This problem keeps popping up every now and then.

This problem keeps popping up every now and then.


Doesn’t Microsoft still recommend that people install the 32 bit version of office unless they have a specific use case for the 64 bit version?


No. Thankfully that recommendation has changed. * https://tomtalks.blog/2019/01/microsoft-office-finally-moving-64-bit-by-default/ * https://support.office.com/en-us/article/choose-between-the-64-bit-or-32-bit-version-of-office-2dee7807-8f95-4d0c-b5fe-6c6f49b8d261


Ooooh yay, I mean, I guess I can expect more clients to be ringing because their garbage office add in doesn’t work now. But on the other hand, better compatibility.


Idk about MS recommendation, but If you click the install button on O365 it defaults to the x64 bit version. Although a ton of add ins dont work on x64 still.


Yep, we have to run 32-bit for plugin compatibility.


“Compatibility” - Our Office apps run like absolute hot garbage because of the ancient addins people need to automate their jobs


No joke. There was a point where the WebEx addin was causing like straight up half of our IT support calls.


Users in our accountancy department keep insisting there must be something wrong with their PCs or with Office 365 because Excel keeps slowing down and crashing. They use Excel workbooks as databases with tons of links to other network locations and add-ins which were already obsolete when Windows 7 first launched. Yeah sure, it’s your PC that’s the obstacle here. Totally not the fact that your bosses are unwilling to transition to newer tools or pay to train you all to use MS Access.


While Apple removing 32-Bit support has been a compatibility nightmare, they may have a point...


Apple is getting rid of opengl too




Vulkan or Metal. Apple is yanking the plug regardless. Besides it's macos, what games?


There’s lots of games available though steam, about 1/3rd of my library actually.


Has it? Apple has been working to kill 32 bit for what feels like the better part of the last decade. Shoot, they started warning users about end of 32 bit support in 2017. It's not as if folks haven't had plenty of time to find replacement apps or contact app developers.


For me the transition was painful because of many different legacy games and applications (such as Smilla), but I've found alternatives for the applications that no longer work and just run other games in Windows that no longer work. However, explaining to others why their copy of Word 2011 will no longer work and that they're going to have to find an alternative hasn't been fun.


That's fair kind of surprised anyone is still running Office 2011.


My company is -- for some reason. The Windows PCs are all stuck on Win 7/Office 2010. Plans to upgrade got put on hold first because the replacement laptops somehow weren't compatible with the wireless infrastructure (??!?) and then because of the pandemic. So I guess we're just sitting here running out-of-date software


That’s not a massive problem...


Hi "low priority addin used by three people in a 5000 head org" doesn't support 64 bit, for compliance please install 32 bit by an hour from now on all machines.


the company i support can only have their store submit their financial records using 32-bit excel, and it's maddening!


as400? if so we have figured out a work around for 64bit.


how is there still 32 bit only hardware still made? I thought 32 bit only went out of phase last decade like around 2017 or 2016. Perhaps people have 64 bit processors and 3 gig of ram so they install 32 bit windows


I believe Microsoft is going to stop supplying OEMS with 32-bit Windows by the end of the year. They will still make 32-bit versions, but any computer will come preinstalled with 64-bit




\*rips off second mask\* Microsoft Works!


Had this come up recently with a user who was editing a super macro and formula filled Excel workbook. She had worked on it for hours without saving (her fault) and when she finally tried Excel wouldn't let her because of low memory available.


I still get 32bit installers by default way too often.