ffxiv on linux in 2021

ffxiv on linux in 2021


FFXIV works fine without steam. You may have trouble with the official launcher, sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. The installer with XIVLauncher works perfectly however. No steam needed.


I tested the free FFXIV Online with Steam Proton 5.0 and experimental and with winehq-devel 6.9 and dxvk 1.8.1. When launching from Steam the game did not get to the login screen. I registered a new login info in the web site, downloaded and installed ffxivsetup_ft.exe. Set font dpi to 96 with winecfg. When using winehq-devel 6.9 and dxvk 1.8.1, I could start the game from the Applications/Wine menu and accept the license and enter my login info. Press enter in the password field, the ok button causes it to crash. The launcher is downloading the game now and I will report how the gameplay works later. To run the game set DX11Enabled 1 in ~/Documents/My Games/FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn/FFXIV_BOOT.cfg Keyboard control does not work well and the PS4 controller works. The US data center is full of players, choose European. Game play works ok.


I was able to play FF14 via Lutris last with absolutely zero issues, in fact the game ran wonderfully for me (I have both a Ryzen CPU and AMD GPU). Haven't tried lately though, so \*shrugs\* Side note, I've heard that the Steam version of FF14 is horrible and complicated.


This is wholesome. Thanks for info.


Lol I'm playing steam version without any issue too..i only had to disable the modern launcher and use the first one instead. This game runs sooo smoth that i play as black mage without a mouse :) Arch | tkg kernel | rx 570 | ryzen 5 1600.


Last I played FFXIV worked great, Installed via the XIVLauncher version on lutris. Never got the steam version to work (not that its relevant to you, but just mentioning it for others)


OP, it works perfect via Lutris. I'm a Savage raider that plays on Arch and have for 2 years and I've had very, very few issues. I don't run it via Steam.


thank you, lutris always errors out for me at some point, do you use a third party launcher? does textools work?


I just use the stock game. No ACT or other launchers, though many do work. If you post actual errors, we can probably help more


I just installed the latest lutris installer for it and it just crashes like it always does, it doesn't give me any errors. I got to the point of having it on my virtual desktop then it just crashes when I open it and it all closes.


I managed to got it working but using the Lutris version with the unofficial launcher.


It is playable under Steam's Proton, but otherwise no... Remember the Steam version is a little different than other versions... Lutris has a script to install and run it, but the comments all show it doesn't work anymore. ​ [https://lutris.net/games/final-fantasy-xiv-online/](https://lutris.net/games/final-fantasy-xiv-online/) [https://www.protondb.com/app/39210](https://www.protondb.com/app/39210)


Thats what I figured. So no ffxiv on linux without steam? maybe if I replace install the trial version via proton and replace the files with a valid xiv install/"


That is plainly wrong. FFXIV runs perfectly fine on non-steam installations as well. Just make sure to set: `BrowserType 2` in FFXIV_BOOT.cfg and `CutsceneMovieOpening 1` in FFXIV.cfg also obviously make sure to install DXVK into that specific Wine prefix. The login button does not work so press enter after entering your password to log in. There are also a few non working ARR cutscenes (Like the intro cutscene after the first login, the airship cutscene when you first enter an airship and a cutscene in the coils. If your game seems to display a black screen, skip that cutscene via escape key.)


Can I steal the cutscene files from a macos client install? Do you know how I make the prefix and install dxvk into it?


The cuts won’t work that way, you could try proton ge to get them running. To do that add the game to your steam library as a non steam game. Point the game to the launcher .exe wherever that is (you might have to check the launch folder as my steam often bugs out at that part and I check and repoint and it works). Then tell steam to use a compatibility layer to run it. If you have proton ge installed tell it to use that if not tell it to use proton latest. That works for nearly all of my non steam windows games I have lying in folders somewhere.


The MacOS client is just Wine & DXVK & MoltenVK. I don't think they work there either. The problem is the lack of support in quartz for those specific movie files. HW & SB & ShB use bink instead, so they will work.


Easiest way to install would be to use Lutris, works pretty good for me. I did encounter the cutscene issue once, but I ended up watching on youtube