'Mother' left 2 year old daughter to die so she could party for 6 days.

'Mother' left 2 year old daughter to die so she could party for 6 days.


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Also equally disturbing was that it wasn’t the first time she left her alone. The first time was nearly three days.


Welp, I guess it's time to re-introduce the death by cat-o'-nine-tails option.


That poor poor precious baby. I don’t know the love of a parent yet, but I don’t even like leaving my dog to go on vacation (while he is being well taken care of by others) because I worry about him and miss him with all of my heart. how IN THE HELL do you do that to YOUR CHILD?!!? If you don’t want to be a mother, that’s fine. But there are plenty of hopeful mothers out there willing to adopt and love the child that you cannot. Selfish selfish selfish


It's difficult to think about. That poor girl literally starved to death and almost certainly painfully. I hope she is haunted for the rest of her days.


I know this sounds cruel, but it’s more likely she died of thirst unless she was severely malnourished before. Which you’d think SOMEONE else would have noticed. What a cruel way to kill an innocent baby. I don’t even let animals I see suffering die slowly. To be a mother and to be alright with that happening to your own child is absolutely abhorrent. She must have some seriously extreme mental health issues going on.


Either that or she’s plainly a psychopath


It can be both


Lol, she won’t be. I hope she’s sterilized


That’s what I always say! No shame in saying “I’m an unfit and frankly awful parent, give this to someone who isn’t, because both deserve that


while not downplaying her at all, as a man, I wonder what that child's father was doing. I despise men who walk away from their children who need and deserve their protection.




While I wished shed gotten longer, 9 is juuuuust long enough to rob her of her 20s. As much as I think she deserved worse, this irresponsible womanchild who prioritized being young and carefree over a child's life has had her party years stolen from her. I'm satisfied with that.


Not good enough, that child had its whole life stolen away. I feel 9 years is taking the piss because under most other circumstances if she killed that baby with her bare hands she would get minimum of 15/20+yrs. Baring in mind to do that it could be an off the cuff out the blue thing, where as this was premeditated and she understood and knew that her actions will kill her child slow and painfully and she still went out and partied.


She should get 9 years for every year or her child’s life she took from her.


I don’t know how anyone can do this as a parent! I am a father and rarely do I get a day off from my parenting duties. Every once in a while, if my daughter is dropped off at her grandmas for a day and I’m home alone, out of habit I would make food or chocolate milk for her only to realize that she’s not there. Once you become a parent, your child is all you can think about. This is not a mother or a human being. She should spend the rest of life in prison.


as a father too, I wonder where this little one's father was.


This is why teenagers should never have kids.


Welp. This story ruined my day


9 years. This is the UK justice system folks.


Probably because she committed the crime as a child and has diminished responsibility. She had the baby at 16 and was homeless.


But they'll lock you up for saying guy isn't a woman just because he says so.


No, 'they' won't, you absolute bell.


Should have been 9 years on a special 400 cal/day diet.


9 years? She let her starve to death. One of the worst ways to die. Imagine a middle aged man kidnapping a child, locking them in a room and sitting outside as they slowly die. They'd get life. How much worse is that? Fuck this planet.


Just literally watched my local news about this.poor poor little girl , on the same news programe a woman got 15 years for manslaughter and her boyfriend got fourteen years for the same offence after beating her 3 year old to death . How can you harm a child like this .


It happens more than you would ever want to know. Abuse is the second leading cause of death in children behind accidental trauma.


Ok, I am not disagreeing that this is disgusting and absolutely tragic, a very young child lost her life in what I can only imagine were terrifying and horrific circumstances for the poor child but let's give this a bit of context. The 17 year old had a bad relationship with her own mother and a history of leaving her baby alone, she had been moved to a specialist housing unit because of this and she and the baby should have been supported there. How did none of the supporting adults who were paid to be there not realise this young vulnerable adult was missing for six whole days!?!? It was the mother's 18th birthday given her history surely this was the time if any she was going to leave this child, where were the support workers, why did no one on the whole unit not hear this baby cry? This baby was failed by a lot more people than just her mother, of course we should be angry but if we just blame the mother we are leaving the door open for this to happen again and that is completely unacceptable in this country (UK) where there should be reliable resources avaliable to protect babies, children and young people. I'm not saying the mother isn't responsible, she is in prison and that is where she belongs. I am disgusted this has happened, I've cried for baby Asiah and her lost future but we can not let social services and the other supporting bodies wash their hands of responsibility either.


I could not have put this better. Apparently they said that nobody heard the child cry because of 'learned behaviour' - she had learnt that nobody comes when she cries, so she stays silent. If this was the case, why I'm the living fuck was this child still in the care of her 'mother'? WHY? Who was looking out for this child? Why weren't they?? It's just baffling.


9 years?! I hope that's a typo and there's supposed to be a zero added on there. Fucking disgusting.


Only 9 years, and she's eligible for release in six. FUCK THAT JUDGE for being so goddamned weak.


She only got 9 years for it? I can barely breathe reading this attrocity. This society is totally broken. She should be sentenced to life.


Bruh we should just bring back stocks and gallows for fellas like her. Justice system is failing because it’s a gelded system run by money. Give people what they RESLLY deserve.


If the child was 2, and she was 18, she was a teen mom and didn’t know how to parent properly and I guess never cared enough to even fuckin try


My kid is 10, and while mentally and physically perfectly capable of staying home alone i have yet to leave her for longer than 30 minutes or so. And this is rare...


>"18-year old mother" >"no fixed address" >"2-year old daughter" There is absolutely no way that any local authority in the UK would let a pregnant 15-16-year girl live on the streets. They would have given her a roof of some minimal effort, if not their catchment, at least in another. So I'm calling this out as BS.


No fixed address doesn't necessarily mean living on the streets It does not imply that in 2019 that she was living on the streets with a baby, it says that she left the kid in her flat. Just currently as of 2021 she doesn't have a fixed address. Well she does now of course


>No fixed address doesn't necessarily mean living on the streets I never said it didn't. But a hostel or a mate's couch are not places to raise a baby. >It does not imply that in 2019 that she was living on the streets with a baby, it says that she left the kid in her flat. It does say the baby was two-years old when she was 18, right? 18 - 2 =? She was of no fixed address when she had the baby. And who's to say the flat was even hers when the baby died.


Where does it say she was of no fixed abode in 2019? The no fixed abode in the article would be her current status as of August 2021 at the time of her being guilty not her status in 2019.


Where does it say she had?


An article about her crime isn't going to mention her previous housing situation. The only thing we can determine that at of the time of the trail and sentencing she has no fixed abode


>An article about her crime isn't going to mention her previous housing situation. So why are you asserting it then? Okay, we're done here. Bye.


She had recently been kicked out by her mother and was living in assisted living accommodation for young mothers, she was 17 at the time she moved there. This story was on the news at the time of little Asiah's tragic death and now the mother has been sentenced the details of the case have been released. Unfortunately there is no BS here my friend.


As the father of a fantastic baby girl about the same age, only a monster could do this. I worry when my daughter is in another room, let alone just abandoning her for days. This one actually make me sick to my stomach.


Oh man as soon as the other inmates find out what shes in for, it's not gunna go well for her lulz. Mothers in prison that cant be there with their children do not take kindly to baby killers.


She should be locked in a jail cell and allowed to starve to death.


Lock her up until she is old enough to never have children again.


If you don’t want a kid take birth control. If that fails get an abortion or give the kid to someone who’s desperate to be a parent, plenty of them out there. The fuck is a 16 doing becoming a mother for fucks sake. Getting fertilised =/= becoming a mother. I hate kids and never want to be around them but child abuse boils my blood, if you can’t look after them don’t have them, so many kids deserve so much better than their shitty parents.


That poor girl, I hope she rests in peace


She's 18, she probably didn't want to have the kid in first place when she was 16. Probably guilt tripped into keeping the baby too. This is why kids shouldn't be having more kids when they, themselves are still immature and irrational kids. She still deserves the full sentence for such negligence.


Might sound tone deaf abit here but how would her life pan out after she gets out of prison? She'd be 28 with no diploma/degree/A level/work experience. Even retail shops prolly won't accept her to work there since she's got a criminal record. Unless she has supportive parents she's gonna have a really, really hard time afterwards in life, not that she doesn't deserve that


Nobody seeing that she only got 9 years wth


Don’t expect anything less from these types of people


Starving to death is one of the worst ways to die. I can’t image how much pain that poor kid was in.


the whole story is awful. this is truly a story about societies failure. 18 is not old enough to drink in most most of Canada and the usa . the mother was homeless. this is a story of a homeless child letting her child starve . it's a complete tragedy for all of us . I am very sure there will be mental health issues with the mother as well . the story is not uncommon in social work circles . I am really upset at the whole thing . I grew up in foster homes and as much as it's easy to blame the mother there is a while segment of the population that this will play out more frequently than others . poverty, abuse , mental health issues , drug dependency, we need more funding for social work and the poor. this is not isolated