I have lost every little bit of respect i had left for Moses..

I have lost every little bit of respect i had left for Moses..


I just hope hila is okay tbh


I just feel like this is all over some silly jealousy feeling from Moses about his kid sister finding a successful life with someone she loves and he is forcing it to try and seem happy but all he is doing is hurting his family and looking like a fool.


He’s the resentful type for sure. You can tell he’s just as jealous of a person like Trisha. He just uses the whole Jesus Gandhi bullshit to come off as spiritual but he’s just a narcissist who hates the fact that Hila is successful, happy, and in a healthy relationship


I have to agree. It's sad, but true. I was watching the old vlog they did in Israel with moses and Sean and hila and ethan and everyone looks so happy and it's just sad to know what ended up happening. I bet Ethan feels like he is in a simulation sometimes. Like how did this happen?!?


How can y’all draw these conclusions? Remember that you don’t actually know these people..


Thank you lol, this speculation looks literally insane sometimes


FUCKING. THANK YOU. I’ve been trying to say, Moses may be in the wrong here but like seriously we don’t know them so please guys chill


These comments are just making me realize that these are all probably bored teenagers who have nothing better to do. I have unsubbed and I just periodically visit it now lol


Fr people are bending backwards over this whole situation chill out, you don’t actually know these people


We know them as well as you know the people you are responding to now. You can have an opinion without knowing every little thing. Also I think the fact that he’s still with Trisha says a lot by itself, shes “literally the worst” to use her language.😂😂


What the fuck are you people basing this armchair psychology on?


IMO Moses is with Trish *because* largely bc he has such a distaste for his sister/family.


I really don’t think he’s jealous of Hila—I think he just doesn’t care about her. I bet he’s a narcissist though and that plays a big part as to why he doesn’t care


Bruh I said almost those exact words on this sub a month ago and got downvoted in to oblivion lol. Let's just forget this fool. This was all about getting laid and one upping his sister. Now he's married and the world knows his name.


Man you really think those 20 minutes of content you consume of these people every day makes you know them, don't you? Holy shit people really be trippin with them online celebs.


You only need to know about his cats he abandoned. You don't even need 5 minutes to write this guy off as trash.


I know people that act similarly to Moses and Trisha. I know that I dont know anyone personally and this isntbsome celebrity worship. I can criticize Ethan or sometimes Hila for the way the handle stuff sometimes, but this is more about predictable human behavior more than knowing someone personally. Once you have seen enough people act selfishly in this way, it's easy to spot. I'm not an expert in psychology or anything. And what I'm saying is conjecture, but last I checked you are on a subreddit that is literally about these people. Why is it crazy to speculate on things? Do you think Ethan and Hila look at these posts and make life decisions based on what some strangers say on the internet? No... I'm a fan and this is my opinion about what is going on...


Legit why is it always okay for them to act so shady and disrespectful but as soon as Ethan shows the tiniest bit of emotion (understandably so) in retaliation to their *constant* bullshit, suddenly he's the one in the wrong?? Fuck me they are so delusional I want to scream.


I know. Trisha is now calling Ethan's very fair minded video, after her attacks following Frenemies ending, "a hit piece". He spent half of it talking about how much he admires and loves her. And it followed her posting numerous tweets and TikToks. But apparently *his* was the hit piece. Narcissist!!!


Her most recent video is fucking hilarious. She goes on and on about how he created a hit piece on her while she "didn't do anything". While in reality she posted hours of complaining before that. Then she tries the brock turner defense of it was only up for a short amount of time "who cares" when she started talking about her lying sister and how Ethan ran her of the internet. The cherry on top is when she admits to abusing moses and quickly brushes it off. Like naw bitch that's domestic violence and assault your ass should be in jail. If it was a male influencer who his is girlfriend she and her stans would be getting out their pitchforks, but she's female so it's all good. Fucking disgusting. What makes all of it even better is that she can't even get 200k views on that video when a few months ago she would get millions of views on the same topic.


The Brock Turner defense lol I gotta use that


I know! I saw her YouTube and tiktok views these days are also 📉📉📉📉


It’s probably because they can use Ethan’s good guy status against him if he retaliates, kind of “exposing” his nasty side, which is really just spinning the situation cause a lot of people would have felt compelled to respond to any attacks like the ones Trisha and Keem have doled out to Ethan


***this***. Trisha and Keemstar are already seen as the worst (and rightfully so) by most people, whereas Ethan is just a regular guy. obviously not an angel nor perfect but he's far from being as much of an internet villain as they are. so he has something to lose that they can try to destroy, whereas they have nothing to lose and only more "clout" to gain.


He also has a kid on the way and another to look out for, he can’t be risking being doxxed or swatted anymore than they have done him already. ***sigh***


fuck man. i *fucking hate* people.


> fuck man. i fucking hate ~~people~~ monsters disguising as people. Those aren't people, they lack humanity.


how could moses do this to them though! like what the fuck, they’re his literal family, he’s known and talked to them forever.. and they’ve never been anything but good to him as far as i can tell. how could he be so willing and *enthusiastic even* to stab them in the back like this? it’s super fucked..


Right!!? Fucking right??!!


He's been too generous. All these people are emotional, financial, attention leeches, they'll take and take and take and take...


I always had a strange feeling about Moses. After I heard how he spoke to women behind Trisha’s back and said pretty mortifying stuff about her, I was like nah this guy is shady. Tho I must admit, that whole thing about him walking into other peoples homes and blowing out the candles cracked me up when I heard that. Strange dude.


I don’t like Trisha or their relationship but that thing about him talking shit about her body and genitals when they were broken up for a while to other people was horrible, such a tell of what kind of character he is. Makes sense he’s with Trisha, someone who goes on a total smear campaign as soon as she cuts ties with a friend.


wait until it's his turn I can imagine the wierd shit that spills out


i feel like the trish/moses breakup is gonna give us even more content than the trisha/jason breakup tbh, and her tirade on him was nearly a year long, granted it was on & off. she still talks about him sometimes tbh.


Didn't she say something about him messaging young girls or some shit? Or maybe it was just other woman and she knew that saying they were really young would make him look worse...


I’m genuinely scared for him, and I’m convinced that he’s only staying with her to delay the aftermath and drama of their breakup


And to one up his sister. And to pay the bills. And to promote his art and name. And to get his dick wet. 🤷


Sounds like they're made for each other tbh


I wouldn’t be shocked WHEN moses and trish break up moses(cuz we all know they aren’t lasting forever) he ends up exposing her🤣🤣🤣🤣


wait where can i hear about this candle thing


It might’ve been on an early episode of Frenemies, I believe Moses said that he’s really sensitive to fragrances and if he goes into someone’s house and they have like a candle going he’ll just blow it out lmao


Really sensitive to fragrances.....says Trishas pussy stinks.


Im fucking dead lmao


I bet no one invites him to birthday parties.


That should've been a warning sign that he's a bitch


Everybody knows not to trust candle blowers.


whats wrong with blowing candles?


oh my god candles you naughty hahahahahahaha


It's a bit weird to walk into someone's house and blow out their candles because you can't handle the smell don't you think


I mean.. double check their username..


😂😂😂 This thread is fuckin hilarious


Yeaaa who even says that shit he got caught saying 😬


What did he say?


[this](https://images.app.goo.gl/SamXBno3Fj1CNNfNA) and [this](https://images.app.goo.gl/TAnRioT7JgBMA5yZ8) is an example of some of the things moses said about trisha. he was messaging a catfish when he and trisha were broken up, who later exposed messages he sent about trisha. ethan and trisha talked about it in one of the earlier frenemies episodes, but i can’t remember which one it was.


frenemies episode 9 after the hour mark or so!




tRiSH lyKe FiSH


bruh 🤣


the moment he started dating trisha i knew he was not right. one doesnt just date trisha without having severe character defects


One does not just want to *marry* and spend an entire *lifetime* with someone like Trisha after what.... 4-5months??? Without having severe character defects 😬


And the fact he got rid of his cats for her.


Never trust someone who can easily get rid of their pets.


That's what did it for me, then denying he ever had cats.


I think he might have Aspergers. Which makes him vulnerable to Trisha’s abuse. There’s a podcast recording of Trisha calling him autistic and weirdo before they dated, and then she/they proceeded to actually beat him with bruises which she admitted to on frenemies. When they broke up Moses actually fell for a catfish online and told her all kinds of bad things about trisha including that she/they had a stinky🐱and was gross.


Although I’m a huge proponent for actual diagnoses, I’ve lived with my high-functioning Aspergers stepdad for over 10 years and have thought Moses has it too since the beginning. He displays a lot of signs.


I am as well, I have a sister with high functioning Aspergers and previously dated someone for years who was high functioning. Moses comes off as a “weird/quirky dude,” but for me the giveaway was being so bothered by peoples candles he would just blow them out is a telltale sign of sensory issue.


Yes! I totally agree! Also being unphased by how that could create an awkward tension in a room afterward. Very black and white thinking.


We are way past the point of blaming this shit on his autism, which he may or may not even have. I mean, I don't see anyone defending Elon Musk's buffoonery because of his asbergers. Dude has deep seeded jealousy issues and his antisocial character and age keeps him from getting laid by younger beautiful women. He knows what he's doing. Women tend to stay in abusive relationships because of fear of the abuse getting worse. Men tend to stay in abusive relationships because they don't want to lose access to sex. I mean I think I heard Dr Drew say that so it's gotta be true right?


Dude, he's such a fucking tool. I said this from the start, but y'all were so enchanted by his soft-spoken few words and consta-smile. He says he's in love with, get this, Trisha Paytas... and that's all you need to know about his judgment and character.






new age bullshit is almost always a red flag...rarely have i met a blissed-out spiritual type who wasnt actually really angry...i think their lofty and loudly advertised moral aesthetics are meant to annoy you out of their life without them ever having "done" anything


I'm single and 37. Every other single male my age that I know is a Moses.


If you're comfortable, would you mind elaborating on this? How did he gross you out? Just curious.




Doesn’t help Trasha made fun of him for being “stereotypical” and only dating Asian girls before her...


I’m actually wondering, maybe he’s been low key jealous of Hila’s success and happy relationship, and now he’s trying to get his own by having a sugar mama and not having to do anything but follow her around like a puppy and agree with her every whim.. and now he’s getting a little internet fame too


Yep. Hila is ten years younger, came to the US after him and doesn't have a fancy architectural degree. Yet she's managed to build a happy family, a successful entertainment career and express her artistry in an uber successful clothing line. In fact she's hired *him* to design their downtown building. All of that might be a little uncomfortable for most big brothers but moreso from certain cultures. While Israel isn't Saudi Arabia, being "ovetaken" by your kid sis could be a point of embarrassment.


The cultural thing is a good point.


"Israeli men are not good to women" - Hila on Tigerbelly (paraphrasing of course).


Coming as a shock to absolutely no one, sadly.




Sibling rivalry is a thing in every culture, don't be fooled. And it's especially pronounced in gendered societies where masculinity is partly gauged by success. So yeah a successful baby sister could generate very mixed feelings.


>I’m actually wondering, maybe he’s been low key jealous of Hila’s success This, this is it.




Because hes jealous of them both. Even trisha made comments saying moses hates ethan lmao


I think because Hila is harder to upset, at least publicly. She’s probably very hurt, but I’ve never heard her say anything bad about him, in fact I’ve heard from here that she’s always been good to him, saying how close they have been. Ethan is fiercely protective of her, so it’s a lot easier to get a response out of him. And some people will twist that to make him look bad eventually. Especially when she got with Moses I thought she was going to betray them. I didn’t buy the “we’re in love” BS. But eventually I figured Hila knows her brother and she knew what was behind the scenes more than we did. But Trisha, surprise, played the long game and is more “relevant” than ever which is ALL she cares about. Now we get the 100 kitchen floor videos


It's just hard to outright trash him when his sister is such a genuine person who has vouched for him multiple times. Moses truly is the cancer in this entire situation, unfortunately.


I feel like Hila is the only one in her own family that likes Moses


I knew something was wrong with him when Trisha kept saying, Moses said he doesnt even like his own family nor are close with them even though Hila said they would get together every week. Just sad and pathetic.


The fact that he thinks Ethans FANS are the cult?? Bro-- look in the mirror. She beats you up, makes you get rid of your pets, reads your private messages, starts drama with your entire FAMILY. You're the one in the cult. She's literally isolating Moses from his family and friends. THAT is the real cult here.


Tells your family and the internet that you talk to underage girls..


Well yeah and he’s involved with cult shit.


That is also called narcissistic abuse!


Well said !


I love how all Ethan did was say he’s sad lmfao and he’s somehow keeping soldier at war. She made 100 tik toks 1000 tweets and a 50 minute yt video lol sorry after all that 99 percent of people think she’s delusional and so are you.


Damn, this hurts to read. Ethan said earlier that Moses was the family member that he was the closest with and someone who Ethan considered to be one of his best friends. I hate this whole situation


Ok who is gonna tell him Foot soldiers =/= soldiers 😅


They’re gonna send us to Afghanistan 😩😩


He's disappointing in so many levels. We can't forget he's defending a person that has physically and emotionally abused him without backlash. I've heard people calling Moses a coward, but taking everything that has happened into account, the proper adjectives here are denial and hypocrisy.




Oh boy you should look at his channel if you thought this was r/im14andthisisdeep


What does that even mean lol. He talks like a fake deep teenager and he's over 40! Embarassing for him


But bro... water....


Amen. Then again, perhaps this just shows us just how perfect Trisha and Moses are for one another. Lol. And ethan and hila learned the best lesson of their lives.


Yeah when U.S. soldiers return home from war they attack their own leaders... Moses you are a hairline away from Jaden Smith level cringe takes


If babies could talk




"Not enough water"


Lmao what is this god of war mentality. This isn’t war! This is literally useless Twitter beef 🗿 Moses needs to get his head out of his own ass it’s never that serious


Nice one Moses. I've got some too: "Pure water is easily polluted by sewage, difficult to clean, and poisons many." "When you have no soldiers, you buy alliances with old enemies." You skipped Sun-Tzu and went straight to Machiavelli. Since Trish has no support among the people, she has to resort to shadow tactics and underhanded powerplays, and in the end those who play in the shadows get lost in darkness. Keep pouring into the void if that's where gravity takes you. No filter in the world will make your sludge clean again. ​ You hipster douche.


u/INAVRN8 Please stand up 👏👏👏👏


Wasn't this the same man who was talking to underage women a few years ago???


Oop wasn’t Trisha calling him a pedo and shit Over that stuff too? Lmfao these people are delusional




Look up the early Frenemies. They broke up and so she tried to convince Ethan that Moses is screwing underage H3 fans


Yea I was just wondering if there was an incident from years ago like the commenter before said, not just that one from last year with Trisha


Damn bro Trisha fucked everything up lol


She did and Moses clearly just allowed it like who the fuck does that to their own flesh and blood? A person who truly loves you, and respects you, would never ever put u in this position. Ever. At any point.




In my head I read everything that dude posts with “a tiny beetle juice” accent.


Tbf this could be Trasha commandeering his phone and posting shit like this. That being said, it really does sound like his tone of voice/way of speaking. Either she is even more psycho than we thought, or he is. Either way it's a bad scenario all around.


Yea some of his comments on his tik tok sound just like Trish's way of typing, but this one sounded like him


bro...... foot soldiers literally came because of wikifeet, a meme.




what in the world does that mean? that they are at war? like at war with his pregnant sister?


Right ????? I literally said this exact same thing earlier today. When ur future wife is causing your family to be ripped apart.... I think one should reconsider where they stand and their future spouses intentions. This is unbelievable. No pussy is as good as to lose ur flesh and blood over. And Trisha putting Moses in this position? Is utterly disgusting and immoral. Just saying.


well according to Moses he doesn't even like her pussy so I really don't know what keeps him at her side tbh


I'm so over the drama of this family. It's honestly exhausting. I feel for everyone involved.


Him and hila are so different


When you have FOOT soldiers*


Think of it like this way: Do you think this guy is really willing to go back to his previous sad life at 40+ living in a tiny ass studio? Have you seen his current abode? Nah. He's going to do whatever it takes to keep his ass there. But there has to be a breaking point sooner or later....


It’s a bit funny


everyone here knows Moses just rekt us, but dam is it hard to swallow 😭


That’s such a dumb attempt at being philosophic. They’re not real soldiers buddy, this ain’t the prison industrial complex lmao. It’s a fun name for his fan base. Moses is one of those fake deep people that pretends like their tryhard nonsense is esoteric and complex.


US Government should hire Moses. That was some Art of War type shit 😂


Also, this dude is a fucking coward. I know he wouldn’t dare say that to Ethan or Hila. He’s equally as responsible as Trisha is for tearing that family apart. It’s so sad.




honestly i think he’d try to steer the conversation away from the topic or just not answer. realistically trisha would grab the phone from him. but yeah there must be a side to moses that we haven’t seen before.


Moses is even worse than Trisha. He’s the link between both sides and he’s the one who should’ve been mediating. But no. He was the instigator all along. Not surprising given that he talked smacked about her lady cave smelling like rotten fish, laughed about her being fat, and mocked her when he thought a hot chick wanted to date him. Moses is disgusting


Trish stans love him even though he said Trisha' pussy stinks to a random girl on the internet. Lol


Lurker confirmed


it would hurt so much to see my brother turn against me like that publicly. Hila, i hope you are ok 😞


Moses was definitely the one telling Trisha that he doesnt like his family. Hes a snake.


So are h3 fans a cult far up Ethan’s ass or a rabid junta that has to be distracted by scandal from outside the house to avoid tearing him limb from limb?


You know, if this drama didn’t come up, I was just about to start munching on Ethan’s feet.


Hmmmmm.....YES! /s


Really sorry to Hila that she has such a shitty brother. You know he was dying for a piece of "celebrity" I just wish they had never given it to him and none of us would even know who he is, he'd just be Hila's weird brother still.


I feel bad for hila


Moses seems like a real piece of shit. Defends a toxic abuser over his own sister. Well done Moses. Well done.


Ok, Moses Paytas.


Huge speculation but I think trisha and moses thrive on drama with other people in order for their relationship to work. If THEY don’t have an enemy they will fight each other


fuck moses


Dude is such a tool with his philosophical bs about water and now this crap lmao. Keep who at war the foot soldiers thing is a wiki feet reference lol? These people are such clowns h3 has millions of fans even if thousands of them sent Trisha hate it’s not even a fraction of a percent of h3 fans. Not to mention people commenting on stuff publicly and fairly criticize Trisha is not all hate. A vast majority of it is just people laughing at her. Hate to say it but if everyone thinks you’re crazy it’s probably true in this sense.


Dude the soldiers always come at Ethan- for being rude to his mom, for anything problematic he says, like I think the audience keeps him in check more than most? We’re a critical bunch


I notice somehow it is always this sub and fan base in the wrong. And if you try to point it out in the other fan base they down vote you then whine and say people from.this sub are down voting them and they want to make it private to keep H3H3 fans out.


Funny thing is they don't realize it's not us that go to their pages to send hate, it's their own fan base.


Ignoring what is going on, this is one of the most idiotic attempts at philosophy I've ever seen.


All ethan and Hila have to do is sit back and let time do it's thing here. No way this will be a long, successful, happy marriage.


The fact that he could be attracted to someone like trisha who’s so manipulative, so superficial, so fake inside and out, shows that he likes that lifestyle and behavior. Fake. Look at his pretentious ass water museum, the way he sees himself as above his own family’s problems. He’s such a fraud


Lol what a weird thing to say about make believe foot soldiers


I'm so over Moses' fake deep bullshit


Can't wait until Youtubers start instructing people to fight in the streets for them, like a dystopian Warriorsesque cyber cult. Yall are nuts for caring so much about this shit lol.


Ooooohhhhmyyyyygooodddddddddd shuuuuuuut uuuuuuup. Edit: it sounds bad this was directed at Moses not op lol


Lol every leader not at war would be dead then.. yeah having an army is exactly like holding lightning in a jar. Okay im14thisisdeep


Him and Trisha deserve eachother.


The guy takes pictures of water guys. He loves Trisha despite her abusive nature and constant meltdowns. No shit he’s not the brightest dude. I honestly just hope Hila is okay after all this. Seems like her brother really has almost no respect for his family even before this and now it’s just unacceptable. In the end their relationship will fail and he will regret it. No way they last.


Who said we can't do both? There, dumb argument invalidated.


Can we stop posting about them


Toxic people are often drawn to one another.


Is he really comparing us to actual soldiers rn lmfao


I mean, people shouldn’t be in Trisha and Moses’s comments, it won’t do any good. We all might as well keep our discussions on the sub as hounding them in tiktok and Twitter comments is kind of harassment at this stage. Man has kind of a point. Online harassment is real and even though the upset is justified, we have to be careful how we express the frustration


He's really under the narc abuse spell. Moses get the fuck outta there. Your head will clear and the narcabuse fog will lift. It always does, as someone who's had narcissist "friends" and relationships.


How the fuck can Moses be okay with all this? Dude trisha is doing everything she can to mess up your sister and her husband's lives and you're okay with that?


Sad that he’s using Trisha to get back at any resentment and jealousy he has towards his sister. I thought more highly of him than this.


Hila is pregnant. This is the last thing they should have to worry about. We love you Ethan and Hila!!


damn he's so jealous of them it's insane... he really wishes he lived up to be like them, have tons of money; etc.


him & trisha r truly the biggest assholes to exist.. how can u choose a scum over your own blood? they were there before she was


Does Moses realize that the extent of Ethan's foot soldiers attacking their own leaders was downvoting his profile on wikifeet


I give that relationship one more year tops. They're in the honeymoon phase and you will ignore all red flags to stay in it as long as possible.




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I totally agree but Ethan's intention is definitely not behind this. As in, he doesn't purposefully rile up his fans to go on war with Trisha just to keep the hate away from him. That's insane to even think about.


That account is a troll, don't mind it. But yes, you're completely right.


Doesn't even make sense. He's such a psuedo-intellectual.


Moses is the definition of r/im14andthisisdeep


i haven't gone balls deep into what's going on but just from this post it seems like moses is just talking about the H3 stans. Not like he's attacking Ethan or Hila.


hes is so pseudo deep.


Damn this is straight up battered husband syndrome right here


How anyone can simp this hard for a creature like Trisha over standing with their well meaning family is beyond me. I feel so bad for Hila smh. Trisha is literally social poison.