Yep people are still supporting him

Yep people are still supporting him


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Who is he?


A serial killer who has gained a fan base of 15 year old girls from tiktok defending him


The fuck? How many folk did he kill?


A mother and a child it was a vehicular homicide Edit: I don't know if that is considered a serial killer but that is what everyone is called him


Either way, put that fucker away


Yep he was going 100mph in a crowded area. The baby was like 2 months old or something


Jesus, I wanna beat the shit out of him even more


It’s easy: Step 1: Get jacked Step 2: Wait till he gets sentenced to jail Step 3: Deal drugs in front of the police Step 4: Plead guilty Step 5: Slap the soap out of his hands Step 6: Enjoy when he goes to pick up the soap


Ha. That’s gay bro.


Remember. If there’s a hole there’s a way


What i call a soap opera


I find it ironic how everyone is making fun of the fact that 14 year old girls are contextualizing the situation by saying that his sentence should be lessoned because he's cute while it appears that many people are also contextualizing the situation by saying his offense is worse because the people he killed happened to be a mother and infant. To clarify, I do believe he's a killer and should be put away but yall appear to be making the exact same type of judgement as the people you are making fun of.


Yes I agree with you, he murdered someone and should be put in prison for his crime, no less no more


Well he killed 2 people


Don't blame them, women and children in history and movies are always to first to be evacuated or some shit, this is because women and children are viewed as less likely to survive (I'm not agreeing with that please don't cancel me). While in emergency, how pretty someone is kinda goes to the wayside. Honestly I don't think people are hypocrites for saying that, I just think they are putting their own beliefs onto a situation, women and children are less likely to survive a murder so its sick that he might have targeted the weak, therefore making the act more malicious (not saying I'm agreeing that women are weaker than men please don't cancel me), and that prettyness has nothing to do with this situation.


Well TBF I understand the logic, children and babies are indeed weaker and they also represent the future generation, so it's always tragic when something bad happens to them. Regarding the woman, she was a mother which triggers more since mothers are the ones that give birth and usually spend more time with the kids (specially when they are younger). So It's very emotional that a mother and a kid died in the hands of some stupid teenager. I don't believe he is a serial killer but he should be put in jail for homicide of 2 people.


That's just how it is, society doesn't care about men because they're supposed to be stronger and invincible, it's just a fucked system. If he killed two men, guaranteed shorter sentance.


If it was a father and son it would’ve gotten the same response. Other than some people who would pretend no one cares about the victims so they can say what you said.


are you tryna say he targeted them? and just speak, you don’t gotta ask to not be canceled because of some shit that offended 1 person no one really cares


He didn't target anyone. He was street racing and fucked up.


I understand where you are coming from, but my point is that just like how looks should not impact his sentence, neither should the person who is in the vehicle, given that there is no way he knew who was in the vehicle he crashed into prior to the accident.


Sorry I'm actually unaware of what he actually did, is it manslaughter?


“was targeting the weak” “no i’m not saying women are weaker than men”


For someone to be a serial killer they need to kill at least 3 peoples only killed 2 but still fuck his ass up through him in jail


I mean, intend matters here. Driving like an idiot doesn't necessarily mean you intend on killing people. Don't get me wrong, make his ass rot in jail. But calling him a serial killer is innacurate.


Ones a justified leap for a human and perfectly normal for a human. Asking someone to not get punished because of looks isn’t.


To clarify your argument, if he were to have done the same thing, but the people in the car happened to be nazis in hiding, then the act would have been justified even if he had no idea who was in the vehicle?


Even Nazis or other serial killers still have rights, we don't want insane vigilantes going out and killing mfs. Person's a person, doesn't matter if he killed a woman and child or two leather bondage Nazi furries, a death is a death


I mean.. remember Jeff the killer fan girl?




They gave him 24 years but people are complaining about it being too harsh and went as far as going to protest to the judge's house. 24 years for a double homicide when drunk, without license and while street racing is absolutely harsh, if anything the judge was too lenient


He also was street racing illegally without a license


Also drunk


Serial Murder: The unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events. - https://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/serial-murder#two By the basic definition of serial killer, he is not one for sure, just a total arse with a punchable face ❤


Vehicular homicide is pretty different from a serial killer. I suppose the big question is if the killing was premeditated or a result of extreme neglect. Based on the charge, he probably meant to do it. If it was an accident it would be vehicular manslaughter I believe. If three were multiple incidents, you could probably consider him a serial killer.


A serial killer is a person who kills lots of people over a long series of time. 1 or 2 murders isn’t a serial killer.


I think it's mainly just the intent to do more, generally ritually or in the same pattern or just against people with some similarity


I don’t think it can be called“serial killing”


He accidentally killed a mother and her child whilst joyriding a new car he got for his birthday. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter amongst several other less serious crimes such as speeding and public endangerment. He was sentenced to 24 years in prison with eligibility for parole after 10 years. He is not a murderer, but he is a killer.


So its basically genshin impact playerbase


A murderer yes but not a serial killer


I thought this was the guy from the YouTube channel “All Gas No Brakes” ngl


Is this the kid from Florida? Tampa area I think?


The black guy with the 12 inch soft penis? No idea.


No idea.


I believe he was street racing and ended up killing a mother and her daughter. Piece of shit should remain in prison forever.




Baby was 1 years old. That’s a whole life’s worth that he took away. Mother was 24 years old. That’s a lot of years yet to live. Yet you think they should give him a chance?


He was drunk, didn't have a license and the street racing was illegal too. I think 24 years is not enough.


I believe he was street racing and ended up killing a mother and her daughter. Piece of shit should remain in prison forever.


This has happened to a lot of real serial killers. It seems like they always have female groupies and women who can’t believe they were guilty. No need to glorify them. The night stalker had women sitting in the crowd during his trials who still thought he was so dreamy and innocent despite hearing all the horrific things he’d done.


There are some women writing love letters to Chris Watts too (in prison)


Who's the black daddy?


Asking the important questions




I think he's this guy: "Muscle ours noir - XVIDEOS.COM" https://www.xvideos.com/video40255243/muscle_ours_noir


Wow. You did your research. Haha. Thanks. Too bad he's straight.


I think he's gay for seeing him in another vid (or gay for pay).


Do you know his name?


Hi again. I finally know who he is: https://manofmany.com/entertainment/videos/barry-wood-sitting-on-a-bed > Throughout the boom in Barry Woods popularity, his identity was a relatively hidden mystery, but now, thanks to a new short-form documentary from VICE, we know the full backstory on that infamous photo. The man in question’s real name is, in fact, Wardy G. Joubert III, and he sadly passed away in 2016 > It turns out, Joubert was a loving, church-going family man. The dedicated community member would hold fundraisers and help those in need, often giving his last dollar to those less fortunate than him. The VICE doco reveals that Wardy only did the shoot after falling into financial hardship. And while it might sound crazy, a decade after that photo was first published, his real legacy is only just beginning.


Hey, man! You are awesome for doing this. Sadly, he passed away. RIP to him. 🙏🏻


Yeah, it's just so sad. Poor guy.


I will keep him in my dreams. 😉


Sadly no...


It's alright. Thanks again.


Want to know too.


Is that AEW owner Tony Khan?


No ,this guy is white bro , Tony is Asian


I think it was a joke


I can see the killer in his eyes


It was an accident. I am in no way saying he didn’t deserve what he got, but he was joyriding and ran a red light and killed a mother and her child. Not a killer, just somebody who made a huge mistake and is paying with 24 years in federal prison.


I do believe you, but those eyes look so crazy to me


Here’s the comment I made earlier with more detail He accidentally killed a mother and her child whilst joyriding a new car he got for his birthday. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter amongst several other less serious crimes such as speeding and public endangerment. He was sentenced to 24 years in prison with eligibility for parole after 10 years. He is not a murderer, but he is a killer.


So assume he is 16 or 18 then? It’s a shame that his life is basically ruined now while still being so young. I guess that will teach him a lesson, though.


He is 21 at the moment but he was 18 at the time of the accident.


Still a shame. Hopefully he’ll come out reformed


He recently appealed to the court for six years prison and 15 years probation. That means he would of course go to prison for six years, then immediately be closely watched for 15 years and if he commits any crimes during that time he goes back to prison.


If I'm correct didn't he have previous arrest records for reckless driving? If so, 24 years is light after he got told multiple times to stop.


Not that I know of. When the judge was sentencing him, they could’ve given him anywhere between 18 and 30 years, but the judge said he didn’t deserve the minimum because he was being reckless, but he also didn’t deserve the maximum because he was so young with no previous serious offenses. I’m not a lawyer but I think any arrest-able offense would be considered serious.


Yeah he's not a killer he's just an idiot who thought consequences wouldn't ever affect him for his abject failure. Still an absolute Gobshite, but a murderer he isn't. No more than every single unvaccinated person who chooses not to wear a mask.


"come and kiss me on my big and wet lips. I'm feeling romantic" -some prison meme guy I saw


Hang up the computer


This is only an issue still on reddit and like a few hundred people on Twitter, you're just memorializing him. Funny how other serial killers disappear but the ones that get memes made about them don't.




He needs to fricken rot in jail man


I hope they ban tiktok again.they used tiktok to get high,falling for a killer,making fun of disabled people making racial slurs,to do shitty prank(baja blasting a McDonald's employee) for views,popular 'celebrity' in tiktok are mosty useless.sorry but seriously useless.even a string of hair can be useful than them.they dance a little= 5m. A guy draws a masterpiece=10k(happens evertime ).talented people dont get recognized than a women who's dancing like a 3rd grader.Because of this most talented people uninstall tiktok leaving idiots in tiktok who would simp.TIKTOK IS A PLACE FOR TALENTED THEY SAID.


Banning large social media sites is never a good idea, it’ll still be popular abroad and used within the country. It would cause much difficulty and confusion, and don’t even get me started on the government overreach of the public in order to pass this ban.


Like we only have tiktok as a social media platform ...there are literally a lot of socila media platform ...like facebook,twitter,youtube,insta and many more like you dont have one fo this app?


Well yeah, the prisoners sure think he's cute


Whos the black guy? It is for cientific research


Murder him


Death By Horse !!! Or Birds , its a heads or tails


Or just throw him in prison and let the prisoners do the job


I want him in cell with buba


Sooo cyber cells have found out most of the accounts saying he should be freed are pseudo bot accounts monitored by real people in the middle East, they said it looks like the accounts were made in a hurry and just joined trending communities like BTS, etc etc. As a metter of fact, even this guy's mom is worried about the attention is getting to him. [here's the articles](https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/who-is-cameron-herrin-justiceforcameron-tiktok-trend-sparks-controversy-1623131/?amp) [and another one](https://www.tampabay.com/news/crime/2021/08/05/cameron-herrin-went-to-prison-for-a-tampa-crash-were-the-tweets-that-followed-real/)


Middle East ? sus


Sure, he's cute. But he killed a mother and a child.


I really don't see the cute ....


He is a killed a mom and a 1 y.o. He killed them in an accident. I would have forgive him because its a accident but ...he was speeding up to 162 on 60 road three days before the accident fro a 'race'.this idiots thinks they are in fast and furious.He got 24 years in jail.WELL,THE 'FANS' SUPPORT HIM SAYING 'HE NEVER DESERVED THIS,ITS JUST A ACCIDENT' dont be surprised,its tiktok and teens...are supporting him because why?not that reason but because 'he 's cute'.its like 'hey i commit mass arson on home but i will get away with it because i m a tiktoker'(this will be the mindset of younger teens) im a teen myself but when i see this news..i wish thanos snapped.yes i do feel bad for him,but he INTENTIONALLY DID IT.kids PLS PLS WHEN YOU GROW PLS FOLLOW THE SAFETY RULES WHEN YOU GET TO DRIVE.


All fun and games until he’s told to put some cool-aid powder on his lips.


Tell me please who is this idiot? I mean, that from the left image


Cameron Hirren. A guy who killed a 24-year-old mother and her baby who ages less than a year. He killed them in an accident when he was street racing illegally without a licence, and he was drunk too. But, his TikTok fans are protesting and trying to free him because he is too "cute".


Oh shit! In the Kazani city was a school mascare. A very stopid guy killed 3 children and 1 teacher .And now , all 12 years girls are like: "SHINY HE IS MY CRUSH! HE GOT BULLIED SO HE IS NOT GUILTY!". Ughh i hate these ugly morlocs!


wtf bro! those girls are insane. do you know the name of the guy by any chance?


Yes his name is Ilnaz Galyaviev (Ильназ Галявиев)


Who is he?


Cameron Hirren. A guy who killed a 24-year-old mother and her baby who ages less than a year. He killed them in an accident when he was street racing illegally without a licence, and he was drunk too. But, his TikTok fans are protesting and trying to free him because he is too "cute".


What's his name?


I don't get it🤨


ვ და მერე თვით ქვეშსაქ ეეეართველოშიონ წე ლი


My one friend support him😬


F me


1. Soceity teaches kids, that pretty nice person is always inncoent, is a hero. When you are pretty, everything is easier. We have this in movies, on Disney, books, and in real life. 2. Going girls - pretty guy can't be a murderer, he's pretty 3. Society - what a dumb girls


*He kills a woman and a child.* "I want a child of yours" ~some 15 year olds Me: "Hold up."