Question about imessage feature

Question about imessage feature


Unfortunately it's not possible.


Well that sucks. I couldn't imagine it'd be hard for them to implement considering the notes and mail app can do it. Maybe one day


Send feedback. The more feedback they get for something, the more likely they are to consider it.


That's true. I guess there's no reason I shouldn't.


So keep in mind that iMessage is there as a layer on top of being able to use SMS to text non iPhone uses too. The SMS texting standard doesn’t allow formatting like this. Imagine how frustrating it’d be to write a message the relies on formatting to get the right context over, only to have it go green bubble, lose the formatting, and your message now loses the emphasis you’ve applied, giving it different meaning.


There’s be a simple solution for that: not show the options for formatting when typing an SMS. Messages does this already with iMessage apps.


Generally yes, but I’ve had situations where the recipient’s iMessage wasn’t functioning, so it defaulted to green bubble. Or perhaps a group message with iMessage users, and then a non iMessage user is added to the group. Not saying it’s insurmountable, but it is a hurdle and introduces new complications for an end user potentially.


The only way, as far as i know, is to use Unicode characters. There are a bunch of websites that will replace regular characters with Unicode ones That are stylized differently. Here is one example of such a site: https://onlineunicodetools.com/generate-unicode-text If i had oodles of time, I’d consider making an ios keyboard that does this for you. Maybe such a thing exists already.


It's apple. You can only do what they allow