not a knitted object but made another project bag!

not a knitted object but made another project bag!


once again not a knitted object but it's FOR knitting projects hehe made a medium one and posted it here a week or so ago!! i loved it so much i made the small size this time to house my sock projects!! u can find the pattern [here](https://sewmodernbags.com/kato-project-bag-pattern/)


I love these! I can’t sew so I appreciate them a ton and always buy cute ones when I see them.


Beautiful! Where did you get that fabric? I love it.


its by Cloud9 Fabrics - the Natural Beauty collection (this particular one is called Hethersett Hares)! i got mine from a crafts store here in Singapore called Spotlight but I'm sure you can find it stocked in other places!


Thank you!


Great looking bag! I may need to make one.


Same… same… 😆


Me too!


So cute!!! I just made my first one too! Also a kandu pattern, but the bucket bag. I only finished it yesterday, but I love it! Seeing the comments, I should post it here too!


please do share!!


This is so beautiful!!, I can see you have a gift love


So cute! So you sell these?


not currently, i find that handmade project bags are generally pretty pricey and it's completely reasonable for it to be so because of the fabric and effort but i can't see anyone spending so much money on mine haha .. and the stress.. what if it isn't perfect?? is it really worth $__???


I totally understand that! If it's too much stress to sell them then there's no need! If you ever decide to sell them let me know!


Have you ever seen some people's hand bag or purse collections? Some folks hoard those things like mad and they have HALF of the charm and love put into them as your bags do! These are exceptionally sweet, I LOVE the yellow and floral one and would absolutely buy one to support an individual vs. some big company. I would be interested if you ever decided to sell <3


mm i might take u guys up on the offer..


Well if you do, send me a PM! I'd love to chat with you about it 😊


just did! :D


Ugh too cute! I need to learn to sew!!!


You can never have too many project bags! I love it! Did you reenforce the bottom parts or is it just straight up fabric?


thanks! actually the project calls for fusible interfacing - to make it firmer, but i like my bags kinda squishy so i didn't do that! the pink/lime green fabric is cotton canvas so in general it's a wee bit tougher than regular cotton fabric!


It’s awesome! And I love the colors.


So cute! Did you use a pattern or design them yourself? If you used a pattern, could you say which one?


i mentioned them in my comment but [here u go!](https://sewmodernbags.com/kato-project-bag-pattern/) enjoy!


Oh, sorry! I must have missed it. Thank you for reposting!


I love project bags almost as much as I love yarn! Those are great!


I keep meaning to make a few of these for my girls and myself. I just keep hesitatating because once I start, I'll be expected to churn out at least 6 in quick succession. We all knit and crochet, so we each regularly have at least 2 WIPs going at once (let's not even discuss the WIPs we have in other crafts). Is this something that can be done easily in grouped sessions, or should I find a different pattern?


it's a pretty straightforward pattern! if u want u can skip the pockets for it to go faster but honestly pockets are the best part!! i take about 2 hours to slowly slowly make it and im quite a beginner in machine sewing so i think you can churn it out smoothly! good luck!!


Love the fabric!!


That fabric pattern is so beautiful, wow. Lovely bag, love the shape.


So beautiful! The colours work so well together!!


I bought a pattern to make one but I keep putting it off never I haven't sewn anything in 25 years. Do you think that would be a good beginner project?


yes! im basically a beginner! this was maybe the second thing i have ever made using the sewing machine! the instructions are super clear!!