The Crate

The Crate


May i ask how are the temps in this crate ? I'm looking to make something similar for my rack mainly for noise reduction...


The air coming out of the crate is about 3c hotter than incoming air. Average temp inside each case is about 5-6c above incoming temps. All the metal is cool to the touch even with everything running flat stick. Tho the UPS gets a little warm when charging. Just make sure you have good air flow and I recon you would be fine :)


That's surprises me, my first thought was "the crate, more like the oven". Love it though, I feel dirty for it but it's got its charm.


Brilliant, I like this more than I care to admit.


that osb is worth a fortune!


I will never admit to how much I have spent on this :)


This is something we all have in common...


I don’t blame you. Those 3 synologys are goals.


But at least you can be sure it’ll burn quickly (with your servers) :)




Thought it was time I shared the monstrosity I have created! This all started out because I needed to move my computer gear from the house to the garage. I started off planning to build some shelves with leftover wood I had from taking down some walls in my house. However after stopping and thinking about it for more than 5 seconds it dawned on me that putting my gear in the garage on shelves was not a great idea :) I needed a way to stop all the dust and what not, my solution was to make a wood box so I could control the airflow better. I then built an air intake box that pulls air through a HVAC filter and before it goes into the crate. This worked amazingly well but there was too much air leakage to create a good positive pressure so I added weatherguard around the doors. While I was skeptical the fans I chose would not be enough... turns out that they push a good bit though and it keeps everything nice and cool. I also added two Node MCU's with DTH22's to monitor the incoming and outgoing air that I then monitor and alert via Zabbix. Put some wheels on it and thought it would look better as a shipping crate so added some trim and that's about it :) Some quick stats : Proxmox Servers : 2 x i5, 32Gb ram, 128gb SSD OS only and a 10GbE Nic. Storage : 360TB Raw Storage from the synology's and FreeNAS - 1x i3 16gb ram, 80Gb Local SSD and 8TB (ish) SSD Storage in raid, 10GBE Nic. For a firewall/gateway/switch I am using a UDM Pro. Power backup is from an APC 3000VA UPS.


Wrap it on a plastic bag so that the fan you blow on it creates enough pressure. :-)


Which synology have you got? DS3617xs?


2x DS2415+ and an expansion, When I got them I was more worried about storage space then speed but they work well.


Beautiful setup, you’ve done a great job here. Given that it’s on wheels, though, have you considered that it would be relatively easy to steal? And since it looks like a crate it would not look out of place if someone removed it from your property.


I did.. I guess I could chain and bolt it to the floor if needed. But when it really comes down to it there is only so much you can do to stop someone breaking into your house and stealing something. I would also like to think they might be preoccupied with the pitbull and wolf hybrid that would strongly object to someone in the house. There is also always someone home more or less all the time as well so they would really have to want it :)


It’s good to hear you’ve put some thought to it. It always blows my mind that some people don’t consider fire, flood, and theft proofing **at all**. Given how tall the crate is you might also want to consider protecting it from toppling over—even if you don’t live in a place with earthquake risk. The cost of securing it upright will probably be cheaper than the replacement cost of all the hardware contained inside should it suffer a tumble.


Fire was definitely a concern. Have a nest smoke alarm above (and more through the house) just in case. Also good idea I did not think about earthquakes.. it sits flush with the wall so I can easily throw something up to hold it there.


Yeah another toppling threat would be a vehicle crashing through an external wall, or a tree collapse doing the same, but whether or not that is possible depends heavily on how your property is set up. Of course, depending on how catastrophic the vehicle or tree is, toppling may be the least of your concerns lol.


Haha stop :P I will never be able to sleep lol


Sounds like the time I almost put a homemade UPS out of car batteries in my basement as that was where my homelab was at the time.


I agree there's only so much theft-proofing you can do. I would be a little worried about insurance cover though - in the UK most policies limit the cover for outbuildings, garages and sheds so if I put something like this in the garage it wouldn't be covered. No idea if that's the case where you are, but it may be worth checking.


Sounds like the only real thing to do is sit in front of it 24/7 with a shotgun


That's hella storage, and here I am struggling to afford a new case lol


Yeah it's not a cheap hobby lol




I've read your comment about the temps inside, fascinating! And also very very stylish!


I will be honest I was a little surprised I was expecting it to be alot higher. The air flow is really good however so I think that helps more then anything. I use to have all this on those 4x2 ikea box shelves and things ran hotter there then they do now. And thanks :)


Air flow and replacement is key. I dropped my temps by 10 degrees C by going from an open air & no movement case to a sealed case and 400-500 cfm of movement: [https://imgur.com/gallery/zwyF6bo](https://imgur.com/gallery/zwyF6bo)


That's insane and really cool :)


With the price of lumber here in Canada, it's almost cheaper to buy a metal cabinet now. :(


yeah :( I guess with everyone stuck a home for covid and folks doing projects around the house demand has gone up alot.. I was shocked when I went to buy it how much it had.


So the part of me with a mild hate for OSB really wishes it was made out of plywood or anything else. The part of me with the utter disdain and strong hate for particle board is very glad its not made out of that. The largest part of me is going Awesome and cool and wants to build one myself.


Thanks :) yeah I ended up with OSB because it was fairly cheap at the time and like it better then normal particle board.


What thermaltake chassis model is that?


[Thermaltake Versa H17](https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Versa-Gaming-Computer-CA-1J1-00S1NN-00/dp/B0797GHT9F/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Thermaltake+Versa+H17+Black+SPCC+Micro+ATX+Mini+Tower+Gaming+Computer+Case+CA-1J1-00S1NN-00&qid=1619539429&s=electronics&sr=1-3)


Absolutely awesome, but could use a coat of paint. I would have given it a coat of cabinet enamel. What you have done is brilliant though.


This... This is... This is beautiful! Very creative solution 😊


What's not to like keep chugging


Looks Creat!


Grate crate! Love seeing something different :)


I was a carpenter in an earlier career, and love the juxtaposition of the materials. This is beautiful!


>juxtaposition Thanks :) Although being a carpenter you would probably be horrified on how I built it heh.


Looks great from here! Like they say "a grinder and paint makes me the welder I aint"


I call it the.. "when everything goes it will burn quickly stack"... /s in all honesty it looks great! good job!


360TB RAW Storage? Thats a really huge amount :D May i ask you for what do you need this much space?


and yet I still seem to run out of space :) I am a bit of a data horder so more or less anything I find interesting. Things like software, vids, copies of Github projects, documation, photos, backups of my work stuff etc etc. Just more or less anything that I find useful.


Man what is that? $10K in OSB?


$9999 ;)


Looks like a good heat containment unit.


This is great. You've inspired me to use a piece of MDF for the 1 missing side of my 42U rack. Wood is an insulator, which is great if you have good airflow going through it. Do you have the air coming in from below and exhausting out top?


I do where the airbox is there is a hole through the floor of the crate, the air coming off the concrete is faily cool. The air is then forced up and out the top on each side.


i am curious where do you use 360TB for?


All kinds of things really, I think I answered that question on another comment :)


Looks awesome. Well done!


Love this more than a metal rack being into wood myself. But with wood prices, this thing had to be expensive!!! Nice!


What are you using to connect a display to your PCs? Thunderbolt?


since more or less everything is virtual it's rare that I need to hook up a screen these days. When I do I have an external monitor I use.. tho I was thinking about buying a small portable screen for this down the track.


Fair enough. If it weren't for my gaming "needs", I'd have everything hooked up remotely.


Oh god..needs airflow.


It's hard to see but it has it, Most of the air travels up the sides between the walls and the shelves.


That probably cost more than a real server rack in material alone 😂


I had all the framing wood already so it saved me a little bit. I guess I could have gotten a rack but there is only two items that are rackmountable.. So I would have had to put shelves in there anyways. This was fun to build and helped me grow my wood working skills a little :)


I saw you mentioned air temps coming in and leaving -- how are the temps of your equipment running (ie. CPU, HDD, etc?)


Good mostly, I took a sampling of temps this morning and Drives range from 22c to 30c CPU's range from 22c to 28.0c ​ Incoming Air temp when I took these readings was 20.9


Not bad at all!


Ooo, all stored nicely and easy to steal the entire crate!


can't have fire without airflow, pretty smart imo


"refrigeration is my passion"


This is pretty slick but I'm a little worried about ventilation. Do you have plans for it or just leave doors open?


"Ryan started the fire!"