old. When I was a kid, the Karen's thought Proctor &Gamble were Satanists.


Also, it’s been proven that the early versions of the Bible did not say 666 was the mark of the beast. Originally 616 was the mark of the beast. Therefore, if there is in fact a pop-reference to 666 in the logo, it’s nothing more than that as the number doesn’t actually possess and “mystical” powers.


I was about to say the same thing, it probably is intentional lol. The problem is this nut job lady is spinning it to seem like the company is trying to convert everybody into Devil worshippers when in reality it’s just some edgy shit. Edit: Grammar


This reminds me of a story— I went to a Christian school K-12, and my senior year, they brought in the dean of the communications school from Pepperdine to give some assemblies. His whole thing was “god appearing in the media” and not in a “here are some examples of religion in media” way, but in a “god personally speaking through the media” way. Highlights included: * Claiming god was speaking through “The Simpsons” because of the church scenes. (The creators are pretty openly atheists/skeptics). * Using background religious imagery from “Lost” where a priest is struggling with his past to claim god was speaking through the show (…or maybe the creators thought a cross in the background would really drive home the plot?) * Claiming that the talking donkey in Shrek was a direct reference to the story of Baal in the Bible. * Heavily, HEAVILY implying that Baywatch caused 9/11.


I will not sleep again until you explain how Hayward caused 911.


Step 1) Baywatch is (was? Unsure if still correct statistic) the most syndicated TV show in the world. Step 2) Baywatch features buxom young women in revealing bathing suits. Step 3) This represents the US as a place that doesn’t value modesty, in contrast with other countries that do value modesty. Then he changed the slide and it was just a picture of the twin towers. He didn’t comment on it and then moved on to his next point.


That sounds familiar, I think at the time it was the most syndicated show in the world. The women and men in bathing suits close together, then being in romantic relationships out of marriage etc, was a fucking abomination and pure example of the lack of morals of the society. But to try pin 9/11 on that? You're not even looking at the right map Mr Dean!


I too am extremely interested in how Baywatch caused 9/11.


Perfect ending


Straight into a strong pickup line. Kinda impressed.


I actually loled at this part.


In the full video, she goes into more detail and ends it with something like “Bottoms up, and the devil laughs” my friends quoted this all the time when this video first circulated around


[It gets better](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bntfUA6TmLs)


"Bottoms up and the devil laughs" has made it's way into my regular lingo. Cracks me up every time.


Monster should print that on the can


I guess we’re the devil, because that was hilarious


Love the Owen Wilson homage after she says that. “Weow”


She’s really good at whatever this is.


Bullshit artistry? Yeah quite a skilled one


You can tell, because she points at items with her pinky


"Do you know what a MILF is?" Not you!


“Yes lady. I in fact do know what that is” 😳😏


Nooooooo, it was getting so good!


I really would love to hear how she connects it to MILF :ddd




My wife and I quote "Bottoms up.... and the devil laughs" way too often


You have a good marriage.


I died when she fake chugged it to say that the cross is really upside down.


What to Christians have against MILFs?


I mean it would fit the brand if it were 666 in Hebrew. I’m not sure what the ultimate point is, even if the can*** is decorated in demonic stuff


I think I read somewhere that indeed it was supposed to spell out 666 because they thought it would bring more people to the energy


That’s not how it works though. When doing numbers like this in Hebrew, there is a letter for 600, a letter for 60, and a letter for 6. Each of these letters are different. You can’t just put the letter equivalent to 6 together three times. https://www.gematrix.org/gematria.php https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/monster-energy-drink-666/


This is really interesting, but I always figured the number 666 was 6-6-6, rather than 666. To clarify, whenever reading the number in its context, I read it as "six, six, six" rather than "six hundred and sixty six". So if others read the number this way, then couldn't the theory make sense?


Interesting you say that but actually it’s a bit hazy to me too. Different iterations of the biblical scriptures have it as 6 hundred and 66 and some just have 666. Revelation 13:18 https://www.biblegateway.com/verse/en/Revelation%2013%3A18


I mean, I always thought it was the whole number as apposed to just three 6s. You can probably blame Iron Maiden and Steve Harris' dream journal for that one though.


You're right, for me, all of this is true, it's just, you know... Branding


wait why is the Hebrew Alphabet evil?






Well Hitler killed Hitler and he was still evil


He also killed the guy that killed Hitler though


Irony isn't lost on me.


I thought it was just that it was 666 in Hebrew


Yeah the point is that its coded not that its in hebrew specifically


It’s not that the alphabet is evil, it’s that it’s an old alphabet. Sort of like how every movie always has demons speaking in Latin. Latin isn’t evil, it’s just old.




It’s probably connected to skateboarders. She looks like the type that yell at kids skateboarding.


You forgot the miles. They use energy drinks to change your children but how do they convince them to drink it? Milfs.


My question to people like this: So what? Why does this matter? It's not like Monster drinks are turning people into satanists, this lady has too much time on her hands.


Exactly, people who have time for this bullshit clearly dont have anything better to do


Monster gives us the energy we need to be the most Satanisty people we can be!


I'd buy Monster if it turned people into satanists. Satanism is a waaaay better belief system than christianity.


Her lecture literally makes me want to buy monster


Gorilla marketing /s


She’s too skinny and not intelligent enough to be a gorilla


I know that she’s not a MILF.


I'm a Christian and I know it's just a stylized M designed to look like claw marks, nothing more. These people make Christians all look like crazy people


I am too but even if it WAS “666” (and I’ve seen some people on here saying that it was intentional on Monster’s part) who fucking cares?? It’s not them trying to turn everyone into Satanist’s, they’re just doing it too be edgy and dark. It’s just for fun and marketing. Seriously, Christians need to find more productive crap to be angry about. This ain’t it.


I want to be mad, but I legitimately wonder if people like this have an undiagnosed psychiatric problem. Feels kind of tragic.


Or just bored, with nothing creative or productive to put their energy into. The type that always has to find something to bitch about and be upset over.


And in a culture where moral outrage is seen as virtuous. Fucking... knit or something. Draw hentai. Build a rocket.


I consider drawing hentai a great way to channel supressed negative emotions into reality, so in essence when drawing hentai, I am summoning evil. Considering on how she is letting her emotions work her, she would probably be one hell of a hentai artist.


Hobbies seem to be a dying thing. Whether it's time or money, or a general lack of curiosity, people seem to not engage in hobbies like they used to.


They have phones now. Phones are life.


This woman does have some kind of screaming fit in another video. She was on tosh.0 at one point. https://youtu.be/yncG4pCbnj0


No doubt about it. So many millions of people are undiagnosed.


In all honesty, I find crazy people that think like this stems a lot from crazy Religious thinking skills. in this case, most likely to be Christians. The majority don’t promote the scientific method, reason or critical thinking skills which gets them into holes like this and can’t get out with another view point. They stick with their indoctrinated teaching of their upbringing and double down on blind faith because it feels comforting to them , and are definitely taught not to be open minded to other views. Just look at flat earthers. A huge majority of them are Christian, at least in my run-ins with them. It’s not just that their thinker is broken, but it’s that they where never taught to use other critical thinking skills. It’s honestly Really sad. It’s like a philosophy that traps the mind. Source: was Forced to go to church growing up.


The ending took me out 😂😂😂


[It gets better](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bntfUA6TmLs)


My dad visited and we went to the grocery store one morning around 9am, and he commented about all the young mothers. I said I liked going at that time because of all the MILFs. He didn’t know the term so I explained it. He loved it. He’s 85 years old and every once in a while on the phone, he asks me if I’ve met any MILFs lately?


"the F is BFC is the F word!" besus fucking christ


Maybe she lost her son to Metal music


No, Kyle is fine. He has a splint on the finger and we have uncle Kev coming over to fix the drywall.


*now do you know what a MILF is*


“This is a cross” This lady is going to freak out about the letter T


I remember when I was a kid I regularly went to church youth group. I wore my AC/DC back in black shirt one day and got pulled aside and told me that wearing a shirt saying "after Christ devil comes" is unacceptable. My ten year old ass was just like "?? Something something electricity?? " And one other volunteer over heard and just sighed and said " alternating current / direct current, Tiffany. They were electricians before they started the band..." She never did accept it.


But...but....it clearly says "777". /s


No, it’s clearly 111. What do cans come in? 6 packs! 111 times six is 666.


My family used to be this crazy. Don’t get me wrong, they are still right-wing conservative crazy (anti-mask, anti-vax, etc) but at least they don’t seem to believe this kind of nonsense anymore. Yes, I know, I’m setting the bar very low, but I’ll take whatever I can get.




I'm always astonished by the amount of effort people will put into bullshit without any assured profit or gain. Like, goddamn, in my free time, I'm going to make a nice meal, maybe pasta carbanora or chicken and some savoury rice or I'll watch something on Netflix or I'll go to a bar. I don't have the energy to painstakingly research ancient Hebrew text to draw some tenuous meaning with energy drink logos. Fuck that. Who has the time?


Ø is just a letter letter in some countries tho


it also looks a bit like ф, which is basically the cyrillic equivalent of f


I like how she's just explaining how the Monster logo is evil and then she just asks ''Do you know what MILF is? my 16 year old son keeps searching it and i have no idea what it means''


HOLY SHIT, I remember my Christian mom showing me this as proof years ago lmaoooo. Even as a kid I was thinking how ridiculous it was lol. It’s crazy because little did I know that stuff like that was just the beginning, nowadays we hear about the Q movement and wonder how conspiracies got this deep, but dam it was still going strong back then it was just much more niche and way less people would believe that stuff.


What's most infuriating is the level of smugness she radiates in her absolute certainty that the random b******* she's talking about is an interconnected conspiracy Web of lies. Yes find meaning in specific and random symbology and shapes and forms from a specific point of view based on somewhat similar traits is completely 100% not a coincidence. Forced coincidence.


‘’The f word? Oh fuck, i can’t fucking believe they would put the fucking f-word on a fucking energy drink’’


For those wondering, after the MILF thing, she points out that the box says "MILFs dig it" so she KNOWS it's not a Christian company. She then goes on to point out that the slogan is "Unleash the beast", so obviously Satan, and that when you flip the can upside down to drink it, you're also flipping the "cross" on the can upside down.


Thanks for this TLDR of the rest of the video, I couldn’t handle finding the rest of it and listening to her


Is she OK? Is she heavily medicated?


Heavily sedated by the lord


Someone should let her carer know that she needs to go back now.


Yea maybe it’s time for the lord to taketh away




And awomen


Great commercial


So my monsters are satanic. That's cool


Yee. It's branding. They also use the Draped Cross in the O, which signifies the resurrection of jesus christ and that death is not the end. There's christian icons all over the can. It's just branding.


I actually had a cashier tell me this when I was buying a pack at the grocery store. "Thanks, I didn't ask"


I’m glad to see there are people with less brain cells than me




Oof! Right in the hart.


Why did you end it right before she told me what a milf is?!


It was *just getting good*


The real mildly infuriating


[here’s the link, it gets better](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bntfUA6TmLs)


I thought I'd be getting rickrolled. You are a man of honor.


Why thank you, kind stranger.


She definitely has waaay to much free time to come up with this. Bless her heart! She is trying to be relevant.


So much of what she says in this bit is fantastic. I think this went viral years and years ago, I *still* quote her with her little end bit. "Bottoms up! And the devil laughs."


I just thought... Imagine: *It's intentional.*


I ain’t even mad, she did her research and had a stellar presentation she believes in. 10/10


Monster = Beast = Demonic = Satan, duh and RedBull is any less subtle?




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How and how long do you think it took for her to figured all this stuff out. Did she just sit down with a monster can look forward anny possible resemblance to the Hebrew alphabet. And I really want to know where she was going with the milf thing.


When they have to do mental gymnastics on an Olympian level to justify the absolute insanity.


what the fuck does milf have to do with it i litterly spat out my own hart


I'm norwegian and ø is a letter, so i always thought it said "mønster" which basically just means "pattern"


It's bad for you but not that bad


Maybe it’s just because I’ve taken entirely too many math classes (for my liking at least) but the o just looks like the Greek letter Phi, not a cross


I dont even drink these but it sucks my mom believes in this...


Sure is she has a lot of time to figure this shit out. It’s scary to think that some people study a can of energy drink! I only study it’s nutritional value, calories, sugar and ingredients etc., not it’s logo. 😱


I always assumed it was indeed 666 on the can and that it was the coolest marketing easter egg that had ever been done


“Bottoms up, and the devil laughs”


It was going good until she said what BFC stands for. And then I understood what she really should pursue is comedy.


I mean, even if all the symbols were intended to be what she said, I would think it just adds to the marketing


You know she definitely belives in QAnon and follows bullshit conspiracy theories that are so fucking dumb they numb the mind of common since. A person in life if you talked to in real life, you would think the elevator doesnt go all the way to the top and give her a dollar to leave you alone.


But the middle line is longer than the others which makes it a different letter: ן the end of the word נ (n) in Hebrew. So M is basically 6 17 6


Wait….doesn’t it also look like the letter “M” from the English language ?!? Aaah I see where she was going “M” obviously standing for Milf


The mental gymnastics going on here is gold metal worthy, cause I can’t even get a minute into this without laughing hysterically at this dumb ass beetch. But, I wanna hear her explain what a MILF IS.




Bet she's an English teacher


Sad to see people this misled. She doesn’t even fully realize how wrong she is. Not only is she wrong about the insane Monster conspiracy theory, she thinks the number 666 is the “devil’s” number and that the torture stake Jesus was executed on was a cross shaped crucifix. Neither of which are actually true. The Bible doesn’t say that.


I swear my mother acts like this always trying to find a hidden meaning for everything that's not there


This shit is still going around?


The funny thing is she used an ARABIC number, which, well, is 6. Right answer using wrong formula. Well, right for conspiracy theorists


I was in a convenience store recently and grabbed a monster, and some lady came up to me like “you’re really going to support this satanic company? Look, there logo is 666!” I couldn’t help but laugh after knowing she probably got her info from this Karen.


This is not her first presentation. She sounds like a bored tour guide. Hoo boy, imagine sitting there while she practiced that spiel.


How do you derive a cross from φ or ф lol


This is my mom. Not really.. but my mother would believe her and spread this video all over Facebook.


If I where running monster I would just double down. Fuck it satan flavor, 666, feel the power of hell lets gooo. I'd get more people buying it just to piss off the karens, and I wouldn't lose any customers cause karens aren't buying monster anyway


This video ended too soon. I need to know what a “MILF” is according to this woman


The real evil is how much sugar is in those things.


And these people are allowed to vote. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Looks more like a φ than a cross


Man this lady was all over the place. Her head must be like a bag of gophers fighting over a walnut.


If you look at anything deep enough you can find random connections to anything


That isn’t a fucking cross it’s a Φ


Jesus Christ that's a big fucking can


666 is not the number of the Beast. Do some research and you will find its actually 616.


I mean, even if that's not false it still makes Sense because it's monster


I saw a cloud today that looked like a person. Baba, is that you? 🙁


Who the fk wastes their time with this?!! To set up a booth to talk about it. Man.


This lady just woke up and it’s the 21st century, would you like fries with your blasphemy?


She's so confident in how wrong she is


Every time I see this video I crave a monster lmao


Is it bad that this video is actually the reason I started drinking Monster Energy years ago?


Yeah, monster is the drink of the devil, so what? She's basically doing their marketing for them at this point


I mean, it’s a interesting idea. Completely wrong. But it’s a cool thought.


I mean, it just says 666 in arabic, but tbh no one gives a shit lemme just sip on my monster goddamn


“Let alone the name Manster…”