"alt codes" on linux

"alt codes" on linux


`control+shift+u` followed by the 4 digit unicode character code, followed by `enter` works in most graphical programs. This requires you knowing the 4 digit unicode, but so did the windows alt codes.


i am not using KDE, or gnome, is there a stand alone program for it?


I'm not using KDE or gnome either (in fact, I'm only on a bare window manager and not using any desktop environment at all); this is still working for me in firefox, pidgin and libreoffice (probably more, but those are the places I tried).


Globally or in specific apps?


The compose key is great. Look it up for your desktop environment. You basically press a key which you designate as the compose key, then press 2 keys on your keyboard and now you have a new character. For example **Compose + n + ~** will make a ñ. Of course this only really works for text characters though, not emoji as far as I'm aware.


There are several character select applications. I am using KDE right now, and kcharselect is the KDE character selector. Other DE's should also have similar software, although you might have to install the software yourself.


I found websites with a lot of hieroglyphs [https://r12a.github.io/pickers/](https://r12a.github.io/pickers/) in different languages. There is a lot more inside UTF-8 standard witch is most used on linux. Not aware of any program for that, except one for unicode smiley things.