After seeing multiple posts about the famous "Upvote Soup" we finally made it. It's bland. Like, double your salt, pepper, cheese, add paprika+red chili flakes sort of bland. What the heck, y'all

After seeing multiple posts about the famous "Upvote Soup" we finally made it. It's bland. Like, double your salt, pepper, cheese, add paprika+red chili flakes sort of bland. What the heck, y'all


After trying a few recipes found on reddit, and living in the southern U.S. I completely agree, some people have no idea how to season food.




Bro 5 cloves MINIMUM. Why is everyone so stingy on garlic!?


Meanwhile, whenever I order MOD pizza with roasted garlic, I eat least 15 cloves.


And yet if I ask for the minced garlic spread they’re super stingy.


Yea... I go through that giant tub of minced garlic from Costco quite quickly on recipes that call for one clove lol.




eh, even fresh I add 3x as much garlic as the recipe calls for. I've known people who say they substitute 1 head for 1 clove, but that's a bit too much for me.


That's some Wario shit


Some people don't need all that salt because we're used to less. It's like crack. The more you're used to using, the more you need for it to work.




I agree, so long as you watch the salt in the other ingredients. Those can really add up if you're not aware of how much salt is in them. But for the recipe that you described it will definitely need salt at the end. I found that if you salt it to taste at the end rather than while cooking you can get away with using much less salt.




Half the people in here don't sear meat before pressure or slow cooking. I think people just lie about how good whatever they made is for karma


My husband does this. He's like: don't worry if the chicken is frozen, we can just throw it in the instant pot. And when I tell him i like to sear it and get a bit of a crust he just tells me its carcinogens :(


I'm sorry to hear about your upcoming divorce /s


I spat my tea at this


I think its more that there is a very low bar for what tastes good to a lot of people. My wife is from the midwest, has an adventurous palate and has made a lot of progress since we have been together, but sometimes she reverts to her roots. I am convinced that her mom and a lot of that side of her family just see food as a means to an end and do not care whether it tastes good at all. Most of their special recipes are centered around just putting a packet of ranch mix in something then cooking it to death.


As a midwesterner, I am in this comment and I don't like it.


I've never been to the south but I always see in movies that southern people find other food totally bland. I'm dying to try this seasoned food. What does it mean to be seasoned anyways? I don't like spicy food but what can I add other than salt pepper and garlic?


Garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cumin, red pepper flakes, and dried or fresh herbs (parsley, oregano, thyme, basil) are a good start.


And a little sprinkle of msg for good measure 😚


Msg makes everything better. Feeling sad? Add msg. Feeling happy? Add msg.


Thanks, Uncle Roger!


Omg I love Uncle Roger, I knew that sounded familiar 🤣🤣


And fennel in Italian dishes (red sauce stuff) and on pizza.


More than just Italian too. Fennel seed is underutilized in the U.S., I’d say. Use ground fennel seeds on chicken, steak, pork chops.


Well it won't be touching my steak, but yeah. It's boggling how little the US uses fennel. Also, when's the last time you had Mexican at someone's house who wasn't from south of the border and they actually used cilantro? I know like 10 percent of people have the extra taste receptors that make it taste like soap, but for everyone else it should be mandatory.


> Also, when's the last time you had Mexican at someone's house who wasn't from south of the border and they actually used cilantro? I'm in the Midwest and everyone who cooks and isn't genetically broken to make it taste bad uses cilantro pretty regularly... that might be a friend group thing.


doesn’t all have to be dry spices use herbs like thyme for meat or rosemary for potatoes but a bit of toasted ground cumin in your hamburger seasoning smoked meats can flavor beans and soups marinate chicken in lemon and oregano use soy worcestershire, aminos in braises and stews horseradish, mustards, capers, olives I could go on


I put worcestershire and oyster sauce in almost everything. Pasta sauces, stroganoff, stir-fry, shepherds pie, and any marinated meats.


Also its a great idea to check out the produce section at your local grocery store. There's loads of different kinds of herbs that will elevate your dishes. Same with the spice aisle, i tend to avoid premixed stuff as I like more control over flavors. But there aren't wrong answers there. Also, unsalted butter, always


I never really got the thing with unsalted butter. Not once have I cooked something with salted butter and though oh shoot thats too salty. Exactly the opposite, I'm adding salt after using the salted butter


Tbh its just nice to not have to worry about any extra salt for those of us who are quite liberal with it.


I've found that I really need to pile on the spices with the instant pot. Every time I go "oh no, too many spices!!" But it always comes out fine.


I usually end up adding herbs and spices at the end to. I feel like a lot of the water soluble Components are carried out by the steam. My kitchen always smells great while using the instant pot, but I’m always adjusting at the end. I will take that for convenience and time saving though. It’s just something you need to expect


I find the opposite to be true! Since the stream is captured in the pot, fewer volatile flavors escape and I have a tastier dish! A couple of things can happen, though. Less steam escaping means that there is more water left in the dish, making it thinner or wetter, which you might have to adjust for. Also, it's very easy to overcook things in the IP; especially herbs, which really can only hold up to the pressure for a minute or two. I usually stir those in at the end, like you say.


Yeah you don't get the added flavor from condensing and browning like in regular cooking so you have to boost it.


Don’t be afraid to tweak recipes people. Add more ingredients, go with your gut. I always use recipes as ideas and a general sense of the ingredients and process, then I put the recipe away and just cook by instinct. There’s times to follow recipes of course like baking and if it’s a Serious Eats recipe.


Exactly this. I only use recipes as reference for the idea or cooking method and then modify the seasonings or ingredients to my preference.


Yeah this is what I do, recipes as a sort of "OK here's what's in a chicken noodle soup. Now to add to it!". I've tried following recipes to a T before, from big food bloggers that even have published cookbooks, and I don't understand... Do they not have taste buds? Have they never experienced a rich, flavorful meal?


I swear food bloggers are allergic to spices. I recently modified a recipe for “jalapeño soup” which only called for one jalapeño. The blogger made a point to mention how adventurous her tastes have gotten and she never would have eaten anything that spicy a few years ago. One of my favorite dishes is based on a Rachael Ray recipe that didn’t even originally call for garlic. I don’t get it.


"My husband, who normally only likes hot peppers shoved up his ass, LOVED this soup and went back for seconds!"


> I swear food bloggers are allergic to spices. I’m in the habit of automatically doubling spices in any recipe because of this exact reason.


For real. I did find a gingerbread recipe that explicitly mentioned (yes, that much spice) within the recipe and I figured that was a good sign. Seriously the best gingerbread I’ve ever had. I make it all the time now.


A lot of the mommy bloggers are BYU grads who are now stay at home moms working on a second income stream while 3-4 kids do their kid things, so yes, allergic to spices.


I prefer recipes to not have seasoning. I just want the base to work off of, like a coloring book. You supply the picture, and I’ll color it in.


That's basically what happens anyway. One of the chicken noodle soup recipes I found when looking, was from a food blogger with a cookbook, called for like... Half a teaspoon of Thyme and Parsley. And 4 cups of chicken broth, 4 cups of *water*. The fuck?


Every single instant pot recipe that has called for water I have put stock into. Or juice, or *something* not just water. Like, I get that the instant pot needs liquid, but it doesn't hate *flavor*.


The issue is that “gut” takes many years of cooking to develop. For the new cook, it would be nice if recipes called for the right amount of seasoning. My tip? 4 cloves of garlic MINIMUM for every dish.


I've never eaten my own cooking and thought "hmmm, too many spices" so now I just go to town no matter what a recipe says.


Yup, I doubled the garlic, used fresh basil and tomatoes, spicy Italian sausage, and a but more extra seasoning. Turned out pretty good.


Yep, I usually look at 4 or 5 to see what the common factors are


> and if it's a Serious Eats recipe Lmao too real


Yup. it's crap. It's been posted a bit less often on r/slowcooking since [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/slowcooking/comments/giy629/i_made_the_soup_my_european_perspective/). So now it's all just mississippi pot roast there instead...


THAT was one of the most vile things I have ever made.


Holy crap yes. I was pretty skeptical looking at the recipe because OMG most of the ingredients are over processed industrial food-adjacent substances, but I figured millions of upvotes, whatever I'll try it. Completely fricking inedible. The overpowering flavor of MSG, but with nothing for the umami to enhance. Just butter and salt and beef grease and salt. Now I listen to myself when I think a recipe is gonna taste like crap.


Agreed. I was so skeptical too, but I’ve made so many things that just shouldn’t work, but somehow totally do. My husband is like a human garbage disposal and even he wouldn’t eat it.


I am not super fond of the MPR by itself. I generally enjoy it more after it sits for a day in the fridge, and I make some gravy with mushrooms to go with it on an open face sandwich.


It was good the first day but holy shit was it delicious the second day when I made some pot roast sliders.


Any recipe that uses a salad dressing packet is going to suck, unless maybe you're making salad dressing.




Weird, we enjoyed ours both times we tried it. Not like "best pot roast I've ever had" good, but beef and pepperoncini and gravy is kind of hard to mess up. I think we used [this recipe](https://www.pressurecookrecipes.com/instant-pot-mississippi-pot-roast/) though, not one that used packaged gravy/ranch seasonings.


Thank you for sharing that recipe! I've been looking for one that doesn't use all the packets of seasonings. So. Much. Sodium! 😬


Idk why this got so popular. It ain’t even Mississippian. Us MS folks just make regular sunday pot roast. 🤷‍♀️


I had to quit that subreddit because I was so sick of seeing the same three recipes beat to death. Plus slow cooked pasta is disgusting.


IP pasta on the other hand can be surprisingly good. But you've gotta be very careful not to overcook it.


I'd rather cook it on the stove where I can check it every 30 seconds towards the end of the cooking time.


I tried IP spaghetti the other evening because the thought of how the clean up generally is after didn't seem as appealing as a one pot meal. Never again. I 100% wasted food as I promptly threw it all out.


A Tuscan Chicken recipe my daughter makes is one of my favorite meals.


Most pastas are 4 minutes. Al dente perfection.


Thank you! Slow cooked pasta is a big nope from me.




A little trick I learned for things like chili that are too soupy is to put some in a bowl/cup and blend that (I use immersion), and add back. REALLY adds some oomph to it without changing it much. Doesn't help a meh taste much tho.




I live in New Mexico, and everything always needs more beans hahaha




Hi from Taos, neighbor!!!


I don’t even take them out, I just go at the whole pot with a potato masher and stir until the consistency looks better.


You can also just sauté off the excess moisture, still faster than slow simmering on the stove.


SAME. Needed garlic & loads of hot sauce & shredded cheese.


Granted we all have our personal flavor preferences, for something like white chili, I usually at least double the garlic and jalapeños. The joke in my family is when a recipe calls for one clove of garlic, they meant to say one head (obviously not a blanket solution because occasionally there is such a thing as too much of anything).


Yup. I was not impressed at all.


Welcome to /r/instantpot, where all the food is bland, all the meat is gray, and most of the recipes would have turned out faster and better on the stovetop.




Lol I tell people all the time who are thinking of getting one that yes, they should buy it, but not for the reasons they think. It's basically a pressure cooker, convection oven/air fryer, and slow cooker all in one, and worth the freight to have one machine that can do all that. But this idea you can throw 10 ingredients in there with wildly different cooking times/methods, not season anything, and wind up with a gourmet meal in thirteen minutes? That's Instant Bullshit.


Yea I only have 2 recipes like that. One is salsa, and the other is pad Thai


Edit for recipe. Instant Pot Pad Thai Ingredients * 2 tbsp olive oil * 2 chicken breasts, diced * 4 cloves garlic minced * 3 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce or tamari * 1 cup jarred pad thai sauce (I like Thai Kitchen brand) * 3 cups water * 7 oz rice noodles * 1 cup Carrot matchsticks * 1/2 each red and yellow pepper, sliced * 4 green onions, sliced * 1/3 cup chopped peanuts * 1/3 cup fresh chopped cilantro Instructions * Add olive oil, chicken, garlic, soy sauce, pad thai sauce, water and rice noodles to Instant Pot in that order, leaving noodles floating slightly above other ingredients. Set to manual and pressure cook on high for 2 minutes. Instant Pot will take about 10 minutes to pre-heat and then 2 minutes to cook. When complete, press cancel and do a quick release of the steam, waiting until the pressure gauge drops back down and the lid is safe to open. * Add carrot matchsticks, bell peppers and half of peanuts, tossing carefully with tongs. Place lid back on and let sit for 5 minutes. * Remove lid and serve, then top with green onions, remaining chopped peanuts and cilantro. Enjoy!


Fixed formatting: >Instant Pot Pad Thai > >Ingredients > >* 2 tbsp olive oil >* 2 chicken breasts, diced >* 4 cloves garlic minced >* 3 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce or tamari >* 1 cup jarred pad thai sauce (I like Thai Kitchen brand) >* 3 cups water >* 7 oz rice noodles >* 1 cup Carrot matchsticks >* 1/2 each red and yellow pepper, sliced >* 4 green onions, sliced >* 1/3 cup chopped peanuts >* 1/3 cup fresh chopped cilantro > >Instructions > >* Add olive oil, chicken, garlic, soy sauce, pad thai sauce, water and rice noodles to Instant Pot in that order, leaving noodles floating slightly above other ingredients. Set to manual and pressure cook on high for 2 minutes. Instant Pot will take about 10 minutes to pre-heat and then 2 minutes to cook. When complete, press cancel and do a quick release of the steam, waiting until the pressure gauge drops back down and the lid is safe to open. >* Add carrot matchsticks, bell peppers and half of peanuts, tossing carefully with tongs. Place lid back on and let sit for 5 minutes. >* Remove lid and serve, then top with green onions, remaining chopped peanuts and cilantro. Enjoy! You either need to press Enter twice at the end of a line, or put two spaces at the end of the line and press Enter once.


Pad Thai recipe?


The thing with salsa... You don't actually _need_ to cook it, either.


Bone broth and cooking pulses are the real reason to get an instant pot.


I was turned on to an instant pot when I was traveling for work and living out of a hotel Monday thru Thursday (always going to the same place). If you are living like this long term you usually have a second life suitcase that stays in your work city(either with your hotel or airport locker); it’s got work cloths, toiletries, duplicate electronics cables so when you fly you just take a small carry on or backpack with your laptop and other valuables/electronics. None of the hotels I stayed at had a real kitchen in the suite so having a device that can fit in that second life suitcase that allows me to cook real meals in so many ways in my hotel was a fantastic revelation.


I got that thing solely because when I want beans, I want them now!


There was a post a while ago that was a lasagna recipe, where halfway through the recipe you take it out of the instant pot and put it in the oven. It was heavily upvoted.


Worst offender I've seen recently is kimchi jjigae. Literally no reason whatsoever to use an Instantpot to make it unless you straight up don't have a stove. All you do it let the ingredients simmer together, what the heck do you need a full pressure cooker for!


We were so disappointed to make ribs in the instant pot. Everyone raves about it, but they were grey and soft but it a weird way. So not worth it. I have not liked any meat cooked in my instant pot and still don't love the device itself. It does work well for spaghetti squash, hard boiled eggs, potatoes (for mashed potatoes) and rice. I keep falling for online recipes raving about food cooked in the instant pot. And when you consider the come to pressure time and venting time it's not quicker. I once had a friend tell me they cook a whole chicken in their instant pot. I told them the point of roasting a chicken was that it's easy and you get the deliciously crisp skin. Their solution was to take it out of the IP and put it under the oven broiler. Why???? Its more steps and more dirty dishes? Plus moving around a hot cooked chicken can't be easy. Thank you for attending my IP rant.




Yes, I like the way you put it. Its good for ingredients. I do like it for meal prepping basic ingredients. But I haven't found any delicious dump and go dinners.


There aren’t any good dump and go dinners. If you want something good you need to prep.


Check out some of Kenji's recipes from Serious Eats. Almost all of them have been winners at our house. In particular the green chili chicken (https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/04/pressure-cooker-fast-and-easy-chicken-chile-verde-recipe.html) has been popular with everyone I've shared it with, and his risotto recipes are really good as well. Like, there are definitely better ways to make some meals, but I made "carnitas" in my IP while my kitchen was 90 degrees and it was 105 outside, and only had to throw them in a broiler for 5 minutes. There's no way I'm doing that in an oven, a grill, or a stovetop pressure cooker during that sort of weather.


That green chili is one of our favorite recipes in our house, if not the top fave. Absolutely incredible.




Yes, its hands free, which is why I think I like using it for cooking side dishes or when I'm meal prepping my lunches for the week. I'd rather watch my meat and make sure it turns out good. I just haven't found a dump and cook instant pot meal that I like.


I make tons of incredible 1-pot dump meals greek lemon chicken, burrito stuff (rice/chicken/veggies all in 1 go which I then use as burrito bowls or wrap them), and risotto. Indian food and Thai green curry chicken also come out great. You should try risotto in there! That impressed my girlfriend the most about IP. No stirring at all and the texture comes out amazing. Here are some of my recipes if you want to try them: https://www.reddit.com/r/instantpot/comments/a1yn42/i_got_an_ip_for_cyber_monday_and_id_do_it_again/ https://www.reddit.com/r/instantpot/comments/a85068/1pot_mexican_tomato_rice_w_salsa_chicken_thighs/ https://www.reddit.com/r/instantpot/comments/a5bje1/dump_meal_1_pot_lime_green_curry_chicken/ https://www.reddit.com/r/instantpot/comments/a2gvhy/losing_my_mind_over_my_new_ip_red_wine_risotto_w/ (This is a risotto) https://amp.reddit.com/r/instantpot/comments/ab8x6g/love_korean_food_1pot_instant_pot_jajangmyeon/ This Picadillo also comes out incredible: https://www.skinnytaste.com/instant-pot-picadillo/ (I modify mine to use like 1 whole can of Goya Spanish-style tomato sauce and 1 whole red pepper. I wash, cut off and clean the pepper, and the lightly blend it in my Nutribullet for a few secs to make a paste-like consistency.) Otherwise I do mostly the same.) I hate cooking but am a huge foodie so all of the recipes I created (the Reddit links are my own recipes) are high protein, healthy, no cutting (I buy boneless skinless chicken thighs, sausages, ground meats, etc.), no cutting or prepping vegetables if possible. (I use a lot of canned tomatoes with onions and garlic for recipes, or canned tomatoes with green chilies for Mexican dishes. Also frozen vegetables.) I've made many of my recipes with 100% frozen meat too and just added a few extra minutes so I didn't have to defrost. (Check your meat with a meat thermometer prior to serving if cooking from frozen to be safe.) Hope that helps! Like someone mentioned somewhere else in this post's comments, I base many of my recipes off of real recipes and I've adapted them to Instant Pot. So I think that's why the seasoning is better. Tbh that's where I've had the most fun is trying to take things that I love eating and adapt them to a way I can cook. My girlfriend first made that risotto for me and I turned the tables on her lol. I've also learned how to make her arroz con granules in IP as well, also 1 pot that comes out great. This one I didn't post as a Reddit recipe, these are her stove-top directions: > -parboiled/short grain rice (I use Rico); however much you want, one cup is good for about one-two servings > -one can of gandules/pigeon peas (NOT dry) > -2 to 3 tablespoons of sofrito > -1 packet of goya (or any brand) culantro y achiote seasoning > -1 table spoon of tomato paste or sauce > -1 teaspoon of chicken or vegetable bouillon (or to taste) > -enough chicken or vegetable stock to cover the rice > -salt and pepper (and cayenne) to taste > -chopped up green peppers or cilantro or parsley if you want it > Rinse the rice at least twice then cover with broth. Pour in the pigeon peas (with liquid from the can)—for one cup of rice I use half the can—then mix in everything else. Cook on brown rice or whatever the longer cooking time is. Then done! > Normally if you were making it in a pan you’d cook up the sofrito with little bits of pork/pork skin/chicken—when I made it for you before I used left over thanksgiving turkey *cook it up before adding the rice, etc I use chicharrons for the meat. (Or it's vegan if you omit that.) 1. I usually do like ~2 cups of rice, or however much you want 1:1 rice:water ratio. Soak rice for 15m 2. Drain, then put in rice 3. Put everything else on top (I dump out most of the water from the green pigeon peas and leave just 1/2-1/3 for flavor) 4. Add water or stock (start with 1:1 rice:water ratio, and then consider adding more if you think that the water level isn't even with the "pile of stuff") 5. Manual Pressure 4m Done


Risotto is the first thing I made in mine and it blew me away...making it on the stove takes all that babysitting, but in the IP it's like 10 mins of prep and then you literally walk away. By the time you've washed the prepware and set the table, it's finished and flawless.


Thanks for the recipes! I will try them!


I do like it for "oh no I forgot to turn the crockpot on this morning" soups, too. They're not *quite* as good as slow cooked, but when it's 4pm and you should have started soup hours and hours ago, it'll do.


Yeah, it definitely has its uses which is why I haven't given mine up completely, but IMO it's not the holy grail of kitchen appliances. I think my real rant is how blogs make it sound like this will be amazing and it's just palatable or okay.


Yeah mine is basically a soup machine lol, it does those really well because most work days I don't want to start the morning with prepping the crockpot.


You made ribs without broiling after with sauce? Why? Also did you put cider vinegar in pot when you cooked them? What recipe did you use? It sounds like you just put them in and cooked them as is.


I've done some *killer* beef stew in my pressure cooker. But I don't use a recipe that I found. I just use the sauté function to brown the beef before adding all the juice. I just season till the beef stock is just a little over spiced and then all the veggies and beef chunks are just the right amount of seasoned. Also fresh rosemary is an amazing thing. But yeah, generally, I don't like doing *just* meat in the IP.


I actually disagree regarding meats. I love the IP for meats. The secret for the ribs is just putting some bbq sauce on top and put it under the broiler/grill to caramelize. Fall apart caramelized ribs FTW. I wouldn’t eat it without this step too, it’s quite grey (I also clean the ribs really well, majority of fat under the ribs is unpleasant after cooking, and I use a nice [seasoning](https://damndelicious.net/2018/07/22/easy-instant-pot-bbq-ribs/)). You also need to figure out the tenderness (cooking time) you like for you meat bc no recipe gives the exact time. I love making brisket/corned beef and shredded chicken breasts too (although I do need to season the chicken in a pan afterwards because no seasoning enters it while cooking)


Whole chickens, pho, seafood stew, egg bites, yoghurt, desserts, Indian butter chicken are just a few recipes that my GF and rate as would make again and part of normal rotation.


I actually will cook a whole chicken mostly in my big crock pot. I make a "sling" out of tinfoil to go on the bottom of the pot. One long sheet of foil, folded up the long way, one shorter piece folded the short way. Lay them down in the bottom so it's like a + sign, making sure you've got some length up top. Then put your chicken on top, season however you like. Put it on low 8 hours. When it's done, use the loose ends of your foil sling to pull it out onto a sheet pan. Cook it on broil for about 5 minutes. Best damn roast chicken outside of old school Boston Market.


It works great for corned beef, since it would be boiled anyway and has a very long cook time on the stove. Totally agree with you on the rest.


I guess I should have known. Everything else has been pretty decent, but this was downright disappointing given how much people gush about it on the subreddit




That recipe reminds me of the "better than sex brownies" recipe I see occasionally. It's brownies with Oreos, caramel sauce, cookie dough, and other sugar bombs. In the end, you can't taste any of it, it's just a gloopy bomb of sticky sugar.


Your post gave me diabeetus. Take it back.


Makes you wonder what kind of sex the person who named it was getting...


The ranch packet made it waaaay too salty - just awful


Omg thank you! I made that and it was so disgusting. I was going to throw it away but we ended up eating it as a dip for chips and such. How anyone could consider that a main dish is beyond me.


I feel attacked. I love crack chicken, but I make my own blend of the 'ranch' seasoning too.


Which popular IP recipes are faster and better on the stove?


* Basically everything involving pasta. * Most recipes that you have to do a lot of sauteeing, and force you to work in batches (due to the size of the IP. I find I could do the entire recipe faster in a larger pan than the narrow IP. * Anything that comes out watery, so you need to reduce it after pressure cooking. If it had just simmered on the stove it would have reduced at the same time. * Asian dishes which would usually be done in a wok. A wok is very high heat. Things cook quickly in it. That's the point.


There was a very popular post here for avgolemono (greek lemon chicken soup with rice) and I thought it was a joke. Shot takes like 10 minutes to make on the stovetop.


Oh no, I bought the stuff to make it already haha. Anyone have suggestions for seasoning?


Double all of the seasoning and cheese. Less half and half. Someone said butter would be a good addition.


It depends on your tastes. My sister in law would absolutely love it, but her family considers pepper a little spicy. Nothing wrong with that; it's just a different palette than most of the self-professed experts on here. That said, I made a batch and thought it was pretty bland. It felt like frozen ravioli in a kinda bland soup. I think I threw some extra kale in and put a ton of pepper on top. If you usually make a lot of recipes with a variety of spices, it'll probably be a letdown. I would just part out whatever you got and make other things.


It's edible, just a letdown on flavor


Toast the spices after sauteeing any onions or garlic! Oh and also, I almost always use onions and/garlic for soups/stews.


Man me too! I just had my groceries delivered an hour ago. Boo.


Most instant pit recipes are bland and under seasoned, I’ve learned. Adapting non pot recipes to a pot works better.


Honestly I think the blandness across IP recipes comes from the fact that many of its users are inexperienced home cooks. So they’re just happy that a coherent meal came out of very little effort/supervision but don’t quite understand how important seasoning and spices are.


Fortunately every Indian instant pot recipe I've tried is full of flavor and spice


My indian MIL bought it for me thinking it was just an electric pressure cooker and I literally don’t make any Indian food without it. It’s so much easier.




I have had horrible results with my instant pot and Thai curry. IDGI. Do you have any recipe suggestions? I’ve tried curry spice mixes and pastes, fresh herbs/aromatics, etc and nothing comes out as good as stovetop 😫


Same here, nothing has come out nearly as good as me doing it in a wok. I'll usually sautee curry paste, put a little cream from the coconut milk in to make it smooth, throw in veggies in stages, then simmer with the rest of the can of milk for a minute at the end (adding fish sauce/sugar or whatever tweaks needed). Comes out so good. Only problem is I hate to make it on scorching hot summer days. :(


The butter chicken recipe is my go-to for a super easy yet super delicious weeknight meal. So so good.


This is the best way to instapot imho




I add a chipotle pepper in adobo with a spoonful of adobo sauce in a lot of my recipes.


I'm coming to both y'alls houses for dinner.


These people season


Remind me not to try your cheesecake.


I feel like most recipes that are posted in video/picture format are designed so that they go viral when people see the video/picture - but not designed to taste good. There are certain algorithms that can be followed to make a recipe post that is more likely to appear on Reddit/YouTube, more likely to get shared. But people don’t share the recipe because they know how it tastes yet - just that it looked quick, easy, colorful and yummy. So you end up with content farms that churn out tons of recipes that look amazing, but actually aren’t as tasty or enjoyable as they make them look. Some also end up swapping out the ingredients for ones that were cooked differently (eg. telling you to bake something for 5 minutes in the microwave, but swapping that part in the video for something that was baked for 15 minutes in the oven). Have you seen Ann Reardon’s “How to Cook That” channel on YouTube? She covers some of the more egregious cases of bad recipes going viral, including ones that could actually harm the chef (eg. using electric beaters to make swirls of caramel, while the caramel is molten and would seriously burn someone since it gets hotter than boiling water).


I love Ann Reardon and I miss the days of the internet when recipes weren’t clickbait. I like to use a few long standing recipe blogs like serious eats and smitten kitchen but now that I have the instant pot I don’t know who to trust!


Thank you for this. Made this soup today and it was dead boring. I’ll feed it to my son; he’ll eat anything if I add some hot sauce.




Needed to see this post as I just bought all the ingredients to make it today. Thanks OP!!


I made it yesterday too and I agree. Needs waaay more seasoning.


I use spicy sausage instead of chicken. It’s a LOT better.


I read this too!


People like bland food for some reason


Interesting. I made the soup a year or two back and I thought it was delicious... though I did not make it in an instant pot and I likely did season it along the way to taste. Which you should be doing when cooking anyway.


Thank you for posting this! I was totally going to buy ingredients and make the soup this week, but I'm going to wait now until I can come up with some good ideas to make it better. I think a lot of people just love bland, especially in comfort foods.


Just add some extra onion powder, cyan, garlic, salt, paprika, pepper.


What if I'm all out of cyan?


Print error!


Awww, now it won't even print in black and white, the blandest of all printing! Curse you HP!!!!


I love this soup as a base recipe but like most recipes the seasoning is waaaaay off-I add much more salt, pepper, garlic, Italian herb mix, and plenty of red pepper to taste. I also like to sometimes swap the two cans of diced tomatoes for half the amount of purée which makes it more of a tomato cream soup. Adding mushrooms and spicy sausage slices is great too! I’ve debated writing up my version and posting because yeah the amount of people posting that they love the soup exactly as listed makes me wonder how bland the rest of their food is lol. But as a foundation for a great soup it’s good


Just an FYI for anyone who doesn't know. Not all salt is the same size. So different amounts are needed depending on brand. https://youtu.be/XGCY9Cpia_A


I’ve found a few different links for this one. What was your source?




I was thinking about making this today, so I'm glad you said something. I find a lot of foods bland that other people think are too spicy, etc. I'll definitely up the seasoning if I still decide to make it.


I agree. I tried it, too, and was like "This is supposed to be amazing, but it seriously needs some more flavor". I haven't made it a second time. Maybe one day I will try it again and jazz it up.


I think that inexperienced cooks are just thrilled to be able to put something together that sounds amazing, regardless of flavor. If I ever make this, the first thing I would do is make it with Italian sausage.


Bahaha yup this soup was super mediocre.


Just bought the ingredients today. I had planned to add some mushrooms and anchovy paste and then fresh basil at the end. Hopefully that will add to the flavor.


Sounds like some very good additions! I'd love to hear how it turns out


Welp, I'm literally making this now but tweaked it.... A lot. Heavy cream in place of half half, lots of other spices (garlic powder, paprika, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper, basil), using a combo of mild and hot italian sausage and cooking the tortellini separately. Fingers crossed it doesn't suck because right now it smells AMAZING. I'll update once it's done with the verdict.


Ok the changes I made have resulted in an amazing, flavorful soup! Definitely saving this with my changes for another round! P.s. I also used diced tomatoes in Italian seasonings


I don’t like it either.


As with any hype, beware of instant pot recipe hype. I hope you were able to save your soup!


I was not pleased with this soup, either. It was okay if eaten immediately, but definitely no good after.


What I’ve found for the most part is that the IP is a good slow cooker replacement. As in, recipes that work well for a slow cooker tend to work well in the IP (with modifications.) Roasts, pulled meat, stew, soups, anything with beans. And I make enough of those things that it’s absolutely worth having. But I’m struggling to think of anything that I regularly cook in the IP that I wouldn’t make in a slow cooker otherwise. I have a couple pasta recipes I do in it just because it’s easy and I can throw them in and go shower and come back to finished food, but I don’t doubt they’d be at least as good on the stove.


There's a fairly similar soup I love to make but it's not in the instant pot and uses sausage and not chicken: [https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/rustic-italian-tortellini-soup/](https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/rustic-italian-tortellini-soup/)


Shit, this looks exactly like what I found on Pinterest to make for dinner tonight. Heavy on the spices, got it!


This recipe should NEVER be made in an instant pot. It's designed for a slow cooker, and it will taste infinitely better.


This is good to know, because it does look appealing. I've never been a great cook; raised on bland food and I know I want more flavor in the food I cook but I rarely feel comfortable with increasing spices and seasonings, or adding/substituting them. I guess that trial and error is the best teacher, though that's time consuming, can be expensive, and is disappointing when the end result doesn't taste the way I want it to. I need flavor school I think!


I'm in the same boat! Flavor school sounds excellent


Maybe add sun dried tomatoes at the end of the sautéing stage, and some grated parm for garnish at the very end. Edit: I can’t tell if this has ground italian sausage in it, but i also recommend sautéing some sausage in it too. It gives it a ton of flavor, and hot vs mild sausage is up to your preference.


I do a variation of this recipe with sausage and it's really good. Although I actually know how to season the soup and not just blindly add whatever the recipe says.


I made this the other day. Used the recipe as a basic outline, but tweaked it, as I do all recipes, to my taste and it turned out great.


I used fire roasted canned tomatoes and added 4-5 home grown hot peppers (think jalapeño type hot) and some poblanos. I also used heavy cream because it came in a smaller box than half n half.


THANK YOU! I made this a few weeks ago and was just like...so what's the big deal? I want to try again, and make A LOT of tweaks to it.


OP can we get the recipe modified that you made?


I have never related more to a post in my life. I made it a few hours ago and found myself dumping in copious amounts of seasoning


I just made this “recipe” and am eating it now. I put recipe in quotes because I heavily modified it based off the early replies to this thread and the comment section on the website. It’s pretty decent after you tweak it...a lot. Modifications I made: More salt and pepper More garlic Added Italian seasoning, paprika, and touch of red pepper Seasoned the chicken...realized this was useless but at least it incorporated more seasoning into the soup overall. Added mushrooms. Subbed some of the broth for red wine More cheese. Used kale Used fresh tortellini and am keeping it separate from the soup part Overall, pretty good, hitting the spot on a rainy fall night and I’ll enjoy eating it for lunch at work. I don’t ever follow cooking recipes to a T, if I notice it looks lacking on spices, i add more. It usually doesn’t fail me.


I mean, there's practically no seasoning in the recipes I've seen...like 2 cloves of garlic and a tsp of dried basil. It looks pretty bland on first sight.


True. I measure my garlic with my heart so a half batch was 4 cloves and I did a tbsp of basil and it was still eh


I had my go at this today and I'm glad I saw your post before my attempt. I used smoked paprika and used some black garlic salt. Also used Italian sausage several people have suggested. I don't like soggy spinach so added it to the bowls instead of during the cooking process. Turned out great


I think part of the problem is that our normal "bland meter" is way out of whack. According to this link, 1 serving of this soup already has 48% of your daily recommended intake of sodium: https://www.365daysofcrockpot.com/slow-cooker-tortellini-spinach-soup/print/9172/ So with that in mind, maybe what our version of "normal salt intake" is significantly higher than it should be? My parents in their old age encountered some health issues around 10-15 years ago and reduced our diet to low sodium. At first, everything for the first while was SUPER BLAND, as expected. It felt like I couldn't taste anything. But over time, I guess my sense of taste adapted and now "full flavor" dishes are way too strong.


Agreed I did not enjoy it. But glad others are!




I made it a few months ago. I hated it. Lol. I tried really hard to eat it but I wound up throwing most of it away. It is not good (IMO).