Truth about Reddit

Truth about Reddit


Perfect loop as well




Redditors who only upvote or downvote post/comments because they agree or disagree with.


Or because they like to downvote and just spread hate to you and your statement.


I never understood. What do trolls get out of negative karma? Someone pays them for it, or they don't have anything else to do but bask in the feeling of everyone disagreeing with them?


Hey! I see what you mean, and I think for most times it's true, but sometimes I don't think its like that, not everyone who gets down voted is a troll (Though they'll definitely be called a troll). Sometimes literally someone gets offended by another person's opinion, starts down voting, and everyone follows suite. Don't be surprised if the person who got down voted doesn't back away, they didn't offend anyone or made the comment with the intention of being offensive. Please don't be weirded out by this following story, but I swear it's real and yes, its kind of weird. Yesterday I discovered that a supposedly feminist subreddit was just an advertisement for Wicca religion. I found out after they got offended when I said "If I were a witch I'd have better things to do than politics" in the comments section of a political post. They got offended and tried to twist it. (Because apparently it didn't match the agenda behind the page, to get feminists to believe that Wiccans, who believe that they're actual witches, are still gonna fight for equal rights so "try joining them'). The thing is, because I think magic is supernatural and welp, not real, I made that comment. I genuinely do think if magic was real it would be more like Harry Potter and Dr.Strange. They don't, they actually think that they are witches, and are supposedly feminists so they are still involved in politics. My comment made it seem like I think I'm better than them or that they are not really witches. And well, yeah, its true I don't think they are witches, I don't think that magic is real (It's 2021, not the old testament times) and if I were a witch then elections and politics would be the last thing on my mind, I'd have bigger fish to fry lolz. I thought the page was about feminism, not advertising a certain religion/cult (That's how it is portrayed to all its visitors and members). Left the sub reddit, and got a little creeped out NGL, I can't believe delusions can run so rampant and for people to package and sell them with the hope of capturing as many victims as possible is something that makes my skin crawl. Throughout this whole time, they were trying to get me to join a cult. That's kinda scary. I never apologized to these people and needless to say I got out of there quick. Because yikes! But yeah, imagine someone getting offended because you don't think magic is real, on a sub reddit that was not supposed to be about "magical thinking". Wow.


Really I don't hate you for commenting that thing to those people they will always do something to keep their agenda going on and be on the positive side.


Neither do i understand it but I guess they like doing it they want to see your angry reaction and smile through it they want your reaction they get enjoyment out of it.


maybe they've been neglected or grown up in abusive homes, where negative attention was the only currency?


Yeah not meaning anything bad to those people that are included in this but most people that are like this have gone through a lot of abuse and gained that behavior and by that serial killers were made. And they were used with that emotion of anger and being unsympathetic and so they want to spread that to others that didn't do anything wrong at all. Yeah i am not a psychiatrist but they gain some attachment to those bad emotions and they start enjoying it in a way And they like it annoying other people and saying bad stuff To them i have experienced it too but i buried them and forgot about those emotions of temper and not being able to control myself.


it's probably comfortable because it's what they know. what a sad existence it must be to be trapped in those cycles.


Yes it is indeed messed up and sad as i say people never change and never forget.


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Holy shit Lol


This is legitimately great, perfectly looped, HQG worthy and dank worthy. Love the Windows 95 or was it 98?


If you're going to repost gifs, you should credit the hardworking giffers who made them. This is one of /u/prannisment's Matrix gifs.


Well done, except the subs are right under the player timeline.


This is the true truth


It seems that you've been living two lives. In one life, you're Thomas A. Anderson, program writer for a respectable software company. You have a Social Security number, you pay your taxes, and... you help your landlady carry out her garbage. The other life is lived in Reddit where you go by the username “Neo,” and have been banned from virtually every subreddit we have a mod for. One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not. I'm going to be as forthcoming as I can be, Mr. Anderson. You're here because we need your help. We know that you've been contacted by a certain individual... the man who calls himself “Morpheus.” Now, whatever you think you know about this man is irrelevant. He is considered by many subreddits to be the most dangerous man alive. My colleagues believe that I'm wasting my time with you, but I believe you wish to do the right thing. We're willing to wipe the slate clean. Give you a fresh start. And all that we're asking in return is your cooperation in bringing a known reposter to justice.